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After cutting along the outline with a spade, he mounted a small excavator and clawed off strips of turf, arranging them like jigsaw pieces on plywood sheets laid nearby. His assistant, a South African named J. Brouard, lowers himself into the hole. With a tape measure Brouard gauges the depth: nearly five feet. Yaxley used to go deeper.

How to Start a Funeral Grave-Digging Business

He started digging graves 13 years ago after taking a job with a company that maintained land, including cemeteries, for South Oxfordshire District Council. Burial space was limited, and so coffins were stacked in a single hole, often years apart.

Digging A Grave At Hills Of Rest

A freshly dug double grave required a seven-foot-deep hole. For a triple, it was nine feet. Hard work, especially if there was no room between the headstones to use an excavator.

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Perplexing, too. To his surprise, Yaxley, a former landscaper, found he enjoyed the craftsmanship involved in preparing a perfect grave. This week's challengers?

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Competitive Gravedigging Is a Real Thing in Europe | Mental Floss

A new short film reveals how the Dutch city reengineered itself around the bicycle, with life- and money-saving results. While yes, the goal is still to build a city, there's a much heavier focus on traffic and making sure there isn't pure gridlock everywhere. I wrote a novel about a woman who rekindles old friendships with some strict rules.

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