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However, there are two additional good deeds mentioned in this hadith :. People who stay awake throughout the night busy in entertaining themselves miss these blessed deeds.

The three types of people are guaranteed and promised with the blessing from Allah in the Hereafter where there are unpredictable and unimaginable rewards. In this hadith the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wasallam , says it is because of the tongue saying bad things that people are thrown into the Hell-fire. Ibn Rajab states that this indicates that restraining and controlling our speech is the crucial matter of all good things.

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The one who controls his tongue controls all his affairs. In this hadith , we see the emphasis is on the negative side of the tongue, whereas in the previous hadiths , the emphasis is on the positive side of the tongue. This means that the tongue can be used in two ways: to say good things or to say bad things. Most people have the tendency to be lenient about this issue. Though Muslims know that saying bad things is prohibited, they still do so, saying things that displease Allah such as backbiting, slandering and spreading rumours.

We will be held accountable for what we say. We will be rewarded for saying good things and we may be punished for saying bad things. Being cynical to others and saying things just for fun is something that a person is going to be accountable for. Even using gestures or attributes in a cynical way that can be interpreted that he is belittling a Muslim is considered a sinful act that displeases Allah. The Muslim should have control over his tongue; otherwise his tongue can create a lot of problems for the community.

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Consequently, the Muslim is always a good person who says only good things and for the benefit of his community. He should not say anything that may lead to any disputes among the Muslim community. One of them was pious and righteous and the other one used to commit sins.

Besides, this beauty is not limited to a single appearance. Allah will give people in Paradise an opportunity to choose whatever appearance they like at any time and this way people of Paradise will have different kinds of beauty whenever they wish. The Prophet pbuh states that true believers in Paradise will get into any appearance they like from the markets in a hadith of his as follows:. However, there is neither selling nor buying there.

There are only appearances of men and women. If a man likes an appearance amongst them, he gets into that appearance. Night is created as a time of resting for people on earth. As there will not be a need for resting and sleeping in Paradise, there will not be a need for the darkness of the night as well.

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The fact that there will not be night in Paradise is stated in hadiths as follows:. Sleep is one of the weaknesses that people experience on earth. All people are created in such a way that they will all need sleep and no matter how much they want to stay awake, they cannot resist it. When a body is exposed to lack of sleep, its resistance against illnesses will decrease and the person will look exhausted. On the other hand, the time spent on sleeping is so long that it cannot be ignored. A person spends approximately one third of his life asleep. It means that a long part of the lifespan, which is already short, passes as if one is dead.

As a matter of fact, Allah informs us that sleeping is a kind of death in the Quran with the following verse:. However, there are not weaknesses such as weariness and sleep in Paradise. Allah informs His slaves of that reality with the following verse:. People of Paradise do not sleep. One of the most important characteristics of people of Paradise is their high moral qualities. One hadith attracts attention to the moral beauties of the people of Paradise as follows:.

Everybody feels comfortable in an atmosphere where there are people who use their consciousness and who fear Allah. And where there are no high moral qualities, there are quarrels, jealousy, fight, anger, hatred, mockery and touchiness.

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The people who live away from the moral values of the Quran form an atmosphere which reminds of Hell with their own hands because of these bad moral qualities they have. They lose a great boon because they give in to their own desires and passions, running after their worldly ambitions though they could live in a blissful, peaceful and safe atmosphere in a friendly and brotherly way and in tolerance.


Being patient, moderate, wise, reasonable, balanced, forgiving, affectionate, full of love and having high moral qualities on earth bear a deep joy of faithfulness for Muslims. Those pleasures, joys and beauties, which will last to the eternity, will increasingly last in Paradise too. The Prophet talks about that atmosphere in Paradise in one of his hadiths as follows:. Allah draws attention to the sincere and hearty friendship that people of Paradise experience in the Quran as follows:.

Moods such as sadness and boredom which torture people are often seen in people who live away from the moral values of the religion. Those people, who ignore that Allah created everything with a destiny and for a good reason, fall into fear and panic when they encounter events which seem difficult. They fall into boredom; they complain because they do not submit themselves to Allah, and they even feel so great sadness that it harms their health.

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However, one cannot know what is good and what is bad for oneself; only Allah can know it. That reality is stated in the following verse:. But Allah knows, and you know not. A situation which looks like a hardship, a trouble on earth can turn into a beauty which will lead one to Paradise in the hereafter. True believers who are aware of it ward off those negativities which seem to be troubles and hardships they encounter on earth with the help of the power of their faith.

They consider every incident they encounter a beauty created by Allah, with the comfort and peacefulness of submitting to Allah and being consent with everything He created. Now how excellent is the final home! But only the saying of: 'Peace! But the greatest bliss is the good pleasure of Allah. That is the supreme felicity" Both men and women will be admitted to Heaven, and many families will reunite.

Never will I suffer to be lost the work of any of you, be he male or female. You are members, one of another Angels shall enter to them from every gate with the salutation : 'Peace be with you because you persevered in patience!

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And excellent are those as companions! In Heaven, every comfort will be afforded. The Quran describes:. Every fruit enjoyment will be there for them; they shall have whatever they call for" — Therein will be a running spring. admin