Handbuch der Persönlichkeitspsychologie und Differentiellen Psychologie: BD 2 (German Edition)

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Messung von Karriereerfolg. In: Sarges, Werner ed. Management-Diagnostik 4. The construct of career success: Measurement issues and an empirical example. Journal for Labour Market Research, 43 3 , pp. Career stagnation: Underlying dilemmas and solutions in contemporary work environments. In: Reilly, Nora P. Joseph ; Gorman, C. Allen eds. Work and Quality of Life: Ethical practices in organizations. International Handbooks of Quality-of-Life pp.

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In: Trommsdorff, Gisela ; Nauck, Bernhard eds. The value of children in cross-cultural perspective: Case studies from eight societies pp. Lengerich: Pabst. Diagnostica, 54 2 , pp. Hogrefe Huber Pathways to vicimization. Lessons learned from research in kindergarten. Bergen, Norway. September In: Wirtz, Markus Antonius ed. Dorsch - Lexikon der Psychologie p.

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Bern: Huber. Mobbing muss nicht sein. Schulverlag plus.

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Mutig gegen Mobbing in Kindergarten und Schule. Mobbing unter Kindern und Jugendlichen Unpublished. Erkennen von und Umgang mit Mobbing unter Jugendlichen Unpublished. Does childhood body mass index predict restrained and emotional eating in early adolescence? Results from a longitudinal study Unpublished. In: Appearance Matters 5 Conference. Subjective pubertal timing and health compromising behaviors among on- time Swiss adolescent girls. Acta paediatrica, 8 , pp.

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Prof. Dr. Heinz Walter Krohne

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Dorsch - Lexikon der Psychologie. Bern: Hogrefe. Aue, Tatjana I feel good whether my friends win or my foes lose: brain mechanisms underlying feeling similarity. Neuropsychologia, 60, pp. Psycho sup pp. Paris: Dunod. Expectancy influences on attention to threat are only weak and transient: Behavioral and physiological evidence.

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Babl, Anna Margarete 24 June Automatically detected synchrony of nonverbal behavior in therapeutic dyads with Kinect and its predictive value for session-outcome. Jerusalem, Israel. Babl, Anna 28 September Everybody gets better, same but different? A review and meta-analysis of changes in defense mechanisms in psychotherapy studies of patients with PD vs. Heidelberg, Germany. Is it what the therapist does or is it what he doesn't do? The development of rating instruments to measure therapists' adherence in psychotherapy integration Unpublished. Toronto, Canada. Psychotherapy integration under scrutiny: investigating the impact of integrating emotion-focused components into a CBT-based approach: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial.

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Wolters Kluwer Benzing, Valentin 7 August Does video gaming promote physical activity and enhance cognition? Scientific Reports, 8 1 Nature Publishing Group Motor abilities, executive functions and cerebral blood flow in pediatric cancer survivors Unpublished. In: 6th annual FLUX congress. Acute cognitively engaging exergaming improves cognitive flexibility performance in adolescents. In: 9.

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  • Benzing, Valentin ; Schmidt, Mirko 25 May Can active video gaming improve executive functions in children with ADHD? Benzing, Valentin ; Schmidt, Mirko 4 June Exergaming intervention to foster executive functions in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: preliminary results from a clinical trial.

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    Blackwell Science Berger, Sebastian 2 May Niedrige Selbstkontrolle beeinflusst Smartphone-Gebrauch. Medienmitteilungen, pp. Berger, Sebastian 3 May Selbstbeherrschung gefragt: schnell reagieren kann auch ein Nachteil sein. In: SRF 4 News aktuell. Berger, Thomas 19 February Heilung via Internet? Berger, Thomas 16 January Trier Deutschland. Berger, Thomas 9 May Internetbasierte Psychotherapie Unpublished. Trier, Deutschland. Berger, Thomas 22 March In: Verhaltenstherapiewochen.

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    Virginia Beach, US.

    Prof. Dr. Heinz-Martin Süß

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