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Entramos a la clandestinidad. The storytellers will be using intermediate Spanish and I will be chiming in for context, in English. But these are not language lessons, they're real life lessons through language. Martina: Stella Forner was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in She grew up in a leftist household, where it was common to talk about politics, the Russian revolution and the plight of the working class.

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Martina: As a member of the communist party, Stella went to rallies in support of union activists. The government had started to clamp down on political opposition and to cede control to the military. On June 27, , the Uruguayan military dissolved the parliament and officially took hold of leadership in Uruguay. They immediately took measures to suppress political parties and activities, especially those from the left. The unions reacted by calling for a general strike and the occupation of factories and universities. It was a term commonly used to describe when political prisoners gave up the names of their colleagues, often after being tortured.

They became political refugees, or refugiados. Martina: So instead Stella, her husband, and her baby would stay in different places each night. So they continued hiding, changing homes every few days to make sure the military never caught up with them. Martina: He was listed among the fugitives the military was hunting down. It was too risky to continue living in hiding. They needed asylum.

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Stella had heard the Mexican ambassador was willing to take in political prisoners. So on March 19, , on her first wedding anniversary, Stella and her family went to the Mexican consulate. Martina: When they entered the consulate, they had to justify their need for asylum. Stella: Esa noche, dormimos en el consulado. Martina: During that time, the embajador, or ambassador, and the consulate of Mexico gave refuge to hundreds of Uruguayan political activists. The Mexican president had opened up its embassies in Argentina and Chile as well. Stella remembers the house well. Stella: La casa era muy grande, con dos pisos.

Martina: At first, there was a steady flow of airplanes out of Uruguay carrying the exiles who had managed to secure special visas to get asylum in Mexico. But then the Uruguayan government decided to stop issuing the visas. This began a waiting game for the exiles, one that was made more difficult given the disparity in their situations. Nobody knew if they were alive or dead, but people believed they had been killed by the military.

Each committee had a specific task, like cleaning the house, taking care of the small children, or resolving conflicts that came up in daily life.

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When Guillermo would sleep, the kid would wake him up by hitting him with a pillow. Martina: These kinds of issues were common with the children. Era imposible.

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Martina: Stella held onto the hope that the dictatorship would dissolve soon and everyone could go back home. But on June 28, , the situation for the exiles in the Mexican embassy took a turn for the worse.

Martina: On that day, Elena Quinteros, a local teacher, jumped over the wall of the embassy of Venezuela. Pero militares uruguayos entraron a la embajada y la tomaron a la fuerza. Martina: That was the last time she was ever seen.

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The incident led to the breaking of diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Uruguay. Martina: The situation at the embassy only got more tense as the exiles retreated further from the public eye.

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No sentimos la luz del sol en nuestras caras por mucho tiempo. Dont believe to developers. If you want the game in spanish dont bought waiting for spanish language, buy when have the spanish language. Originally posted by Alawar Premium :. If you could release the text lines on a text file you could allow the community to fill most part of the gaps so later maybe you only would need to get somebody to check the translation at all and no make it from 0, which would be cheaper Originally posted by WillieTheWolf :. Unfortunatedly, I will be not translating the game to spanish as we could not reach an agreement.

It's a decent size project. It would take between 10 and 14 days of full time work and the only compensation offered is credit in the game. It was impossible for me to dedicate it so much time with no pay as I need to work to live and pay bills. If somebody else wants to take on the task, their contact email is up there. But I will suggest to not do it for free.

This is a commercial game. They did not give you their game their work for free.

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You should respect and value your time as much as they respect theirs. Last edited by WillieTheWolf ; 26 Nov, pm. Agradezco a los desarrolladores que me lo pongan facil para ahorrarme el dinero en su juego y poder comprar otros juegos que lo merezcan mas. En defensa de los desarrolladores edit: CheerDealers dire que fue la distribuidora la que no ofrecio compensacion.

El juego es bueno, es entretenido y no puedo esperar a probar el nuevo Co-Op. Parte del problema es que quien hizo la traduccion al coreano lo hizo gratis y eso sienta precedente. Por otro lado, seguro que hay mil chavales que no tienen experiencia previa en traduccion pero que seguramente puedan hacer un buen trabajo , que tienen tiempo libre y los gastos de manutencion cubiertos por su famila para los que, algo como esto, puede ser una buena oportunidad para iniciarse.

Pero por desgracia, no es algo que yo me pueda permitir. Mi propuesta fue inferior a esa estimacion, ya que dijeron que no tenian mucho dinero disponible y por ello, como me gusta el juego, estaba dispuesto a rebajar el precio y asi ayudarles a popularizar el juego entre los hispanohablantes.

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