Lets Kill Grandma This Christmas

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Set an example and let everyone else do it too. Teenagers want to slope off to their bedrooms to play with their new gadgets. And younger children might benefit from time to themselves too.

Let's Kill Grandpa This Christmas

Doing everything yourself? This is no way of coping with Christmas. You will wear yourself ragged. And everyone will treat you like a servant.

Share out the jobs. Make people feel involved.

Let's Kill Grandma This Christmas - Theater Pizzazz

Give yourself a break. Being a control freak at Christmas is a sure fire path to murder. Forgot the holly?

Got the wrong napkins? Cat ate the giblets?

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This site uses cookies: Find out more. Okay, thank you. Jen has been driven to blatant alcoholism by her hatred for her grandmother, sister, and good-for-nothing, jobless husband Brett Kevin O'Donnell.

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Still, Brett has one surely foolproof idea up his sleeve that he won't tell his wife : expedite the process of grandma's death so they can reap the benefits. Rather than get his own hands dirty, he convinces Leigh's geeky, doormat of a husband Carl James Wirt to do it. Once Gianci throws extra-marital affairs, rat poison, reefer, and Brett's wheelchair-bound, Afghanistan veteran brother Ray Adam Mucci into the mix, the plot gets even more convoluted.

Granny (character)

The strained direction by co-producer James Dapolito, which is basically limited to having the cast push as hard as they can to hammer home that the lines are supposed to be funny, isn' t beneficial. It's hard to say who made the choice for Wirt to play Leigh's sad sack, put-upon husband as a nasal- voiced nerd in big glasses, as opposed to just a sad sack, put-upon husband, but it turns out to be the wrong one.

And despite a big-hearted performance from the endearing Mucci, this supposedly comic character becomes borderline offensive very quickly. Lucas and Wilson also do nice work, especially in a second act breakthrough, when, grandmother and granddaughter finally see eye-to-eye in the heat of an argument.