One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

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Here's what they said:. Whiskey Bar, Matt Stredder This watering hole at the corner of Sixth and Main streets pours 2-ounce shots, making Hooker's after-hours recipe especially potent.

It's an award-winner and a crowd-pleaser. Scotches have a reputation for being peaty and smoky, which can turn off some customers. Macallan, Stredder said, is approachable for its other flavors, which can cut through the brogue. Whiskey Bar is known for its strong sauce and cocktails, and less so for its beer selection.

The Piper Pub, Gene Hutchison Gene Hutchison has "been in the business" for 25 years, but it wasn't until a decade ago that he took over as owner of Piper Pub , the downtown bar with arguably the best patio in town. Piper Pub has amassed one of the most extensive whiskey selections in Boise, and Hutchison said he stocks 68 Scotches and between 58 and 60 bourbons, and the bar runs a popular scotch club to bring knowledge of aqua vitae to the masses.

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Having a strong variety, Hutchison said, is the name of the game. For the bourbon-Scotch-beer crowd, Hutchison said he'd lean toward a local Pale Ale and a "well-style" bourbon, but he doesn't stock a well Scotch. Both agree whiskey is always the shot. More cocktails made with beer are the snake bite, black-and-tan and peach beer mimosa—grand content for another column.

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One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer: the Adult Beverage Choices of Kentucky Derby Fans

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One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer Cocktail

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