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IWP 1: Interview No. IWP 2: Interview No. IWP 3: Interview No. IWP 4: Interview No. IWP 5: Interview No. IWP 6: Interview No. IWP 7: Interview No. IWP 8: Interview No. Driven by perseverance and courage and backed by many years of support from their two sons, the couple met this challenge with noteworthy success. It was business as usual even if the team was missing two players.

I think it motivated them to work even harder. Either way, they managed to survive and maintain a decent sized clientele for an additional 15 years. I have another mountain to climb now. Vi hanno lavorato persone annualmente. A dirigere questa mastodonica fabbrica, ci sono due superlative persone; il signor Francesco Franco, il direttore generale, e il signore Mario Parziale, vice presidente.

In questa azienda va apprezzata non solo la bravura dei suoi principali dirigenti, ma anche quella dei capi reparti nella foto e di tutti i lavoratori. Era compito mio lavorare nel reparto dove avveniva la separazione delle giacche. Mi onoro di dire che tra me ed i miei colleghi, si era subito creato un clima di intesa, di mutuo rispetto, cosi umano, cosi bello, che ogni mattina. E nel dire questo sono certo di interpretare il pensiero dei tanti Italiani che si sono succeduti in questa grande fabbrica di abbigliamento maschile. Personalmente sono fiero ed orgoglioso di poter dire di aver lavorato per tanti anni alla Golden Brand.

Colgo l'occasione per dire un GRAZIE di cuore a tutti coloro che hanno gestito la meravigliosa fabbrica, un vero capolavoro, che si chiama Golden Brand. When Major Huet first arrived in the district of Spin Boldak in July , near the Pakistan border, he was shocked to see so many children walking shoeless on the hard ground in either really hot, or cold temperatures. She was born in Italy in the town of Roseto Valfortore in the province of Foggia, and immigrated to Canada with her mother, her brother and sisters in where they joined their father in Montreal.

She recognizes the sacrifices her parents made in order to provide a new life for their family, and has not forgotten her humble beginnings. It was around last Christmas when Rinaldi began her efforts to raise money for this shoe drive. In all, Rinaldi was able to collect an astounding two thousand dollars to help the poor kids in Afghanistan. Lucy was absolutely thrilled by the generous response. That amount translates to more than 4, pairs of shoes that have been distributed so far to the Afghan children, who unlike us, many never knew the value of wearing shoes.

We can be proud that he, along with the men in his squad, represent all Canadians in our expression of compassion and caring for the less fortunate. What Lucy hopes now is that others will be inspired to make their own personal contributions. She suggests families establish a little fund where each child can donate to the fund with money made through chores or birthday money. In a time where the Afghanistan issue continues to be an important Canadian debate, Rinaldi says this project can offer us a different perspective about the positive work being done there.

For this generous and high-spirited woman, her goal all along has been to get the public to support this Canadian effort and for children to become more keenly aware and appreciative of all that they have compared to children in other areas of the world. To Borgotaro they went to canvass the streets for these visitors from Canada. No-one was found who could venture a name. Undaunted they returned the following weekend and the search widened.

Mario Previ, a well known local artist using on a quiet street in Toronto. Their semi-detached house has his wheelchair to scale the stone filled streets of Borgotaro was a small, perfectly manicured, front yard and a back yard encountered. He knew the couple well, Giovanni Spagnoli and his that in the summer brims with tall tomato, bean and pepper plants.

All the other children in nence. For almost six decades food and wine have flowed down the just before being sent to the North African front. They had been a very space with both laughter and tears. As a boy I would always sit close poor family. All they knew was that he had drowned when the ship taking him to the war in to my Zio as all three of my children, along with many others, who have jockeyed for the same North Africa had been sunk.

Zio had emigrated reborn. Between tears, Zio listened to the sadness experienced by the members of the famifrom Italy to Canada with my Father and four other men from Borgotaro in Zio would ly.


Many questions were quickly forthcoming. What was Marco like? When did you last see then, with a sly smile, mention that he was unmarried but had a girlfriend, Zia Rina, in Italy. Did he suffer? Was he a brave soldier? A picture! Zia Rina, having finally arrived at Central Station in Toronto after a long sea voyage and A picture! Fate had not been kind train trip scanned the building for Zio but he could not be found. Zia would then scold him for the two young men flanking Zio that day the picture was taken.

Mario Bosi on his right again as she had done hundreds of times before. The picture had been taken just before they had left for the North African all the way to Canada to marry such a rogue. Zio Giovanni would then sheepishly mention that Campaign. Zio had mailed this picture with a note to his Mother, my Grandmother. It was the when he did wake up from his peaceful slumber he could only think of her and rushed down last message from him to reach his mother before he returned from a prisoner of war camp to the station to pick her up.

Love would sparkle between the two as they relived another in My Grandmother had kept it, giving it to Zio on his return from the war and Zio had moment of their years together. Many other humourous stories would follow, laughter would taken the picture with him to Canada as a memory of dear friends lost. Zio commented that in Borgotaro that afternoon, hours passed, food and drink were conBut, after a number of funny stories a change would come over Zio Giovanni, he would sumed, life had not been reborn but could now be discussed.

A youth of 19 had been drafted suddenly become quite reflective and tilt his head to one side. We had all come to learn to now into a war that he knew little about, given a rifle, and died before ever firing a bullet in battle. In the fall of Not a glorious death but a death of great sadness, an important death, a death of war.

We all remove the extra fluid before it dampened his cheeks. No eyes were Zia had traveled to Bardi, which is about an hours drive from Borgotaro, to pay homage to dry. A soul had been found, a memory preserved. The rain could come now and the trees and people could weep. After arriving in Bardi, they located the Monumento but after repeatedly scaling down the list of the fallen, the name of a Marco Bosi could not be found.

Perplexed, they visited a nearly Epilogue… Osteria and asked about Mario and his family. No one knew of the family or of this young man. Zio commented that the trip back to Borgotaro was like being in picture is prominently displayed in my home as a reminder to me and my family of the whisper a fog, the image of his young friend repeatedly returning to haunt the lonely road. In Bardi, a soft muttering began, who was this boy, Marco Bosi? What had happened to his I often wonder if the politicians and generals that send young men to war could spend an family?

Phone calls were made and a brother together if they would come to understand that there really is no need for war.

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Cela explique pourquoi Garnierkids. Construction F. Excavations Super F. Mission accomplie! Quel bel accomplissement! Nous sommes fiers de vous. Ancora una volta, studenti di diverse formazioni possono celebrare. Missione compiuta. Che bel traguardo raggiunto! Tanti Auguri! Hard work is one of the most cherished values of Italian-Canadians. Panoramitalia is happy to present the graduates of the year of our community. Once again students of various backgrounds celebrate together and share their joy with their family.

Mission accomplished. What a great achievement! Be proud of yourselves. Erratum: Dear readers, parents and friends, please let Panoramitalia express its sincere regrets for missing some of the Babies of the year in the last spring issue Since we do realize how much this means to all new parents, and since we do want to make it right, our policy is to publish any picture that we missed. We trust this translates the professionalism and the dedication of our publication. Best regards, Tony Zara, Publisher. Over the years he has built a solid reputation based upon integrity and quality construction of custom homes.

Today, he runs the company with his son Ottavio. Laurent, which, of course, he built himself. I did plastering, painting and paper-hanging. But his life changed as his 18th birthday approached. I told my uncle I wanted to go back to Italy. I am not made for the cold. He decided to give it a shot, and started working for a renovation company.

A wedding and three children later, it was clear Montreal was home. But one thing was missing: his dream to build new homes. That came true in Here, we have shingled roofs in different colours, and we build with wood. It gives the homes such a warm feeling. I love wood.

Laurent borough. I remember that. I always offer more. In three or four years, we will see geothermic houses all over the world. A hole is drilled into the ground about feet deep. I will not build homes powered by anything else. Everytime I lay down a foundation, I am so happy because I know something is there for the next years. How did it become such a successful company? Impecable service and dedicated employees are, in a nutshell, the secret behind the success story of this food distribution company founded by Franco Narcisi.

A Unique History It all began when Mr. Narcisi came to Canada from the region of Abruzzo in Italy with his parents and brother in January of Using a small truck, he would make his deliveries. The Company Today His desire to run his own company fuelled by his great ambition eventually paid off. In , Mr. Their list of suppliers also is impressive and consists of many pastas, A year later, the company relocated to a warehouse of 4, square feet on Waverly well-known companies like Lassonde, Alasko, Viau, Sara Lee and Saputo to name just a few.

Street and has since expanded many times to become what it is today: a warehouse of The company also does a lot of importing of its own to procure exclusive products. Narcisi is constantly in search of new and unique items and attends many food-fairs and In , Mr. Saltarelli tragically passed away, leaving Mr. Narcisi alone to manage the mostly in Europe, in order to find the products that will set his company apart.

Narcisi says of the death of his longtime friend. Together with his purchasing manager Enrico Zegarelli, Mr. Narcisi organizes a food show That same year Mrs. Melucci started working at the company to help her husband out. The relationships Mr. For Mr. Narcisi, attention to detail, first rate service and great personal relationships are the reasons why the company has become a major player and leader in the food distribution field.

The ever-humble Mr. He attributes much of his success to his dedicated staff of Panarello says. Mrs Narcisi feels fortunate to work with such wonderful and hardworking people who give their all, sometimes working a seven-day week in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Giving back to the community has also been a big factor for Mr. The Secret for Success For a business to last 30 years, its owner must be doing something right and Mr.

Narcisi has been doing that something since the very beginning. FDA offers a very personalized service and customers often call Mr. Their son Franco Jr. Melucci says of her son. He has to do what makes him happy. Due Parole Tra Noi Unico istituto finanziario italiano a Montreal per cultura e tradizione, ancora una volta, la vostra Cassa si conferma un solido sostegno per le famiglie e le aziende che ricorrono ai suoi servizi.

Questo ci consente, oggi, di occupare una posizione fortemente concorrenziale sul mercato finanziario. Di conseguenza, sono stati ultimati i sostanziali lavori di rinnovo che hanno coinvolto diversi sportelli, permettendo ai nostri. Quale Cassa Popolare, grazie al ristorno ristourne , abbiamo il vantaggio di poter condividere con i nostri membri-soci i risultati finanziari conquistati. Un vantaggio esclusivo che ci contraddistingue in modo rilevante dagli istituti a vocazione puramente bancaria. Abbiamo ancora una volta partecipato attivamente alla raccolta fondi che la CIBPA Associazione degli imprenditori e dei professionisti italo—canadesi effettua ogni anno, al fine di distribuire borse di studio ai giovani universitari meritevoli.

Riteniamo, infatti, che la salute fisica e la determinazione che tali discipline possono insegnare ai giovani siano loro utili anche nel corso della carriera scolastica. Non possiamo chiudere senza esprimervi tutta la nostra gratitudine per la fiducia che quotidianamente ci dimostrate. Simple et sympa, non? But what if your children are at a stage in life where they have other priorities and have lost interest in maintaining the family cottage?

What can you do to minimize the possibility that it might be sold when you and your spouse are gone? This might be a good time to speak to your financial advisor about how a cottage trust can help keep the ownership options open for your children — while at the same time offering you peace of mind.

Creating a cot tage tru st is relat ively easy You and your spouse establish a specific trust in your wills for your children who will own the cottage. After both of you have died, the cottage will be transferred to a trustee, who will give directions on how the cottage is to be managed.

A trust, such as this, can last for as long as, say, five years. During that time, the trustee — using sufficient money placed in the trust — would be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the cottage and for making decisions about its use by your children until the trust was wound up.

This article does not deal with the tax liability that occurs as a result of the deemed disposition of the cottage on your death. It is assumed that your estate has adequate funds, whether through insurance proceeds or other assets, to pay your final tax bill. It gives them time to decide what should happen to the cottage, rather than having a solution imposed on them by their parents. They could agree to share ownership, use and responsibilities, or some sort of buy-out arrangement if it becomes clear that only one of the children should have the cottage — which may be because the others live too far away, continue to have little interest in the cottage, or because they are not able to get along well enough to be co-owners.

The trust sets up opportunities to keep the cottage in the family, giving the parents peace of mind. As part of your wills, you should set out what will happen if the children have not reached a decision before the trust is wound up. You might direct the trustee to sell the cottage, with the sale proceeds, as well as any remaining funds in the trust, distributed equally to the children. You could also give one or more children the option to buy the cottage, and set terms such as how the option to purchase is to be exercised and how the price is to be established.

There are costs involved in administering the trust on an ongoing basis. The information in this article is provided solely for informational and educational purposes and is not intended to provide individual financial, investment, tax, estate, legal or accounting advice. Professional advice should be obtained prior to acting on the basis of this information. He can be reached at , or by e-mail at ppomponio assante. Be with the best. Nobody knows more about administering, investing, diversifying, sheltering, bequeathing, preserving and augmenting your hard-earned wealth than we do.

But it all starts with you. Only by understanding your needs and goals can your Assante advisor design a plan that will meet - or exceed - them. For a free consulation, please call Consentement aux soins par Roberto T. Chianu Carduni is a dense and elegant i. Cardi in Italian actually means cardoons, a plant effectively related to artichokes that belongs to the Composite family Cynara carunculus altilis , and which the only parts eaten are the roots and especially the stalks blanched and used as celery.

Cardi or carduni are erroneously mistaken for artichoke leafs foglie di carciofi used for such recipes as Calabrese Patate e carduni. Sicilia, Baglio di Pianetto Sicilia, Ceuso Caramel, balsamic and date aromas recalling Madeira mixed with black cherry fragrances made me wonder if the grapes used for this wine were not partially dried up before going to press the fruits were assuredly cooked by the blazing Sicilian sun.

The mouth was full, savoury and unctuous combined with a robust body and still asserted tannins. English writer Thomas Carlyle joked about the fact that the French were such good cooks they could make a delicious dish even out of thistle. Italians had long mastered that talent. While cardi are edible vegetables; they are nonetheless a type of thistle.

Each region has its own special way of preparing them, but cardi fritti from Piemonte is probably the most famous recipe of all. He dips the cardoons into beaten eggs, rolls them in flour and glazes them in a pan before putting them in the oven, covered with butter and grated parmesan cheese. Here are some of my favourite picks from last edition of the Salon des vins de Montreal.

Elegant wine of medium body, it displays nice, fresh strawberry aromas endorsed by cleverly integrated wood. Tasty, slightly pungent it was ropier than the previous wine; yet, tended to fade rapidly. The Barbaresco , docg Barbaresco, Marchesi di Barolo It requires a bit more fruit to my taste in order to balance it all and still a bit more aging to smooth it out. However, it remains a good, affordable mid-range Barbaresco.

Barolos are generally slightly more full bodied than Barbarescos. Could it be because the first bottle I tried was corked? Too sharp and tannic for me, the mouth overwhelmingly acidic did not reflect the lovely notes of kirsch, juniper and sweet spices I had detected on the nose. It offers a pleasant combination of violets, licorice and sweet spices aromas and a nicer taste of baked berries, lingering on a smoother finish.

All roads lead to Rome, and that is where you should head to eat the best carciofi artichokes. One of the tastiest ways to try them is prepared according to the famous recipe Carciofi alla Giudea Deep-fried artichokes. This is a very old recipe named alla Giudea because it was typically made in the Jewish ghetto of Rome. These include: vinaigrettes, garlic, spices, eggs and artichokes.

Thus, Artichokes because of their high iron content have the misfortune to confer an unpleasant bitter, metallic taste to wine, especially red wines, unless they are integrated into a dish with other more prominent flavours. A dry white wine with a high acid content, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Verdicchio or Pinot Grigio, will help balance this effect, even if the wines might seem a little more acidic.

Adding lemon juice to your food generally helps bring back a little more of the fruit in the wine. So next time you crave for artichokes, remember: have a nice bottle of mineral water or a light white wine, but leave the B3 for the carduni. Light, Fruity apple, pear , crispy unchallenging Verdicchio. Sharp and vivid bone dry white, with nice citrussy flavours and a fresh mineral finish. Good starter wine also ideal for a kir try it with amarena sirup. Perfect for white fish and seafood, or for a chicken and blood orange salad.

Vibrant and warm wine with hints of kirsch and plum aromas and earthy undertones. Ideal with a marinated flank steak on the charcoal, grilled vegetables and spiedini. Ramione , Sicilia i. Good medium to full body red with loads of sun baked fruits and a lovely nutmeg spice and vanilla finish. It did not take long to the Greeks to understand that Italy was the perfect place to plant olive groves. They first started planting them in Sicily and then the Romans took it upon themselves to perfect the art of making extra virgin olive oil and spread it out throughout the peninsula. As an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, it did not take them too much time either to figure out that olive oil had beneficial properties.

It also carries high antioxidant and antiinflammatory values, essential to help prevent heart attacks and coronary problems. Yet, these positive characteristics are only found in high proportion in extra virgin olive oils. Refined olive oils lack most of the beneficial properties contained in extra virgin kind. Recent studies done by the Canadian government on food frauds have shown that non-conformity levels regarding extra virgin oils imported in Canada have kept increasing since This means that every time you, the consumer, buy a bottle of cheap extra virgin olive oil, one out of three bottles contains something other than olive oil, generally corn or vegetable oil.

In the midst of the scam, the San Giuliano oil mill was unfortunately charged and seized 91, kilos of olive oil, before being confirmed not guilty by the Tribunale del riesame di Bari, who immediately returned the oil deemed valid and legitimate. The San Giuliano oil mill that has been making oil for three generations, had declared itself victim of the crimes of other companies since the beginning of the investigation in the summer of. Unfortunately the damage is already done and events like this are good examples of how the whole industry gets affected by actions of a minority of unprincipled actors.

Some dedicated producers have even gone beyond those regulations setting their own, higher, quality standards as I explained in a past column on the Corporazione dei Mastri Oleari, a grouping easily recognizable by its stylized logo picturing a black lion standing upright and carrying an olive branch in his upper paws. Look for their characteristic rectangular bottles. Each of their olive oils is obtained from a single and carefully selected olive grove and set standards of productions that aim at better understanding the harvest, the pressing and the conservation until the final bottling phase.

The Cantagallo Estate is another fantastic property under the Laudemio that produces olive oil with various varieties such as Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino, right in the heart The Montalbano in central Tuscany.

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Finally, there are day to day extra virgin olive oils and fine finishing oils. Just choose them according to yours needs and your budget. You can hence rely on the unequal integrity of oil producers or look for mechanisms such as the DOP to find true producers that work hard to make the best products possible and appreciate being recognized for it. High-end olive oil olio di collina made out of traditional Tuscan varietals: Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino.

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It displays a clear and intensely green colour. The nose is fruity, full and savoury with a clear, well rounded body evolving on a nice spicy finish recalling herbaceous sensations. Ideal on meats and vegetables. A good, regular every day extra virgin olive oil made out of local olives Bosese and Frantoiana. It is fruity expressing nice zesty, apple and green tomato fragrances with a good fruity and slightly spicy taste.

Their top estate bottle the Primer Extra-virgin olive is also worth trying. However, in many respects this flower bud of a flower is still cloaked in darkness for many of us.

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No where else is it celebrated and cherished as it is in Rome. The Romans believe that artichoke possess formidable aphrodisiac, digestive, and diuretic powers-stripping out bad cholesterol, acting like a liver tonic and generally filling the body and soul with vigor. Just as the tulips bloom in the springtime, so do the artichokes.

At this time of the year they are readily available in most produce markets. Whether they are fried, pickled, stuffed, or poached, artichokes are a delicious change to our everyday menu. Enjoy them one leaf at a time! The shorter the stem, the tougher the artichoke tends to be. They should feel heavy to the touch lightness is a sign they have dried out and are certain to be tough.

Freshly picked artichokes will squeak when rubbed together. Remove the green outer leaves of the artichokes by snapping them off at the base. Stop when the leaves closer to the base are pale yellow and the tips are pale green. Slice off the green tops. Cut the stem off at the base and trim off the remaining green part at the base. Return the cleaned artichoke to the acidulated water until needed. Clean the artichokes see tips for better artichokes. Remove one artichoke at a time from the acidulated water.

The easiest way to remove the choke is to cut the artichoke into quarters lengthwise. Then half each quarter and return the cleaned artichoke to the acidulated water until needed. Proceed in the same manner with the remaining artichokes. Meanwhile, bring a medium-size pot of cold water to a boil. Add coarse salt to taste. When the water returns to a boil drain the artichokes and. Drain the artichokes, transfer to a platter lined with paper towels or a kitchen towel to absorb excess water and let cool covered with a wet kitchen towel.

In a small bowl, lightly beat the eggs, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. Place the flour and breadcrumbs into separate large bowls. Working in batches, add the artichoke pieces to the flour and toss, separating the pieces to coat well. Dip the pieces into the egg mixture and then coat them with the breadcrumbs. Repeat until all the artichokes have been coated. Refrigerate 20 to 30 minutes.

Pour 2 inches of oil in a heavy, medium-size saucepan, and heat to deg. Lower the artichoke into the hot oil, making sure not to crowd the pan. Fry until they have a nice, golden color. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a platter lined with paper towels. When all the artichokes have been fried, season with salt and garnish with lemon wedges. Preparation For the filling: Clean the artichokes see tips for better artichokes. Then cut each quarter into thin wedges and return the cleaned artichoke to the acidulated water until needed.

Finely chop parsley and garlic together on a board. In a large skillet heat the oil over medium heat. Add 1 cup of broth, cover and cook for about 12 to 15 minutes or until the artichokes are very soft, adding more broth as required. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, prepare the peas. Cut the pancetta or prosciutto into tiny pieces and coarsely chop the parsley. In a medium size skillet heat the oil over medium heat.

Add the peas , mix very well and season with salt and pepper. Let peas rest until needed. For the filling: Drain the pieces of bread from the milk and squeeze until the consistency of a soft pulp is achieved. Reserve the milk. In a medium-size bowl place the bread, veal, eggs , garlic, parsley, cheese and oregano. Mix well with your hands or with a large spoon until the ingredients are well combined. If the mixture seems too dry add some of the reserved milk. Set aside. Meanwhile, clean the artichokes see tips for better artichokes. To assemble: Drain the artichokes. Spread the artichoke leaves slightly apart.

Sprinkle the inner leaves with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Push the filling between the artichoke leaves and into all cavities. To cook: Place the artichokes , cut part facing up in a pot that can accommodate them snugly. Bring the liquid to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and cover the pot. Cook until the artichokes are tender, approx. Serve immediately on warm dishes with a drizzle of olive oil and some pan juices.

Prepare the Risotto: Heat the remaining broth in a medium-size saucepan and keep warm over low heat. Continue stirring and adding more broth as the liquid is absorbed by the rice. Five minutes prior to the end of the cooking time add the peas and all their juices to the risotto. Continue cooking until the rice is tender but still firm to the bite, approx. Remove from heat, add the parmigiano, mozzarella and butter and stir until the butter and cheese are melted.

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Cover and let stand for 2 minutes. Taste for seasoning. Transfer to warmed shallow dishes and serve immediately. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper and extra parmigiano cheese, if desired. It features traditional Sicilian recipes from Caponata, Arancini, and Pasta alla Norma to the usual dolci of the island Cannoli, Cassata and Pignulata. You will also discover interesting fish recipes perfect for the summer time such as the Pesce spada con limone.

In fact, I downright loathed it when I was a kid who, twice, had to spend her entire summer there. I thought it was torture, and other than the fact of getting to know my aunts, uncles and cousins, I could not understand how my parents thought I would enjoy having to spend three consecutive months in a place where chickens outnumbered people.

No pool? No movie theatre? No shopping mall? No pasteurized milk? No toast? Are you kidding me?! Those summers when I was 11 and 13 were eternal! Granted, things had evolved in the town as well — livestock no longer outnumbered people in the early 21st century. But even still, there was something suddenly appealing to me about being in a place where you are no further than a minute walk from any place you need to run an errand; in a place where you can hand-pick every fruit for your fruit salad from the garden in the back of your house; in a place where you can sip a cappuccino in the piazza as you take in the mountainous view and greet every passer-by by their first name.

As a young adult, I loved the slow, relaxing pace of Galluccio village life so much, I went back five times in six years. During my visits, I became familiar with the history of the beautiful comune of Galluccio. The town has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, but it was the Italian population known as Aurunci who really left their mark. The Auruncan territory extended in the area of Roccamonfina, between the Liri and the Volturno rivers.

Today, the town that sits between folds of the grand Monte Camino and the stunning volcanic ranges of Roccamonfina measures 32 square kilometres. Ferragosto is the season when Italians are on vacation, so August is the perfect to host the nineday beer Festival Beer.

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Hundreds of people stop by Galluccio this time of year to savour beers imported from around the world. The Festa dei Cacciatori, also in August, is one for meat-lovers! Here, dinner is served for the entire town, and the menu is made up of meats from animals raised and hunted in the region alone.

Still men do rarely dare to develop there feminine parts even more than most woman are still afraid to live their masculine parts. It is more than necessary to overcome the dualistic split of personal abilities into male and female. An american buddhist teacher offers a model of an undomesticated feminine, neither meek nor submissive, but self conscious, fierce, wise and spiritual, an antidote to toxic masculinity.

Following her ideas in this workshop we will experience in a psychodramatic way towards an empowered feminine on the basis of wisdom, love and compassion. Maybe it will help us to survive. Tibetans have Prajnjaparamita, the mother of all, who is wisdom and love. I was amazed how easily the method of psychodrama finds its role in in organisational context.

Although, people in business prefer not to pronounce the name, but they eagerly participate and enjoy the process and appreciate the outcomes. About the workshop. The goal of the workshop is to show how to use psychodrama, sociodrama, work with objects and other techniques in team and leadership diagnostics and development. Who would benefit most from the workshop.

Psychotherapists — new or experienced — who work or plan working in the organizational context with the method of psychodrama. The family into which we are born is the foundation, the basis for the growth of the person who is today. A family is made up of the feelings and relationships between people — intimacy, caring, loyalty, support and love. The family is the only place in the world where people are loved not for what they do or give, but for being who they are.

During the workshop, we will examine how to survive in the family if it is not secure: how to support and hold, and whether it is possible to increase the security of all family members, so that love could grow and transform. We will also learn whether this will allow to change the existing family patterns. The workshop employs the methods of psychodrama, family constellations, family systems therapy and Imago and EFT relationship therapy. I am a graduate of the Tallinn Psychodrama Institute.

I have also started studying to become a family therapy trainer, and I am a student of systemic family constellation. We realized that as white, middle aged, heterosexual, working men, we where the norm; whenever someone was referring to whom is normal, or stating a difference, it was different from us… or better, it was different from the stereotype we represent. We decided that this was not only a responsibility, as inclusion, de facto, means that we have to become more inclusive, but also that we where called to live to a standard, a stereotype, that was limiting our authentic and free expression too.

We came to the conclusion that we want more, for ourselves as men, for our organizations and for our communities. Human mind is hypothesis-driven and our observations of the world are strongly shaped by preconceptions. My second argument is that changing the balance between these two processes is important and feasible. Insights from psychodynamic transference and savant syndrome are presented to support these ideas. Uniting these contemporary notions with some essentials of J. Because spontaneity is formed before having the evidence for its truth or adequacy, it entails, in adults, overcoming apprehensions about acting without a theory in mind.

This is what trusting-the-process means and it requires training, which psychodrama fosters on its stage laboratory. The workshop aims to explore the diversity that characterize people, looking for points of contact and connections, countering prejudice and perceived threats. The dynamics of desire are forged in our childhood experiences and our sexual preferences are shaped by the thrills, challenges and conflicts of our early relationships.

Were we held or neglected? Loved or abandoned? Did we experience pleasure or did we learn not to expect too much? What did our family teach us about our body, our gender and our sexuality? Our first attachment experiences provide us with a template for what we expect to happen or will not allow in an intimate relationship. Sex is a clue on how we deal with closeness, how we deal with control or surrender and how we manage pleasure.

It reflects how vulnerable we allow ourselves to be and how we receive, ask, give or take. This experiential workshop is designed to give an opportunity for personal exploration and professional development and will help explore our unique erotic blueprint in a safe and supportive environment.

The group will examine different ways of working on, analyzing and contextualizing sexuality in a therapeutic setting. We will explore how to create a safe space to deal with the issues around intimacy, vulnerability, pleasure, desire, identity, sexual orientation, gender, sexual preferences, fantasies and erotic dreams. The ultimate aim in this workshop will be to initiate a transformative process of self awareness so as to playfully rekindle our creativity and desire.

Learning Objectives: After attending this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. Describe the alternative action methods presented that could be applied among the physically impaired population; 2. Apply the alternative action methods appropriate for use among the physically impaired population. This Workshop aims to present methodology for offering psychodrama to people with mobility impairment — inherited or acquired through accident, illness or with age problems.

Applying action methods among the physically impaired population can be considered difficult or impossible; therefore, this large diverse group is often excluded from the benefits of the powerful method of psychodrama. The author of this workshop believes that psychodrama and sociometry have a lot to offer to people with a mobility impairment, with the help of props, imagination and unique adaptations of the method. The creativity of the director and the richness of the method can offer alternative ways to overcome the physical limitations.

One of J. Moreno, , p. People with mobility impairment are a specifically diverse group of our society and creating a space for their culture in the safe environment of a small group is a healing experience in itself e. Often times, telling and hearing personal stories, the group members would easily discover a topic that connects them in their social and cultural roles and the group would benefit from a sociodrama. The use of music adds a new dimension to the drama. In the moment it arouses feelings and associated memories. We know that music activates more and different areas of the brain.

It may be the reason why warm up and dramatic action is faciclitated. In this workshop we shall show and experience how we can use music and movement in psychodrama. Participants will get familiar with a tale of Rabbi Nachman of Breslove through Bibliodrama. Learning objective: After attending this workshop participants will be able to : 1. Describe two main archetypes portrait in the tale and identify how they are part of their own life. Describe how the story resonate with J. The laboratory offers some experiences of psychodramatic activity with children, with particular attention to the issues of hyperactivity and the difficulty of controlling body and action.

This will be followed by a reflection on some important concepts in psychodramatic activity with children: spontaneity and control, communicative alternation, the therapeutic function of the peer group, the therapeutic function of the ritual, the intentional alternation of reality and semi-reality, the artistic and symbolic expressiveness. Apply the social atom on paper and in action for exploring various relationships of clients with eating disorders. The Magic Mirror is a mystical object that is featured in the story of Snow White, a 19th-century German fairy tale, first published by the Brothers Grimm.

Moreno created and introduced the social atom in in his book, Who Shall Survive? At this workshop in a creative way, with the help of Psychodrama — Gestalt techniques, participants will explore the world of their own emotions: their experience and expression. Theoretical framework In order to be able to survive in this world that is constantly changing, we need to adapt. Managing emotions increases the ability to adapt. Emotion is a brief conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.

A Feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence our behavior and our adaptation. Emotions build our reality by showing us the significance of the events around us for us. It is a body reaction to the changes around us. Emotions can also be caused by thoughts. No matter what has caused the emotions they affect our reality as they affect our response to the external environment. In this way, they affect the quality of our lives The quality of our lives is directly related to: Self-Awareness — The ability for recognition of their own emotions and how they affect their thoughts and behavior, and Self-Management — The ability to recognize and control impulsive feelings and behaviors, manage emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.

How can the victim-perpetrator splitting be usefully put in scene? The workshop starts with a short introduction to the model of victim-perpetrator splitting. Stressful experiences caused by maltreatment, abuse, long term neglect or loss of important relations require specific emotional processing capacities and have an emotionally high impact. During this process so called specific inner victim states traumatic states often emerge. At the same time the personality produces as a coping strategy an antagonistic perpetrator state, which function is to stabilize the person psychologically.

The basic underlying psychodynamic can be understood with respect to less traumatic personal experiences. This workshop offers besides self experience an approach for psychodramatherapeutic work with sexually abusive young offenders and other perpetrators of violence. We would like to tell you about our psychodrama work with a class of architects during a post graduate training course developing in the psychological field the ideas of Christopher Alexander.

The context in which we approached problems to develop solutions acknowledges and embraces the complexity, uncertainty and change that are ever more prevalent in our world. We acknowledged that life takes place by continuously adapting the surrounding environment in an uninterrupted everyday process that predominantly occurs in the dimension of the ordinary.

There exists in the natural, cultural and physical world a class of phenomena that are beautiful, the beauty of which has essentially to do with our everyday material and spiritual life. Beautiful, ordinary spaces have a quality whose value, once explored at the appropriate level, belongs to all human beings, and is good for everyone.

Because that quality exists, makers can, at each step in the process of change, add to and expand — rather than detract from and reduce — the original quality. Generally, we define and measure the objective quality of the space that emerges at the level where human beings share a common canon of values that belongs to the collective unconscious. We created a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness of our own individual and collective feelings. This line of activity was designed to provide the knowledge required to observe, understand and act within a complex system where elements have both individual and interrelated value, and where observation, understanding and action are related to our experience of such elements and their interrelation.

Feelings are the gateway that connect our deep Self to the external world: learning to name and recognize them, trust them, and live with them is crucial to our ability to work with others and with the structure of the land. Vorremmo parlarvi del nostro lavoro di psicodramma con una classe di architetti svoltosi durante un corso di formazione post laurea che ha sviluppato in campo psicologico le idee di Christopher Alexander. This dramatic shock leads to an intense process of dissociation: on one hand, the same year-old adult now has to deal with the realisation that his father had not died in the way he had always thought, on the other, the 8-year-old boy, becoming personified again on the imaginal plane, reveals himself as he discovers his father has hung himself.

The adult reflects and understands, empathising with the drama that overtook his father — the child is overcome with despair, anger, incredulity, trying his heart out. He is inconsolable for what has happened. Fragments of memory and images explode in the emotive chaos of attempting a new recomposition of the episode. The bitter surprise is that everyone knew: his ex-wife, relatives, acquaintances. He realises he has been living in a real-life Truman Show. After years, the lecture will cover who contributed to the journal, who were the publishers, and what followed after.

  1. Dead Hands (Oberon Modern Plays).
  2. The Stevensweert Kantharos!
  3. La molteplicità e la crisi!
  4. Mama Says - 25 Things Mama Says!.
  5. Judas Iskarioth im Matthäusevangelium (German Edition)!
  6. Shakespeare, Hamlet III. That was also the question and the soliloquy of many of my psychosomatic patients. Is it worth to live this life with all the pain and suffering? In this workshop I will demonstrate how we took arms and turned the hopeless static position into a creative life worth living. In my psychodrama groups the patients played out what was behind their diseases.

    The spiral process of psychodrama helped to find the origin of the symptom building and the connections with the painful traumatic life events. In this workshop you can experience the method and techniques we developed in my psychosomatic work:. Changing their diet, their location, changing physically :developing lungs from gills,arms from appendages,;walking upright If something needed to change for survival it did. This workshop aims to draw attention to a social organization which impels us to the search for a type of life organization, for the satisfaction of our attachment needs; recognition; belonging; acceptance; and finally well-being or even happiness, by means of conjugality relations or love relations.

    On the other hand, is also underlined that this kind of relationships is so conditioned by the religious, legal regulatory bodies, and even by science that becomes possible to typify the outbreaks of malaise leading to support requests. Reference: Moita, G. The dictatorship of love relationships. Theory and methods and sharing experiences. Figlie, donne, madri. Daughters, women, mothers. Social media languages, trauma dissociation , multiculturality in adolescents groups obstacle creativity, symbolization and the construction of a cohesive dynamic.

    Cases will be presented in an experiential way. Many handbooks teach us what an effective communication is; many methods train us on how to gain communication skills. It is also a very important aspect in communication, verbal and not verbal, formal as well as informal, in couples and in groups, in peacetime and in wartime. Emotional communication can prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts. It helps to loosen difficult situations and to get out of the vicious circle of frozen relationships. The psychodramatic process and the technique of the meta-communication will help us to bring out our best resources in conflicts.

    Feelings are our strength and cogency, our expressivity and reliability in communicating. La comunicazione emotiva: un modo per prevenire, gestire, risolvere i conflitti. Aiuta a sciogliere situazioni difficili e ad uscire dal circolo vizioso di relazioni cristallizzate. Il processo psicodrammatico e le tecniche di meta-comunicazione ci aiuteranno a individuare le nostre migliori risorse in situazioni di coglitto. Alongside the somatic and social dimensions, the roles in the role-project theory of Analytical Psychodrama for individuation are characterized by the imaginal dimension linked to the exploration of that which is possible, of the meanings of symbols, and of the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious.

    They belong to three categories, i. Ora, se nello Psicodramma Analitico, abitualmente si giocano solo momenti reali attuali o passati, della vita del protagonista, fanno eccezione le Scene Virtuali. Voci negate: un laboratorio tratto da un esperimento di costruzione di uno spettacolo teatrale partendo dalla metodologia psicodrammatica.

    Denied voices: a workshop based on an experiment in constructing a theatrical performance, starting from the psychodramatic methodology. The inner research moves in the internal theater, trying to find a part of himself that is struggling to find a way of expression, a stage, a place in the world. The protagonist plays this part in his scene with the aim of earning his expressive path. The part of himself takes more definition, also through the interactions with his own counter-roles, and his subjective truth is affirmed on the scene.

    One observes it, makes it aware and transforms the part of oneself into a character through theatrical language. From this we build a narrative frame that contains it. The study is quantitative and qualitative. There are unaccompanied minor boys in the project between the age of 15 and EXIT focuses on enhancing movement, imagination, engagement, connection, here and now, safety and responsibility. A film with the participants participating in the early intervention will be shown and the results will be presented and discussed. The lecture and film will give the participants an opportunity to understand community art work with participants who suffer from trauma, stress and loss.

    A workshop to explore gender identity and stereotypes with psychodrama, between temporal variables generations in comparison and spatial variables nationalities in dialogue. The experience of psychodrama in individual therapeutic work and couple therapy offers many interests. Doubling can have the effect of touching the emotional experience, of feeling understood, of reinforcing an identity effect. The role change allows the protagonist to experience what an antagonist is going through in the therapeutic work.

    Together, the interest of this role taking will be decided. Psychodramatic games allow us to experience from within what has been played in a scene in the history of the past or present protagonist s. The seminar will provide an opportunity to experience these different aspects of individual and couple therapy. It will be in French with simultaneous translation into English.

    The laboratory used active methods of group work and psychodrama and playback theater methodologies with the aim of promoting encounter and communication experiences among participants able to overcome linguistic and cultural differences. Some universal symbolic elements have served as a reference to connect stories and experiences lived by different people in different cultural contexts, connected to each other as experiences of the common history of every human being, small particles of the greatest universal human history.

    The music, the movement and the dance offered a great support to the activities of the laboratory and allowed to realize a theatrical performance that debuted at MIToS the Italian Meeting of Teatro Sociale in Lucca and which was repeated at the Teatro Bolognini of Pistoia in the initiatives of Pistoia Capital of Culture In the theatrical performance the stories of some refugees with the live accompaniment of the Connexions band were staged, a multi-ethnic musical group that was formed during the workshop.

    The Connexions band has performed some concerts for the Municipality of Pistoia and still performs musical performances in the territorial area to connect, socialize, raise citizenship awareness on issues related to immigration and as part of the integration activities of the SPRAR project, has obtained funding which allowed them to record their repertoire in a musical CD. In the laboratory, activated within the community, the psychodrama methodologies were the foundation of group work: they offered participants a good base of knowledge and mutual trust.

    The theater of spontaneity was instead the area through which the group of participants was able to experiment and rediscover their creativity to design and create a theatrical performance that represented the conclusive action of the laboratory. The theatrical performance was represented in two public theatrical spaces under the patronage and co-promotion of the Municipality of Pistoia. It was also a recovery with the camera to be able to look at it from an external point of view, see yourself from outside while living, making a video that was screened before the final theatrical performance was staged.

    Workshop esperienziale sul ruolo professionale. Musica improvvisata ed esplorazione del movimento spontaneo. Tali elementi saranno i nuclei di lavoro del workshop, che si propone di accrescere la consapevolezza dei processi somatici di base in gioco nella relazione di cura, di declinare il proprio ruolo professionale in una dimensione personale e corporea, per orientare al meglio le proprie risorse nelle relazioni di cura in ambito educativo e psicoterapeutico. Workshop on professional role.

    Improvised love music and movement exploration in spontaneous attitude. Care relationships let us very often in unusual communication systems, difficult to decode. We try to anticipate answers with impulsive actions, to hand on symbolic meanings, blended to somatic processes in a sort of proto-menthal area. Expecially in disability, non-verbal elements become central about acting out behaviours.

    During the workshop we focus on those key elements, working on consciousness somatic processes effecting on care relationship. Professional role will be discovered in the somatic as much as in personal aspects, to better direct professional expertise in therapeutic and educational work. In private practice with neurotic patients and in the public with psy-chotics, Jungian psychodrama returns a significant therapeutic experi-ence to body, movement, action.

    Psychotic patients — whose ability to express themselves verbally can be reduced, inadequate or compromised by delirious contents — return to co-municate from bodily expression as a vehicle of thought. We had strong transformations in many countries: economic crisis, traumatic migrations, unemployment, climatic change, environmental disasters, terrorism, wars! How is the Anima Mundi? We will share together dreams, memories and expectations to investigate personal and collective unconsciousness reactions to these phenomena and what suggestions the wisdom of dreams will give us.

    He will demonstrate the dream incubation technique according to the ancient medicine of Asclepion and the utilization of opening and closing rituals to contain the unconsciousness force and elaborate collective trauma. Psychodrama can be used to create a safe place and paths of change for the most severe traumatization. Psychodrama creates a place to act out unprocessed trauma within the containment of therapy in order to stop the obsessive repetition of the past.

    Jungian psychodrama can help to play traumatic experience trough symbolic representations and the wisdom of dream-play. Often victim of trauma split out their feelings and in the play it is important to play the role of the heart or the role of the feeling of the protagonist to integrate the emotional dimension. Two or three dreams will be played. Dreams convey the transformative wisdom of the unconscious, allowing emotionaly charged material to become easly accessibile to the consciousness, activating intrapsychic and intersubjective change.

    The group will take place within a ritualistic framework, creating a safe space to advance personal and social healing. Abbiamo avuto forti trasformazioni in molti paesi: crisi economiche, migrazioni traumatiche, disoccupazione, cambiamenti climatici, disastri ambientali, terrorismo, guerre! Verranno rappresentati due o tre sogni. Forty-five years after his death, J. Moreno will have his name once again uttered by many during this International Conference. Nevertheless, his books are unfortunately still not well known, and his ideas are not always acknowledged.

    In the same vein, most of the books already published on the subject continue to favor the definition of the method as therapy. It is about going back to the modern roots of psychodrama and making use of the words of the creator of the method himself. Participants will also be invited to look at the other side of the tree, and will have the opportunity to come into direct contact with the indispensable sociodrama.

    But we know from our experiments that these two forms of role-playing can never be truly separated. Every role has two sides, a private and a collective side. The impact of early attachment patterns on development of memory systems and restructuring of memories in psychodrama. The most important early interpersonal patterns are coded on subcortical neural structures which rapidly complete their development soon after the birth. Development of cortical structures takes a gradual process which continue across several years of life.

    Early mother-child attachment patterns secure or insecure develop mostly in the first year literally before the development of cortical neural systems which are necessary for explicit memory. Since the only memory system is implicit memory in the first year, early attachment experiences are far from conscious and declerative retrieval. Therefore in order to work on insecure attachment patterns in psychotherapy, it is necessary to track the traces of senses, emotions and actions through a close contact with the body.

    Psychodrama is a psychotherapy system which fulfills this need because it enables us to work on somatic, psychic and social roles simultaneously. Affective and body reactions from implicit memory are integrated with episodic memory scenes and semantic clarifications of explicit memory on psychodramatic trips. This is at the same time an integration of memory systems which is possible by means of action insight. This presentation is about power of Psychodrama on integrating different memorial systems in relation with early attachment patterns.

    It is an interpersonal psychotherapy system which provides us with a secure base for restructuring insecure attachment patterns and forming new healing bonds with life. Child Abuse Survivars Children involved physical, emotional and gender violence beleive that, they have no way out. It is possible to empower them by group therapy. We planned a group with 12 girls between years old and had 14 group sessions with them. It was an encounter group.

    We used psychodramatic warming up techniques. After four meetings they started to talk each other about their life. They helped each other to gain power. They shared solution technigues. Group was a safe place for them. At the end, they felt more strong themselves to solve their problems. My presentation involve all this process, techniques used and successfulness. La messa in scena nello psicodramma delle immagini oniriche, sorte spontaneamente dalla nostra psiche, in questa fase di stagnazione mentale ed energetica, consentono di aggirare il pantano del malessere costantemente sentito, ri-contattando le forze vitali presente in noi.

    The laboratory proposes an experience of psychodrama connected to the dimension of the dream, able to remove the continuous brooding of the thought towards the fragility of the person in front of the torment of detachment. The staging in the psychodrama of dream images, spontaneously arose from our psyche, in this phase of mental and energetic stagnation, allows us to get around the quagmire of constantly felt malaise, re-contacting the vital forces present in us. The group space, the sharing of multiple dreams, the vivacity of the psychodramatic language offer the frame to resume a new feeling.

    A daytime scene that preceded the dream to highlight the focal problem that activated the dream 2. The representation of the dream itself with the necessary changes of role to give expression to the perspectives of the inner parts of the dreamer activated by the event 3. One or more scenes that connect the recent event with the analytical path and the identification of the protagonist.

    Nello Psicodramma Analitico Individuativo a orientamento junghiano il lavoro sul sogno si fonda su tre pilastri: 1. Una scena diurna che ne ha preceduto il sogno, per mettere in luce il problema focale che ha attivato il sogno stesso 2. Il poster evidenzia le varie fasi del processo di elaborazione durante la sessione ed inoltre i vari scritti inviati via mail al direttore dai partecipanti ausiliari successivi alla sessione, contenenti le reazioni emotive e i sogni stimolati dal lavoro svolto. Poster theme: use of group psychodrama to process trauma in a woman after suffering physical aggression by her companion.

    Contents: the poster portrays the network collaboration of social worker, family mediator, therapist, psychodrama therapist helping a mother of three abused by her partner, and a long psychodrama session especially set up with the aid of 20 volunteer auxiliaries familiar with psychodrama. The request for intervention came from a fellow psychotherapist treating a patient with difficulties sleeping and relating to her own daughters after severe trauma.

    The psychodrama might help the woman access her own emotional sides blocked by the trauma with the reassuring aid of the welcoming group. The poster highlights the various moments of the elaboration process during the session and also the writings sent following the session via email to the director by the auxiliary participants, containing the emotional reactions and the dreams aroused by the work done. Conduzione di un gruppo di psicodramma analitico freudiano a indirizzo lacaniano secondo la metodologia di G.