The Business of Antiques

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The Declining Value of Antiques

Antique Furniture Refurbishing Start a business giving antique furniture a new shine. Yes Online Operation?

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Antique Furniture Sales Cut down on costs by selling antique furniture from home. Antique Radios iPods may be convenient, but they can't compete with the nostalgia of antique radios.

How does the illicit business of smuggling antique artifacts survive?

Antique Sideboard Vanities Convert antique sideboard cabinets into vanities to give homeowners an out-of-the ordinary washroom option. Clocks It's always the perfect time to start a clock business. Consignment Furniture Store Give furniture a second life by selling it again.

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Flea Market Organizer Bring great deals to the masses by organizing a flea market. Furniture Repairs and Finishing Make old furniture look like new again with a furniture repairs and finishing business. Garage and Estate Sale Promoter Help clients promote their garage and estate sales. Jewelry Boxes You've got to have a love for details, artistry and functionality to make this business sparkle. Refurbishing Antique Appliances Appeal to customers' sense of nostalgia with antique appliances.

How to Start a Home-Based Antiques Business

Sports Memorabilia With the popularity of eBay, buying sports memorabilia is a venture that's sure to pay off. I confirm that I am over the age of 16 and consent to the collection of the above data. The answer is short: Make shopping in your store a fun experience. If you do, your customers will stay longer and want to come back more often.

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Here are two techniques one hi-tech, one low-tech that other retailers use to ensure their customers enjoy shopping in their stores:. Many Saks stores have community rooms that allow customers to host private birthday parties and book clubs for free.

Behind the Gavel: Two tips on improving an antiques customer’s retail shopping experience

Topshop, an upscale clothing boutique with stores in New York and London, hosts weekly parties and mini-fashion shows that always include extra time for shoppers to browse and buy. Photos of the events are posted on their Facebook page. Taking photos of such events and posting them on your Facebook page might easily be the cheapest advertising you can get. Shoppers insist on choice; stores without clear choices leave shoppers dissatisfied. If you only have one of an item however rare , a shopper has no point of comparison; they have no way of knowing whether your offering represents a good value.

A doubting mind does not buy. You can be certain that such customers will leave your store to shop in another or online.

Understanding the life cycle of an antiques business

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