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The woman is always very careful with her money and keeps a very strict budget. I had to pay some money for the health club fees when I joined the club.

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My friend asked me how much my new car had cost. I tried hard to give my opinion but I was unable to do so. I had to live on less money than usual after I quit my part-time job. When I got an increase in salary I spent some extra money on a big meal. We were able to save enough money to pay for the new kitchen in our house. I will take a promise to meet again as I cannot go to the movie with my friend tonight. The little boy has been putting money in a small container to save for a new bicycle. The salesman was putting false expenses on his expense account so we decided to fire him.

It is not easy to simultaneously explore both the microcosms and macrocosms of our universe.

'Indians have always been money-minded'

Scientists must battle the dynamic infectious diseases that could risk the state of humanity. Scientists must develop revolutionary technologies to keep pace with our ever-changing world.

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Scientists must venture into the engulfing blackness that surrounds our Earth to find possible homes for our unique species. In order to do these, scientists must fathom the unfathomable. With millions of scientific publications and even more currently being constructed, it is difficult to ponder a possible research avenue that has yet to be explored. Researchers most often delve deeper into specific, pre-established fields, resulting in terms like pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism.

It is incredibly difficult to muster the creativity necessary to develop an untouched field of science. But if creativity truly is the key to innovation, scientists must look to the arts for their answers. In Greek mythology, a chimera is a creature that has a distinct, compartmentalized body structure including a lion head, goat torso, and serpent-like hindquarters.

Of Mice and Men

Discussion of this hypothetical beast was anticipated to stay within the literature and mythology until Dr. Irving Weissman took an unprecedented approach. Weissman, a pathology and developmental biology professor at Stanford University, was inspired by the distinctive structure of the chimera and used it to guide a new avenue of embryological research. He pondered the idea of transplanting human stem cells into other non-human organisms, considering the possible development of a human-like structure in a different species.

By virtue of his mental superiority, George assumes a dominant role with Lennie, acting as a parent. Because Lennie tends to involve George in difficult predicaments, George must be responsible, level-headed and ready to deal with any tragedy that may arise. Despite the many problems that Lennie causes George, he stays with his simple-minded friend as a buffet against loneliness and he retains a palpable hope that the two will eventually leave the aimless life of a migrant worker to live a more fulfilling existence.

Lennie Small. A gigantic, mentally disabled man, Lennie is simplistic and docile. He obsesses over simple sensory pleasures, particularly finding great joy in touching soft things, whether a cotton dress or a soft puppy. Although Lennie is inherently innocent, he is still capable of great violence, for he lacks the capacity to control himself physically and has a great protective instinct, especially when it comes to his friend, George.

Right-Mind and Wrong-Mind

Lennie dreams with George of having a small piece of land; he is obsessed with one aspect of this dream: having a small rabbit hutch where he can tend rabbits. Lennie is incapable of making decisions by himself and relies on George entirely. An old, crippled man who has lost his hand, Candy is the swamper at the ranch.

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  • He remains attached to his aging dog, who has become so weak and sickly that it depends entirely on Candy to survive. Still, when Carlson objects to the dog's smell, Candy allows Carlson to put the dog out of its misery.

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    Candy is a passive man, unable to take any independent action. Indeed, his one major act in the book - when he offers Lennie and George money in order to buy a piece of land with them - is a means by which he can become dependent on them. The son of the ranch owner, Curley is a man of short stature who is nevertheless a formidable boxer.

    Curley is aggressive, boastful and cocky, with a volatile temper and a tendency to provoke conflict with the weak, as he does with Lennie. Part of Curley's bravado stems from anxiety over his new wife, who everyone widely suspects of being "a tramp. Generally considered to be a tramp by the men at the ranch, Curley's wife is the only major character in Of Mice and Men whom Steinbeck does not give a name. admin