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Overwatch: The COMPLETE Winston Mastery Guide

Community Hub. Smith and Winston is a humorous exploration action shooter.

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When a strange signal is detected in deep space the Federation orders Smith and Winston to go and investigate. What they find, after a brief nap, is a shattered ring world, aliens and an evil overlord called the VOID. All Reviews:. Execution Unit. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam.

Includes 65 Steam Achievements.

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Publisher: Execution Unit. Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.

Why Early Access? It's hard when you work on a game for a long time, you get too close to it. Having an outside force to point things out is invaluable.

Winston: Take Back Control of Your Online Privacy by Winston Privacy — Kickstarter

Full Keyboard Support. Steam Achievement Support. Local save games Steam cloud coming soon. Full sound and music support. Full video support fullscreen toggle, vsync toggle, brightness adjust resolution select. Sound design for the weapons, pickups, explosions and enemies is complete. The levels are fun to play. All levels available include enemies to kill, items to collect and places to explore, there are no empty, direction-less, meaningless levels to get lost in. However the current download is missing: Music for all the levels, currently only eight have the correct music but all levels have some music.

Level sound design. Only eight levels have complete sound design all though all levels have some sound design work done. Steam cloud for save games. The current save game system needs to be modified to make cloud saves possible. Steam leaderboards are missing. We plan on having leader boards for Arcade, coop and Story mode game play. These are not enabled yet. All of these features will be added in frequent updates over the next few months.

The young gorilla passed his days assisting with the scientists' experiments, watching the distant blue world outside his habitat window, dreaming of the endless possibilities that awaited him there. But his life was thrown into chaos when the other gorillas led an uprising, killed the mission scientists, and claimed the colony for their own. Taking on the name of his beloved human caretaker, Winston built a makeshift rocket and escaped to Earth. There he found a new home with Overwatch, an organization that represented everything he had come to admire about humanity.

Winston was finally able to live up to the heroic ideal that had been instilled in him. Now with the fall of Overwatch, Winston has gone into seclusion, once again cut off from the world he believes in, but longing for the days of heroism to return. Partner Games. Overwatch League. Log In. Buy Now. Cookie Disclaimer.