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You could basically volunteer in exchange for accommodation and board. You can read more about Worldpackers here. I always felt safe when I was there but Paris has quite a reputation when it comes to safety. Most people I know that are from Paris and the suburbs always talk about how unsafe it is. The biggest problem you could face could be the pickpocketing or scams. To avoid being in such situations you might want to make sure you keep your valuables locked or unseen, and you should avoid talking to strangers or beggars on the street. Also, keep in mind that some neighborhoods can be safer than others.

Amsterdam is more expensive than Brussels. Depending on your current location, getting to Paris without breaking the bank can be more or less expensive. The best way to get around Paris is via public transport. Public transport in Paris can add up very quickly. You can also pick the number of zones needed. Check the options here. You can check out the different options here. You can always find cheap croissants and coffees around the city or get a baguette at the bakery shop. The best way to respect your budget while in Paris is to go to the grocery store and cook your own food. You will simply have to avoid the touristy streets to find them.

My usual go-to is simple. They have several top hostels across Europe and they have two of them in Paris. I normally stay in the second one as the area is a bit quieter. The hostel is clean, the staff is lovely and they know how to keep a great ambiance with their happy hours, bar and restaurant directly on site. As I said at the beginning of this article, during my first time in Paris I ended up staying in a crappy hostel. Are you enjoying this website? As always, all opinions are my own! This post may include affiliate links at no cost to you! Happy travels!

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Paris is also one of the most photogenic cities in the world. My favourite hidden gem is the rooftop of Galleries Lafayette. It took me about 15 years and four trips to Paris before I found out about this spot. Just a tip worth sharing to any solo travelers on a budget visiting Paris.

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But having been there 4 times now: once at age 25 with another girl, once with my 15 year old son, and twice alone, I have never seen or experienced anything I would put in the "violent" category. As I mentioned previously, I had one episode with a pickpocketer who was a man in his 20's who just laughed and ran away when I caught him--hardly scary.

I was just mad! Don't deny yourself the opportunity to have a wonderful trip because of someone else's experience. Paris is not known for crime; unfortunately your friend had a bad experience. It says nothing about the experience you would have. I've been to Paris on my own many times. It's a big city,. I realized afterwards I had done two things wrong: not paying attention to surroundings and carrying the bag loosely on my shoulder instead of bandolier style across my chest as I usually do. If we had been alert, I don't think it would have happened.

You should be aware of pickpockets in crowds, especially in crowds. Some pickpockets cruise the heavily touristed lines, esp. Line One. Victoria , you must live in an incredible place if a woman can walk alone, late at night, and NEVER get robbed. We must all move to Stockholm , since there is no crime there I guess. Choosing a hotel in a business area is not particularily smart for a woman alone. See , all the businesses close down and everyone goes home in the evenings in those types of aresa, if I was alone and I have been I choose a hotel in a bustling central area with lots of cafes etc..

Many of us here have travelled alone to Paris , and had no problems, but if you choose to hinge on the experience of one friend who was out late at night by herself and had a bad incident, then that is what you will do.

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You asked "is Paris safe for a women alone", and all the women on this board, from young to old , who have been alone in Paris, some of them numerous times, have said "YES. I think you should try it and see for yourself, listening to stories while sometimes informative, is also sometimes destructive. PS who the heck walks alone late in the night in deserted areas and thinks that that is an ok thing to do, my goodness, I live on an island off the west coast of Canada , and even I would think twice about such silly behavour.

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Was your freind coming out of a club drunk??? I suppose it would be dangerous to be a woman wandering late at night alone and drunk? I've been alone in Paris 8 times and have never had a problem. I'm a late night person and I have walked alone as late as or in the morning.

Alone and Safe in Paris : Our Advices for Solo Travelers

I prefer staying in the 6th because it's very safe and there are always people in cafes and walking late. The 5th would be fine too. Certain areas of the Marais would be as well. I'm also a cautious person and am aware. I stayed in the 7th which is also safe it was just too quiet for me at night.

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I'm of an age now and don't do nightclubs i. I like to see people out walking, etc.

I looked at the web site for Concorde La Fayette and wouldn't want to stay there. Especially for a first time.

A Solo Traveler's Guide to Paris

It's not in a very neighborhood feeling type area. I'd feel isolated. Put me in the heart of things and I am safe. Also, as Joan1 said in a 'business district' the businesses close at night and it will be quiet I didn't really look into how much of a business dist it is though. I dont walk alone late at night even where I live in Stockholm where it is considered to be quite a safe place. As for my friend who almost got robbed, she didnt walk in deserted areas. I stayed at the Concorde Lafayette in April and loved it. It has a nice modern lobby and several normal sized elevators. The reception desk and concierge desk staff were very nice.

The breakfast buffet was the best I have ever had. The hotel is attached to a conference center and indoor mall with a gourmet grocery shop, pharmacy, lots of very nice dress shops and gift shops. The access to the RER and Metro is also indoors. In bad weather you could go to several locations the Louvre , some department stores, etc. The rooms were a nice size, and half of them face the Eiffel Tower.

Alone and Safe in Paris : Our Advices for Solo Travelers

Outside, there is a beautiful floral display at the shop across the street. A few streets away was a charming residential neighborhood. The only time I have felt uncomfortable in Paris is when exiting the Metro I suddenly find myself in a long deserted tunnel. admin