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For a typophile, a font conveys a feeling or a message beyond the words it is forming.

This is not really a matter of reading between the lines or even the words themselves but a matter of reading the font. There is even a New York-based not-for-profit association called the Typophiles that encourages the appreciation and production of fine typography and bookmaking.

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And by the way, you are reading this feature in verdana — a font designed by Mathew Carter for Microsoft to be readable at small sizes on computers. An Essay on Typography by Eric Gill Pioneers of Modern Typography by Herbert Spencer Introduction to Typography by Simon Oliver Art of the Printed Book by Joseph Blumenthal Fine Print on Type by Charles Bigelow et al Goudy Johnson Anatomy of a Typeface by Alexander S Lawson Book of Lettering by Reynolds Stone A Tally of Types by Stanley Morison Looking at type: Where type is used; What is type?

Type classification: Basic classifications; Block typefaces; Roman typefaces; Roman variations; Serif variations; Gothic typefaces; Gothic variations; Rounded variations; Script typefaces; Graphic typefaces.

Top 10 Best Typography Books for Designers

Setting type: Type families; Using multiple typefaces; Text hierarchy; Type on a page; Numerals; Drop and standing capitals; Special characters; Ligatures; The right character for the job; Punctuation; Non-alphabetical typefaces; Non-Latin typefaces; Leading; Tracking; Kerning; Spacing; Overprinting and knocking out; Legibility and readability.

Type generation: Font generation; Type as a visual identity; Hand-drawn type; Building letterforms; Expressionism. Type in practice: Eclecticism; Integrating type and image; Environment.

A great book. You'll want to go back to school.

A Picture Book To Teach Kids Typography

Very thorough, clear and concise. Good to see use of different paper stock and finishing techniques.

Books to read as a Graphic designer? Ep27/45 [Beginners Guide to Graphic Design]

Even seasoned professionals will enjoy this work because of its fresh look, well researched examples and lavish color printing. Few pages don't have visuals and examples from the text.

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