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The Dean asks us to 'open our hearts and lives to other people and all in the world that is different from us'. The Dean reflects on our desire to call somewhere home. In the current political climate, he reminds us that "if we commit ourselves to God, our view will become free from envy, jealousy and hatred. This way, we can open up the view of the other ones around us. This way, we can assume our responsibility for peace. The Chaplain explains that the journey of faith lasts a lifetime; it is something that we must work on every day of our lives, not just in Lent. The Chaplain asks us to see Lent as a time when we may consider renewing our commitment to God wholeheartedly.

Reflecting on an art installation entitled 'Holy Ground', the Canon Pastor reflects on how we can 'dare to go barefoot before God and one another'. The Dean reflects on how we might respond with Christian faith in our anxious and unsettling times. The Chaplain reflects on psalm 34 from the service and how language can alter how we understand God.

The Chaplain considers what it means to belong and what this means for our interactions with other people. The Chaplain reflects on Christ the Morning Star, who is the source of all light and our guiding light. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Dean reflects on the nativity story and calls us to spend this Christmas period listening for how God is challenging us to think differently. As we hear the stories of God's creative plan and Mary's acceptance of his Divine plan, let us be inspired to be with God and for God in all we do.

The Canon Pastor reminds us that the approaching feast that God intends for us is "an expansive feast for all peoples, where death will be no more, where the most vulnerable find refuge and shelter. Giving thanks for the prophets of God on the second Sunday of Advent, the Dean asks "Who among us has the courage to turn to God and face the truth? The Canon Pastor encourages us to embrace silence and listen for the voice of God in the expectant weeks of Advent. The Canon Pastor reflects on the meaning of longing as we enter the season of Advent. The Chaplain reflects on the feast of Christ the King ahead of the new liturgical year and how we can reconfigure our sense of purpose.

Richard Coles reflects on St Cecilia, the patron saint of music, and that her medium "reminds us The Dean reflects on the need for confidence that God is with us in all things. The Dean reflects on how we make decisions, and specifically how Jesus chose his twelve disciples. The Dean reflects on how we can understand the Bible when we are confronted with uncomfortable and difficult passages. The Precentor considers what questions we could usefully ask to enquire about God. The Precentor considers whether, in the community of faith, it is effective to take sides, or whether, by sitting on the fence, we allow ourselves to focus entirely on God.

Reflecting on the new start offered by a new academic year, the Chaplain calls us to remember our common purpose of glorifying God through our lives. The Precentor reflects on what makes Choral Evensong so special and what it is about this service that appeals to so many people. The Dean encourages us to reflect on how we can give the gift of love and hope to groups of people who struggle to have hope in the future, particularly those who suffer persecution. The Canon Pastor reflects on how we can shape our greatest creation: the life and character we pursue.

The Canon Pastor reflects on the importance of shared meals, particularly the meal given to us by Jesus in the Eucharist. The Chaplain asks 'If you were a song what would you be? The Dean of Melbourne reflects on the importance of unity and of community and the ways in which we can express this. On the feast of St Thomas the Apostle, Paula reflects on the danger of nicknames in 'locking their recipients into a fixed identity' and what we can learn from St Thomas about listening deeply to the experiences and witness of others.

In his last sermon at St Paul's as Chancellor, Canon Mark reflects on the important responsibility of preaching which is shown in the life of St John the Baptist, remembered today. The Chaplain reflects on the immersive power of God's love, and asks, following the example of John the Baptist, "what commitment can we make today to follow in the footsteps of the one who pointed to Christ".

The Chancellor reflects on the crowds of people that believed Jesus was mad because he was saving people. Following the Gospel reading of Jesus and the Pharisees, the Dean reflects on how we cope with rules and how we handle encounters with people with rules. On Trinity Sunday, the Precentor reflects on the challenges of understanding the Trinity and how we might fruitfully use this doctrine to go out into the world and tell people of God.

On the feast of Pentecost, Canon Michael reflects on the divine inspiration which is made manifest through the power of the Holy Spirit, received throughout the world at Pentecost. On the Sunday after Ascension, the Precentor reflects on the centrality of the resurrection and ascension: "Without the resurrection, our faith is naught. Without the ascension, our faith is hidebound; without the Holy Spirit, our faith is dry.

The Bishop of Berlin encourages us to live in the spirit of reconciliation that Christ taught. The Precentor reflects on Peter's threefold denial of Christ and the importance of a culture of forgiveness as a 'nutrient of democracy'. The Chaplain reflects on the message of Eastertide, so often described in terms of victory, and encourages us to focus on the message that "Christ has overcome and therefore so can we in him".

On the Third Sunday of Easter, the Canon Pastor reflects on what we can learn from the resurrection appearances of Jesus. On Easter Day, the Dean considers how we can encounter the resurrection and "to invite the life of Jesus Christ into your own heart and life, to have your own world up-ended by the power of the resurrection".

Canon Tricia calls us to share in "the disarming disarray of resurrection", and to recognise that "resurrection in our lives as well as in the world is likely to be wild and messy". The Chaplain reflects on the desolation of Holy Saturday in contrast to the celebration of Easter Sunday, and that Christ has walked the same path as us, wherever we are in our lives.

In the final sermon in our Reel Spirituality preaching series, Revd Rosemary Morton explores the of Paddington and what it can teach us about the importance of hospitality. Canon Mark Oakley reflects on the film 'Life is Beautiful' and the lessons that can be learned from a father's love and sacrifice for his son and to learn to see that love is stronger than evil. At the annual United Guilds Service, Bishop Martin Seeley reflects on charity and the way in which it enables neighbours to become friends. The Chaplain explores the value of hymns and how they can give voice to faith in a way that is personal to each of us.

Reflecting on the day's readings Genesis 2. The Precentor reflects on Christ's first miracle, turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana, and that we must remember, and show, "that the Christian faith is about love and joy". The Dean invites us to consider: "Whatever your self image, whatever animal you might describe yourself as, whoever you think yourself to be, will you follow in the footsteps of John and Nathaniel? The Chaplain encourages us to share the news of great joy, news that brings peace and to share this peace.

The Chaplain encourages us not to see life purely as a probationary period, but to recognise, as Jesus taught, that 'now is eternal life'. One of the other great writers of the twentieth century once said that we are most God-like when we are being creative. The Precentor considers the difference between confidence and certainty in our faith and how we might leave ourselves open to God's grace.

The Chaplain looks at how Henry Frances Lyte's sermons can help us trust in God and to hold fast to hope and the promises God made to us. Living in the light of Jesus' Return : Luke 9. Living in the light of the Lord's return : Luke The Dislike of the Unlike : Esther 2: What do you really treasure?

Harvest Family Service : Matthew Jesus Confronts Dead Religion : Luke Lamentations 3: : Compassion in strange places. Speaker: Roger Henwood. Series: Daniel. Speaker: Adam Kinnison. Speaker: Adam Rose. Don't be a Good Samaritan : Luke The Powerlessness of Positive Thinking : Daniel 5. No one is too difficult for God : Daniel 4. Jesus explains discipleship : Luke 9: Speaker: Brian Edwards. Jesus Questions His Disciples : Luke 9: Series: Ephesians.

The Shield and the Helmet : Ephesians 6: The Breastplate and Boots : Ephesians 6: Jesus and the sinful woman : Luke 7: The Belt and the Sword : Ephesians 6: Jesus Teaches His Disciples : Luke 6: The Christian in the Workplace : Ephesians 6: The Christian Wife and Husband : Ephesians 5: God's Blueprint for Marriage : Ephesians 5: The Spirit Filled Life : Ephesians Speaker: Ian Lewis.

The Birth of Jesus Christ : Matthew 1: The Birth of Jesus and the Shepherds : Luke 2: The Promise of the Messiah : Luke 1: Preparing the way for the Lord : Luke 1: Will you serve the Lord? Series: Joshua. Diversity and Ministry : Ephesians 4: The Unity of the Spirit : Ephesians 4: The Unsearchable Riches of Christ : Ephesians 3: The Dwelling Place of God : Ephesians 2: Speaker: Paul Andrew.

Grace alone; Faith alone; Christ alone : Ephesians 2: Praying for God's Power : Ephesians 1: God's Ultimate Purpose : Ephesians 1: Be Strong and Very Courageous : Joshua 1: Spiritual Riches in Christ : Ephesians 1: Safe in the Shadow of the Lord : 2 Kings 6: The Mystery of Providence : 2 Kings 4: Speaker: Luke Williams.

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If God exists, why hasn't he made it clearer? Celebrating God's Sovereignty : Acts Lights in the World : Philippians 2: The Conversion of Cornelius : Acts Speaker: Peter Oyugi. Joy in all Circumstances : Philippians 1: Speaker: Robert Hicks. The Great at the Heart of our Faith : John David's Last Words : 2 Samuel Series: The Life of King David. David's Kindness to Mephibosheth : 2 Samuel 9. Are You the Lone Ranger? In a world of suffering, can we believe in a loving God? The Lord's Covenant with David : 2 Samuel 7.

The Ark is Taken to Jerusalem : 2 Samuel 6.

Pray and Be Alone With God - Paul Washer

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The Church's Priorities : Acts 2: The Church's Secret Weapon : Acts 4: Speaker: Richard Underwood. Series: Ruth. Holding It All Together : Ephesians 4: Expand Your Horizons in Prayer : Ephesians 3: Conversations with God about Conversations with People. Speaker: John Arkell. Behaviour That Contradicts Belief : Jonah 1. Speaker: Stephen West. Speaker: Gyula Borzasi. Series: The Prayer of Jesus - John Speaker: Kevin Wiltshire. At Antioch - Why were the disciples first called Christians there?

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