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A short while later, while Caisse was visiting a doctor friend, he pointed to a weed in his yard and said it could help rid the world of cancer if more people used it. Source Essiac Info. Caisse began experimenting with the herbs, and by , a group of doctors was sufficiently impressed by the results to petition the Canadian government to give Caisse treatment facilities. Caisse soon gave up nursing so she could focus on seeing cancer patients in her apartment in Bracebridge, Ontario.

She collaborated with Frederick Banting of insulin fame to treat a patient of his suffering from diabetes and colon cancer. The patient was given Essiac, and both the diabetes and cancer disappeared. Eventually the Bracebridge Town Council gave Caisse space for five treatment rooms, where she helped thousands of cancer patients. Her mother, diagnosed in and given just days to live, was treated with Essiac and lived another 18 years. Hounded relentlessly, Caisse suffered a nervous collapse and ended up closing her clinic. She also worked with Charles Brusch, John F.

She also shared the formula with a few friends, including Brusch. The formula includes burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark and turkey rhubarb root, according to Olsen. Still, thousands subscribe to an Essiac fan page on Facebook, posting testimonials about its healing power. Gary Wandling, 77, swears by it. Diagnosed with prostate cancer that had progressed to his bones, and given months to live, Wandling started drinking the tea daily … 11 years ago. The author, Caroline Bennett, has made an extremely compelling argument, backed with scientifically validated information, individual testimonies, the history of essiac tea, and undergird it all with a passion for the truth.

At the very least, I feel as though anyone who is in a battle for their life with cancer or knows someone who is should strongly consider using the information in this book regarding essiac tea as an adjunct to any conventional cancer treatments. This book is informative, practical and well written for the general public to understand. I would strongly recommend it! Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. This was a very quick read for anyone who is interested in the history and benefits of Essiac Tea.

It is a very thorough and well written book. I have purchased and brewed my first batch of Essiac tea and it is pretty darn tasty. I will add this to my morning routine because even if you don't have cancer, it is very healthy for you. This is probably the most authoritative book to date on the benefits of Essiac tea.

Killing Cancer - 6 Months Left to Live - Testimonials

It contains the studies of it's introduction into China and case studies both here and in China. Their is also a comparison of the allopathic methods and this naturopathic method. One person found this helpful. This is a compassionate and compelling account of the efficacy of Essaic Tea.

What Are the Side Effects of Essiac Tea?

Caroline DeHarde Bennett did what any cancer patient would love for someone to do for them when they are faced with the diagnosis of cancer and then the daunting task of trying to discern the best treatment path. This is an easy read, a great reference, a creation of hope, love, and encouragement for the benefit of anyone with cancer or anyone seeking to prevent it.

The author examines the history and efficacy of a safe and compelling alternative to conventional cancer treatment that offers too much favorable evidence to ignore. It is a powerful and important continuation of Rene Caisse's mission, and in reading it, you will be arming yourself and loved ones with an invaluable defense against the devastation of cancer. This book explains the story of a nurse who made great efforts to help cancer patients with an herbal tea mixture.

This is an excellent book for anyone who has or knows someone who is fighting cancer. I highly recommend it. A beautiful and complete history of Essiac tea: it's discovery, use, science, political controversy, efficacy, and compelling stories of it saving countless lives. This book reviews not only powerful anecdotal evidence of the tea's ability to treat numerous forms of cancer, but it also covers the scientific studies that were done to investigate, and in the end support, these claims.

This book makes an unimpeachable argument for the worth of trying this treatment for anyone who has cancer. It investigates the components in the tea and their ability to supplement and support your body's own natural defenses against cancer, as well as inflammation and other autoimmune issues. It also tears down the dismissive attitudes in the medical community towards Essiac tea, tracing such prejudices back to motivations that had more to do with greed and competing products than any science. We are our best health advocates. This is an empowering book. A nice composite summary of the literature on Rene Caisse's life, this book combines info from all of the various and sundry folk who have ever put a pen to paper about Essiac, lol, folks who have never and never would all choose to be in the same room together.

It paints a good picture for us to remember Rene Caisse by. However, it does read a little bit like a college paper. One glaring omission was the author's failure to note Sheila Snow's discovery of the little-known central importance of Sheep sorrel root in the Essiac formula as opposed to just the arial parts , as documented in correspondence between Rene Caisse and the Sloan-Kettering folks when they were researching Essiac in the s.

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They gave Snow copies of the correspondence when she was writing her first Essiac book, The Essence of Essiac, and they are now part of the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive collection, the world's largest remaining body of Essiac history and memorabilia. Snow went on to co-author a total of four more books on Essiac with Mali Klein. The latter is a must-read for any serious Essiac researcher, or anyone who wants the perspective of someone who personally knew and worked with Rene Caisse. Snow worked directly with Rene and her long-time friend and helper, Mary McPherson, and was involved in much of the Essiac history that happened in the s.

Its great to see Rene Caisse and Essiac honored. It behooves anyone interested in regaining or improving their health, regardless of whether or not they have cancer, diabetes, or any of the other illnesses that the anecdotal record has documented as being responsive to Essiac. Its great to see information about this herbal remedy remaining in the public consciousness.

Essiac is something we can all make and take for our well-being as either an alternative or together with more conventional therapies. See all 10 reviews. Before starting any regime, check with your practitioner.

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The eight herbs that make up essiac are: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, Turkish rhubarb root , and watercress. The herbs, which all have benefits of their own, seem to have a synergistic additive effect when taken together in a specific ratio.

To learn more about the properties of these herbs click essiac ingredients Why would I choose eight herb essiac instead of four herb essiac? Simply stated, eight herb essiac is far more effective than the four herb formula.

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Four herb essiac was designed to have one of the herbs injected which is not the method used today. It was also created to detoxify only the liver while the eight herb formula detoxifies the liver AND the colon. The colon is crucial since it contains the majority of toxins.

A Pioneering Nurse and Her Secret 'Remedy' for Cancer

Because the health of the body is dependent on both the liver and the colon, the complete essiac formula, rather than the shortened four herb version does the best job. The original eight herb formula is the original essiac formula, clinically tested and found to have more beneficial results than four herb essiac.

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  • Those knowledgeable on the product will not accept four herb blends. Customer after customer have agreed with these findings. If you are going to take essiac, why not take the best available. Eight herb essiac does have a slightly bitter taste caused by the watercress. This herb is not used in the four herb formula although it is an important component. Watercress is high in vitamin C and has many healing properties.

    Most people get accustomed to the taste after a couple of weeks of taking essiac tea. If the taste bothers you, follow it with a few sips of your favorite juice or mix it in with the juice. Should I take the tea hot or cold? Do I need to take it with meals or on an empty stomach? It is recommended that you drink essiac tea cold. It is called 'tea' because you brew the herbs, but then you store the tea in the refrigerator. Essiac tea is sometimes called 'essiac juice' for that reason.

    After being tested, it proved most effective when taken cold and on an empty stomach. Take it at least one hour before eating a meal, and at least two hours after your last meal. Although powdered herbs are more expensive for us to use than whole herbs, the extra cost is well worth it. This is because powdered herbs make for a more potent brew. With powdered pulverized herbs, there is more surface area on the herbs for the extracts to seep into the tea.

    Anything in powdered form mixes easier and more thoroughly. Furthermore, powdered herbs are pulverized fine enough that they can remain in the tea and be consumed along with the tea. It is advised that you drink the herb particles in addition to the tea, since they contain beneficial compounds. By consuming the herbs along with the tea, you won't miss out on any of the important chemical compounds that are part of whole foods. Our herbs are incredibly fresh because our supplier sells thousands of pounds of essiac herbs a month.

    We turn over the majority of our herb inventory every weeks. Many customers have commented on how fresh the herbs look and smell. If you purchase essiac from an outlet that sells more than one herbal formula, you're more likely to receive stale herbs. We sell only essiac. All of our herbs are currently domestic herbs grown in the U. The specific states vary, but right now all of our herbs are coming from an herb company in California. I've read that you shouldn't purchase the essiac herbs already mixed, but that it is better to purchase the herbs individually and blend them yourself.

    That is definitely not advised. First there is the formula and proper ratio of herbs in the formula. We have the original formula and ratio that Rene Cassie and Dr. Charles Brusch developed, so we know our product has been tried and tried again with remarkable results. Second, the cost.

    It would be too expensive to track down all the herbs yourself and try to create the eight herb formula we have already down all the leg work in that department. We use the United States Postal Service. We offer ground shipping days , Day Priority Mail, and Express shipping overnight to most locations. Shipping costs varies widely between orders because of the weight of your order and by the distance you are from our location in California.

    For shipping cost quotes for your particular location, shipping time preference, and order size, visit the United States Postal Service and click on "calculate postage. Alternately, you can begin filling out an order at the shopping cart, and you will see the shipping costs after you input your credit card information, but before you have to confirm your order. If you don't wish to place your order, you'll be able to leave the screen without ordering.

    If you place multiple orders at once we can sometimes reduce the cost of shipping for you by using flat rate boxes. We don't make a profit on shipping. We charge what the Post Office charges us for shipping, plus cost of materials and a nominal transportation fee. USPS offers the best rates right now for the sizes of orders we sent most often. We generally send packages that weigh one pound or more, which is simply more expensive than shipping a lighter package.

    In instances where Priority Mail on a package costs close to what ground shipping costs, we will ship your order via day Priority Mail at no extra charge to you. If you decide to purchase essiac at a retail location near you for pick-up to avoid shipping fees, please know that it is unlikely that you'll save money. Retail outlets typically charge at least four times as much as we do for essiac even if you include our shipping charge--and in some cases even more than that.

    Explain to them what exactly our essic herbal tea is and you may tell them the natural herbs we use. We do not write out or list our ingredients on the customs slip. We simply write "herbal tea. If your package is seized, you will NOT receive a refund, so purchase international orders at your own discretion and risk. Customers are solely responsible for any fees or duties to receive our products into the destination country. The same terms and conditions that apply to our domestic orders apply to international returns.

    Your eight herb essiac will arrive in the specified number of 1-oz. These units are stand-alone packages complete with brewing and dosage instructions. Yes click for Essiac Product List How come you don't recommend that we brew the tea twice like some companies do? We have come to the conclusion that brewing the essiac tea twice is a waste of time. When an essiac company recommends that you brew their tea twice, they more than likely are using herbs that are not powdered which we specialize in providing. As stated earlier, we use the authentic formula which does not require this.

    Store your essiac in a cool, dark place and if possible in the original packages we sent them in but do not store in the refrigerator; it's too cold. An unopened package of essiac herbs can stay fresh for up to one year. Because we do not add any preservatives or additives we strongly advise not storing brewed tea for more than 16 days because the tea may spoil.

    Store your brewed tea in spring water gallon containers or glass bottles. Thoroughly wash and clean all your containers with hot water before you store your tea. We try to get all of our orders out as quick as possible, never later than 48 hours after we received your order. If you order by phone or by credit card from our website we process that order with 24 to 48 hours once it has been placed.

    We ship several times a week and even on Saturdays. Yes we do. Every order comes with dosing instructions, brewing instructions, and contact information should you need further product support. Please note that are instructions are in ounces but if you prefer instructions in grams and ml, please specify that by using the comments section of the shopping cart when you order. We WILL return calls as promptly as we can, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We are based in California therefore in Pacific Time Zone.