Lets Kill Hugh (Johns Law Mysteries)

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This thriller provides an insider's view of Seattle's firefighters. Ex-cop Tony Valentine uncovers a plot to con a millionaire out of his fortune.

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Attorney Ben Kincaid tries to prevent the execution of an innocent man convicted of murder. Author publicity. Author tour. When a local builder in Crozet, Va. DBC, MG selections. Keeping Watch Mar. In rescuing an abused child, Alan Carmichael wonders if he has turned a killer free to kill again.

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Dead Aim Apr. Photojournalist Alex Graham suspects that a supposed natural disaster was really mass murder. Sense of Evil Aug.

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Blondes are bumped off in a small Southern town—until the FBI sends in a blonde psychic. DBC, LG selections. Anita learns that hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned. The Mommy-track mysteries get a fourth outing. Hastings returns to New York City. An Otto Penzler book.

Season of the Assassin Mar.


Detective Jimmy Parisi's latest perp is a brutal murderer. A dead father, his two sons and a cop with a twisted attitude raise the heat in Phoenix, Ariz. Ex-army cop Jack Reacher goes undercover to find out why a federal agent disappeared from a drug dealer's home. Special agent Antonio Burns is assigned to protect a movie star's daughter.

Alan Craik's next naval mission may prove fatal. Presumption of Death Aug. Nina Reilly is asked to clear her ex-assistant's son, accused of murder. A code-breaking expert deciphers clues in Leonardo's works that change history. The White Russian Apr.

Petersburg's chief inspector is caught in the oncoming Bolshevik revolution. A deadly disease and a government cover-up threaten the U. The hairdresser-reporter is called to Pennsylvania's coal country. Detroit PI Amos Walker is up to his neck in drug smuggling and music industry gangsters. Sims Apr. Paul Wilson involves genetically altered chimps who are not quite human.

Mean Woman Blues Aug. An evangelical preacher, the nemesis of New Orleans cop Skip Langdon, runs for president. A seemingly simple assault case spirals into a complex web of violence and deception. Jefferson Parker is a yarn with blood feuds, secret passions and long-held resentments. Former DEA agent Jack Merchant wants to get his life in order, but then a couple and their boat go missing off the Maine coast. Hannah tracks the killer of a neighbor with a sweet tooth.

The head of a nearly bankrupt newspaper dynasty shows up dead. The author-for-hire detects that the set of a Hollywood sitcom can be murderous. Out Aug. After a Japanese woman kills her abusive husband, her fellow workers also look for ways out of their trapped lives. Returned from the Crusades, Hugh discovers that his wife has been abducted by knights searching for a treasured relic. Soul Circus Mar. Derek Strange is drawn into a web of gunrunners and drug dealers. Lost Light Apr. Harry Bosch comes out of retirement to resolve a cold case that haunts him.

A suburban town simmers with sexual tension and violence. Fearless Jones and Paris Minton search for the missing nephew of a wealthy L. Ashley, a rookie cop, gets pulled into the dark world of drug trafficking in South Florida. At the Stroke of Madness Aug. Agent Maggie O'Dell trails a serial murderer who lops off his victims' diseased body parts.

The theft of valuable antiquities requires the attention of Amelia Peabody. Philly lawyer Victor Carl defends a man he believes guilty of murder. Exit Wounds Aug.

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Sheriff Joanna Brady untangles the mystery of who killed a loner and her 17 dogs. Money for Nothing Apr. The love of Andy Carpenter's life is framed for murder. A man abandoned by his wife joins her lesbian lover to find her after she disappears—again. Last Lessons of Summer Aug. A young publisher is determined to get to the bottom of her grandmother's murder and her mother's apparent suicide. A single father is troubled by his teenage memory of an airplane hijacking when his mother was killed. Espionage and counterespionage imperil America past and present.

Grace McBride invents a computer game in which the killer is always caught, but someone begins copying the murders in real life. A serial killer abducts pairs of children during tornadoes. Sayers completes a novel that Sayers began 60 years ago, about a girl found dead in the English countryside at the start of the Blitz.

A Fountain Filled with Blood Apr. A female Episcopalian priest and a police chief in the Adirondacks investigate a series of gay bashings. A killer kidnaps the daughter of Thorn Rafferty's best friend. I am quite sure that we will be able to come to some agreement of mutual benefit. She realized some women found his unctuous manner attractive, but after each encounter with him, she always felt soiled. At parties he had leaned close, his husky voice whispering inanities as if they were endearments, his hot breath blanketing her cheek, and his hands roving unceasingly over her person, patting a shoulder, stroking a hand, squeezing an elbow.

Annie shivered. Standing up abruptly, she crossed the room to close the window, shutting out the chill early morning fog.

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Not that she was surprised at the debt. Dependent, that was, until she inherited this house from her Aunt Agatha last year. She had returned to San Francisco, where she had lived as a small child, and turned the old mansion, located just four blocks from Market Street, into a respectable boarding house.

The furnishings were sparse. There was an old mahogany bedstead and mismatched wardrobe and chest of drawers, a simple round table on which the morning tea tray sat, and a comfortable armchair next to the fireplace. A worn Persian carpet covered a dark oak floor, and the only decoration was the two simple blue jugs holding dried flowers sitting on either side of the mantel clock. These jugs and the clock were all that was left of her inheritance from her mother, who had died over thirteen years ago.

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Oh, how unfair to have Driscoll and his loan surface at this time, when she finally felt safe. He was clever to have waited, accumulating the interest. If he had tried to collect on the original loan five years ago, he would have gotten very little, perhaps nothing, back. The last part of the letter implied as much. Annie began to pace. The house was small, built in the early s, and she had only six rooms to let out. After all the expenses of running a boarding house, she barely broke even.

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Johnson promises to change the law so sex attackers can't be freed after Boris says owners of heavily-polluting diesel cars should get Government cash to switch to cleaner Too cruel? But as he dies Russia buries fourteen elite 'hydronaut' submariners who sacrificed themselves to save burning submarine Ad Feature Searching for a picture perfect place to stay this summer? Here's 5 gorgeous getaways in the UK and they'll David and Victoria Beckham 'install prison-style razor wire fence' around their Cotswolds mansion to beef up Schoolgirl, five, was found dead in her bed after complaining of a tummy ache in class, inquest hears 'This was OUR day Final pictures of John McCririck outside of his home reveal the iconic racing pundit looking gaunt and frail Now that's a booze cruise!

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