Life Challenges ... with a Smile

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Consider it a one-week smiling experiment. If you commit to following these simple steps for smiling more, you will already be on the right track to living a happier, healthier life. Smiling is the natural response to something funny, happy, or enjoyable so it stands to reason that you probably do not need help with the automatic smile response. Where there is room for improvement is in those mundane, everyday situations when you otherwise might not be automatically smiling. To learn how to smile more, you must first practice:.

While steps one through three above provide everything you will need to challenge yourself to smile more, here are some other tips to help you:. Taking smiling to the next level means laughing. Figure out a way that you can laugh more this week.

Those people that light things up when they smile

Laughing out loud, much like smiling, creates an emotional state that relieves stress and lifts your mood. Search for things to laugh about every day this week. Read jokes, watch movies, and talk to funny people. Think of the funniest stories you know and tell one each day this week.

Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life. There was an error. Please try again. Thank you, , for signing up. More in Self-Improvement. Research shows that if you smile, your mood actually improves. How It Works: Researchers think that by forcing a smile, you activate a specific set of muscles in the face. That set of muscles is closely connected to the emotions of happiness and joy. By smiling, you are signaling the emotional centers of your brain to tell them that everything is good.

So even if it's not, it will be soon. Get Motivated: Smiling more is a simple way to greatly improve the quality of your life. All you have to do is smile, and you will be a happier person. Practice Smiling: Smile. Do it right now as you read this. Put a big, warm smile on your face. Not a fake, strange smile, but a real smile, like you are seeing an old friend after several years. Now, think of something unhappy, but keep smiling. It is difficult to hold an unhappy or negative thought in your mind while keeping a smile on your face. Smiling can help increase happiness and decrease negativity.

Smiling is so important. I find that changing perspective is especially helpful! This is a wonderful post and I love this look! I am so happy we share the same faith and I can relate to each and every point up there, beauty. Not only a smile means the same thing in every language in the world how awesome is that?! It starts with the moment we get to open our eyes in the morning.

Nadia, I am so appreciative of your kind words! Such an exciting concept that smiles mean the same thing in every language! Love your perspective so much! Have a great weekend! Thank you so much Tamara! I love what a pencil can do for some professional vibes! You are always too cute!! So good seeing you last night girl! Aw thanks Sarah! You always look amazing and bring my heart so much joy with your smile! This post makes me soooo happy! Thanks for the tag Molly. Keep on smiling because the world can use your precious smile!


This is such a beautiful post. Your smile is contagious babe! I love your spirit — no matter what life throws at us, keep on smiling!!! Such a lovely post and a great reminder to always stay positive! Thanks Sharon! I completely agree with you! Smiles are the greatest accessory. You wear yours well! First of all thank you for the feature. I think this was great idea — loving it!

As always, these words put smile on my face! Thanks for making my day better! Keep shining my love and stay postive!

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Thanks for always sharing your wisdom and insights with the world. Love you! Thanks for sharing!!

When Life Gives You A Challenge, Give It A Smile!

Writing the little things down always helps me massively! Aw so flattered to see you included my advice! I need to read this post every day because I could use some reminding myself lately! Molly this is so lovely and inspiring! Thank you for sharing my comment.. I hope the load gets lighter … and life brings you great things! Molly this post is seriously inspired! It makes me smile how you support your fellow bloggers. Thank you for sharing this! LOVE this post, babe!! It definitely put a smile on my face!

Xo, Shaine Bad Habits. You do have the most beautiful smile! Such an inspiring post! Such gorgeous photos, you look amazing! This truly brought a smile to my face. What a fun and unique idea for the post. Loved reading all the comments. Keep sharing the joy dear! Thanks for including me friend!

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It is highly contagious. A smile is your best accessory.

Life Is Good for Those Who Know How to Smile

It makes your baby smile back. There is nothing better than a baby smile that might just turn into a chuckle! At least on Sundays — Mrs. Jen Frick. Every day is a gift! Life is beautiful!! Miss Molly. You may also enjoy:. The Liebster Award. Molly Style Miss Molly Author. Thomas Falkenstedt. You know how to put a smile on my face Thomas! Thanks for being you! Well that is so sweet! Happy to spread the positive vibes your way! Carlee McDot. Haha what a great quote from that movie!

I totally forgot about it! Coming Up Roses.


Luna C. Brittany Grace, Love, Life. Rachel Ritlop. Awe I loved this! What does you tattoo on your wrist say?? Hi Miss Molly can you tell me the sunglasses you are wearing on this. Thanks a lot. Chow Down USA. Aw Ellie, thank you! Joti Singh. admin