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Feb 26, Morgan rated it it was amazing. I normally don't care for reboots. I knew this before getting it that this is defiantly a reboot. However, this was pretty darn good for a reboot. Unlike so many others these days, this isn't just for new readers, but also readers who actually grew up with the Turtles. Yes the story's plot is different, but the characters don't change their attitudes from previous versions and the Turtles' looks the same.

I was very happy to see the don't look like they are on steroids like the new movie there I normally don't care for reboots. I was very happy to see the don't look like they are on steroids like the new movie there. They are ninja, not bodybuilders. How is the story different? Some times I like it and other times I don't.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The IDW Collection, Volume 1

This one I liked because one of the main things with this comic is they are trying to mash a little bit of everything from the TMNT universe and apply it to modern day. I never read the original comics and don't really want to because I feel like they might be dated for me now , but I am aware of the story.

Superhero Origins: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

In this comic book, it opens up with all of them wearing red masks and then later changing to the more friendly different colored masks which works a lot better if you ask me. Another difference for me at least is that April gives them their painter names instead of Splinter. Let's face it, how does someone from Feudal Japan know about Renaissance painters? I can see some people having a issue with this, but tome it makes a lot more sense. They are still turtles that fell into the sewer and turned to mutants thanks to the mutagen.

Even though April names them, Splinter is the one who raise them and they even call him "father" which made me smile. I'd tell you Splinter's origin, but it's involves spoilers. I like how they do Michelangelo and Casey Jones in this too. They are my two favorite characters and were I can get really picky. Mikey is pretty much the same from how I liked him. Not much changed with him which is good.

He likes to party, reads a ton of comics, and like to eat pizza. Casey Jones they did change a little bit, but I liked it. They gave him an interesting back ground with his mother dead and an a abusive drunk father, so it makes sense why he turned into a punk.

He is also a jock and likes to play hockey, hence where he get's his hockey mask and hockey stick, but in this he likes all kinds of sports too. I like how they made his character in this. The writing took me awhile to read too. I was surprised because most IDW comics take me a day to read.

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This one took me a little longer, thankfully. Maybe it because Kevin Eastman is a co-writer, but it's obvious these writers are taking their time give us the story. No rushing and don't expect Shredder to appear in the first few issues. It's doesn't read like a kids comic for the older readers. I liked the art in this too. The main comic's art so far stays the same, but they included this micro-series which focuses on a different character each issue that also let's other artist draw the Turtles.

So you get a variety of art to look at in this, some good and some OK, but nothing too bad. But the art sold m with this book. At times it feels like something from the original comics, but again it's not dated. It also set the mod for this version. Not too dark and not too funny. If you want this, I'd say look threw some issues before you decided yourself getting this. Reboots are risky and most of the time they don't work for the previous fan. I was born when the cartoon first aired, but started watching it when I was 5 or 6 maybe.

As I got older the more I learned that they just weren't some corny 80s cartoon. With that said, I really liked this comic. It focuses a lot on brotherhood having two brothers makes me love the Turtles even more and it's for all Turtle fans. Kid can read this, if you don't mind them seeing a little blood and hearing words like "ass" and "crap".

Jan 14, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: comics. IDW does a lot with redoing "older" comics for the new era. Eastman and co-writer Tom Waltz retell the famous story. The art style has improved significantly since laird's time. It gives this title a much need paint job. Volume One is the origin story of how Splinter and the Turtles gained their powers.

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The reincarnation story is far better than the original story about a rat watching a ninja master. Finally we see all the IDW does a lot with redoing "older" comics for the new era. Finally we see all the other characters from Casey Jones to Shredder appear. Each of the short stories are also included in this volume. The art work goes from good to really good. If you were fond of the TMNT back in the day-then you will likely enjoy this retelling of the story. The art has improved and some have some of the story elements refined. This is a great revamp of a classic story.

Well done. View 1 comment. Feb 26, Susie rated it liked it Shelves: reads. I asked my husband to suggest a comic series for me to read this year. This was his choice. This was a fun volume.

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There were nice emotional familial and friendly moments in this book and I think that's why he recommended it to me. He did good. Dec 05, James rated it it was amazing. I remember riding in the car with my mom when I was 9. I couldn't stop flapping my lips about the goddamn ninja turtles. I told her that I pretty much thought about ninja turtles all the time. She told me, "Some day, you won't care about that stuff. I'm all about "that stuff. This IDW comic makes it feel like the turtles have matured to match my present tastes.

It's great. I love it. I read these back when they came out but I didn't b I remember riding in the car with my mom when I was 9. I read these back when they came out but I didn't buy all of the single character issues, but those are included here. They really tie the story together. View 2 comments. Jan 30, Paul rated it it was amazing. Rating spoiler. For the first 6 of these collections, and indeed right up to the collections getting to around issues 75 because it's where we're at in the single issues these books will not receive anything lower than a 4.

I think that IDW have created the best TMNT story ever crafted in any media and these haedback collectors editions are by far the best way to read them. I'm aware that the first run of this volume had its problems in terms of production and durability. All I can say on th Rating spoiler. All I can say on that is that my copy has no issues and has held together very well and I have no problem with picking up the proceeding volumes somewhere down the line.

Buying the book full price isn't a cheap option and I can see it being a reason some people won't. While that IS expensive I don't feel like you're getting less than what you're paying for. As well as the first 12 issues of the monthly ongoing series plus 5 of the one shot spotlight issues. What I love about this collection is that they're all assembled in the recommended reading order. If you wanted to read all of these in order but didn't have the individual issues you'd have to buy multiple trade paperbacks and then flip back and forth through them.

Having everything in reading order in one book was a big selling point for me. One last thing about the price. I'm all for supporting comic book shops but in this instance I have no problem saying that it's much cheaper to buy the book from Amazon. I'm sure it's where this copy came from it was a Christmas gift and it's where I'll be buying the rest from.

I'm not going to go into the story because it's something that I feel people have to experience. April would not have been a reporter and constantly need to be rescued by the Turtles. Before Playmates would commit to a full toyline for the Turtles, they tested the waters with a five-part cartoon mini-series.

It debuted in December and had to be aired three times before it finally found an audience. Once it gained traction, Playmates ordered more episodes, and the show stayed on the air from — for a total of episodes in the regular series. Raphael was played by Rob Paulsen , who would later voice Pinky and Yakko Warner on Animaniacs , as well as hundreds of other animated characters. Clarke later starred as Kaneda in the English dub of the anime classic, Akira. The word was first used as the catchphrase greeting of a Native American character named Chief Thunderthud, however it had been adopted by surfers in the s.

The Turtles returned in an animated series produced by 4Kids Entertainment, which ran from This time, co-creator Peter Laird had an active hand in the production, which resulted in a series that was much closer to the original comic book. In , Eastman sold his stake in the Turtles to Laird, who in turn sold the rights to Viacom in A few years later, in , Viacom, through its subsidiary Nickelodeon, released a new CGI cartoon that is now into its second season, with a third season set to debut next year. The cartoon has been quite a hit, regularly ranking in the top 5 animated shows for kids ages Rob Paulsen who played Raphael in is Donatello this time.

But they were looking to get into the lucrative action figure market, so when TMNT's license manager Mark Freedman approached them, it was a perfect match. From — , Playmates produced around TMNT figures, as well as dozens of vehicles and playsets. Joe and Star Wars. Thanks to the Nickelodeon cartoon, the Turtles are back on toy shelves again. In addition to toys, you can find our heroes in a half-shell on nearly every conceivable piece of merchandise possible, from birthday party supplies to beach towels to lunch boxes and toothbrushes.

Looks like Turtlemania is here to stay.

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Although nearly all of the Turtles toys have been produced by Playmates, one exception has been LEGO, which started licensing the franchise in He has actually created his own style of Japanese swordsmanship called Shinkendo, which is currently being taught in 90 dojos across the world. In came the computer-animated film TMNT.

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However, the negative feedback was enough for Bay to eventually put the project on hold for a rewrite. In the trailers that have been released, the Turtles appear much larger than in previous iterations, and they have a more human-turtle hybrid appearance, which has been met with mixed reactions from fans. The film is set for an August release. Donatello gained psychic powers, but at the cost of his eyesight.