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They have two adult sons. Writer, teacher, and pastor, John writes devotionals for Today in the Word, authors the "Theology Matters" column every month, and serves as our theological editor. Read more of John's writing at johnkoessler.

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Jerusalem is often called the "holy city. It is because God chose to make Jerusalem His city. In Deuteronomy the Lord promised Moses that He would choose a "place" among the tribes of Israel "to put his Name there for his dwelling. When our children were little, they would ask Dee and me some pretty deep theological questions: How big is God? What does He look like?

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Because we wanted to be good parents and raise our children in the knowledge of the Lord, we would do our best to explain exactly who God is. I would tell them that God is bigger and more powerful than anything they could imagine: bigger than the tallest skyscraper, more powerful than their favorite super hero. July 5, Revelation Devotions. Join the Today in the Word Community Receive daily devotionals straight to your inbox or mailbox! Get Your Copy.

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It gives me a strong message to carry throughout the day without overwhelming me with too much to think on and remember. It meets me in real life situations while being true to the wide scope and variety of what the Bible teaches.

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Andy has sensitively and skillfully created a devotional that brings daily nourishment to the new Christian and the seasoned saint alike. I cannot help but recommend a book I have used to carry me through days when I was eager and needing to hear from God. Thank you, Pastor Andy! These morning emails have been a blessing for me. I enjoy these each day with my morning coffee without fail before I head to the docks.

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Course corrections are intentional and need only be subtle. I trust him at the helm, as well for needed course corrections.


I look for them each day. Many thanks! I rarely miss reading it — it is part of my daily time with God. Breakfast of Champions is invaluable in helping to build my personal relationship with my living, loving God. Breakfast of Champions is not for the faint-hearted. It provides a real challenge to live life in a way that honours God and help build His kingdom, drawing on the strength and power of the Holy Spirit in us. Bacon and eggs, or Breakfast of Champions? My choice is B-of-C every day! I loved the church and did not want to move but the following morning I read Breakfast for Champions where the reading was from Genesis I felt God really speak to me and spoke with the leadership within a few days about what I felt God was saying.

Later that year I found myself leaving Nottingham and moving to Leicester where I am now a part of a leadership of a great church here. I love that it is sent on weekdays and that it is a manageable length. It gives me focus for my week, biblical references, and leadership-level teachings that spur me on in my work in ministry.

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  5. This was also the same day that I started a new job. Interestingly, my job does literally take me to the desert!

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    We would come and visit our son and go to the service on a Sunday. While Family Church was very different to our church back home, we used to join the services and enjoyed listening to Andy Elmes preach. He is down to earth but preaches with such passion.

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    We heard about Breakfast of Champions being published and purchased two copies, one for us and one for my parents. The daily thoughts brought out challenges for us and made us think about the issues raised. We completed the book and then had the opportunity to sign up for the daily emails, which we have received ever since. It can set you up for the day and face the issues that arise with greater knowledge that you are not on your own. I look forward to this second volume of Breakfast for Champions. It is so easy for us to get weighed down by the events of the day.

    I find Breakfast of Champions promotes a freshness and power to my spiritual journey.