Supernatural Roadhouse Blues

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Sam smiled to you, his eyes locking with yours, seemingly trying to size you up the warmth had slowly become uncomfortable and you were trying to find a reason to move away from the strange Alpha as Dean broke your concentration, giving you the perfect excuse.

Fanmix: "Dean Winchester's Anti-iPod Mix" (Supernatural) - mine's a tale that can't be told.

No matter who you were, if you were a big hunter or a young hunter everyone listened to Ellen. As she nodded she grabbed you a clean glass and filled it with water, making you sit and sip on the water, your vision blurred slightly while you attempted to focus on Jo and you could tell she noticed.

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Jo lifted you and slung an arm over her shoulder while you gripped your stomach tighter doubling over. Jo was holding onto one side of you as the glass slid from your hand smashing on the ground, you tried to apologise but Jo quietened you. Toby lifted your other arm and between them Jo and Toby dragged you past all the cookers and ovens to the small break room at the far corner of the kitchen. Toby forced you to lay on your back as Jo left, coming back holding a burger and a new glass of water. While you trembled Jo continued to whisper soft words to you - helping you to eat as much of the burger as possible.

And even then you rarely took the painkillers without moaning and cursing out whoever forced you to take them. Rolling her eyes at you Jo practically forced the medicine down your throat, double checking you had swallowed it before she stood.

Jo looked to Toby and swore, they needed to cover up what was happening before Ellen rushed through. Toby saw exactly what Jo had been thinking and disappeared into the kitchen where you heard sizzling and the smell of cooking onions filled your nose. What is Toby doing?

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You tried to move to sit up, but a strong pain stopped you. You doubled over and curled into a ball on the sofa. How can this be happening?!

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We need to sneak you out of the Roadhouse. You nodded slightly as your eyes grew heavy and you slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Vanishing Point (1971) - Music Video - Roadhouse Blues

You could vaguely hear Jo running around the kitchen to keep the orders flowing. A crash woke you up, Jo swore loudly and you heard the familiar creak of the door connecting the bar to the kitchen open, Jo shouted to close the door but it was too late. AHH you used "Runnin With the Devil" when I was just saying that's one of the perfect songs for this show that they've never used. The Cult, yes. This is perfection. It's so perfect it would have been cheesy for them to use it, lol.

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I've been thinking I needed more music like this for a while now, so thanks! Amazing playlist!! This is what real music is all about!

I have pretty much all these songs but who cares this a great freaking mix. Awesome mix!

Supernatural Roadhouse Blues

I have the songs already, but will definitely snag your playlist order :. Taking, it sounds awesome! Going to listen to it on my ipod, thought.