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The campground itself was clean and well kept. The pool and children's water park were pretty crowded but given the nearly degree temps that was to be expected.


There were not enough chairs around the pool area. I learned later that the water park is open to the general public for a fee so not only were there campers and cabin people there but people that were just there to use the facilities as well. That caused more overcrowding than was necessary. This was a nice park if you had a family. Great water slide pool but not too much hiking.

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Sites were close together and not secluded. Very noisy Nothing special. We stayed on the hill, next to the party house that the campground rents. There is no facilities on the hill. All gravel no bike riding downhill safely. This is the worst campground we have ever been to. They have a staff of children who don't know anything.

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This is poorly run, and charge you for each thing you might do. Their internet is worthless on the weekends when they are crowded. The internet was down for days and all they said was.. Save your money, this place thinks they are Disney Save your money go to a state park at all costs. This place is packed with lots of children and they have lots of teenagers running it. If I see the name Jelly anything or see any park associated with this one I will be speeding by.

Learn how to run a campground and study about tourism. Gardiner is a wonderful town, what a bad taste you would have if you only stayed here. Stayed for 4 days. Very well kept and friendly staff. Will return again. Water park was excellent. This is an expensive campground. Cabins are more.

The sites are large but we have found that people have no problem walking right through them and not respecting your space. Management does nothing about this. The activities are great, lots to do including splash pad.

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This used to be a nice friendly family owned campground until it was sold to Michigan based Northgate Resorts making it a corporate owned campground. Under corporate ownership the rates have risen higher than any other campground in New York State. As with all campgrounds, there are rules to follow which I believe makes for better and safer camping. This campground has a list of rules that are given upon check-in. When we were here on Memorial Day weekend, the month old water park was closed the entire time for repairs.

When I called the campground office a few days ahead of our arrival I was told the water park would definitely be open for the holiday weekend. When we went to the Tiki Bar for ice cream we were told they didn't have any yet. How can you not have ice cream for a major holiday weekend? The current top management has very poor customer service skills. When you ask a staff member a question, they cannot answer simple questions about the campground.

They need to be trained in customer service skills and campground policy. So if you like speeding golf carts, high prices and where the customers are not treated well by the staff, then this is the place for you. This was our first camping experience, close to home, people were great, they are doing a lot of upgrades and adding a new water park, not yet completed while we were there. We had a premium river view site that was great, with some tree cover. Military Academy , New York. Access to marketing tools, ability respond to reviews and monitor performance as well as expanded listings.

Essential Marketing resources, page insights, daily reports, setup and manage notifications of newly posted reviews. Expand your listing, Add photos and videos, update business details and more. Access the Help Center. Business development tools, forms and other tools to encourage your campers to post and promote your park.

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Just read some of the recipes and they sound great. Trying some of these along with yoga hopefully will keep me on a weight loss plan. My fingers are crossed.

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Click for more Kitchen Nightmares Next episode - Dillon's. These days, however, he is an empty-pocketed brokester. And the Bonanno family, with which he was once affiliated, has disowned him, as has the rest of La Cosa Nostra,according to Capeci's story, which is based on an interview with Peter Pasta, as well as FBI documents. But before all that he appeared on Kitchen Nightmares -- acting very much like the mobster he allegedly was trying to become in real life.

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The bottom fell out a few years later for old Petey. His crime family put him on a shelf after he was falsely labelled "a rat," and one goodfella even pointed out to the restaurant's landlord that the Pellegrino's were technically violating a part of the lease agreement, resulting in the landlord throwing them out, Capeci writes. His family -- blood family -- disowned him after the restaurant crash.

Italian or not that's hilarious. I went to high school with the sister, very sweet girl. I never met Peter though. Poor fella, did all seem to be coming to a head for him during the episode with multiple 'debt collectors' turning up at his joint while they were filming. When he was swinging that metal lump around the kitchen I think its the only time I've seen big Gord genuinely terrified haha. Pete was good TV for sure and a real character.

It's a shame that his actions were so detrimental to those close to him although overall I think he has a good heart and can turn his life around. Good luck to you Peter Pasta, I hope things pick up. You learn who the real problem is when you see Peter, who isn't the actual owner of the business, roll up in an expensive luxury car and brag about spending money that could fix up the kitchen on suits.

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I wonder how much money actually ended up with the sister who actually owned the business. You have the cheek to label this as a "Gordon Fail" when in-fact it was that so called tough guy that totaled the business by not following advise.

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