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I was living in the dorms, and my friends got together and decided to give me a surprise party.

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This included them going out of their way to not see me all day, to avoid telling me happy birthday. All of my friends ignored me for the entire day, only to call me down to one of their rooms at PM. I was getting ready for bed, ready to put the whole crappy day behind me. Instead I have to go down there to find them all drinking.


Invited small friend circle only, to spent some time at my apartment with food, cake and drinks … later on we would make a local pub tour. One friend arrived with some booze as present. The two of us spent most time alone because only 3 hours later the other invited guests arrived. The later guests were all drunk — really drunk — but they were all close friends of me. Nevertheless all the drunks did was eating the cake and vomit into the bathroom. After they were done with their exorcism, they left due to their conditions. The day before my 23rd birthday my now ex boyfriend of 5 years gave me this hideous Swarovski necklace and then dumped me.

I threw the necklace in the trash. I was out in the yard with my friends playing with skate boards until it was time to leave for the pizza party. One of my shoe laces came undone, went under the wheel of the skateboard I was riding on and it pulled me down and I face planted into the sidewalk and took a good chunk if not all of the skin off my nose. Bloodied and crying, we still went to Chuck E Cheese.

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I felt so insecure with this big bloodied scar of a nose while we were out in public. I invited pretty much everyone I knew and told them to invite their friends. Six years later, I tried again. I had a bunch of different foods on a platter for people to try tasting. Again, I invited everyone I knew. Only one friend and his girlfriend showed up.

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  6. Well, it was my 18th, and my first after starting university. Throughout high school, I was fairly well off and was usually pretty generous. I talked to all my friends and they all wanted to come until I mentioned they might have to kick in half for their dinner. All bailed except one, who got depressed and cancelled. My World of Warcraft guild got together and sent me a tray of muffins and a timecard. My 20th birthday. I woke up at 8am, went to class in the crappy cold rain.


    When I got there and found out class was cancelled I was pretty bummed, especially since I had no ride home for three hours. Next my sister takes me out to lunch where we find out our grandfather has to have emergency open heart surgery. After that mess I went to see my now ex-girlfriend at school because she refused to drive home to see me. I have to pay for my own dinner. Next we go back to her dorm room for some birthday sexy time, but instead we have a talk and she breaks up with me. Then my best friend, who happened to be the girl I was madly in love with stopped by to tell me goodbye as she was moving to Texas with her family.

    I told her I liked her before but on that day I was going to tell her how I feel and ask her out.

    When I got back from saying goodbye, my dad was packing his stuff and they told me they were getting divorced. On my 21st birthday, I got an email that would change my life forever. I still remember the day quite clearly. I was living in Japan at the time, and I was sitting at the bar having lunch when my phone dinged to let me know I had a message. They were a I was ecstatic, but the joy was fleeting. I called the then ex-girlfriend to deliver the news. I remember being so happy dialing that number.

    I was taken aback, I thought she was kidding and tried to laugh it off, but she solidified it all by hanging up the phone. I imagine being shot hurts less than the words I had heard in that call. I fought the good fight from then on, but I never talked to her again. Legal counsel recommended I try not to take her to court for custody because she will win I have no support network, I live in a foreign nation, etc. I used to follow her Facebook and look at pictures of him, but after they started timeline, all her stuff became private.

    On my 9th birthday my mum took me and six girls from my class to the cinema. I ended up going into a toy shop beside the cinema, crying my eyes out and asked the manager to please help me. He calls the guards Irish cops and my friends and I get taken back to my house in two squad cars. My stepdad was absolutely horrified to see us coming home like that. My mum eventually showed up later that night, drunk. I cried myself to sleep that night. There are the best games for English language. I got some plurals are, Balloon- balloons Present-presents flower-flowers man-men woman-women baby-babies fairy-fairies superhero-superheroes tomato-tomatoes sandwich-sandwiches strawberry-strawberries cherry-cherries child-children party-parties.

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