Betrayed: The Legend of Oak Island (Stories of Canada)

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Another clue, in his report, is the presence of an invasive species of plant which was once used by Romans. All these things, signs and symbols add up to more than just coincidence. Other historians dismissed the finding as inaccurate, insisting the artefacts were simply dropped by collectors in modern times. Mainstream history states Columbus was the first non-indigenous person to arrive in the continent when he landed in the Bahamas in However, over the years several radical theories have emerged that the Vikings, the Polynesians and the Chinese, arrived before Columbus.

Mr Pulitzer added: "We have absolutely been lead to believe that nothing happened on this side of the pond before Christopher Columbus. Mr Pulitzer said: "The ceremonial sword is per cent confirmed as Roman. It changes all of our history. Mr Pulitzer said: "There are also 50 words in the native M'kmaq language.

What draws her to the same spot, night after night? Being totally scared of the ocean is no big deal when it means being on TV with the boy of your dreams — right? Carter discovers a creepy maze at the fair and travels farther and farther back in time. How will he ever get back to the present? The fair is dull, dull, dull, and nothing interesting will ever happen to Carter again … until Carter discovers the curious maze.

Nothing has ever happened here in the history of the world, he thinks. But the maze has some strange secrets, and the spot Carter stands upon has seen some very exciting events over the centuries. Once Carter enters the maze, odd people begin to appear. First he meets Mr.

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Green, the my It was just a little white lie. When a teensy fib starts snowballing out of control, Hannah Smart realizes she needs cash to keep from being found out. She takes a part-time job at the local TV station where her dad works as the weatherman. After nearly killing a woman it was an accident! Can Willa rally her supernatural friends to defeat an invasion from beyond?

After battling and defeating the forces of darkness, Willa is looking forward to a little well-earned peace and quiet. Unfortunately, her recent adventures have given birth to new problems, not the least of which is the task of rebuilding Eldritch Manor, a retirement home for supernatural beings, from the gr The Canadian government swung the bat once, knocking her family away from a Vancouver home base to an old farmhouse in the Kootenay Mountains. But when they move into town, the government swings the bat again, announcing that all Japanese must now move east of the Rockies or else go to Japan.

Now in Ontario, Michiko once again has to adjust to a whole ne Peggy is off to a Viking site in North America where she unearths the remains of a brave young warrior.

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McKay will be teaching archaeology field school for the summer. Peggy already knows a lot about archaeology — having been on three previous excavations — but does she need to brag about it so much? After alienating herself from the other students with her know To see teen idol Josh Taylor in concert, Hannah Smart is prepared to face bullies, learn terrible secrets, and discover hidden talents.

When thirteen-year-old Hannah Smart finds out that teen idol Josh Taylor only the most talented singer in the entire world is coming to her hometown to kick off his first-ever concert tour, she nearly goes into shock.

The Mystery Money Pit Treasure Of Oak Island

Even more shocking is the fact that her parents one-hundred-percent refuse to buy her a ticket — if Hannah wants to go, she has to figure out a way on her own. With the help of her genius best I will never leave this car, the back seat reeks of everything my little brother has ever eaten, and that thing is still out there … Myles and his family have been driving for four days. It will Can a high-seas, whale-saving adventure repair the hurt between two friends? When Robin and Zo-Zo discover that their beloved lake has become a toxic sludge — the result of an algae bloom — they know they have to do something to fix it.

But trouble begins when the two friends develop a crush on the same boy during a community meeting to save the lake. Boy and horse soon become inseparable. Together they learn to hunt buffalo, their fear of the massive beasts tempered by a growing trust in each other. When the U. Cavalry attacks the camp, the pair is forced onto separat Jo Waller has three brainy friends, two mostly harmless parents, and one deep, dark secret: she edits Wikipedia for fun.

But when her twenty-four-year-old brother moves back home with his pregnant girlfriend, Jo is forced to reconcile the idealized version of her absent, cool older brother with the reality of romantic An expedition to investigate an old sunken ship teaches Peggy lessons about herself. But first she needs to convince her mom to let her go, and to pay for scuba diving lessons. Help comes in the most unlikely of places wh Why is Grandpa acting so weird? And why are there so many giant flies?

But this year, things are a little weird. First, there are huge flies everywhere. Second, Grandpa is acting kind of funny. Starting a new life after the death of her mother, Nora learns how to be strong. Are there wounds too deep to heal, pains too sharp to share? And if a family survives by cutting the ties that bind them, can they ever be whole again?

After losing her mother to illness and her father to his work, Nora Mackenzie must leave her home in the interior of B. At the same time, her young cousin Lizzie is Zo-Zo argues that radical action is required, but Robin is worried about getting into trouble with her dad, or even worse, the local sheriff.

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Is it ever okay to break the law to stand up for w Thrown back in time by a mysterious pocket watch, Jonah and his stepbrother, Toby, are forced to overcome their differences and work together to return to the present. Jonah Wiley is having a tough time. First, his parents divorced, and now his mom is going to a conference and leaving him with his dad and stepmother.

But after Jonah steals an antique pocket watch, he and his stepbrother Toby are hurled back in time — to Egypt, China, France, and other places around the world. In order to save themselves and get back to the present, Jonah and This morning, I woke up on the ceiling … So begins the strange story of Gwendolyn Golden.

Puberty is weird enough. Then there are the mean, false rumours people are spreading about her at school. How can she tell her best frien In the first novel in the Barkerville Mystery series, protagonist Ted MacIntosh tries to unravel a suspicious murder with possible fatal consequences. Young Ted learns from the local barber, Moses, that his friend Charles, who was travelling to the gold fields, has failed to arrive.

And a forbidding stranger named James Barry has arrived in town wearing a gold nugget pin that belonged to the missing man.

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What could have happened to him? Was James Barry responsible for hi Everything you need to know about Canadian places named after our sports stars. The fast-pace Christopher has a problem. He has just moved to Toronto. He has a new school and no friends. But even worse, the park next door is creepy: voices whisper in the bushe The general strike in Winnipeg provides a Canadian perspective to the global labour turmoil of the period. The book ends with Twelve-year-old Willa Fuller is convinced that the old folks in the shabby boarding house down the street are prisoners of their sinister landlady, Miss Trang.

Only when Willa is hired on as housekeeper does she discover the truth, which is far more fascinating. Eldritch Manor is a retirement home for some very strange beings indeed. All have stories to tell Second book in the Cherry Blossom Books series. The men are sent to work on the railway, so the women and children are left to make the trip on their own. After a former Asahi baseball star becomes h Every time Alyssa Dixon looks at it, even by accident, she finds herself on an Iowa farm in The past is nothing like Alyssas unhappy life her mother severely depressed after the stillbirth of Alyssas baby sister; escalating bullying by Brooklynne, a popular girl; and a teacher who is unsympathetic toward Alyssas familys pacifist beliefs.

Why cant Alyssa live in the past with her new A vandalized burial in an abandoned pioneer cemetery brings year-old Peggy Henderson and her elderly archaeologist friend Eddy to Golden, British Columbia, to excavate. The town dates back to the s when most of the citizens were tough and rowdy miners and railway workers who rarely died of old age. Since the wooden burial markers disintegrated long ago, Peggy and Eddy have no way of knowing the dead mans identity. But when Eddy discovers the vertebrae at the base of the skull are crushed, a sure sign the cause of death was hanging, they How do you turn an upside-down life right-side up?

Thirteen-year-old Alex is afraid, afraid of his dad, afraid of kids at school, worried about his sick brother and, most of all, angry at himself for being a wuss. How can he make his life different, become a new person that people like? Im writing because its starting to get to me. Plus I need to tell someone, begins Alex. Through letters to his only friend, Alex breaks his solitude and confronts the truth. As courage and wisdom gradually build, he gains the confidence to confront his own dragons.

Etienne is called on an adventure in the new world… In , ten-year-old Etienne yearns for a life of adventure far from his family farm in Quebec.

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He meets an orphan destined to apprentice among the Jesuits at Fort Sainte-Marie. Making the most impulsive decision of his life, Etienne replaces the orphan and paddles off with the voyageurs into the north country. At Sainte-Marie, Etienne must learn to live a life of piety.

Meanwhile, he also makes friends with a Huron youth, Tsiko, who teaches him the ways of his people. When the Iroquois attac A tiny speck imprisoned in a world of white… This is an exciting adventure novel told through the eyes of eleven-year-old ships boy Jeremy. It is both history and fiction. The merchant ship Henrietta Maria has been trapped in the ice of Hudson Strait for two months. It is August 6, , when she finally breaks free to search for a northwest passage. The crew knows that it must leave Hudson Bay by early October to avoid being caught in the ice for the winter.

The ship is leaking badly and the crew is ravaged by scurvy. Finally, Captain James an Eleven-year-old Danny Ryan and year-old Wendy Marshall think their friendship is only about looking after two baby raccoons that Danny has rescued. But when a bank holdup upsets Wendy so much that she can hardly stand to be around people, she leaves her job as a teller, retreats to a farm, and surrounds herself with injured and orphaned wildlife.

Danny, neglected at home and considered weird in a town where other boys are into hunting, finds peace on the farm, too, plus excitement, as he and Wendy adopt ever more exotic animals such as llama Short-listed for the Silver Birch Express Award What if your best friend was a naughty year-old gargoyle?

Oak Island mystery

And what if he just happened to be in terrible danger? His name is Gargoth of Tallus, and he lives in her backyard. Gargoth has lost the only creature on the planet who can help him. What Katherine and Gargoth dont know is that Ambergine is searching for him too Commended for the Best Books for Kids and Teens When doing the right thing turns all wrong Sometimes a guy just cant mind his own business, no matter how hard he tries, and sometimes that guy gets mired in predicaments which are not of his making.

Thats what happens to Jas, a Grade Seven boy who is putting all his energy into completing the artwork for an adventure comic he hopes will be his ticket into an elite summer art program. But when he meets Wren, an eccentric, crusading classmate, his efforts are derailed. Initially, Jas has no Struggling for Perfection is the story of the famous pianist, an enigmatic figure who made some of the most acclaimed classical recordings of the last century.

A former child prodigy and an unpredictable, passionate man, Glenn Gould was known as much for his eccentricities as his vast musical genius. After retiring prematurely from performing, Gould branched out into work in film and radio and helped bring classical music recording technology into a new age. He has became a national icon in Canada.

Vladimir Konieczny delivers a sensitive and af