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September 1, Convoy of Hope. June 20, PR News Wire Press release. August 22, MTV Networks. Retrieved November 21, Hollywood Life. Teen Vogue. Huffington Post. Mercy for Animals. Should your client land the gig, part of your duties include negotiating his or her contract with the production company. This covers his or her compensation and benefits, work expectations, dates the contract covers, and other essential details.

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You receive commission based on the contract you negotiated with the agency seeking talent. This is typically at least 10 percent of the contract value. Some states cap talent agent compensation at 25 percent. Talent agents must pass state licensing where they do business and follow any regulations imposed by the state. People who are most successful at this career enter it having a strong interest in the entertainment industry. You may have acted in plays in high school, been a stage manager for a band, or worked on the public relations team for a local author.

However, you probably want to settle on a specialty area once you do become a talent agent, such as musicians or authors. This allows you to build your credibility quickly and will attract clients who are looking for agents with proven results. For instance, you may have an interest in music, so you will want to listen to as much popular music as possible to understand the field and have the knowledge and background to fairly manage musicians.

Or, you may love the movies, and want to represent actors.

It would be best then, to familiarize yourself with popular actors and actresses who are big draws at the box office. But, while you may like another field altogether, in order to succeed as a talent agent, you will need to identify clients who are popular and have wide appeal. Talent agents must demonstrate strong skills in public relations, marketing, human resources, professional communication, and negotiation.

Although no specific college degree exists to become a talent agent, most agencies hiring for this position require the minimum of a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university. Therefore, it would be wise to consider enrolling in a degree program focusing on these important business skills.

Your major or minor concentration could include:. Please note that some of these degree options are at the master degree level. This is especially true if you plan to represent clients under age Your duties could include scheduling meetings, managing calendars, updating databases, making phone calls to obtain additional information for your superiors, and much more that falls into the category of administrative detail.

They stay informed about industry trends, collect fees and commissions, arrange meetings and confer with clients to determine the best course of action for their careers.

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In order to be successful and build a client base, talent agents must also acquire or possess a number of skills vital to the job. These skills and abilities include a take-charge temperament, tenacious persuasion and negotiation skills, active listening and time management skills. Talent agents must have complex problem-solving skills and understand the relative costs and benefits of each job, as well as have strong decision-making skills to access each performance to ensure it is in the best interest of their clients.

They must have integrity, be independent, yet cooperative. Have careful attention to details, persistence, initiative, and the ability to accept criticism, but deal calmly in high-stress situations. During and after your internship, take advantage of any opportunity to network within the industry. It might not be where you want to end up but think of it as a rung on the steps of a ladder to your eventual career goal.

The ideal place to get your first break is the agency where you completed your internship. Keep your eyes open for part-time positions that can give you the experience you need to move up to a position as a talent agent. The most important thing you can do for your future career is to be proactive in seeking more challenging opportunities and letting people you associate with in the industry know of your career plans.

To build strong connections, look for networking groups online and in your local community. Not only does this give you access to people at the same career stage, it can be a great place to hear about job openings you would have never known about otherwise. If you know an experienced talent agent whom you especially admire, consider asking him or her to be your mentor. You can always check with someone else.

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Be certain to document anything you do that helps someone in the entertainment industry land a gig. Start a digital or printed portfolio that shows how your contributions made a difference and that you willingly took on increasing responsibility without expectation of personal reward.

Everyone must start somewhere, and the fact that you took the initiative to document your career path can only work in your favor. Although an undergraduate degree is not necessary, I would encourage a talent agent to pursue education in business, law, marketing, or advertising.

Sales experience can be very helpful as well. In some states a talent agent license is required. Many top talent agents engage in contract creation and negotiations. Many agents must understand that they represent talent, but they need to build great client relationships as well in order to keep their talent working with those clients. We want both the client and talent to become successful. Many talent agents set up and wait for the phone to ring. We prefer to persistently market our talent to potential clients. In the case of talent, many agencies have open calls.

We utilize scouts and educate agents on how to connect with talent who are ready to start or switch agencies.