Bright Morning (Part 3 of the Askham Chronicles)

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When Martin Laycock Returning from war in India, James Lofthouse finds himself bound to Kay by financial ties and by a shocking secret she has confided to no other. It is about warm-spirited Yorkshire folk, about love denied and of a woman determined to win happiness against all the odds. Kay Mangham, personifies for many people the spirit of the town: a woman of the people, of the country, a survivor, born at the turn of the century. A woman with real feelings, real problems, who had led a full life; who was not above scandal, but not overpowered by it; who was steadfast, loyal, good.

When Eleanor sets off for lunch in a seaside pub one glorious September day, she has no idea that her world is about to be turned upside down. Recently and reluctantly divorced, and having taken early retirement from a glamorous career in London, she is enthusiastic about the prospect of making a fresh start and enjoying the gentler pace of life in the country, seeking out new friends. The ensuing near-fatal car crash changes everything.

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Confined to hospital for several weeks, and facing a long convalescence, the fiercely independent Eleanor must reluctantly learn to rely on others and is grateful for the unexpected kindness of people in the village where she has so recently made her home. Her daughter Alex who, immersed in her own career and caught up in a tempestuous relationship, returns home from and assignment in India to care for her mother. Under the most difficult of circumstances, the two women — never close — are forced to reassess what they mean to each other, and to those around them.

Revised and reissued as an e book in Not a book for Christmas, but an account of mixed fortunes during a year in the lives of the students at a watercolour evening class. Sasha, the attractive, inspiring tutor of the class, wants to be free of a long time sterile relationship.

Alice, the oldest of the group, has unexpectedly found a new life, and she forms a deep friendship with recently widowed Moi Divorced Roger is looking for new love; and Pauline although successful in business, is afraid of being left on the shelf. The talented Martin, who mysteriously comes and goes, is an unsettling, almost ominous presence. Love and friendship is the theme of this engrossing novel about a group of people whose lives over the course of a single year become interwoven in often surprising and unexpected ways.

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Lois Hunter is well-off, happily married; she has a nice home, two well-adjusted sons, and lives in a beautiful part of the country. Husband Ken, a City banker, lives in London during the week and comes home at weekends. Both are pillars of the community, into good causes and local activities. A privileged, satisfying, richly rewarding life one might think. Why then, with so much going for her, does Lois develop an attachment to a beggar she However, he is not your usual vagrant and there is something about Oliver and his two puppies sitting on the pavement on a cold October afternoon that touches her heart.

She resolves to do all she can to help him despite the protestations of Ken and her sister Wendy. Shortly after they meet, Oliver who is very secretive about his past, disappears, only to re-emerge six months later without any explanation. He resumes his place in front of the supermarket where he is beaten up by thugs.

Fortunately, he is rescued at the last minute by Lois. Once again he becomes the object of her solicitude because of his injuries, but this time she invites him to stay on their land. An absorbing novel about old values and how society, in the supposed age of equality, still applauds class and class distinction and, given the opportunity, snubs ostentatious riches. Nick and Giles are soul mates, handsome and charming, public school friends from similar wealthy, privileged backgrounds.

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But not as shocked as the boys, children of the rich and on the verge of manhood, are when they both fall for the same girl: lovely Laura, from an impoverished working class home with neither the privileges nor grandiose wealth of her suitors. Yet with hard work and ambition she has obtained a place at Oxford University where she meets Nick. Their families meanwhile have also become inextricably entwined. The trials and tribulations that befall them, Laura, Giles and Nick in their quest for happiness and fulfillment have surprising and unexpected results. Few members of the family in this room had escaped deprivation and suffering as a result of the war.

The winds of change blow through Britain and the once-rich Askham dynasty has to face new tribulations, both political and personal. But with the tribulations comes the joy of new generations, new hope. Their harmony is shattered by the arrival of Anna Ferov, daughter of Susan and Kyril, a Slavic beauty whose effect is to be devastating: she is a catalyst bringing with her unwitting pain and destruction. For her brother, Sasha, and his wife Stefanie, the s mean struggle and heartbreak: theirs is a marriage that will falter but be reborn in fortitude.

At the head of the clan stands the matriarch Rachel, now nearing eighty, for whom the past is as vivid as the present: with much tragedy behind her, her hope is to preserve the dynasty from the perils of peace. Though born in obscurity and dying publicly on the scaffold for the brutal murder of her husband in Martha Brown as a historical character remained elusive. She has long been an object of fascination to many people, not the least being the young Thomas Hardy who witnessed her execution. The research itself from original sources was a tantalising voyage of discovery as some surp This book reveals for the first time all that has been discovered up to now about Martha Brown.

Derek Steinberg.

The 72 best weekend breaks in the UK and Ireland

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    A Place in the Sun #4 Askham Chronicles [used book]

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