El cocodrilo y el caimán (Spanish Edition)

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If this sex ratio persists, there is going to be a decrease in the population viability in a short and long term period. El Junier com.

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Esto puede traer consecuencias en la viabilidad poblacional a futuro, afectando el equilibro del humedal a mediano y largo plazo. Brenesia 38 Vida Silvestre Neotropical 3 The management of crocodiles in captivity. The determination of sex in living crocodilians. Herpetological Journal 4 Night-light, size structures, and sex ratios in wild populations of yacare Caiman crocodilus yacare in the Brazilian Pantanal.

Vida Silvestre Neotropical 4 Ciencias Sociales 62 Effect of habitat and seasonality on the densities of caiman in southern Brazil.

ISBN 13: 9781482432442

Journal of Tropical Ecology 12 Redford Neotropical wildlife use and conservation. Chicago, The University of Chicago. Brenesia Temperature variation in nests of Caiman crocodilus Crocodylia: Alligatoridae.

  2. Black caiman.
  3. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species!
  4. Acta Herpetologica 1 2 American crocodiles in Cajon Dam. Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter 24 Growth of Caiman crocodilus crocodilus in Central Amazonia, Brazil. Copeia Size structure of illegally harvested and surviving caiman Caiman crocodilus yacare in Pantanal, Brazil. Biological Conservation 75 Habitat selection and migration of Caiman crocodilus crocodilus in a Swamp and Swamp-Forest habitat in Northern Suriname.

    They can, on occasion, inhabit brackish waters and leave the water to warm in the sun on shores. In Puerto Rico, caimans have established in rural, suburban, and urban settings. In Manaus city, Central Amazonia, it is common and nesting along small urban polluted streams R. Da Silveira, pers.

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    They are highly adaptable to new environments and readily colonize newly formed waters. General impacts Caiman crocodilus is a generalist and opportunistic predator, but due their relative small size and lack of aggressive behaviour they do not in general represent a danger for humans, pets and farm animals. Uses Caiman crocodilus is a valuable species in the hide and pet trade industry. Their skins are the most popularly harvested product among crocodiles with over half a million traded legally each year.

    issg Database: Ecology of Caiman crocodilus

    Since they were considered commercially inferior compared to non-ossified alligator and crocodile skins in the early s, common caimans weren't hunted until the s when other crocodilian populations diminished. For this reason, caimans have since remained resilient to overhunting because of harvest regulations and due to the fact that they reproduce at a relatively small size. Most countries within its native range set harvest regulations with licensing and inspection programs. Grana, pers. Poaching for meat, and eventually for skins, is widespread throughout the Brazilian Amazonia since s Da Silveira et al.

    ISBN 13: 9780531079195

    Notes Four or five subspecies of C. Some authorities believe that C. All subspecies of C. The program includes a strict licensing and a centralized inspection agency, but independent surveys have indicated overexploitation in some areas. Such sustainable programs require substantial survey, study, and continued monitoring. In Puerto Rico, reported caimans are captured by government officials and taken to a retention center from which they are either exported or killed Ross, ; Felix Grana, pers.

    Nutrition Caiman crocodilus are generalist and opportunistic, feeding upon a great variety of invertebrates and vertebrates. Juveniles consume mostly aquatic invertebrates such as insects, spiders, crustaceans and molluscs. In urban habitats of the Manaus city, the diet of the species is composed mainly of Rattus sp.

    Reproduction Wild C. Female build a mound-nest with leaves, branches or grass. The female lays from seven to 41 eggs.