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A minha busca o que me deu particular consolo durante e assistencial. Como avalia este percurso? Segundo o especialista em or- como os jovens que tem ao seu cuidado. E com- desconforto. Agora sas conhecidas. Caso a curva se acentue e ultrapasse os e voltarem depois para me fazerem as perguntas que quiserem. A quer problema. Depois adolescentes e aos pais. CUF Conhecimento, humanidade e tem- e, um ano mais tarde, do po para ouvir o doente. Arrastamo-nos da sua pediatra que tenha seguido num consumismo desenfreado sempre?

Ou aquele que considera com apelos constantes para o que foi o conselho mais valioso para a facilitismo. Tudo o que obrigue a sua aprendizagem enquanto pai? Aos 29, foi-lhe diagnosticado cancro da mama. Para Ida Negreiros, a escolha da do tumor. Estes estudos terapia num dos seus ramos. Seria uma mais-valia. Por seu turno, a TAC e tratamento direcionado.

Saiba mais em www. A partir do terceiro dia, gostamos te conhecerem ambas as realidades de perto. Depois de de Parkinson DP? Comparativamen- 2. Hospital CUF Porto em goo. Browse Hot. Abstract: This research studies the carbonation phenomenon of cement due to the reaction of its components with water. In this chemical reaction occurs the formation of calcium carbonate and the absorption of CO2 in the atmosphere, which contributes to the reduction of the Greenhouse Effect. However, carbonation also causes pathologies such as efflorescence, staining and corrosion of steel in concrete. This research shows the results of experiments with specimens of concrete permeable, made with cement and big aggregates calcareous stone in the ratio of 1: 4.

The specimens were kept in contact with water containing different amounts of CO2 - distilled, ionized alkaline, carbonated, and tap water. After the experiments were carried out, an increase in pH, a mean compressive strength of The results show that the permeable concrete did not present any pathologies resulting from the carbonation during the period of the research, which recommended the same for use in road pavements. Viterbo, Lilian M. F; Dinis, M.

C; Navarro, Marcus V. T; Leite, Handerson J. The sample comprised a clinical group of subjects at genetic risk for FAP, HD and MJD, and a comparison group of 31 subjects at genetic risk for HH, that answered three open-ended questions relating illness representations, knowledge about the disease, and motivation to perform PST. These subjects at-risk correspond to the profile of somatic individual or personhood, wherein the unsubjectivation of the disease can function as a coping mechanism.

Abstract: The role of the clinical psychologist in the context of genetic counseling includes support for the process of decision-making for subjects at-risk, regardless of the decision that was made.

For this, it is important to know the motivations behind these decisions. What may be considered advantageous and justifiable reasons to perform the PST for genetic diseases from the medical and public point of view, i. FAP is a progressive sensorimotor and autonomic neuropathy of adulthood. HD is characterized by a triad of clinical symptoms of chorea motor, cognitive and psychiatric symptoms , emotional distress and cognitive decline.

MJD is characterized by slowly progressive clumsiness in the arms and legs, a staggering lurching gait, sometimes mistaken for drunkenness, difficulty with speech and swallowing, involuntary eye movements, and may be accompanied by double vision or bulging eyes, and lower limb spasticity. HH is a disease in which too much iron accumulates in parenchymal organs, leading to iron overload and subsequent organ toxicity and failure. The study participants consisted in subjects at genetic risk for FAP, HD and MJD and 31 subjects at genetic risk for HH, that were assessed through an interview to obtain sociodemographic data and the answer to one question about motivation to perform PST T; Dinis, M.

C; Gomes, Ana I. It is important to understand its psychological impact so that the PST protocols are best suited to the subjects at-risk. Preventing a negative psychological impact is the ultimate purpose of the genetic counselling process.

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Although most of the sample does not present clinically significant psychopathology values, 6 subjects present a Positive Symptoms Distress Index value which is equal to or greater than 1. Symptomatic carriers, who underwent the PST less time ago, present worse psychopathological symptoms, depression and anxiety. Subjects with this profile should have a more intense and personalized psychological and social support, aiming to prevent the risk of suicide and to improve the quality of their lives. It seems that information on previous knowledge before performing the genetic counselling increases the subjective risk.

References to the disease, references to the family, and metaphors were mentioned more often by subjects at risk for LOND than by subjects at risk for HH control group. Conclusion: The disease itself and its meaning as well as sick relatives play a key role in the objective knowledge about LOND. Thus, genetic counseling protocols of subjects at risk for LOND should include questions concerning family knowledge and disease experience. It was considered the cutoffs points: 4 years middle-term and 7 and 10 years long-term indicating the time after receiving the TPS results.

Results: women and widows oldest presented the highest mean values for almost all BSI dimensions and the highest values correspond to the obsessivecompulsive dimension. MJD participants presented the highest mean values. No differences were found concerning the PST test results while participants are still asymptomatic. Psychopathology was only present in symptomatic carriers.

HEIs under this paradigm are driven by conceptual frameworks of health promotion HP , and by interdisciplinary values such as inclusion, equity, social justice and sustainability. Bioethics, together with HPU and HP, presents itself as a reflexive, mutually shared and interdisciplinary tool that aims at the adequacy of actions that comprise life and citizenship, in its equitable and inclusive character, in the context of Higher Education. Rodrigues, C.

In the present work, the authors studied two meta-anthracite samples from Douro Coalfield NW of Portugal in which classical sorption isotherms were carried out, using CO2 only. Samples were submitted to different pressure steps during both adsorption and desorption processes. Since the gas release process it intensely related to diffusion coefficients, it is crucial to define their evolution on the two analyses reported in this paper.

So, during adsorption, diffusion coefficients decrease in sample A from 4. In sample B, diffusion coefficients decrease from 2. This topic addresses specific and significant knowledge to the Portuguese consultant population. Methods: This cross-sectional study included participants: Of the participants, 73 Results: The anxiety scores were higher for the symptomatic carriers and for those who underwent psychological support consultations over the years; for the formers, the mean scores were superior to 40 points, which reflects clinical anxiety.

All subjects at-risk were undergoing the process of genetic counseling to learn their genetic status carrier or non-carrier. Subjects were assessed through a semistructured single interview, in order to obtain sociodemographic data and the answer to an open-ended question relating to the illness representation issue: "What does this illness mean to you? Family is their mirror and their source of learning and, therefore, it is inevitable that family is related to the meaning of the disease itself. It included subjects: Of these , 73 were still asymptomatic carriers, 29 Subjects were mainly women Scores were higher for symptomatic carriers and for those who have made one or more psychological support consultations over the years.

For the formers, the mean scores pointed to mild depression. Asymptomatic carriers and non-carriers had similar scores but it was impossible to differentiate the psychological impact between the medium and long-term. For symptomatic carriers, there were significant differences between the middle- and long-term. The study indicates that depression occurs only when subjects had previously manifested the first symptoms of their neurologic disease. The accurate determination of gas diffusion coefficients in unconventional reservoirs such as coal seams, requires a consistent mathematical approach.

The study of the gas diffusion process in coal seams was carried out using sorption isotherms. The Langmuir model for individual gases and the extended Langmuir model for multicomponent gas mixtures were applied to fit sorption isotherm data.

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The main goal of this paper is to define the degree of interaction between the gas content derivative data and the gas diffusion process. Experiments were performed on three samples selected from two different coals, which were submitted to three different gas compositions, viz These behaviors are clearly identified when using methane, but are even more evident when using CO2 and the gas mixture, due to the CO2 interaction with ABSTRACT: This investigation aims to develop an accurate method to calculate the tangent slope b - a fundamental parameter to calculate gas diffusion coefficients under different pressures - using inflection point determinations.

The authors also studied the different tangent slope behaviours depending on the experimental gas sorption used. The single Langmuir model, for individual gases, and the extended Langmuir model, for multicomponent gas mixtures, were applied to fit experimental gas sorption isotherm data. Samples were submitted to three different gas compositions, viz. Results showed that the first and the second derivatives calculated to define the first inflection points represent exactly the final limit of tangent slopes.

The world changes and it is important to analyse the relevance of the environment to health at the light of different factors. Increasing evidence exists that human health is influenced by our way of living and dealing with the environment. From the way we interact with each other through social contacts until the way we treat environment, with its consequences, all accounts to our well-being and mental and physical health.

Social relationships are directly connected to a healthy environment and are a beneficial part of this equation, allowing persons to be healthier and to live longer. It is essential to pay attention to the way emerging economies conduct their development, because it carries important responsibilities for the future of the next generation with adverse impacts caused by pollution and representing a threat to human health and well-being. The associations between environment as a whole and human health are very complex.

However, some clues may enlighten us regarding some connections between both study areas. P; Rodrigues, C. ABSTRACT: Relying on an adequate mathematical approach, two different mathematical procedures can be applied to the huge database produced during gas sorption isotherm experiments in order to obtain accurate data to be used in the industrial practice. To treat data determined from gas sorption isotherms without a careful mathematical support will produce non accurate results, because all the determinations will be dependent on human decision. The minimum error reported since the first stage of a sorption isotherm determination, which corresponds to volume calibrations of reference and sample cells performed through the use of helium, will produce enormous inaccuracies on sorption isotherm behavior.

These inaccurate behaviors may sometimes invalidate any Coalbed Methane recovery and CO2 injection programs. The study consisted on investigating gas sorption isotherm accuracies determined during the first part of the sorption process, which is mainly conducted by monitoring the pressure decline with time, in the reference and the sample cells when both cells are not in contact , until the stabilization stage is achieved. Three samples from two different coals were selected in order to study their gas sorption behavior, in terms of a clear mathematical approach, when submitted to three different gas compositions, viz.

Sorption experiments allow to conclude that the three samples present the same mathematical response during the first part of the sorption process. However, all gas sorption data adsorption and desorption collected from reference cell have a ABSTRACT: European Energy Policy has made an effort in the last years in developing a coherent strategy towards the definition of a set of goals, involving the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and, at the same time, increasing renewable energy use.

This paper presents the different options of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage CCUS technologies regarding the legislative initiatives implemented in the new European Energy policy. This new European Energy strategy was established taking into consideration not only energy demand but also social and environmental requirements. Taking that into account, the different strategies adopted by the European Energy Council are discussed and an overview of Carbon Capture and Storage CCS technologies - a mitigation strategy able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - and the CO2 potential utilization were also addressed.

M; De la O. Using thermo-volumetric technique could be observed storage capacities of methane gas between Also, the influence of the maceral composition in the process of sorption is recognized, and the capacity of gas storage is closely related to the vitrinite content. According to Chalmers y Bustin , and Zhang et al. This is attributed to high adsorption capacity of vitrinite, compared with other macerals types. The new available and presented techniques to answer these questions have a strong computer based tool Geographic Information System GIS , able to build a complete georeferentiated database, which will allow to three-dimensionally locate the laboratory samples in the coalfield.

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It will also allow to better understand the coal cleat system and consequently to recognise the best pathways to gas flow through the coal seam. Such knowledge is considered crucial for understanding what is likely to be the most efficient opening of cleat network, then allowing the injection with the right spatial orientation, of pressurized fluids or propants in order to directly drain the maximum amount of gas flow to a CBM exploitation well.

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The method is also applicable to the CO2 Geological Sequestration Technologies, operations corresponding to the injection of CO2 sequestered from industrial plants in coal seams of abandoned coalmines or high depth coal seams. ABSTRACT: The energy dependency is one of the major problems the international community faces nowadays and governments are being encouraged to develop strategies in different fields in order to reduce their external dependency. Additionally, the European Commission sustainable energy plan is engaged into reducing greenhouse gases effect to promote sustainable environment.

Petrographic parameters are also studied, since they will induce different porous structures and internal surface areas, which will produce different gas storage and circulation behaviours. Caldeira, F. ABSTRACT: Wastewater must be treated, and is part of the development process of a given country to extend sewer networks and to build wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment inevitably generates sewage sludge, and a trend for extending wastewater treatment infrastructures implies increasing quantities of sewage sludge produced.

The fate of such a residue is a key environmental issue. The existing European environmental legislation is becoming more and more restrictive, namely in what concerns the obligation to reduce environmental impacts resulting from the disposal of this particular waste, where land spreading is still the most common technique to do so. There are some interesting alternative processes relating to sewage sludge treatment, aiming at avoiding its disposal on land or in landfill and to allow it to be more environmentally friendly. This paper reviews recent research to make sewage sludge disposal safer, more environmentally friendly and to still obtain some benefit from it, namely energy, from its organic content.

Topics covered include incineration, anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis and gasification with a view to contributing to an integrated response to the problem of sewage sludge treatment and disposal. The microalgae growth was assessed as a function of different parameters, particularly, temperature, pH and Cr VI addition.

The production of metabolites expressed in terms of dissolved organic carbon released from the microalgae to the solution EXPRESSES the inhibition caused by toxic levels of Cr VI in the four microalgae, which adversely affects the sedimentation. The more marked effect of Cr VI on algal growth is observed in C.

All in all, C. Increasing technological experiments have been done with composting of biodegradable wastes and even some considered hazardous. Treated sewage sludge mixed with biodegradable wastes provides a rich source of bacteria and nutrients. But we have gone further and today co-composting is done with a diversity of wastes and not only. There is no turning back in our throwaway society and co-composting plays, thus, an increasingly serious role. ABSTRACT: Market-based instruments for environmental management are somewhat new in the management of natural resources and the environment in general.

ABSTRACT: The growing insufficiency in oil and natural gas supplies and the rise in energy consumption all over the world have created new opportunities to other energy products and technologies. Coal acquired again an important role in the global energy survey. It is also imperative to emphasize the actual crucial role of coal as a natural gas source rock and as a reservoir.

Yet it is also important to understand that when coal has a high gas generation potential this fact does not necessarily imply that coal also has a high gas storage capacity and a high gas circulation performance. This investigation aims to compare the gas storage capacity and the gas circulation behaviour between Gondwana and North-Atlantic coal types. Two sets of Gondwana and North-Atlantic coal types, with different ranks, were selected in the present research.

Results revealed that the two sets of samples, corresponding to different facies and, consequently, with different chemical and physical properties, have quite different gas storage and gas circulation behaviours. Diffusion coefficient values present a higher ABSTRACT: A review of a few epidemiologic studies will improve the understanding of the potential health effects of waste management and will provide important information regarding future work.

Several studies showed significant relationships between several methods of waste management and potential impacts on human health. In other studies associations were found to be inconsistent or equivocal and more specific epidemiological studies must be performed to assess consequences to human health and to determine their direct toxicological effects, thus ensuring that waste management pose minimum risk to health. Brenhas, M. J; Machado, R. P; Barros, N.. It is possible to conclude that the treatment of atmospheric emissions, the main concern associated to conflicts in co-incineration, does not substantially differ from the one used in facilities where fossil fuel is burnt, except in what concerns to some additional equipment that must be installed.

Though it is not possible to state that this is the ideal solution to solve the hazard waste problem, it has advantages such as the use of pre-existing facilities and, at the same time, the use of nonrenewable energy sources is minimized. The economic growth and quality of life is strongly dependent on this source of energy. The search for new forms of producing electricity in order to minimise environmental impacts has lead to the adoption of renewable energies and to the improvement of new technologies which allow at the same time to reach high efficiency in the process of energy conversion from the chemical form to the electrical one.

Silva, J. In consequence, nowadays, it is very important to keep healthy and comfortable indoor environments. The main goal of the study was to evaluate the quality and the efficiency of the conditional air system of 6 Operations Room of a Surgical Site and a Central of Sterilization of a Portuguese Hospital, being used as indicating the concentrations of carbon dioxide. Regueiro, E. ABSTRACT: The importance of renewable energies in the context of the world energy production is nowadays unquestionable, namely in the case of the eolic energy, due to its specific advantages. In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of energy are described, and a discussion of the evolution of the wind power installed is presented according to the data published by the different organisms involved.

It is intended to show and explain the evolution of the wind power capacity installed in the European Union. Finally, it is discussed the Portuguese specificity characterized by a low wind power installed despite the high eolic potential available. Gomes, D. A; Dinis, M. Fraga, H. P; Mota, G.. P; Fraga, H.. Mota, G. P; Monteiro, A. Nitrogen and phosphorous removal with microalgae is a common process. Biosorption by microlgae is an alternative to traditional treatment processes of metal ions removal. Background: Universities are essential institutions for health promotion HP [1].

As they have their own ethos and distinct cultures, they may act as potential enhancers of the conceptual frameworks of HP and interdisciplinary values such as equity, social justice and sustainable growth [2]. Bioethics, as a transversal discipline, seeks to ethically analyze and systematize such values, strengthening the synergy between health and sustainability [3]. Bioethics is a reflexive, mutually shared and interdisciplinary tool whose goal is to promote health and sustainability in an integrated and coherent way, adapting life actions in their equitable and inclusive characters.

Objectives: 1 Identify how bioethics takes place in daily life and how it is possible to establish links between scientific and ethical knowledge, in order to avoid negative impacts on people's lives; 2 Describe the appropriate bioethical tools principles for intervention in the context of higher education HE , HP and sustainability. Materials and Methods: Doctoral Thesis, using an exploratory-descriptive methodology, and quanti-qualitative approach [4]. The interviews were carried out after receiving the informed consent from the participants, taking into account the assumptions of the National Health Council Brazil NHC Results: for beyond the principialistic formulation - charity, Guedes, Juliana S.

M; Souza, Camila A. D; Dinis, M. Abstract: The most well-known destinations for lifeless bodies, used and defended by beliefs, religions and people, are graves and burial chambers. They are the forms of burial, which, in the majority, bring comfort to the families and people close to the deceased, for idealizing that they are religiously and socially intact to beloved beings. However, a large part of the population is unaware or not informed about the environmental problems that such burials bring to public health and the environment. After the burial, the body begins to go through physical, chemical and microbial processes.

Necroslurry is a liquid resulting from the decomposition of corpses, which has a sound capacity to percolate soils and groundwater and therefore, contaminate both, soil and groundwater near the cemeteries, due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in its composition. The vulnerability of soils and aquifers, which can be classified as low, medium or high depending on where the burial occurred, medium or high permeability of the cemetery soil and the position either above or below ground level are some of the factors that Influence the way necroslurry may reach soils and groundwater.

These impacts can cause disease and epidemics, as many cities use such groundwater as their water source and the soil is used produce food crop. Necroslurry is a greyish and brownish solution, mainly composed of cadaverine, an amine C5H14N2 with a repulsive and nauseating odor, a putrefaction by-product, besides being formed by water, minerals and organic degradable substances, the medium density is equal to 1.

Due to the fact that it is a polymerizable substance, the transportation of necroslurry in its liquid phase is aggravated. The ideal is to use a system that transforms the liquid necroslurry into gas, using P; Souza, Camila A. M; Menezes, Ariadina S.

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Abstract: The question of burials is considered sacred by different cultures, beliefs and religions. Cremation is an option less aggressive to the environment when compared to the conventional procedure, as it does not yield conventional residues and pathogenic microorganisms.

However, this practice has been questioned and even condemned by some religions. Yet, the conventional burial system causes the contamination of the soil by the necroslurry; a viscous and polluting liquid, composed mainly of cadaverine; an amine C5H14N2 of repulsive odor. Its viscosity is due to internal chemical reactions, which produce polymers, which makes it difficult to be transported and removed from soil and groundwater.

Again, cremation seems to be a feasible solution for the problem. Nevertheless, this procedure causes the loss of genetic cells. A new technology for the vertical burial system which is currently being developed in Brazil, allows the gas exchange and controls humidity, pressure and temperature inside shrouds, causing an aerobic decomposition that eliminates environmental contaminations, reducing environmental impacts, diseases and odors. The sealed system demands the application of fiberglass plates and polymers, which are resistant, elastic, and suitable to absorb the coefficient of expansion of the system, preventing any leakage due to retraction.

This method also allows the storage of genetic cells, proving to be a good solution for health problems as well as environmental, religious and cultural issues framing this matter. Abstract: A conventional burial, considering its environmental aspect, has a reality that contrasts with the social, cultural and religious beliefs of most people. After burial in graves or chambers, in addition to decomposition by bacteria, the body is also consumed by insects. Such animals enter through cracks in the concrete, masonry and wood, depending on the type of the burial construction.

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Consequently, these insects that had access to a corpse become disease transmitters. It also causes discomfort to visitors. The insects that gather in such places denote a lack of dignity for the person buried in the spot. A decaying human body generates a substance called necroslurry. It is a liquid released during the corpse decomposition process and is composed of water, minerals and organic substances, which are responsible for the contamination of the soil and possible underground aquifers in the cemetery area.

The soil is not prepared to receive this type of compound, so the consequences can be irreparable damages to this environment. The viscosity of the necroslurry is due to the chemical reactions that produce polymers. So, necroslurry is viscous, with a mean density of 1.

Necroslurry drying tests have already been carried out and showed that the liquid is polymerized and pulverized at 1 liter every 84 hours and is reduced to about 50 grams of a whitish inert powder. As necroslurry is a polymerizable substance, it is difficult to transport it in the liquid phase. To prevent social discomfort and environmental problems inherent to soil and water, it is necessary Abstract: Recycling polymers is a very valued act because of its enormity of waste.

Its reuse is ideal in long-life applications such as paving, plastic wood, civil construction, plasticulture, automobile industry and electro-electronics, etc. The process of recycling this material can be mechanical, physical, chemical or even energetic. A sustainable solution to such a complication may be a substitution of this material with recyclable materials, which are usually disposed of in the environment. The recycled polymer from PET is an excellent option because it presents important characteristics such as low water absorption, resistance from aging and because it is innocuous, which means that it does not constitute a substrate for the proliferation of microorganisms.

A concrete impregnated with polymers would translate in a reduction of porosity and permeability. Therefore, the objective of this article is to evaluate the efficiency of alternative techniques with the use of polymers in concrete structures in aggressive environments or even new structures based on recycled polymers. There is also the case study in vertical slab of locules, in addition to performance and comparative in the aspect of flexibility and fence. In conclusion, we will have an analysis of the advantages and shortcomings of the insertion of the organic polymer into the mixture of conventional concrete or structures made of polymers and other sustainable materials.

In addition, the presentation of proposals of solution with the conditions that the structure is submitted to. Abstract: The conventional concrete together with masonry are the building processes used in Brazil at the traditional cemeteries, named horizontal cemeteries. They are, composed of shallow graves and burial chambers. The physical and mechanical characteristics of the structural materials influence pathologies that may occur affecting both the integrity of the tombs and the environment in which they are settled.

The alkali-aggregate reaction, RAA, consists of a chemical reaction that occurs in mortars or concretes, between the hydroxyl ions OH- , mineralogical constituents of the aggregates, related to the alkalis sodium oxide NA2O and potassium oxide K2O from the Portland cement itself or from other sources. The product of this reaction is the formation of the expansive gel, arising from the deterioration process of the hardened concrete that causes from the destruction of structures and cracks, to the reduction of tensile and compressive strengths.

These pathologies affect the durability and safety of concrete structures, which are enhanced by the presence of moisture. The higher the humidity, the greater the expansion. Burial buildings in cemeteries must be more resistant, due to the fact that in its internal space the very process of body decomposition and the release of necroslurry attacks and affects the structure, in addition to external factors environment , such as temperature, that may wear out different types of materials.

By increasing the polymer chain, the coefficient of expansion also expands, thus making burial buildings more resistant. Permeability and oxidation are two of the most important chemical properties among others. To stop humidity from enhancing the occurring pathologies, it is convenient to reduce this internal moisture in concrete structures with the Souza, Camila A. M; Guedes, Juliana S. P; Rosa, Barbara L. Abstract: An organic compound named necroslurry is yielded from human body decomposition. It is one of the main contaminants present in horizontal cemeteries. This compound is highly toxic to humans, and can spread diseases through its contact with insects and water, because it has the ability to percolate the soil carried by water.

Necroslurry is mainly composed by cadaverine C5H14N2 , and it is a liquid of high viscosity due to the internal chemical reactions that produce polymers, which makes it difficult to be transported and removed from soil and groundwater. Considering the complexity to recover a soil that is already contaminated with these polymers, it is necessary to enhance technologies that favor gas exchange during decomposition. Taking into account the polymerization of necroslurry, it is required to carry and treat it in the gas phase. In Brazil, a technology associated with vertical cemeteries has been developed, which provides the gas exchange controlling humidity levels, temperature and pressure, preventing the formation and percolation of polymers into the environment.

Consequently, this procedure will avoid the contamination caused by necroslurry. After the burial, the body begins to go through physical, chemical and microbial processes, along the natural sequence of decomposition performed by bacteria, as well as by animals and insects. Pathologies, coming from the construction method used in cemeteries, such as cracks in the concrete and masonry, allow these animals and insects to go into the coffins and take part of the decomposition process.

Consequently, they become potential transmitters of diseases. It is important to emphasize that this gathering of animals in the cemeteries causes great discomfort to visitors and annoyance to near by dwellers. Necroslurry is a greyish and brownish solution, mainly composed of cadaverine, an amine C5H14N2 with a repulsive and Carvalho, Marta M.

C; Neto, Geraldo C. M; Viterbo, Lilian M. Marques, Cynara A. C; Soares, Sam W. S; Viterbo, Lilian M. P; Lins, Glauce A. Reis, Nadson R. F; Almeida, Carolina G. A; Viterbo, Lilian M. A; Reis, Nadson R. A; Reis, Katya G. P; Viterbo, Lilian M. I; Dinis, M. Marangoni, V. P; da Silva, M. Enciso, J.

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C; Rodrigues, C. P; Burrola, F. Reis, F. P; Caldeira, F. Silva, A. P; Guerreiro, M.

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P; Estevinho, B. G; Boaventura, R. ABSTRACT: The generalized use of organic and persistent compounds, and their presence in industrial and urban wastewater, led to accumulation in the environment, and therefore, a serious pollution problem. Complex and expensive treatment systems are used to eliminate contaminants from water systems. Microalgae are often used for wastewater treatment due to their high growth rate and simple growth requirements.

Several works refer to nitrogen and phosphorous removal by microalgae [1]. Also, heavy metals removal by the green algae has been widely recognized [2]. In a general way, microalgae growth is complex, revealing nonlinear behaviors in response to the alteration of several environmental parameters such as pH, temperature, light intensity and nutrients.

Different conditions have been tested and kinetic parameters have been determined. The production of metabolites is small compared with biomass production, for all Cr VI concentrations and the presence of high Cr VI concentrations negatively affects the sedimentation, being this effect more significant for the C. It can be conclude that, the more marked effect of Cr VI on algal growth is observed in C. Putting a price on greenhouse-effect gases is already a reality nowadays, although the European emissions trading system is still relatively recent.

In the paper several aspects involving the forest industry are discussed; procurement issues, sustainable development and environmental impacts are all part of the same aim.

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  4. Putting a price on green- house-effect gases is a reality nowadays, although the European emissions trading system is still relatively recent. ABSTRACT: In the last decade, the energy sector has suffered several changes related not only with the decrease of conventional hydrocarbons reserves, i. The energy dependency is one of the major problems that all countries must deal nowadays, and all the international energy bodies agree that it will be impossible, to the most part of the countries, to become energetically independent. Some international entities advised either governmental parties, as well as, other energy players to develop strategies in different fields in order to reduce external dependency.

    Additionally, the sustainable energy plan developed by the European Commission is closely related to sustainable environment and consequently to all policies involved in reducing the greenhouse gases effect. In this perspective, and knowing that nowadays it is not yet possible to displace fossil fuels from the energy scenario, it is pertinent to apply new technologies, such as CCS carbon capture and storage technologies.

    This paper deals with the study of different coal samples in what concerns their storage and gas circulation capacities. In fact, both processes are highly dependent on physical and chemical properties of coal, which are intimately related to its genetic conditions. As a matter of fact, to understand the mechanisms involved in coal formation process, it is crucial to study in detail the deposition environmental conditions, as well as, the incarbonization process.

    P; Oliveira, G. Energia e formas de energia. Energia e Ambiente. J; Rodrigues, C. F; Miranda, A. P; Eggenkamp, H.. Regarding actual research in Portugal in the scope of CO2 Geological sequestration, a first general research project related with this particular issue is under development FCT Project ref. However, in the field of deep saline aquifers CO2 Geological storage, only preliminary studies have been developed as presented in a Seminar by S.

    Machado et al. It is therefore obvious that a great effort should be made in this particular issue. The multidisciplinary of the research justifies the wide team of experts and the diversity of Institutions involved in the Project. ABSTRACT: The growing insufficiency in oil and natural gas supplies, and the rise in energy consumption all over the world have created new opportunities to other energy products and technologies.

    According to this, coal has once again acquired an important role in the global energy survey. This investigation aims to compare the gas storage capacity and the gas circulation performance between Gondwana and North Atlantic coal types. The experimental work was conducted using a gas isotherm volumetric method based on the Boyle-Mariotte Law. Two sets of Gondwana and North Atlantic coal types, with different ranks, were selected to the present research. Results proved that the two sets of samples, corresponding to different facies and, consequently, with different chemical and physical properties, have quite different gas storage and gas circulation behaviours.

    Diffusion coefficient values present a higher dependency on temperature changes than gas storage capacities, due to the high activation energy induced by high temperatures. Learning to use wood the most efficient way and to produce long-lasting products helps to conserve wood resources in the world. Modern recycling technology and later solutions have a great impact in wood science and technology, allowing to improve the ways we use native timber resources, and consequently, the wise-use for future generations.

    In fact, used wood, like paper, is a valued economic and raw material asset. The potential use of wood residues for energy generation is nowadays considered an attractive source of readily available heat or heat and power, since considerable developments in new and improved technology and plant design are now rendering it an economically attractive fuel source.

    In this paper, several case studies concerning wood related waste recycling and wood science and technology recent improvements are focused. The aim was to access important information which allows comparing what is the state of the art relating the above subjects. With such promising developments, we can all intend to contribute to a new environmentally sustainable platform of an inexhaustible raw material, having as a consequence a minimum impact in the environment.

    Neves, H. The population increases from decade to decade, and the need for construction of housing is great. The materials used in construction can be selected in order to reduce the environmental impacts. Wood is a material of easy application in the field of construction.

    It is a material that brings back many benefits, if we think in environmental terms, unlike concrete, which is the material most commonly used. The purpose of this article is to evaluate the green buildings in ways that we can establish a link between the use of wood in the construction of these buildings and their sustainability, and the amount of green house gases that are retained by each green house, without neglecting the comfort and welfare of the population. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the environmental impacts of these two distinct materials that are most used in the construction of residential buildings, taking into account the emissions generated by carbon dioxide CO2 , nitrogen oxides NO x , sulphur oxides SO x and suspended particulate matter SPM , the life cycle of the two materials, energy consumption and external costs associated.

    Most of the impact arises in the construction stage of house building, contributing to a high level of CO2 emissions, which contributes heavily to global warming. The concrete buildings, compared with those of wood, contribute more to this phenomenon. This is also reflected in the type of wood used, since it affects these values. To implement this, it is necessary to break mindsets in order to change the exiting culture, without ever neglecting the political support that would be necessary from a financial perspective to the implementation of these kind of housing, and maybe it would be possible to extend this behaviour F; Lemos de S.

    Lemos de Sousa et al. ISBN F; Oliveira, G. Johannesburg, South Africa, April, Johannesburg. It is also the view of the EU Commission that such objectives cannot, at this stage, be achieved without some contribution from such technology as CO2 capture and storage. Johannesburg, South Africa, April 20, Johannesburg. This consultation focused on the following stakeholders: energy industry, research and government sectors, environmental non-governmental organisations, and national parliaments.

    Main results: Poster ABSTRACT: This investigation aims to develop an accurate method for calculating the tangent slope b , a fundamental parameter to estimate gas diffusion coefficients under different pressures. To improve the accuracy of the tangent slope determination, was adopted a mathematical approach in which the parameter b describes the most linear part of the sorption data curve obtained by linear regression.

    ABSTRACT: To correctly understand the gas diffusion process within a coal seam non-conventional reservoir, one needs to perform simulations considering the natural reservoir pressure at different pressures below that value. In fact, diffusion process simulations permit to determine the gas circulation rate at different pressure steps, induced during both the CBM Coalbed Methane production and CO2 geological sequestration injection. This investigation aims to develop an accurate method to calculate the tangent slope b, a fundamental parameter to estimate gas diffusion coefficients under different pressures.

    To improve the accuracy of the tangent slope determination, a mathematical approach was adopted in which the parameter b describes the most linear part of the sorption data curve obtained by linear regression. Experimentally, this part of the curve is upper delimited by the first inflection point of the gas content vs time curve. Three coal samples were submitted to three different gas compositions, viz. Experiments permits to conclude that although the three samples had shown a linear behaviour during the first seconds of the experiment, it was possible to observe that when using CO2, CH4 and, the gas mixture, the time required to reach the inflection points will increase slightly, in the same order, due to gas sorption properties and to the interaction between the gas sorption and the coal str.

    Oral Presentation However, the accurate determination of diffusion coefficients under different pressures requires the application of a consistent mathematical approach. In the present investigation, the study of the diffusion process was carried out using experimental sorption Langmuir isotherms.

    Experiments were performed on three coal samples, which were submitted to three different gas compositions, viz Additionally, it should be mentioned that the behaviour described is even more evident when using CO2 and the gas mixture, due to the CO2 interaction with coal structure which induces a considerable resistance to CO2 release.

    Diogo, M. M; Lemos de S. P; Nogueira, A. ABSTRACT: Most wood, when exposed to continual soaking by water or when in contact with the soil, is subject to deterioration by decay fungi and insects. The heartwood of some species is resistant to decay because of natural chemicals called extractives. Species that have naturally durable heartwood include black cherry, black locust, black walnut, bur oak, cedars, osage orange, red mulberry, redwood, and white oaks. All-heartwood grades of lumber from these species can perform well under conditions of moderate decay hazard.

    Where wood cannot be kept dry and protected from deterioration, preservative treatment can ensure longterm durability. Select the right preservative and the right treating method for the application involved. Properly labeled, pressure-treated wood products generally provide the maximum protection. Wood products treated with waterborne preservatives are the only ones recommended for interior applications and for exterior uses where direct contact with people is involved. New preservatives are coming on the market in response to concerns about chemicals currently being used for treating wood products.

    P; Mota, M.

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