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I have curly hair. I keep it straight by wrapping it wet around my head keep it in place with hair clips til my hair dries. Stay strong! Also, Devachan salon in NYC cuts only curly hair.

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Nothing worse than having a triangle cut! Moi personnellement je les lisse avec des plaques. You are so wonderfully talented Garance! ALors pourquoi ne pas se couper les cheveux, non non non… ce ne sera jamais pareil…. Pour le brushing, ben je passe mon tour. Mais si tu en as assez, ce que je peux comprendre. I have hair very similar to yours and like you, never managed to learn how to blow dry it. I can let my hair down the whole day without it frizzing or getting huge! Can you believe it?!! The products are made in New York, the name of the system is Diva Curl.

They have, shampoo, conditioner, gel, etc. I was so happy with the results, I got them all! I too have hair that sometimes makes me want to cry, but it makes me me instead of some girl with boring straight hair, there are manymany of those! Smiling and laughing, Garance!! First of all, Garance I have to tell you your hair is not as bad as you think it is. I know I know, when women look at the mirror or any reflection of themselves, we always target the part that we are least confident with.

BUT to be honest, your hair is just not that bad. To me, it is one type of hair, but definitely not the bad type. I am not saying this just because I love your blog and your lovely personality well, maybe they are part of the reason so much. Your smile and laugh really distract us from the problem you concern with. Ok, back to the topic. I have hair issue too.

My hair is in the middle of growing out and the length reaches my shoulders now. The problem is there is no shape in my hair! Last year before traveling to London, I went for a haircut and it was completely a failure. So my bad haircut sticks to every photo of mine with the beautiful London scene as a contrast. I am going to Paris in April, what should I do with my hair :. Your wild hair is so cute! I might just be crazy, but I love big hair.

En plus il faut un lisseur ou tu peux faire des mouvements avec tes cheveux pour leur donner un air pas trop baguette.


Perhaps you should own the curls. See… I watch your videos and think how naturally chic your are in your perfectly imperfect bun. Making being utterly fabulous look so simple, yet so hard for we average ladies to achieve. As for blow drying, bleh. I do it. But I dread it. I just blow dry with a paddle brush and then use a chi straightener after to make waves in my hair, but it does take time….

I make little messy waves with it and move on… The secret is some kind of frizz-killing serum. Tou va changer quand vos cheuveux se debaressent du traitement Keratine je pense. Cute drawing! My hair is super curly, I just let it be or have the bun. If you have a solution, please share! I have curly hair too and have your same problems! Almost anytime I try to straighten my hair it is kind of a disaster. Even when I accomplish it I find it impossible for my hair to have the right texture. Instead I embrace my curls. Je suis dac avec Biba!

MAIS …. Je ne le fais pas souvent, car je manque de tomber dans les pommes en attendant que mes cheveux soient lisses. Your hair is lovely. You have such a beautiful face and elegant jaw line that your hair swooped up in a bun looks perfect. I have been able to manage it with a powerful blow dryer no flat iron UNLESS there is a desperate need a la skanky tendrils in back of head and product with varying degrees of success, depending on the weather.

I live in DC. I have oily hair that I really need to wash every day. The water in the city is HARD, loaded with minerals and deposits. The humidity here is awful. First, grow your hair out. As you know, the shorter it is, the curlier it gets. The weight of a longer length pulls down the curl and gives you more to work with.

Second, when you get your hair cut, get long layers. Go to somebody who understands curly hair. I had to grow my hair out for 3 years after my stylist cut layers framing my face from the top of my head down. When it rained, my long layers would stay straight, and I would have a halo of unicorn curls atop my head. A good conditioner is key. I brush and part my hair and spray F. Fifth, the blow dry. I blow dry with my right hand and have my brush in my left.

As a result, I have never been able to master a rolling brush. I hold the head instead of the handle of the brush in my hand to best control it. I first rough dry my hair, loosely pulling up layers to get under the different sections. I then sit down, flip my head over, and blow dry the rest with the paddle brush. I get in at the roots, keeping the dryer tight to the hair pulled taut, and then blast the cold air button halfway down the section toward the roots to avoid damage.

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After my hair is pretty much all dry, I flip it up and take a minute or two with the blow dryer on hot to tend to any kinks that may present themselves and then go through the rest of my hair with the dryer on cool to seal in some shine. Garance your bun is so unique! It is so garance dore that you should not worry so much about it! We love that bun! You have such a beautiful face and smile that your bun helps people see it… Anyways I remember a post you did some time ago and everybody would comment about how beautiful your hair looked! You should try more often that hairstyle! For me personally flat irons work but my hair are not as curly as yours!

Au revoir! I would give my left arm for such funky hair!! Honestly thought you looked better with your hair down. I also have brown, curly, out-of-control hair, but when you have ringlets like that, they look the most gorgeous when you let them do what they want. Away with the bun, just let it bounce! Dear Garance. I have very thick, curly and dry hair.

Sois brave! I stopped trying a long time ago to make my hair do anything other than stay natural. Straightening, blow drying, curling—they all just took too much time and damaged my curls far too much. Now, all I do is spray my frizzy curls with water so that they get even messy and just rock that beachy-fun look. I have the same problem with my frizzy hair and have never been able to tame it so I just make my best effort and go. I never learned how to blow dry so could probably use some lessons or a couple of extra hands.

Your hair is beautiful in a bun or left down. It is part of your personality, alive and warm. I love all your videos. You are like the best friend everyone would like to have and hang out with. I say forget the blow drying and frustration that will come with it.

Illustration… superbe! Use it after showering your hair and let it dry in the air… good luck and show your hair, let the bun rest a while :. Garance, have you considered different style options? Could be quicker than blowing out your hair and also keep your hair out of your way while working! I think bobby pins could be your new best friends!! I like to use them to get different sculptural effects, twisting and pinning to create texture. I love it because I can do it while my hair is wet and it takes me about 5 minutes — and people always compliment it!

Having said that,I have a bit of wisdom. Your hair wants to do what it wants. Its madness,but true of the entire female population. Allow it to be. Harsh chemicals,blow drying,flat ironing,etc. Ive always found true beauty in imperfection. So your hair is unruly and crazy,always wanting to do its own thing? Embrace it,and let it be free. All the products from Kerastase and do the Keratin treatment.

Dry your hair with out blow it or so little beat and then use the flat iron with Kerastase straightener silicon oil. The hair have to look very,very health before straight it. Garance, I love your new cut — seeing it down in your videos gives me serious hair envy! I also have dark and curly hair, but my curls lack the elegance of yours. So with you about the hair. I do the bun just about everyday except I wear it low thinking to myself then it qualifies as elegant chignon? So there you have it, a bun. Quelques retouches et hop! You looked so good in all the videos!

Garance, you are so beautiful…you look great no matter what. Curly hair, slightly frizz-prone and shoulder length. I went to my favorite stylist that knows how to blow out curly hair not all of them do! It takes time and effort but eventually you get better. I like Kerastase products in combination with some Moroccan oil or argan oil treatment for shine.

All the best! I have allways envied girls with curly hair!!! I can curl them as much as I want to, in any way there is possible but nothing will happen. For example, if I have curly hair in the morning, they somehow straighten themselves, and around lunch they are already straight. So have fun with your curly hair. PS: Recently I found out that I like to wear my ponytail or bun as high as you wear your bun :.

Pourquoi pas essayer une coupe super courte? Et chance, y en a plusieurs avec des wonderwoman aux cheveux curly!! Comme un lion en cage pour donner une image lisse. Entre Mowgli et Melle Chatterton. For oil — Instead of your dry shampoo, throw in baby powder talc , and run that through with your fingers. I do it all the time in the winter. Wash your hair at night. Flip your head upside down, so that your hair is dangling toward the floor. Blow it dry from underneath. Do the math and it comes out to 2. This is quite depressing to me — think of all the things you could do with that time — shop, have a get-away weekend, even get your taxes done boring but essential, and I never feel like I have the time for my taxes — now I know why — I spent that two days blowdrying my hair , etc.

Anyway, I have no choice — this is years ago and I am still blowdrying my hair every day. But what are you going to do? Dear Garance, I have curly hair too not as curly as yours, but curly. My advice is to get a good hair cut, THE hair cut. I was only lacking the glasses and the guitar to look excactly like John Lennon in Imagine. Garance… I avidly read you and only felt the compulsion to comment now.. It does the wierdest things when I travel. Unlike your hair mine is very fine and very curly naturally..

Its literally the best. The serum is good too. From time to time John Freida Frizz ease champoo is good too. But if I have clean hair it makes my day better. I buy my hairdryers at the salon supply stores.. When I travel I always bring my own champoo and hair dryer. Lastly I just wanted to say how much I admire you.

You truly are a beautiful person… I really like the way that you portray the fashion world … sometimes it can seem so inaccessible and snooty to those of us on the outside. You make it feel.. You are very real and fun. I love the way you smile all the time… and you also have your own style. You never try to be a victim of your environment : As women we all have hangups about our bodies and our style… so I can really relate to you feeling so critical about yourself on screen. I think you really shine in your videos… and as you say about Stella McCartny..

Your videos were fun, but the witty posts you write and illustrate keep me coming back. Superbe illus today! You probably know this already but the high bun plus Keratine, plus regular blow drying, plus short hair cut, plus amino acid treatment — trust me I tried them ALL actually causes more damage to curly hair!

What a shock.. I learnt it the hard way. Whenever I put my hair down now it looks like a cat just ran through it, followed by me getting electrocuted, then went to the same hairdresser as Marge Simpson. On a positive note, coconut oil or moroccan oil does wonders in softening the hair and roots. Try it twice a week for a couple of hours then wash out twice with shampoo and deep conditioner.

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Good luck. Secret treatments only to those who have suffered our pain! Cou cou! Je trouve que de cette facon, les cheveux gardent une texture naturelle. It takes much less time and was easy to learn how to do! You might want to try it! I wish we were friends because if we knew each other for real, what I am about to say might not seem so harsh.

Just consider your recent interviews with two women with outstanding long, thick, curly hair — Corinne Bailey Rae and Franca Sozzani. Can you see your self with long, thick, curly hair? Have you consider the suggestion that CBR offered you in the video when you asked her about her hair?

You might try this. It works for me, however, I know, I know, I know, it takes time, my arms sometimes get tired. I have to plan when I do it — and that means spending less time doing other things I like to do, like commenting on your lovely website. And yes.

I was taken aback that your beautiful luscious hair was pulled so tightly into a rather ordinary looking bun on that adorable video, yesterday. Why not try a loose, sexy braid at the crown of your head, or something equally regal? However, your smile, your killer outfit, and your fabulous personality made up for the rather conservative, tight bun.

Garance, you do loose really, really well. Should you not let your hair be as free as your personality? Alas, this incongruity disturbs me. Yet, I refuse to give in to the harsh styles that will, in the end, destroy the fine hairs at my temples which can happen slowly over time from pulling the hair into a bun.

Also, harsh blow drying while the hair is soaking wet can cause hair to thin out over time, and Garance, that is not what we want. I have friends who are two decades older than me who have thick, gorgeous, long locs that they never, ever, ever, blow dry. They simply towel and air dry their hair and braid it into plaits, or into a single braid.

Of course, these women about whom I speak, live in a community that encourages women to be natural. Their lifestyle is quite different from our urban lifestyle. Mais pourquoi ne pas se faire un brushing chez un coiffeur, touteS les semaines. Bumble and Bumble is your hair best friend! Plus les cheveux sont long et lourd, moins ils frisent. I hace cowlicks all over, which make nice waves in some places … but make me look like I have antennae in the front … which was REALLY lovely when I decided to get bangs! Originally, my hair is very curly and most of the time can get very frizzy, which can really drive you crazy.

Couple of years ago I kept straightening my hair just blowdrying and at the same time styling with the round brush. However, it is soft, the curls are really nice and easily manageable. Also, if I try to plat it for the night, the curls next morning are as nice as on the day when I washed my hair.

Hope this gives some ideas.. I am a huge fan of yours, I adore you, and love the new videos because I used to go to fashion week in paris with my mother who owns a store in Washington DC and carries Anne and Rick and I LOVE going with her to Paris, but now I am in medical school and had to let go of that luxury. Although, let me tell you, you such an incredible, beautiful human being, that you carry your hair all the same. It keeps hair soft and supple, with just enough texture to keep it all stuck together.

Also, making sure I get in all the layers, so I divide my hair three times to apply generous amounts but also rub it in a lot and make sure to get the ends which tend to be the most dry. They must use a round brush, and must make it perfect the first time around because that is how it will stay. I also make sure the shampoo has been done VERY well so that my hair can literally last beautifully for a week! I wish I could help you and hope that my advice has been helpful. I love your blog and think you are perfect in every smile, wrinkle, and outfit!!!!

Garance, I have to tell you that you inspired me to stop straightening my own hair. In any case, thank you for inspiring me to put down the dryer and straight iron. My hair and free time is so appreciative! Ne change RIEN!!! Tu devrais cultiver cela. Garance dear,i ve been following you for a long time and looooved your videos.

About your hair: i dont like it short,they are curly and they frame a girlie smile which i loooove about you and so you look tooo girlie. I prefer to see you more feminime which is with long hair,twice as long as they are now,they will have weight and body and quess what- you are lucky because you can do whatever you want with curly hair- i have exactly the same. You can have professional blow drys and with your lifestyle i think the best thing is to use rollers-big ones-in semi dry hair after you ve applied kerastase elixir ultimate or kiels silk groom let them dry and then when you take the rollers of spray a hairspray to avoid frizzines for the next days -especially in New York.

My best is pantene shine. Well to get to the point I feel the same about hair…for too long I rejected blowing it out or applying any products to it, i just figured it takes too much time, and no hair trick you pull a braid, pony tale, whathave you will endure a whole day of running from place to place, at work and all without having to retouch it endlessly.

But the point is not how much time it gets out of your life to be happy with your hairstyle, the point its that I started to be bored with my hair. People above have spoken about hair matching up your personality: thats exactly my point. Thats atleast what i needed. So some ideas for you, that helped me are: they all have to do with change! You need a change, get a haircut: Go to a great salon and ask around, or you might have an idea of a haircut that suits for face, and that can be low maintenance. I never thought it important, but when I went for a lighter brown colour my natural is dark brown I felt younger and it lit up my face like magic, no kidding.

I think a colour change would be nice for you!! I think that the curly iron is a great option too to give some shape to it. There are tons of youtube videos with cool hairstyle ideas. I hope to see your thoughts later on the blog. You need to love your hair again, I think that its like your smile, its such a bog part of who we are. Im freaking lazy to do anything with my hair, its just plain straight itself like freakin straight , so no matter how i curl and spray it, its straight again in less than an hour.

So i learnt to live with it, i just dry it, as fast as i can before my arm gets tired its really long and thats it! I think your hair is nice Garance, just stop worrying about it! Embrace the curl like Corrinne does. I always look forward to checking out your new ones. I think that your hairs are perfect and I love they!!! Do the Keritin treatment again. It will make your life so much easier, not to mention your hair fabulous!!! And its true, i also love my hair the most when it just dries itself! Of course that needs good weather, and i also like her -braid and let it dry idea, and I agree, grow your hair!!!

I have long, thick, wavy hair, and I have to say I can make my hair look pretty amazing when I blow-dry it! This video really helped! And also if you blow dry your supposingly long hair do it professionaly-they always look better and the whole look is soooo classy -matches better with your outfits. The girlie look does not-i am sorry. When you wear a bun it is like you state:i have no hair-forget my hair. Your hair is one of your best assets. Please grow them long and let us see a more feminime you. Trust me when you grow up you will have to have your hair short because long hair usually does not look good around an old face.

Anyway thank you for your great videos-i was coming home to them-thank you!! Je me sens moins seule lol. Ne pas se laver les cheveux tous les jours. Que demander de plus?! Tiens nous au courant! Then blow dry it in sections saving the part that frames your face for last with the biggest natural bristle round brush you can get pulling the hair under towards you.

Garance, thank you very much for your blog, it is amazing! Speaking about hair, I guess no girl is happy with her hair, but I can tell you, your curly hair is beautiful and suit your image perfectly.

a messy blog

Hi Granace, I must say, I feel your pain!! Recently though, I found the perfect solution. In smallish sections, I make sure to get the roots as flat as possible always a tell-tale sign of curly hair hiding behind a flat iron then about halfway down I start to curl it there are some great youtube vids on how to do this nicely.

I work pretty quickly around my head and before I know it I have relaxed, sexy, beachy curls! I admit after writing this it sound like a lot of steps but after YEARS of fighting with my hair this is surprisingly low maintenance for curly hair anyway. Good luck!! Hi Garance, I recommend the Japanese straightening. And there are rumours that the amount of formaldehyde is high and can cause cancer. Be careful with the Japanese straightening as it can break or dry the hair if the treatment is left on the hair for too long. I like to use a paddle brush and to pull my hair back against the contours of my head while drying it.

Using your head really helps — it keeps the hair from flying about and gives it a nice smooth, volumes shape. Absolutely obsessed with this post! Love your blog, now following religiously. Keep up the amazing posts. Tes cheveux sont superbe. I am 45 and only just learning to cope with my hair — which is super thick with a kink — not a curl — a kink — it has to be long — it needs the weight — no hairdresser will ever tell you this — because long equals a lot of work for me and less often, but your hair will have a length it is best at and if you want to weigh it down a bit then weight is a good thing — i cant blow dry — tooo much effort and i get tangled up — in summer — i comb through once and sun dry — this works — winter not so much — dry and stick in some big rollers — it wont hold but it will tame cos rough drying makes it go huge — the way you comb when wet is important too — if you want some head height comb back from the 1st inch on the crown — then part that 1st inch — good luck xx and remember you are a package a pretty damn fab one too x.

Si tu peux pas changer le sens du vent, change le sens de ta voile. I had the same problem as you! A few years ago, I let it grow longer, and I found the weight helped the curls dry into waves which are much nicer — no blow drying required. I started using Moroccan Oil and I can actually wear my hair natural!

In fact I made an appointment for some colour yesterday and the receptionist at the salon told me she loved my hair …. I was shocked. Are you kidding?! Your hair is perfect the way it is both lengths. Straight hair has been dominant for too many years and soon things will cycle as they always do…. Pour le brush, mais bon sang!

A part le volume du chignon ;- , ne changez rien…. I have never commented here before, but I have to tell you I adore your curly hair! It looks amazing just as it is. As a hair stylist who works with alot of curly hair, leaving a bit of conditioner in your hair after you shampoo goes a long way for taming frizz. And as another commenter mentioned, Devacurl is fantastic! I have to admit that i prefer you without the bun, sometimes it is a bit scruffy,and your curly hair are very beautiful! I did keratine straighten too, to have more disciplinated and less messy hair.

I heard that you can do the same treatement not with flat iron, but with thongs, so that you have softer curls…. Il fait des miracles…. I love how easily we can all relate to this post! But then I found out that I could no longer braid my hair without it all falling out and the back would look like crap after I woke up. Garance, you just have to make peace with your curly hair. It might help you. Also, the woman who wrote it lives in New York…. I had wavy, unruly hair for most of my life, but after having children it went completely bonkers!

After washing it was a frizzy mess that sometimes settled down into something approaching okay after sleeping on it, or even a day or two later. Well, I took it, and it literally changed my life. I spent an hour and a half one-on-one with a stylist and she showed me how to do it properly.. I can blowdry my hair into straight and glossy locks in about half an hour. Garance, we love you more because you are not perfect!!

I love your ongoing battle with your hair! Do not change a thing. Your problem is not your hair, is that you had to stare at yourself editing those films for hours…being over critical. You are charming, elegant, joyful, clever… so what your bum is sometimes disheveled!!!!! Au contraire!!!!! Ton post est super garance. Enfin bref. Renseigne toi! Tu as raison: il est urgent de faire qq chose!! No seriously.

I think your hair are great like that, original, unique and they fit your personality…. Maybe everyone should start embracing the natural state of their hair. I wonder how many people spend a lot of time making their hair the opposite of what it is? Maybe curly hair will become the must-have! That is my personal conclusion on this matter. Bon courage. Cheers, Josepha.

Your hair is gorgeous. You might try a dry cut from the Devachan salon in NY. And no silicones! A few other great products: suave naturals coconut conditioner organix moroccan argan oil shampoo biosilk rock hard gelee. I love how honest you are Garance! My hair has been a quest ever since I was in my teens, and I am still learning to accept the fact that it is NOT straight.

Then, part the top horizontally strand by strand and blow dry each one forward that was my trick , then the sides vertically and also forward. They cut curly hair of all types and they cut according to your curl pattern very precise, methodical cuts that enhance what you already have. I just wish they were in L. Herbal essences split ends cream red bottle. I put it on my hair when wet then tie it in a loose bun.

Smooths my hair but gives volume, prevents my poodle perm every time! Seeing the confidence with which you wear yours, helped to validate mine so thank you. If you have never tried a wet set on Extra Large rollers I do recommend it? It smoothes out the hair and relaxes the curl without losing it completely — you may need to use a flat Iron to smooth the roots but you may like the result. The wet set has helped me to over come that problem….

The good news is I get that time back twice-fold the next couple of mornings.. Il les faudrait soit plus courts, petit carre qui tombe bien ou bien long en-dessous des epaules. Pas de brushing, tu va faire business woman! Garance, I love your blog and this post is close to my heart! I spent years blow drying my curly hair because it was so frizzy and dull and out of control and I loved how it looked sleek and shiny when it was straight.

The thing is, I hated blow drying it. Give me what is natural and low maintenance. These things are a hopeless cause with me: rollers, going to bed with wet hair, curling irons, multiple sticky products, or having to wear a hat outside when it is raining. I had all but given up on liking my hair when I discovered Deva products which some others have mentioned in the comments. There are probably other good products for curly hair but these are the ones I found and they are miraculous on my hair.

Now my curly hair is just as shiny, sleek and frizz free as straight hair but with waves and ringlets and I LOVE it! It is not sticky to the touch or gooey with product but natural. The trick with the Deva products, for me, is HOW you use them. I noticed a difference right away but after about months of this routine my hair got super healthy and shiny.

Eh oui! I have never had the coordination to hold a brush and a blowdryer at the same time. Grrrr why do we care so much about our hair? I rock the bun often too- its just practical. Whats more I think it suits you- it goes perfectly with your smile! I say grow it out! Grow it long, way past your shoulders. Long slightly messy curly hair is the best. It takes 10 minutes. Get one of the expensive Chi dryers. Its worth it. After 5 different products and 30 minutes of blowing it dry, I had a bit of texture and fullness for all of maybe an hour.

Then back to nothing. Personally, I loved the shots in one of the videos when your hair was down and blowing all over the place. Very cute and sexy. I have curly hair and always liked it. But the Deva products changed it -they were really damaged and I could not have a single good hair day. And hidrate it a lot. Anyway, whether you try Deva products or not, try to stop using shampoos with a lot of sulfate TIGI also has one line for curly sulfate free, Catwalk Curlesque and cut the amount of silicone to tame it.

Wait till it dries. Je le fais depuis 15 ans. Sometimes when my hair is almost dry not to dry! I pin it in a low bun almost touching the back of the neck so it can dry like that. When I thake the pin out the hair is wavy and with not too much volume! Hope it works for you! I actually like you hair very much! It has personality! It works for my thick hair that can go frizzy! But this product, I love so much for my hair! I hope this will work for you. By the way, I loved all of our videos! They were so much fun to watch! I have similar hair problems…. It must have been agony to try to do anything with your hair during those early start times.

And you know, I still think a bun is very chic, but for me it gets boring. I did the brazilian keratin treatment — which leaves some curls, nice!! She also gave me a brush black bristles for ethnic hair that I use to slick my hair back sometimes so the bun is more sleek looking. Whenever I get depressed about my hair often! My equivalent to your bun: curly hair braid! I am way too busy lazy to do anything else with it.

I have curly hair and hated it all my life until I figured out it might just fit me… I figured it out seeing myself on video.. So you might want to join your curly hair. I would highly recommend Aveda shampoo and curl enhancer. Do you think you have problems? Yes fun but not practical at all if you work in a serious office. So, my advice??? I never use a brush when blow drying my hair. Only my fingers. It gives the hair more natural movement and shape, which from what you say here, is what you are looking for, only a better version of natural :.

I have almost your exact same hair, so I am right there with you. When you got keratin straightening, though, your hair was extremely straight, right? I get keratin treatments done, but they leave my hair nicely wavy instead! My hair is still wavy and has a healthy amount of volume without being crazy and I feel like myself, but everything is so much more manageable!

I have no time for the blow-drying business either. I understand your problems, trust me. I have impossible hair on another level, like with another issue. But what you need is a good basic hairstyle that suits you, and then a couple of good products to keep it in place. If you have the right basics then you would be able to add product and just let the hair dry naturally.

I suggest Moroccan Oil or Orofluido elixir. I personally think a medium length naturally curly hairstyle will suit you. The brand Oribe has some really good products. Best wishes! You need it longer, so that you have more options in what to do with them we need layers but hate the excessive volume that comes with them when the hair is around our shoulders.

First get a hair cut that will look good in a bun; I know sounds nuts, but tell your hairdresser that you want layers cut so that bits of your hair come out of your bun in a flattering way, something resembling a long layered side swept fringe with longer bits that you can use to keep the shorter ones in check. I have curly hair — a little shorter than yours is currently.

As much as we all want hair texture that we were not born with I truly believe we look best when we embrace what we have. First, you need the right hair cut. Second, you already know about good haircare products for reducing frizz and keeping your hair well conditioned. Third, I highly recommend washing your hair at night before bed and letting it dry while you sleep. A miracle texture occurs! Your hair is beautiful but if you want it frizz free I can show you an easy technique that will get it soft and silky in 10 minutes without the classic blowdrying!

I can relate to your problem, i have the same kind of hair, only longer. Every time I go to the hairdressers I swear to myself: from this day on I will style my hair like they did at the salon, it seems easy and it looks soooo nice! Actually there is one way I do like to style my hair, by messing it all up! Love your hair! It is awesome. After As much as I adore your curls, I can also totally understand what you are carving for. Towel dry your hair then add an orange size amount of styling mousse, brush thoroughly, so that the mousse is distributed well.

Blow dry with a paddle brush, nothing fancy, just that the hair is dry for the next step. Then start splitting your hair in big sections, min cm, starting at the neck, working upwards. Take the neck section an grab a piece of hair in the width of your roller btw. Do so with the rest of your hair, working your way from neck, to crow, to forehead and temples. Let the rollers set until they become cold. Then remove the curlers and use a really really wide styling comb, to comb through the hair.

I know it may sound like a hassle, but once you get the twist, you will have the rollers set up in less then 15 min. Maybe you could give this a go at your salon of choice. But if I blow dry before bed, although not sleek in the morning it is kind of straight with lots of volume, then its easier to straighten with irons or looks good in a pony tail, sort of a big pony with oomph but not frizzy or curly……the rest of the time….

I just stick it in a bun! Blowdrying is so hard with curly hair. My wind machine is so chic. It is stainless steel and more beautiful than any possible air conditioner, and my favorite part is that it dries my hair better than any blow dryer. The cold air makes your hair so much softer than any blowdryer. It somehow only takes minutes to do my entire head, since I pretty much just rotate in front of the giant windy machine, while stroking and arranging my hair. I love your hair Garance, I love the messy bun look. If you want to a natural look you can try morocan oil.

Its very easy you put it in your hair and scrunch it, leaving it looking more put together. Or you can use it in conjunction with blow drying. I have very curly frizzy hair too and it works well for me. I love your hair, Garance!!! I have similar hair and have found myself addicted to The Dry Bar! They have opened several in NY. They also show cute movies and serve wine during your service! I love your hair, Garance! You always look beautiful. I highly recommend it! You get a blow out, a little head massage, and wine while you can watch a movie! This post of yours so made me laugh, because I and most girls can totally relate!

But honestly, Garance, I love your hair and your whole style. The natural curls and whisps are spectaculor and add to your persona which is so intriguing and ever-so captivating! And one thing that inspires me about you is that you laugh so much and seem not to take yourself too seriously. I just love that. Your hair is beautiful! And the bun is very stylish!! I think everyone will agree! You look great, just as yourself. I just gave up last weekend. Though, a bun is out of the question ;. The only way I can deal with it is to have my stylist take out some bulk with the razor cut into it horizontally and it lets it get wavy and piece-y when I air dry it.

That technique has saved my life and saved time fussing with it. And I think it always look good. You will feel your best. All it needs is the right cut. I am in NY if you need a recommendation- but from reading your blog, I can see you are well connected!

Cruising in Style

That will be a problem when I run out! Dear Garance, I really like your curly hair! Have you ever tried to dry it using a hair diffuser? It makes the curls look better and gives the hair a beautiful volume. Hope it was helpful! Love you and your work! Xoxo from Brazil! Definitely agree with Elo! Now, I became my own expert, I finish brushing my hair in around 15 minutes in the mornings : The important thing is to start brushing when the hair is still humid, but NOT wet! I suggest these treats too. My brother and I have course, thick curly hair.

Stay true to the curl! I think if you cut it shorter it would be easier to manage. My best recommendation: kerastase shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, semi di lino cristalli liquidi simply the best ever!!! Try it, Garance, and report back! Sam regarda Charlie, dans son embarras et par politesse, se tourner vers son bloc-notes et se racler la gorge.

Sam regarda la femme le montrer du doigt. La jeune femme ricana. Charlie agita les bras en vain. Il regarda Sam traverser le magasin en tenant le papillon captif entre ses mains. She had been promised a visit to the park. This place was the complete opposite of the park she knew all about opposites and this was most definitely an opposite.

It was dark and smelt weird and her new sneakers stuck to the dirty carpet. She was not happy and showed her dad this by staring at her sneakers. She loved her new sneakers. They were purple and lit up with sparkles of colour every time she took a step. She liked to imagine she was walking on stars. It made her sad. Her new sneakers were for running and sliding and jumping and most definitely not for sticking to dirty carpet.

He had been promising to take her to the park for ages now but there was always an excuse; he was busy or tired or it was raining or he had one of those headaches he always seemed to have. So she did. She was wearing her new sneakers but this was not the park. Ruby knew all about bargains and so far she had done her bit but her dad was letting her down. Like those times Jake would want to make a bargain with their lunches and she would end up swapping a chocolate chip cookie for an apple. Yes, Ruby knew all about unfair bargains. She was terrible at keeping secrets and she was terrible at being quiet.

He stared. She pulled her hair over her face and peered at him through the fine curtain. He smiled at her, a toothless smile that made her stomach feel like it was full of angry, mean butterflies. She stuck her tongue out at him, even though she knew it was rude, and got a mouthful of hair. Ruby removed herself from the jacket and tried to see what he was seeing. She followed his gaze to the other side of the room, to a table tucked in the corner behind which sat a woman with messy hair and dark eyes. She had her elbows on the table and one foot resting on the chair in front of her.

Ruby looked at the woman at the table again and wondered whether she had put her dad under some spell. Maybe she was a witch. Maybe she had frozen him to the spot with her dark, magical eyes. Maybe she had stolen his voice box. It felt like they had been here for a long time. Finally, her dad was looking at her. She pulled her hair over her face. Ruby had never seen her dad look so small but right there, right in front of her, it looked as if he had lost all his air — like the last balloon at a birthday party, sad and unwanted.

She was sure that woman was a witch. An air-stealing witch. It made those mean butterflies start doing laps in her stomach again. She took a deep breath and let her sneakers take her on a sticky star walk across the galaxy to the witch at the table in the corner. Melinda needed another drink. She got up from the table, steadied herself and took a step towards the bar.

Suddenly, right under her feet was a little girl wearing sneakers that flashed like police lights. Melinda winced as the girl said something in a loud, high-pitched voice. She pushed past the little thing to get to the bar. Ruby turned at looked at her dad and shrugged her shoulders. She told herself she was most definitely OK but somehow all those angry, mean butterflies escaped and burst from her eyes and her nose and her mouth and suddenly she was crying.

Ruby never cried. Ruby knew all about crying. Melinda tried to ignore the scene in front of her and ordered a double. She gulped it down. She ordered another. Ruby watched her father refill with air and rush toward her. As he hugged her she felt butterflies disappear. Sam wanted to reply but the words got caught somewhere between his lungs and voice box and there they stayed, lodged in his chest, bringing tears to his eyes.

Before he could stop it one escaped and rolled triumphantly down his cheek. Sam hated his job. He had been planning to resign the very moment he started. But she had told him it was only temporary and she had meant it. Of course she had meant it. The fluorescent lights flickered and hummed. He watched a determined moth knock itself senseless against the plastic light fitting. He was always doing that; talking to no one in particular. The ding-dong customer alert could be misleading at times. Sam was always vacuuming — he felt more like a cleaner than a sales assistant.

The ding-dong customer alert continued to ding-dong and alert as the young couple stood, confused and unsure, in the entrance to the store. Charlie fixed his tie, popped a mint in his mouth and grabbed a clipboard. Customers respond to that sort of thing. Charlie stood up and tucked his shirt in; his ever-increasing beer-belly clearly took offence to the constraints of business wear.

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His sizeable belly constantly pulled his shirt away from his pants, burst belt buckles, popped buttons. He blamed manufacturing, the drycleaner, his wife but never the beer, fried food and copious amounts of cream and jam donuts that filled his morning tea ritual. Sam would push out his belly at home and warn her that he too could look like that one day.

Charlie took up his suit jacket from the back of his chair and slowly put it on. Sam blamed the fluorescent lights; Charlie blamed the economy, the competition, himself. The ding-dong customer alert continued to ding-dong — happy that it had the opportunity to announce real customers rather than those pesky ghosts who persisted in shopping for furniture despite the fact they were dead. The young couple scanned the store from the comfort of the welcome mat Charlie said customers respond to that sort of thing, it made the store welcoming because it said as much on the mat and then whispered quietly to each other.

It looked as if they were plotting their getaway. Sam knew what the flapping arms meant: Stay away from the customers. He had told her he was not cut out for customer service and she just laughed that laughed and told him it was only temporary. He watched Charlie convince the couple to extract themselves from the welcome mat and take a wander around the store.

Charlie would be their guide. Their friend. Their assistant. The couple looked as dazed and confused as the moth who continued to knock himself against the light fitting. Sam wondered whether they too had simply been drawn in by the fluorescent lights. He remembered visits to stores like this. Why could he only remember the fights? Sam watched as the couple contemplated the queen-sized mattress. They looked like oversized dolls, lying shoulder to shoulder, shoes on, arms by their sides, stiff and disinterested as Charlie pointed out the miracles of the foam, the springs, the stitching.

Sam watched as the man gently brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. Sam watched as she cupped his face. Sam watched as Charlie, in discomfort and politeness, referred to the clipboard and cleared his throat. Sam watched the tender scene unfold whilst the moth thumped against the fluorescent lights that hummed overhead. Sam watched as the woman told the man they were being watched. Sam watched as the woman pointed him out. Sam remembered how she lay like that; she had looked like a tiny, porcelain doll upon the mattress, arms by her side, stiff and disinterested.

On their backs, shoulder to shoulder, arms by her side he had picked up one of her delicate hands and kissed it, he had cupped her face in his hands, he had called her name, he had stroked her hair, he had called the nurse, he had said goodbye. He had known it was coming even though she had insisted, every step of the way, that it was only temporary — the hair-loss and the injections and the vomit and waiting rooms …. The young man stormed towards Sam. The young woman sneered. Charlie flapped his arms uselessly. Sam continued to watch and blink and breathe and listen to the dull thump of the hapless moth.

The man moved in close to Sam, his warm breath smelling like fast food and sugary energy drinks. Charlie stood on the welcome mat, flapping his arms uselessly in time with sound of the ding-dong. Not today. Charlie watched as Sam stood on the desk, reached up to the light and gently cupped the moth in his hands. He watched as Sam slowly made his way across the store with the moth cradled in the cage of his hands. He heard the ding-dong customer alert as Sam tenderly released the moth into the parking lot.

Sam stood, a lone figure on a welcome mat, and watched the moth flutter and fly until he could see it no more. I like how they look in the fruit bowl. I consider decorative, plastic avocado. The people below come home. Humming softly. Or fighting. They fight a lot.

In the mornings there are post-it notes of desperate, passionate love on their front door. In the evenings torn post-it notes of despair litter the parking lot. Sad confetti. The possums fight. Or have sex. Or both. I wonder if they take their cues from the people who live below. The people above move furniture around all night.