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The majority of lessons in ethnic minority schools, where teaching should be carried out in the native language, are therefore given in two languages. Thus, of the 12 Lithuanian ethnic minority schools the Polish Government will leave only three, while pupils from the closed schools will be transferred to Polish schools. It follows that matters concerning education in minority languages fall within the competence of national authorities and should therefore be addressed at national level.

Avser kommissionen att protestera kraftfullt mot Israels behandling av palestinska barn? Children are taken from their homes in the middle of the night by heavily armed soldiers, are hand-tied and blindfolded and taken to a police station. They are denied food and water and subjected to interrogation, during which they suffer physical and mental abuse, without the presence of a lawyer or family members. Unicef also published a list of 38 recommendations that could improve the situation.

The points made include recommendations that arrests should be conducted during daylight, that information should be provided concerning the reasons for the arrest, that the use of hand-tying and blindfolding should be prohibited and that interrogations should take place in the presence of a lawyer or family member. In light of this frightening Unicef report, can the Commission answer the following questions:. Does it intend to demand that Israel follow the 38 recommendations put forward by Unicef?

Does it intend to suspend the trade agreement with Israel until further notice, as it is now clear that, with this treatment of children, Israel is committing a serious violation of human rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child? The EU has repeatedly voiced its concerns about the treatment of Palestinian children in the Israeli judicial and detention system. Palestinian minors do not enjoy the same level of protection as is provided for under Israel's Youth Law or required by international law.

The new military order No. The EU has repeatedly conveyed its concerns about these practices in the framework of its regular political and human rights dialogue with Israel. The report will also provide information on the outcomes of the implementation of the directive. The report will be based on the European Commission's analysis of the implementation of the directive supported by two studies carried out for the Commission, on the consumer credit market and on the regulatory choices made by the Member States when implementing the directive.

The information campaign will be launched in Spain, Ireland and Malta before summer , and subsequently in Cyprus. This may include policy advice for improving competition in product and services markets such as regulated professions or construction , further reducing the tax burden on labour or simplifying employment legislation. The Commission makes a proposal for the Council for policy advice to Member States and to the euro area as a whole.

The Commission monitors the implementation of the policy advice throughout the year. The assessment of policy reforms in each Member State is included in the Staff Working Documents that accompany the Commission's proposal for policy advice for the following year. In preparation of this assessment, the Commission is contact with Member States, to collect data and information.

The final recommendations are adopted by the Council, which is under the responsibility to explain in public, for example in economic dialogue with the European Parliament, the motivation of the changes which it has introduced to the Commission proposals. The Commission formulates policy advice with concrete measures and deadlines for the policy steps. To what extent will the changes bring about the increases described? Has a numerical estimate of these increases been made? The number of client contacts and the resulting placements and recruitments are expected to increase thanks to the extension of the EURES network to new actors and the expanded basis for matching that will follow from that.

No numerical estimates have been made. The programming and monitoring cycle that is being established will include common indicators to measure outputs and outcomes. Moreover, Member States will be invited to share in the network other information available at national level, in particular with public employment services, on results relating to mobility, including of a qualitative nature.

The revamped and improved EURES portal will be introduced to the public gradually, in several steps, from the end of and over the coming years, according to a project plan that was established in cooperation with the EURES network. The aim of the Commission is to start the exchange of information in accordance with this framework as from calendar year However, my question concerned not only those who may still be able to take part but also those who are excluded from new technologies and are likely to remain so.

It is therefore important to know in what way services will continue to be made accessible to them in the future. Does the Commission not agree that the interests of those who are less able to use the Internet should be considered and that their access to services and communication should not be limited in practical terms? Is it aware of, or prepared to evaluate, the levels of information exclusion in the European Union and the risk of excluding the elderly from active participation in the public arena and from social interaction using this network? The Commission agrees all citizens should have equitable access to key services in society.

The Commission has no evidence that citizens are excluded from existing off-line services or will be so in the near future , because of the introduction of online versions of these services. To guarantee the availability of off-line services in the public domain, or preventing increase of exclusion from these, falls under responsibility of the Member States.

The Commission through Eurostat regularly monitors the evolution in Internet use in the Member States including by older people, which is a key source of information for further policy development. The Commission is looking forward to continue working with the European Parliament and the Council on this issue. Will the proposal significantly improve data protection and the ability of the competent authorities and subjects of breached data to protect themselves adequately and swiftly against such breaches? At present, EU-wide harmonised rules on the notification of personal data breaches exist only for providers of electronic communications services e.

This obligation is laid down in the revised ePrivacy Directive, which has been implemented into the national law of all Member States. Ultimately this should give individuals more trust in the digital environment and provide enhanced legal certainty for business. Rules for commercial air transport with hot-air balloons, i. Consultations with the Members States on the proposed measure are coming to an end. In both cases, Member States will have up to three years to transition from national to EU standards. Therefore, the Commission intends to put forward a proposal for its revision.

What support has it received from Member States, Universities, cultural institutions and civil society? Estas incluem regras de higiene e listas de ingredientes autorizados, incluindo os aditivos. O Regulamento CE n. Is there not a serious risk that prior to slaughter these animals may have ingested products that could be harmful to humans? They include hygiene rules and lists of allowed ingredients including additives. Moreover, the responsibility for enforcing food chain legislation lies with Member States, which are required to establish a system of official controls to verify compliance by operators with requirements deriving therefrom.

The Commission monitors delivery by the Member States of their control duties, including through on-the-spot audits. In the case referred to, the official controls systems established by the Member States allowed them to identify violations of applicable rules. So far, there is no reason to believe that the official controls systems established in Member States are ineffective. The same goes for the controls the Commission carries out to verify those systems. No entanto, paralelamente, podem ser utilizadas outras vias. As illegal downloads and file sharing are ever increasing and are threatening intellectual property rights and the survival of the industry, what additional measures will the Commission take to reduce these practices?

Bearing in mind national courts and tribunals, how can online piracy best be tackled? Does the Commission have an alternative proposal, should the European Court consider that ACTA violates any of the abovementioned basic rights? The Commission has the right of initiative to propose measures at EU level in the field of intellectual property, including therefore measures against illegal downloading and file sharing. These actions include the stakeholder dialogue Licences for Europe to help find practical solutions to enhance legal access to creative content online.

National courts and tribunals have the primary responsibility in applying national law. However, there can also be other remedies which can be run in parallel. Currently, the Commission is reviewing the results of its online public consultation on civil IP enforcement.

It is considering a communication explaining whether and, if so, how it might adjust the current legislation in the IP enforcement field. Will the Commission create an information point where central, regional and local governments can find out about EU preservation and maintenance funds and projects as the Portuguese media has shown it is unaware of such support? The conservation and preservation of cultural heritage is the responsibility of individual Member States.

Through its Culture Programme , the Commission provides support to cultural cooperation projects, including in the field of cultural heritage, involving operators from different Member States. Local and regional authorities can participate. In its proposal for the new Creative Europe programme , the Commission will continue to provide such support. In addition, the Commission actively supports other actions seeking to highlight European cultural heritage, such as the European Heritage Days, jointly managed with the Council of Europe, the European Heritage Label and the European Union Prize for Cultural heritage.

The future Creative Europe programme will also provide such assistance through a network of Creative desks that will be established. Will the Commission present any further special schemes for tackling youth unemployment using EU funds? Will the Commission reassess the Portuguese proposal to use co-financing to pay for voluntary redundancies?

Special early retirement schemes are not part of the Package. In addition to the YEI, the Commission proposal for the ESF Regulation for the forthcoming programming period includes a dedicated ESF investment priority for the sustainable labour-market integration of young people who are neither in employment nor in education or training NEETs. Member States with high youth unemployment rates are expected to identify young unemployed persons and. The Commission will carefully analyse and monitor the Portuguese requalification scheme that was announced as part of the measures in the framework of the public expenditure review.

While the details of this measure are still unknown, as a general rule the ESF can be used to finance professional reorientation, retraining and reskilling. In any event, ESF financing must contribute to enhance employability of those who have taken part in reskilling courses. The ESF cannot finance redundancies, whether or not these are voluntary. Is the Commission aware that some Member States consider the College qualifications as post graduate rather than. Given that the aim of the qualifications Directive, in force since , is to eliminate inconsistencies as well as this kind of confusion about the qualifications awarded to European nationals, will the Commission take any action with these Member States?

Does it agree that students are to some extent misled as they only become aware of this issue after they have completed the academic year? Masters degrees delivered by the College of Europe are officially recognised by the Flemish Government, and are equivalent to fully recognised Master's degrees issued by a Flemish university. However, it is not always easy for students to have their qualifications recognised in another country for the purposes of further study.

Building trust between systems is a key step in facilitating recognition. The College of Europe clearly states its policy and application modalities in advance of its selection process. The Commission also stated that it would follow this issue closely. The Government's decision to reimburse new beneficiaries of free justice for the fees paid is insufficient, since reimbursement ought to cover all those who have paid fees that have now been recognised as excessive and disproportionate.

An excessive fee can however constitute a restriction that impairs the very essence of a person's fundamental right to be heard by a court. The excessive nature of a fee should be assessed in light of all the relevant elements of the legislation establishing such a fee, including the possible exemptions for persons eligible for legal aid. The amount of the fees varies across Member States. The current funding arrangements for the French CNC National Cinematography Centre will have to change and revised arrangements are now under negotiation.

In anticipation of this reform, some French regions have quite simply suspended all regional aid to the industry, leaving an entire sector in disarray. This could nullify years of efforts to develop the audiovisual sector in certain parts of the country. Progress is now urgently needed on the issue of state funding for the film industry. Can the Commission now provide a date for the publication of the communication on state aid to the film industry? Which of its proposals can be revealed now, so that local authorities can adapt to the new situation and start providing funding again?

The Commission underlines that, regardless of the date of adoption of the new Cinema communication, Member States are obliged to inform the Commission of aid schemes in advance. Once the new Cinema communication is adopted, Member States will be asked to confirm either that their schemes are in line with the new rules or that they will adapt their schemes accordingly within a year.

The Commission notes that, despite the information from the Honourable Member that French regional film support schemes have suspended making payments while waiting for the new Cinema communication to be adopted by the Commission, it continues to receive and approve notifications of film support schemes, including from France.

Will Adams

What specific measures have been taken to date by the European Union and Member States to protect privately-owned listed buildings making up their architectural heritage? What other incentives and similar measures referred to in the Granada Convention are being envisaged and implemented in respect of privately-owned listed buildings and scheduled monuments? Finally, what penalties will it impose on Member States failing to meet their obligations towards the private owners of such properties, who clearly receive less favourable treatment than their counterparts in other Member States as a result?

For example, the Commission supports cultural cooperation activities at European level within the framework of its Culture Programme. However, the European Union does not have any competence in the field of listing cultural heritage to be protected nor to edict specific measures for its protection. The listing, upkeep, protection, conservation and renovation of cultural heritage are primarily national responsibilities as are related policy measures, such as tax concessions, grants, subsidies or penalties.

However, more reports have emerged showing that state sanctioned violence and oppression of minorities in Burma are rife, with a video uncovered by the BBC which shows a mob attacking Muslims in the town of Meikhtila, while police stood and watched without intervening. This occurred in the same region where just last month 40 people were killed and 12 displaced as a result of civil unrest directed at Rohingya Muslims.

A report by Human Rights Watch released this week details how government authorities destroyed mosques, conducted violent mass arrests and blocked aid to displaced Muslims following similar sectarian violence last year. How will the Commission measure the effectiveness of lifting sanctions, and what does it consider to be a successful outcome? Under what circumstances would the Commission begin this evaluation? While recognising remaining significant challenges, including the need for the Government to address the status and welfare of the Rohingyas, this decision was taken in response to the positive changes that have taken place and in the expectation that they will continue.

Would the Commission clarify what actions are being taken to put a stop to human trafficking in Moldova and to bring Moldovan laws and the penalties imposed by the Moldovan judiciary into line with EU standards? The EU anti-trafficking policy takes a comprehensive approach focusing on prevention, protection, prosecution, and the developing partnerships with the various actors involved, including partners within the European Neighborhood Policy ENP , where Moldova is a partner country.

A joint EU-Moldova ENP Action Plan lays out the strategic objectives including fight against organised crime and addressing trafficking in human beings. As regards judicial cooperation, the legislative framework in the area of mutual legal assistance is largely in place. The EU together with other international institutions are working together in projects on awareness raising campaigns focusing on recruitment to trafficking in human beings in Moldova. Sebbene l'ex Primo ministro Salam Fayyad abbia condannato il terrorismo, due anni fa ha ordinato di triplicare gli stipendi per i militanti incarcerati.

Anche il Parlamento norvegese ha sollevato la questione, essendo codesto paese uno dei principali donatori a beneficio dell'AP. Although former Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has condemned terrorism, two years ago he ordered salaries for imprisoned militants to be tripled. The Commission is aware that the Palestinian Authority PA has a system of allowances provided to prisoners and their families, which has been in place for a number of years and which is adjusted from time to time.

In the event that any such names appear, they are removed from the list of beneficiaries. This exercise is carried out with every payment request. Oggetto: La Commissione vigili attivamente sulle banche tedesche. Inoltre la Commerz, banca privata tedesca ma con un capitale per un quarto pubblico, ha ottenuto 35 miliardi di sovvenzioni statali, cifra pari al doppio di quanto richiesto dal default cipriota e pari a 5 volte la sua capitalizzazione in Borsa.

La Commissione non ritiene che il sistema bancario tedesco violi i principi del libero mercato, godendo del sostegno pubblico e di un rating falsato dalla loro natura pubblicistica? La Commissione monitora regolarmente i settori bancari degli Stati membri. Most German banks enjoy an AAA credit rating due to the fact that they are publicly owned, thereby creating a distortion in market perception.

Does the Commission not agree that the German banking system is infringing the principle of the free market, by enjoying public support and a credit rating that is distorted by the public ownership of the banks? The Commission routinely monitors the banking sectors of Member States. The supervision of banks, however, both on an individual and systemic level is the purview of the national authorities, with the assistance of the European Banking Authority and the European Systemic Risk Board. Oggetto: La Commissione renda illegale il bisfenolo A nelle confezioni per gli alimenti. Il maggior uso di questa sostanza si riferisce in effetti al confezionamento di alimenti, soprattutto le bottiglie d'acqua.

L'esposizione a tale sostanza agisce principalmente sui feti, che svilupperebbero un rischio di cancro elevato, e sulle donne, con conseguenze sull'apparato riproduttivo. La Commissione ritiene opportuno rendere illegale l'impiego dei composti che includono il bisfenolo A utilizzati a scopo di conservazione alimentare? La Commissione resta in attesa del parere dell'EFSA prima di prendere una decisione in merito all'eventuale revisione dello status del bisfenolo A come materiale a contatto con gli alimenti. However, this substance is mostly used in food packaging, especially water bottles.

Exposure to this substance acts primarily on foetuses, which apparently develop a high risk of cancer, and in women, affecting their reproductive systems.

oslo travel guide the top 10 highlights in oslo globetrotter guide books

Does the Commission not think it might be appropriate to make the use of compounds containing bisphenol A illegal for the purpose of food preservation? L'industria europea utilizza ora prevalentemente la materia prima grezza continentale. Di conseguenza l'approvvigionamento sta diventando difficile, tanto che il settore italiano, ad esempio, sta rifiutando ordini per mancanza di rifornimento. La Commissione segue costantemente i nuovi sviluppi che interessano le restrizioni all'esportazione e adotta misure nei confronti dei paesi terzi.

The EU leather industry mainly uses European rawhide. Consequently, finding supplies of raw materials is becoming difficult, to the point that in Italy, for instance, the industry is turning away orders for lack of supplies. And as availability decreases, prices increase, causing serious difficulties for companies which, amongst other things, are having their credit cut owing to the banking crisis.

But there has been no sign of action so far and the situation in the sector has instead grown even worse. Does the Commission have any new information on how the crisis in this sector is likely to develop? Has this borne fruit as hoped? Through different trade negotiations, the Commission has achieved important outcomes so that EU tanneries can access affordable raw materials: The concluded negotiations on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Ukraine provides for the elimination of export duties on raw hides and skins.

The study analysed a wide spectrum of labelling harmonisation possibilities: country of origin, social labelling, environmental labelling, animal species and leather authenticity labelling. The overview of potential impacts considered suggested action in the area of authenticity. Oggetto: Commercializzazione illegale del liquore Sambuca. L'allegato II del regolamento CE n. Clearly, practices of this kind are to be condemned as they are contrary to the principles of fair competition and transparency in trade relations. What action will the Commission take at EU level to ensure Member States apply measures and sanctions that are able to curb these abusive practices?

The Commission has very recently become aware of the trade practices alluded to by the Honourable Member. The ban on the sale of land to foreign nationals in Lithuania will cease to apply in The worry is that foreign land purchases will make it even more difficult for Lithuanian farmers to set up in business and expand their farms: farmers have, indeed, been opposed for some years to the idea that foreigners should be allowed to acquire land in Lithuania.

That is why Lithuanian farmers believe that the ban on foreign land purchases in Lithuania should remain in force for the duration of the transitional period laid down for the purpose of aligning direct payments. This temporary derogation is not linked to developments in direct payments to Lithuanian farmers or in the multiannual financial framework. The Act of Accession also foresaw a possibility to extend the transitional period for up to a maximum of three years.

The Commission has no competence to further prolong this extension. En efecto, la finalidad del control de las ayudas estatales realizado por la UE es evaluar si la ayuda es necesaria y, de serlo, minimizar cualquier falseamiento de la competencia que de ella se derive. It will be a clear opportunity to make more money. The senior executive of Banco Santander also predicted that the sector would be shaped by some seven or eight banks at the end of the adjustment process. Does the Commission not think that granting state aid to banks might unduly distort competition?

Does the Commission believe that this concentration and restriction on the number of banks might reduce competition and lead to abuses of dominant position? Does the Commission not think that this concentration of the Spanish banking sector might be detrimental to consumers? The Commission concurs with the statement that state aid to banks may unduly distort competition.

Institutional Offers

It is indeed the role of EU State aid control to assess whether aid is necessary and if it is, to minimise any ensuing distortions of competition. In Spain's case, the aid to banks was necessary to restore confidence in the financial sector and avoid a deeper systemic financial crisis.

Given the proportionally high amount of state aid received, the three nationalised banks must undergo very deep restructuring. As a result of those measures, at the end of the restructuring processes, those banks will be smaller in scope and size and hence exert a less distortive effect on competition.

Other measures have been also imposed on the banks, such as bans on aggressive marketing and acquisition bans. While the Commission monitors developments in the market, it is not in the Commission's competence to speculate on Banco Santander's predictions. Concentration and restriction of the number of banks may reduce competition and potentially lead to abuses of a dominant position, harming consumers. However, effective instruments of antitrust and merger control are in place, exercised by the national competition authorities as well as by the Commission, in order to prevent such situations.

This has led to disciplinary proceedings for 11 of the 19 banking institutions issuing preference shares. In addition, some banks, such as Bankia, have marketed preference shares at a premium and without the necessary investment information. Does the Commission plan to introduce stricter rules on the marketing of complex, high-risk financial products to retail investors and on the information that investment companies should provide to their clients, especially when it comes to the most vulnerable consumers who lack even the most basic knowledge of financial matters?

Does the Commission believe that current consumer protection laws have been breached where subscription contracts containing unlawful and misleading clauses have been signed, and that these contracts should therefore be declared null and void? The two proposals are under negotiation in the European Parliament and the Council. As far as the sale of the above financial products is concerned, it is for the competent Spanish authorities and courts to ensure that all the relevant consumer protection legislation was adhered to when these sales were carried out.

It also falls under the competence of national courts to decide the consequences of potential violations of national legislation transposing MiFID, including whether contracts should be declared null and void. On the other hand, there will be huge support for projects in Southern Europe. Many applicants now see a link between the external provider and the increased allotting of funding to Southern European projects.

Can the Commission ensure that projects are selected in accordance with transparent selection criteria and that the relevant funding is fairly distributed and how does it intend to guarantee this? Why is it that German projects are no longer receiving funding? The applicants also included a number of German projects that would have been successful in previous years. What is the reason for the increased support for Southern European projects and why should other countries go without funding?

The full responsibility for the management of the selection process lies in the hands of the European Commission. The Commission uses contractors in this process for assistance of a technical nature, and the contractors are selected through a competitive and transparent process. Projects are first evaluated on their quality and merits; the geographical distribution mechanism is applied in a subsequent step and only to those projects that reach the minimum quality level set in the call for proposals. Nationality of applicants is not considered in any way during the evaluation of project quality.

Given the relatively low number of German proposals received, an event such as that which occurred this year no proposals selected under a given strand is not statistically aberrant. Such occurrences have happened in the past with other countries and do not indicate any bias in the selection process. During the Second World War, armed conflict between Greece and Italy from took place on Albania territory, occupied at the time by Italy.

The mountain is part of the collective consciousness and memory of Greek citizens as a sacred symbol of the battle against the invasions. Recently, for no apparent reason, Albanians, provoked by unknown persons but clearly tolerated by the authorities, desecrated the area of this mountain where long-standing monuments are erected, displaying disrespect and unbelievable savagery towards a civilised country.

The Commission does not have any accurate information about the specific incidents mentioned by the Honourable Member. Nevertheless, the Commission continues to encourage Albania in all appropriate fora to remain committed to playing a constructive role in the region and promoting cooperation and good neighbourly relations. Albania and Greece have a strong interest to continue their very good cooperation, which should evidently include respect for and protection of cultural monuments and religious sites. In general, the Commission considers that cultural sites and places of historical memory have a vital social and economic importance for the countries and for the local communities in particular.

In this respect, it continues to provide assistance to the region in this area in support of the Ljubljana Process. Special Reports. Every year since , the Office of the United States Trade Representative has drafted a Special Report evaluating the intellectual property rights frameworks of third countries. This action clearly weakens the separation of powers and, therefore, the rule of law. Is the Commission planning to take measures to protect its constitutional pillars in Spain? If so, how will it act should the aforementioned law is implemented?

The Commission would then give its comments on the draft legislation. This, however, has not stopped the Commission providing financial support to the website. What were the tendering arrangements leading to this financial support, and what was the value hereof?

Is financial support ongoing and, if so, what is the annual amount? Can the Commission explain why it has given financial support to develop such a directory to a body whose aim is to promote one particular notarial tradition? Can the Commission explain why it has not imposed any requirements to ensure that the website contains accurate information about all notariats in all 27 EU Member States? What actions will the Commission take to correct the website to reflect the true distribution of notaries in the EU?

The website referred to by the Honourable Member is the intellectual property of the Council of the Notariats of the European Union CNUE and the content of it is its sole responsibility. It was developed by a partnership led by the Slovenian Chamber of Civil Notaries following a successful action grant application submitted under the Specific Programme Civil Justice — Call for Proposals Specific Transnational Projects.

In the operation of the website was included in the work programme of CNUE, for the implementation of which it received financial support following a successful application for an operating grant. The Commission is in contact with the Member States where a notary profession exists, but which are not present in the directory, in order to establish whether the relevant professions would be willing to join the project with the aim of maximising the coverage of the provided service.

De fait, cela ne requiert juridiquement pas l'approbation du Parlement, stricto sensu. However, it is clear that the economic and ecological importance of these talks has significant consequences for EU fisheries. The following questions are intended to establish whether the Commission is going to carry on with its current approach to negotiating fisheries agreements with Norway. In view of the political, economic and ecological importance of these agreements, will the Commission continue to conduct negotiations on fisheries with Norway based on non-binding reports which do not require Parliament to be consulted?

Will the Commission propose a timetable for changing the procedures relating to these agreements so that Parliament is consulted?

Le Naufrage des Nouvelles-Îles - Fondation SCP

If so, can it say what this will consist of? Nevertheless, the Commission will continue to inform Parliament, at regular intervals, of the outcomes of the consultation process. Along the dune-lined coast of Badesi, in the province of Olbia-Tempio, major building works are under way at the Baia delle Mimose resort, the name of the neighbouring tourist village built in the s and s. Oggetto: Intervento dell'UE a tutela della salute dei cittadini. Come intende intervenire la Commissione a tutela della salute dei cittadini europei?

Secondo quanto stabilito dalla decisione n.

Legionellosis is a severe form of respiratory infection caused by Gram-negative bacteria. Moreover, legionellosis is not transmitted from person to person, but by aerosols or contaminated water, so in places where there is an air conditioning, humidification, air treatment or water recirculation system in operation. Does the Commission have any more recent figures on cases of legionellosis in Europe?

The number of notifications per million inhabitants was 9. The Commission is currently preparing a proposal for the revision of the legislation governing the facility to grant state aid to airports. According to the available information, the proposal that is under discussion would result in the decommissioning of the majority of the 36 regional airports located around Sweden. The regions of Sweden that we represent would be seriously affected by this.

Given these circumstances, an effective transport infrastructure is crucial for jobs, growth and employment throughout Sweden. The regional airports are often linked to a local industry, tourism or a university that is entirely dependent on effective communications. Can the Commission promise that the new state aid rules for the aviation sector will respect the special conditions that apply to employment, regional cohesion and growth in sparsely populated EU Member States like Sweden?

The Commission is preparing a proposal for the revision of the current state aid guidelines for airports and airlines. The revised guidelines will have to strike the balance between the need to avoid distortions of competition between airlines and airports on one hand, and on the other hand, the need to take into consideration the importance of regional airports for local development and territorial cohesion.

The current Aviation Guidelines enable Member States to notify state aid to support the financing of airport infrastructure to create and maintain regional airports. In addition, Member States can provide small airports, where new air links are established, with start-up aid in order to attract airlines to set up new routes from there. Granting of social aid for the benefit of certain groups of citizens living in remote areas is also allowed to provide those citizens with air links out of their region.

Finally, Member States may entrust an airport with a mission of general economic interest in compliance with the SGEI package. El caso de Riudaura. One extraction project currently in progress is in the Catalan municipality of Riudaura, where strong public opposition to the use of fracking echoes the concerns of many European citizens. In early documents referring to this technique, the Commission cited as a positive example the deployment of fracking operations in certain regions of the United States, disregarding the fact that this model is not exportable to the European Union due, among other reasons, to the different morphological features of the ground and the possible repercussions on the soil and adjoining aquifers.

Given that it seems the Commission has doubts about the need to ban fracking and has even expressed the view on one occasion that current environmental legislation prevents the potential risks of this practice:. The Commission does not follow in detail specific shale gas exploitation operations in individual locations or regions. Februar S. Die von Herrn Willeke in seinem Buch genannten und in der schriftlichen Anfrage zitierten Zahlen stimmen mit den Angaben, die die Kommission in ihrem Finanzbericht vorgelegt hat s.

How is it possible to ensure that the burden is shared out fairly between the Member States in the long term? The Commission cannot comment on a hypothetical example of recalculating payments by net payers as mentioned in the book. Could the Commission clarify whether it considers a parliamentary assistant, who shares a close mutual trust with his or her Member of Parliament, to be of equal reliability as the MEP in terms of receiving confidential documents?

Achieving a work-life balance remains a major problem for women. According to the statistics, one in three women has to work part-time, compared with just one in 10 men. In light of this, could the Commission provide us with information about the outcome of the exchanges of good practice between Member States in this area of childcare services? An exchange of good practices was organised in on childcare services in Slovenia, results have been published.

J'ai eu l'occasion d'y prendre la parole. Oggetto: Seguito della dichiarazione scritta sull'Epilessia. Infine, la Commissione europea ha deciso di proclamare maggio il Mese europeo del Cervello. La Commissione condivide le preoccupazioni del Parlamento europeo sulla problematica dell'epilessia e sugli oneri che essa comporta, come indicato nella dichiarazione scritta del Superata la fase di valutazione dovrebbero essere selezionati diversi progetti per ottenere un finanziamento.

Betreft: Vervolg op de schriftelijke verklaring over epilepsie. In de schriftelijke verklaring over epilepsie werden onder andere de Commissie en de Raad verzocht om:. Welke maatregelen heeft de Commissie sindsdien genomen om te voldoen aan de richtsnoeren die in de schriftelijke verklaring over epilepsie staan vermeld? Kan de Commissie verder concrete voorbeelden geven van de initiatieven die zij heeft genomen om de belasting van epilepsie in Europa te verminderen? Ten slotte heeft de Commissie besloten om mei tot Europese Maand van de hersenen te maken. Welke initiatieven heeft de Commissie ondernomen om epilepsie te integreren in de Europese Maand van de hersenen, gezien het feit dat epilepsie de op twee na grootste neurologische aandoening in Europa is?

De Commissie deelt de bezorgdheid van het Europees Parlement over epilepsie en de belasting hiervan, als omschreven in haar schriftelijke verklaring van Naar aanleiding van de evaluatie wordt verwacht dat verschillende projecten geselecteerd zullen worden voor financiering. Ik was in de gelegenheid om als spreker op te treden tijdens dit forum, dat gefinancierd werd door het zevende kaderprogramma voor onderzoek.

Aihe: Epilepsiaa koskevan kirjallisen kannanoton seuranta. Kirjallisessa kannanotossa komissiota ja neuvostoa kehotetaan muun muassa:. Amongst other issues, the Written Declaration on Epilepsy called on the Commission and the Council to:. What steps has the Commission taken to comply with the measures outlined in the Written Declaration on Epilepsy since it was passed? Furthermore, could the Commission provide concrete examples of the initiatives it has taken to reduce the burden of epilepsy across Europe? As epilepsy is the third most common neurological disorder in Europe, what initiatives has the Commission taken to integrate epilepsy within the European Month of the Brain?

The Commission shares the European Parliament's concern on epilepsy and its burden, as expressed in its Written Declaration of Several projects are expected to be selected for funding following the evaluation. Horizon , the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is likely to provide further opportunities to support research on brain disorders, including on epilepsy. It will follow a problem-solving approach and will address improving diagnosis, understanding and treating diseases, or promoting integrated care, all areas fully relevant for research on brain disorders.

Oggetto: Violazione del diritto di stabilimento e delle norme sulla concorrenza in Polonia. Il costo complessivo del progetto ammonta a 11,2 milioni di EUR, che il Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale contribuisce a coprire con circa 3,75 milioni. Per quanto concerne la discarica di Spytkowo, nel comune di Gizycko, in Polonia, la Commissione ha ricevuto una denuncia, che sta attualmente esaminando. Does the Commission not believe that this constitutes a breach of the right of establishment and of competition rules?

Neither the preliminary assessment of the complaint referred to below, nor the information presented in the written question point to a potential breach of the right of establishment and of competition rules. The Commission services are currently in the process of assessing the complaint. Das in Europa im Zusammenhang mit der Tollwut bestehende Risiko liegt vor allem darin, dass die Krankheit in bestimmten Gebieten bei wild lebenden fleischfressenden Populationen auftritt.

What information about national action plans is available to the Commission in terms of the measures and funding aimed at combating rabies? The main risk from rabies in Europe, originates from the presence of the disease in wild carnivore populations in certain areas. The Union, financial support to Member State MS wildlife oral vaccination programmes against rabies to combat the disease provides since This has led to the gradual eradication of the disease from most of the Member States in the following years.

The supported measures include the purchase and the aerial distribution of oral vaccines as well as laboratory tests. Oggetto: Conversione di chiese turche in moschee. La sentenza costituisce un precedente che potrebbe significare che tutte le chiese e sinagoghe storiche, sono davanti al rischio di essere trasformate in moschee. Tuttavia a Trebisonda, non mancano le moschee, e mentre la Direzione degli Affari religiosi ha la seconda dotazione di bilancio dopo quella militare, non sono stati spesi soldi per la manutenzione delle chiese e delle sinagoghe del paese.

Sulla base della succitata decisione, la direzione generale per le Fondazioni ha classificato la sede del museo di Hagia Sofia come moschea e ha chiesto la nomina di un imam. This ruling sets a precedent that could mean that all historic churches and synagogues face the risk of being transformed into mosques. In the assessment of EU officials, what role could this case play as a precedent for the conversion of other historic Turkish churches and synagogues?

Is the Commission prepared to raise this issue with the Turkish Prime Minister, and have they addressed it in the past? As soon as it will receive appropriate clarification from the Turkish Government, the Commission will provide a follow-up answer. On the basis of information received from the Turkish authorities, the Commission understands that Turkish courts have decided that the owner of the Hagia Sofia Museum building in Trabzon is the Directorate-General for Foundations and not the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The legal case was launched by the Directorate-General for Foundations a few years ago. Upon this decision, the Directorate-General for Foundations declared the Hagia Sofia Museum building as a mosque and requested the appointment of an imam. The Commission also intends to raise with the Turkish authorities the issue of the conversion into a mosque of the Hagia Sofia Museum in Trabzon. Oggetto: Aumento della produzione di oppio in Afghanistan.

Gli alti ricavi per gli agricoltori spingono verso l'alto la produzione. Il rapporto delle Nazioni Unite afferma anche che gli sforzi internazionali per combattere la produzione di tali colture hanno avuto scarso successo. Per il periodo , quale sostegno ha dato la Commissione alla polizia nazionale afghana per combattere il traffico di droga e quali successi ha ottenuto fino ad oggi la forza nel limitare il traffico di stupefacenti in Afghanistan? Quali passi ha recentemente effettuato la Commissione, in cooperazione con altri organismi internazionali per impegnarsi nell'eradicare le coltivazioni da oppio in Afghanistan?

Sales of the crop help to finance criminal gangs, and the production is highest in the south of the country where NATO ISAF forces are in the process of leaving. High prices for farmers are pushing up production. The UN report also states that international efforts to combat crop production have had little success.

In light of the expected increase in opium production in Afghanistan over the next year, what steps is the Commission prepared to take, in cooperation with UNODC, to work on targeting key regions of Afghanistan which are noted for their production of opium? For the period , what support has the Commission given to the Afghan National Police to combat drug trafficking and what success has the force achieved to date in curtailing the narcotics trade inside Afghanistan?

What recent steps has the Commission taken in cooperation with other international bodies to engage in opium eradication in Afghanistan? What is the assessment of EU officials regarding the reported inefficiency of international efforts to stamp out opium production in Afghanistan, as highlighted in the aforementioned UN report?

EU funding includes support for: water and natural resources; animal health; seed and horticulture; strengthening of rural local communities, also the funding of an in-depth study on Opium Economy. The IfS is supporting capacity building for trans-regional cooperation. Recent data confirm that the Afghan Counter Narcotics Police has become increasingly effective in seizing trafficked goods.

The upcoming Cooperation Agreement will contain substantial provisions on Counter Narcotic, reflecting the need for a long-term commitment and the issues of organised crime and money laundering. Drug trafficking is to remain so within the new EU Policy cycle Oggetto: Presunta presenza di piombo nel riso importato. Neonati e bambini che consumano codesti risi potrebbero essere esposti al piombo a livelli da 30 a 60 volte superiori al limite di sicurezza tollerabile, quale stabilito dalla US Food and Drug Administration FDA. La rivista Time ha riferito che l'FDA utilizza un parametro per la contaminazione noto come PTTI dose totale di assunzione tollerabile che rappresenta il livello massimo di esposizione a una sostanza prima che possa avere effetti potenzialmente tossici o avversi sulla salute.

Tuttavia, i ricercatori della Monmouth University hanno trovato i livelli di piombo nel riso esaminato da volte superiori a dieci volte il PTTI. Grandi tracce sono state rinvenute anche nelle importazioni da Thailandia, Bhutan, India, Italia e Repubblica ceca. Molti anni fa il piombo era stato eliminato dalla benzina venduta nell'UE, al fine di evitare l'esposizione a siffatte sostanze tossiche. Quali passi sta attualmente effettuano la Commissione per monitorare i livelli di piombo nel riso europeo esportato e nel riso importato da paesi in questione, come la Cina e Taiwan?

Il regolamento CE n. I lavori futuri utilizzeranno l'ultima relazione EFSA per riesaminare alcuni dei tenori massimi vigenti. On April 11 a number of news sources reported that analysis by researchers at Monmouth University, New Jersey, has shown that rice from Asia, Europe and South America contains dangerous toxic amounts of lead, ranging from 6 to 12 milligrams per kilo. This represents the maximum level of exposure to a substance before potentially toxic or adverse health effects might occur. For chemical toxicants to be considered a health risk, the level of contamination must be ten times the PTTI.

However, the researchers at Monmouth University found the lead levels in the rice examined to be two to twelve times higher than ten times the PTTI. This indicates a level of contamination that can almost certainly cause adverse health effects. Rice from Taiwan and China contained the highest levels of lead. Rice becomes contaminated when it is harvested and planted, as either the soil or the water used for irrigation is contaminated. Exposure to lead can affect the cognitive development of children and stunt their growth, while among adults it can cause kidney damage, heart disease and calcium deficiency.

What steps is the Commission currently taking to monitor lead levels in exported European rice and in rice imported from countries affected, such as China and Taiwan? Is the Commission concerned about the possibility that the consumption of lead-contaminated rice has already had adverse health effects within EU Member States? The importance of these food commodities of course varies between age groups due to different consumption patterns.

Future work will use the last EFSA report to review some of these existing maximum levels. Finally, the cited paper of the Monmouth University study is recalled by the author due to conflicting results. A number of international organisations, including the European Union, have been working tirelessly since then to help the Haitian people. Much has been achieved in that time: countless lives have been saved and housing has been found for most of the people who were previously living in makeshift camps. Huge challenges remain, of course, but the country is steadily being rebuilt.

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One significant problem has still to be addressed, however: the management of humanitarian and development aid, particularly that provided by the European Union. The EU, consisting in this case of the Commission and the Member States, is now the largest provider of humanitarian aid for development in Haiti. The Commission also works with international organisations to set up specific rebuilding projects. The Commission allocates large sums to these organisations, which they can then use to help rebuild the country.

However, major problems have come to light in connection with the monitoring of the use of these funds, transparency and aid effectiveness. One striking example is provided by UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme, which is not subject to scrutiny and can thus act in whatever way it chooses. It is vital that all funds allocated for reconstruction in Haiti should be used for that purpose alone. Every effort must be made to ensure maximum transparency in this area. What steps has the Commission taken in response to the own-initiative report drawn up by the Committee on Budgetary Control rapporteur: Martin Ehrenhauser on the budgetary control of EU humanitarian aid managed by ECHO?

This complements the existing set-up of checks and controls of humanitarian operations currently in place, including strict selection and quality control mechanisms for partners, strict needs based systems for the identification of the actions to be funded, close project monitoring through field network worldwide, external evaluations and regular assessment of partners and financial audits.

Es ist nicht klar, wo das Interview stattgefunden hat: War es in einem Schlafzimmer des Hotels oder einem Konferenzraum? Betroffene nach dem Interview eine gemeinsame. Welche Ermittlungsschritte wurden aufgrund dieser von der Zeugin bzw. Die Zeugin bzw. Welche Aussagen waren das? This band is special, a unique, atmospheric blend of screamo, post-hardcore, post-rock, prog, grindcore, folk, and probably several other genres I haven't noticed into a seamless whole.

The vocals, both male and female, both harsh and clean, deserve particular praise, as do the band's skills as musicians and songwriters. I can only hope Volume Two will come out someday. Utopioid by Rosetta. Paninoteca by ORSO. A luxuriant smorgasbord of Neurosis-esque post-metal songs inspired by delicious sandwiches Further Still by Bosse-de-Nage. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 20, Infant Island by Infant Island. Screamo with a sense of urgency that calls on big shoegazey guitar melodies to channel its chaos. A new compilation series featuring cat-loving metal bands from every state donating their tracks for local animal welfare organizations.

Eric Michael. Eric Michael Catchy drumming over post-rock guitars and dynamic vocals. Tracks are long and feelsy with plenty of punch. A lot can be said about this album. Sekke The drums of Harper Lewis - Russian circles on the opening song caught my ear right away. Love this album! Favorite track: La bourse ou la vie. Dmitrij amnesiacphlgm. Dmitrij amnesiacphlgm This one is a compilation of a couple of their recent songs, a perfect blend of atmospheric instrumentals and screamed vocals in French. Sabih Mir. Just fantastic. Brice Poujoula. Aard Bewoner. Underground Vibrations.

Mike Ramsey. Ryan von Minus. Pol Lies. Dino Van Bedt. Vincenzo HxC. David Duma.