Life Among the Tea Leaves

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In most cases, there are mixed signs. Some good, some bad. One should always take a holistic approach and keep in mind the other symbols while making predictions. The art of tasseography is extensive in itself. While there is no shortcuts to learning it, there certainly are some tips that can help you get a head start. Tea leaf reading is believed to have began soon after tea was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nun.

The incident is believed to have taken place in BC.

A Floating Tea Infuser that Gives Your Tea Leaves a Second Life

One of the stories surrounding the origin of tea reading reveals that it likely happened between a few friends. The friends were enjoying the tea and discussing their life affairs. Once they finished the tea, one of them noticed that the tea leaves clumped in the cup, resembled a few symbols which were indicative of the events in their lives. Before this, Chinese monks used to practice a similar art by looking at the cracks inside a bell. Tea leaf reading is called tasseography. The word has roots in French and Greek.

There are other references to tea reading in history. This is where the excess tea would be drained and then tossed away before reading. These kind of rituals were usually practiced in Europe. The sport was originally enjoyed in the 17th century, courtesy of the Dutch tea merchants. England later implemented the Tea Act, which restricted the availability of tea to the upper class.

For The Love of Tea !

While the unpracticed eye will find it difficult to find symbols, a professional reader will see the symbols clearly. Tea reading is best served when using loose leaf tea. Using tea bags will rob you of the sediments. Loose leaves are perfect for leaving behind sediments. This allows the leaves to form patterns. They can be found in supermarkets near you or you can order them online. The reason being that tea reading is best when the leaves are of a uniform size. When there are dried flower buds or fruit peels in the tea, then they differ in size.

Tea reading is best performed in white tea cup sets like this classic royal tea set on Amazon. You can use patterned clay or porcelain cups, but the inside of the cup should not have any marks or patterns. The use of patterned or designed cup is restricted to allow the reader maximum clarity when looking at the symbols.

If you fancy a bit of color then go for light colored tea cups since that reduces the risk of colors messing with the reading. Get this wonderful gift of a special tea leaf reading cup.

History of tea in India

I bet no one else has thought of it for that mystic loving friend of yours! Tasseography is not limited to tea only. It can also be practiced with coffee and wine. Coffee grounds that are left behind after coffee is consumed, can be read in similar manner. The wine sediments can also be read in a similar manner.


Traditionally, Turkish coffee is preferred by tea readers since it leaves behind grounds at the bottom of the cup. The rules of the reading remain the same as in tea reading. Even the rituals are the same, where the cup is inverted on the saucer. The cup is then divided into horizontal sections, with the handle being treated as the residence or sphere of the sitter and the present and the bottom is treated as distant future.

Overall, tasseography involves a wide spectrum of fortune-telling art involving tea, coffee and wine. Unlike other such arts, taseography relies on intuition and an in-depth knowledge of the symbols involved. After hours of practice, a reader starts to find clarity in their predictions. So, try out your first session and enjoy your own future. I hope this has helped you to understand how Tasseograpy works and how to do Tasseography and tea leaf reading.

Take a look at my resource pages for more info. Plus maybe some potential predictions and outcomes posted! Your email address will not be published.

How Tea is Processed

Skip to content. Let the tea steep for a few minutes Drink the tea, but leave a teaspoon or so of it in the cup. Do not empty the cup. Take the handle of the tea cup in your left hand and quietly ask for help to read your future. Now, swirl the cup in a counter-clockwise direction. Take a saucer and invert the cup on the saucer. Leave the cup on the saucer for about minute so all the contents of the cup can drain away.

Slowly, turn the cup up from the right. Now, the tea leaves are ready to be read according to the salient rules of tasseography.

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Tips to Consider Before Reading The ritual to read tea leaves is quite important. But, wait! Here are the steps to take before you start the process. Try to clear your mind of any thoughts. Trust your first impressions. Do not second guess yourself. Let the process guide you. Do not rush the process. Let it come to you naturally. Calmly examine the shapes of the tea leaves and how it is distributed. Do not try to force an answer.

Observe the tea leaves in-depth and let the answer naturally appear to you. When looking at the tea leaves, try to discern the shapes and figures of the how the leaves clump together. Observe how your instinct is trying to guide you. Do not read leaves in a time bound manner. Leaves space of ambiguity. Tea leaf reading provides indications.

The meaning of the indications change based on the content. Basics of Reading Tea Leaves Like I mentioned before, the rituals take an important place in tea reading. The Preparation The first step involves setting the environment and choosing the right accessories. The Ritual Now drink the tea, leaving behind only a couple of teaspoons of tea and leaves.

Learning to See Symbols An essential part of tea reading is learning to identify the symbols. This comes with practice. Tips to Reading Tea Leaves The art of tasseography is extensive in itself. Start your predictions by taking into consideration the largest signs and then work your way down to the smallest. This helps you predict outcomes which are most likely to happen first. Observe if the shapes are spread out throughout the cup or concentrated in a few particular areas. This could help ascertain if the events are dynamic or concentrated along the lines of a particular event or time.

Reading My Tea Leaves – Slow, simple, sustainable living.

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