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After being unable to stand any longer, he finally Disapparated. Reginald Ron in disguise with Polyjuice Potion exiting the lift to deal with the raining in Yaxley 's office. Hermione transformed into Mafalda Hopkirk, Ron used Reginald's hair and Polyjuice Potion to take on his form, and after Harry took on the form of Albert Runcorn , the three headed into the Ministry.

Reginald returned to the Ministry, pale but no longer ill, just in time to witness Ron, Harry, and Hermione assisting in the escape of Muggle-borns who had been detained by the Muggle-Born Registration Commission , including his wife. Harry advised them to take their children and leave the country while Lord Voldemort was still in power. It is unknown if Reginald and Mary took Harry's advice, or what happened to them after the Second Wizarding War ended. However, Ron was dubious they escaped as he got the impression Reginald was not quick-witted when he impersonated him.

Jacqueline: The woman who sang into billionaire Reginald Mengi’s life - The Citizen

Reginald was described as being a small, "ferretty" individual [4]. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Hermione as Mafalda Hopkirk : " Oh dear! Contents [ show ].


Already given her up as a bad job, have you? When she married Mr Mengi in , Jacqueline was the talk of the town in Arusha, with her detractors accusing her of doing this because of his money.

The age difference fuelled the fire, her critics claiming theirs was not a union founded on love. However, the soft spoken former Miss Tanzania dismissed all the claims, saying she was in love with her husband and that money had nothing to do with it. In an interview with Clouds FM in April, she advised young people not to judge a suitor by his appearance or the size of his wallet.

Happy Birthday, Reginald Tresilian

They judge [people] depending on the size of the pocket or status. What they should keep in mind is that that person can have money today and lose it tomorrow. Jacqueline was crowned Miss Tanzania in at a time when she was soaring in the entertainment industry.

Zenglen [ Frero & Reginald Cange ] - Happy 50 Konpa Live in Paris

But fate had other plans for Jacqueline - her meeting with Mr Mengi changed the course of her life. According to media reports, the two met in the United Kingdom where Jacqueline was on a music tour.

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A lavish wedding ceremony took place in Mauritius in and saw Jacqueline take up the role of a wife, leaving behind her careers in modelling and singing. Jacqueline described her marriage as one of total bliss and Mr Mengi as a sweet loving and caring man. The couple appeared to have been head over heels in love going by the messages they exchanged during Jacqueline's birthday in Happy birthday, my Baby.