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You must be at least 18 years old to work on a crew, and 21 to get a license.

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This will probably come as no surprise, I was licensed two weeks after my 21st birthday. There is a simple step-by- step process on my website, pyroinnovations. So there is no set pyrotechnician salary.

Pyrotechnician Salary

You are paid on a show by show basis. Typically, display companies will pay an operator a percentage of the actual show cost. So the bigger the show, the more money you make. But you have to remember that pyrotechnician salaries are not all profit. I always feed my crew, buy supplies, and pay the crew on the shows where it is practical.

I consider this a hobby that I would do for free in most cases, so getting paid is just a bonus. How does your salary compare to the averge pyrotechnician salary? Does this also apply to becoming a pyrotechnic operator for film production or reenactments large scale explosions, squibs, fire safety, firearm handling, and the like?

I looked everywhere online, but I dont know, plz help.

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Pyrotechnician Job Description: A pyrotechnician is responsible for the setup and discharge of a public fireworks display. Is there such thing as pyrotechnician training? How do you learn pyrotechnician skills?

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From Whiskey Maker to Director of Golf. You think of whiskey and golf as things you do in your leisure time to unwind. But there are some people who get paid to do these things for a living. We interviewed these guys and seve. His girlfriend at the time bought him a home-brewing kit as a present when he graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts. He was taking a year off to bone up on business and economics before he entered an intensive graduate program at Northeastern, since his undergraduate degree was in history and psychology.

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To pay the bills, he got a job in a brewery. Well, that ho. Look for pyrotechnic jobs on JobMonkey.

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When Scott Steinberg was 17, he started calling around to videogame makers to try to get a gig testing. He managed to get a part-time gig testing for Infograms, a company that later became Atari. Look for more videogame-related jobs on JobMonkey. He works for and as the director of golf, his job is to oversee all of the sales and marketing for the nearly two dozen golf courses run by Hilton resorts, from Southern California to Puerto Rico. And that means he has to play golf in all those places — be it with journalists, famous golfers or sponsors. The BEST graduation speeches. Cindy Perman. admin