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En elementär studie av Islam

Gallery View. No changing after the sale. This is an antique edition of Kurre Kalender from It is illustrated and written in Swedish. The pages are clean and the binding is tight. It is in very good condition for a book of this age. This book is in nice condition.

Garl Edmund Wenstrom, Ulb. Nice black half leather Swedish Christian book, with four raised spine bands. Rare, and written in Swedish! It is written in two columns, the left being in Swedish and the right being in English. A few spots of food staining present as might be expected in a cookbook of over a hundred twenty years of age. The last picture shows one of the more noticeable examples. On some pages is is much fainter.

See pictures. Binding is starting to crack. It is written in Swedish. Email prior to purchase with any questions. Thank you! Editor Losada. Written in Spanish. Contains Many Illustrations. Cover Illustrated By Silvio Baldessari. I would be surprised if Mr. Caitlin had anything to do with the actual production of the plates.

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  4. En elementär studie av Islam;
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They are great however, so whomsoever did the artwork really put their hearts and souls into making them. A Swedish Cookbook. Text in Swedish Fraktur. No illustrations. Lutheran Augustana Book Concern. Rare illustrated Swedish Christian children's book circa But was this printed in the US or Sweden?. Not common. Very good condition. Retired USAF. Hermann Sudermann. Title: Mrs.

UtgivningsDatum: Publication Date: It is a Swedish book printed in The Cross Standing in the Way. Predikan A W Tozer. Eller Paulus, eller Petrus? En bild av den kristne visar en man med ett kors. Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Used by Permission. All rights reserved. Since visitors use different browsers and monitors, and have different preferences in how they navigate through a website, we've provided multiple ways to progress through the studies on KnowingJesusChrist.

If there is an arrow to the right of the item, the articles in that category will slide out. If there is no arrow, just click on the item. Zoology, 1 Friedemann, K. Systematic Entomology 39 3 : J Morph 11 : The evolution of attachment structures in the highly diverse Acercaria Hexapoda. Cladistics 30 2 : The evolution of head structures in lower Diptera. Peters, R. The evolutionary history of holometabolous insects inferred from transcriptome-based phylogeny and comprehensive morphological data. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14 1 : Misof, B. Li, Y. Phylogenomics resolves the timing and pattern of insect evolution.

Science Wipfler, B. Ice Crawlers Grylloblattodea - the history of the investigation of a highly unusual group of insects. Journal for Insect Biodiversity 2 2 : Head morphology of Tricholepidion gertschi indicates monophyletic Zygentoma. Frontiers in Zoology, Non-sexual abdominal appendages in adult insects challenge a million year old bauplan.

Current Biology, RR Wipfler B , Pass G Antennal heart morphology supports relationship of Zoraptera with polyneopteran insects. Systematic Entomology, Falk, K. The role of glucosinolates and the jasmonic acid pathway in resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana against molluscan herbivores. Salicylic Acid, a plant defense hormone, is specifically secreted by a molluscan herbivore.

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Piekarski, N. J Morphol , with cover. Ziermann, J. Endeavour 38, Loader, S. Persistence and stability of Eastern Afromontane forests: Evidence from brevicipitid frogs. Journal of Biogeography Liedtke, H. Interspecific patterns for egg and clutch sizes of African Bufonidae Amphibia: Anura. Zoologischer Anzeiger San Mauro, D.

Life-history evolution and mitogenomic phylogeny of caecilian amphibians. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution Journal of Herpetology Hilton, E. Identity of a unique cartilage in the buccal cavity of gars Neopterygii: Lepisosteiformes: Lepisosteidae. Copeia Hammel J. Fuchs, A. Zoology Neufuss, J. Fibre type composition in the lumbar perivertebral muscles of primates: implications for the evolution of orthogrady in hominoids. Curth, S. Ichnos 21 1 : Krings, M. The cervical spine of the American barn owl Tyto furcata pratincola : I.

Anatomy of the vertebrae and regionalization in their S-shaped arrangement. PLOS One 9: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Arnold, P. Soft tissue influence on ex vivo mobility in the hip of Iguana: comparison to in vivo movement and its bearing on joint motion of fossil sprawling tetrapods. Nyakatura, J. Bridging Romer's Gap: Locomotor mechanics of a belly-dragging lizard inform debate on tetrapod locomotion during the Early Carboniferous.

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On vision in birds: coordination of head-bobbing and gait stabilises vertical head position in quail. Front Zool 11 1 : Ogihara, N. Planar covariation of limb elevation angles during bipedal locomotion in common quails Coturnix coturnix. J Exp Biol Haase, D. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis 24 1 : Kilbourne, B. Scale effects and morphological diversification in hindlimb segment mass proportions in neognath birds.

Frontiers in Zoology Rey, J. Sagittal joint instability in the cranial cruciate ligament insufficient canine stifle. Caudal slippage of the femur and not cranial tibial subluxation. Kupczik, K.

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PloS one, 9 5 , e The skeletomuscular system of the larva of Drosophila melanogaster Drosophilidae, Diptera : a contribution to the morphology of a model organism. Arthropod Struct Dev 42 1 : The identification of concerted convergence in insect heads corroborates palaeoptera.

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  • Syst Biol. The head of Merope tuber Meropeidae and the phylogeny of Mecoptera Hexapoda. On the phylogeny and evolution of Mesozoic and extant lineages of Adephaga Coleoptera, Insecta. Cladistics 29 2 : Bai, M. Ren, D. Systematic Paleontology 11 3 : Matsumura, Y. Parallel evolution of novelties: extremely long intromittent organs in the leaf beetle subfamily Criocerinae, Evolution and Development 13 4 : Dallai, R. Divergent mating patterns and a unique mode of external sperm transfer in Zoraptera: an enigmatic group of pterygote insects. Naturwissenschaften Thomas A. Hegna, T. Strudiella not a Devonian insect.

    Nature E3-E4. Hua, Y. The larvae of Altica koreana Ogloblin and A. Zootaxa, 5 : Spangenberg, R. The cephalic morphology of the Gondwanan key taxon Hackeriella Coleorrhyncha, Hemiptera. Arthropod Struct Dev Mashimo, Y. Zorotypus in Peninsular Malaysia Zoraptera: Zorotypidae , with the description of three new species. Zootaxa 4 : The adult head morphology of the Hessian fly Mayetiola destructor Diptera, Cecidomyiidae.

    Zootaxa 3 : The adult head of Axymyia furcata Axymyiidae, Diptera. Arthropod Syst Phyl 71 2 : The head morphology of the potentially basal heteropteran lineages Enicocephalomorpha, Dipsocoromorpha and Gerromorpha Hemiptera. Embryonic development of Zoraptera with special reference to external morphology, and its phylogenetic implications Insecta.

    J Morph 3 : Russell, L. The sperm ultrastructure of Caurinus dectes Russell Mecoptera: Boreidae and its phylogenetic implications. Tissue and Cell 45 6 : Pohl, H. The spermatozoon of Mengenilla moldrzyki Strepsiptera, Mengenillidae : ultrastructure and phylogenetic considerations. Onmaz, A. Hoven, R. Vectors and vector-borne diseases of horses. Veterinary Research Communications 37 1 : The Strepsiptera-Odyssey - the history of the systematic placement of an enigmatic parasitic insect order.

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    Herpetology Notes A celebration of the works of John Charles Poynton.

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    • African Journal of Herpetology Wilkinson, M. Forests as promoters of terrestrial life-history strategies in East African amphibians. Biology Letters External fertilization and paternal care in the paedomorphic salamander Siren intermedia Barnes, Urodela: Sirenidae.

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      Genetic lineage labeling in zebrafish uncovers novel neural crest contributions to the head, including gill pillar cells. Development 4 : Polgar, G. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology Vogt, L. The need for data standards in zoomorphology. Journal of Morphology, , Functional differentiation of the human lumbar perivertebralmusculature revisited by means of muscle fibre type composition.

      Krause, C. Biodynamics of climbing: effects of substrate orientation on the locomotion of a highly arboreal lizard Chamaeleo calyptratus. Siegmund, L. A model for endosymbiosis: Interaction between Tetrahymena pyriformis and Escherichia coli. European Journal of Protistology From Biomechanics of rats' inclined locomotion to a climbing robot. Adjustments of global and local hindlimb properties during the terrestrial locomotion of the common quail Coturnix coturnix.

      Automated approximation of center of mass position in X-ray sequences of animal locomotion. J Biomech 46 12 , Terrestrial locomotion of the common quail: one leg function for all gaits? A mechanical link model of two-toed sloths: no pendular mechanics during suspensory locomotion. Acta Theriol 58 1 , Ross, C. Evolution Karakasiliotis, K. Biological and robotic perspectives on the kinematics.

      Abdelhadi, J. Riede, T. Fischer, S. Plos One 8: e BMC Vet. Griep, S. Zoomorphology Laryngeal pacing in minipigs: in vivo test of a new minimal invasive transcricoidal electrode insertion method for functional electrical stimulation of the PCA. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 1 : Biomed Tech Berl. Stynder, D. Journal Mamm Evol Le Cabec, A. Journal of Human Evolution The female postabdomen of the enigmatic Nannochoristidae Insecta: Mecopterida and its phylogenetic significance. Acta Zoologica Ge, SQ. Systematic Entomology PLoS One. On the head morphology of Phyllium and the phylogenetic relationships of Phasmatodea Insecta.

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      Acta Zoologica 93 2 : The fine structure of the female reproductive system of Zorotypus caudelli Karny Zoraptera. Arthropod Structure and Development Fraulob, M. The larval abdomen of the enigmatic Nannochoristidae Mecoptera, Insecta. Arthropod Struct Dev 41 2 : Cephalic morphology of Hymenopus coronatus Insecta: Mantodea and its phylogenetic implications. Two new genera and two new species of Man-tophasmatodea Insecta, Polyneoptera from Namibia. Zookeys Evolutionary phenomics and the emerging enlightenment of arthropod systematics. Invertebrate Systematics 26 3 A new species of Mengenilla Insecta, Strepsiptera from Tunisia.

      ZooKeys Anton, E. The adult head morphology of Dascillus L. Dascilloidea: Dascillidae and Glaresis Erichson Scarabeoidea: Glaresidae and its phylogenetic implications. Arthropod Syst Phyl 70 1 : The larvae of Nymphomyiidae Diptera, Insecta - ancestral and highly derived? Arthropod Struct Dev 41 3 : A, Beutel, R.

      J Morph 9 : Arthropod Struct Dev 41 4 : Koeth, M. Functional morphology and evolution of specialized mouthparts of Cephenniini Scydmaeninae, Staphylinidae. Arthropod Struct Dev 41 6 : Insect phylogenomics: results, problems and the impact of matrix composition. Proc Biol Sci. The male and female reproductive systems of Zorotypus hubbardi Caudell, Zoraptera. Niehuis, O. Genomic and morphological evidence converge to resolve the enigma of Strepsiptera. Current Biology 22 14 : The male postabdomen and reproductive system of Bibio marci Linnaeus, Hexapoda: Diptera: Bibionidae. J Zool Syst Evol Res 50 4 : Blanke, A.

      Revival of Palaeoptera - head characters support a monophyletic origin of Odonata and Ephemeroptera Insecta. Cladistics 28 6 : Critical reassessment and description of a new Permian beetle family. European Journal of Entomology 4 Evolutionary patterns of hind wing morphology in dung beetles Coleoptera: Scarabaeinae. Arthropod Struct Dev 41 5 : Trautwein, M. Advances in insect phylogeny at the dawn of the postgenomic era. Annual Review of Entomology Morphology and insect systematics in the era of phylogenomics.

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      Schultka, R. Annals of the History and Philosophy of Biology 15, Defensive behaviour of Kassina maculata Anura: Hyperoliidae. Kerney, R. Do larval traits re-evolve? Evidence from the embryogenesis of a direct-developing salamander Plethodon cinereus. Kuehnel, S. Frontiers in Zoology 9 1 , Functional reproductive morphology: the female cloaca of an oviparous caecilian amphibian.

      Konstantinidis, P. Ontogeny of the jaw apparatus and suspensorium of the Tetraodontiformes.

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      Hammel, JU , Filatov, M, Herzen, J, Beckmann, F, Kaandorp, JA and Nickel, M , "The non-hierarchical, non-uniformly branching topology of a leuconoid sponge aquiferous system revealed by 3D reconstruction and morphometrics using corrosion casting and x-ray microtomography", Acta Zoologica, Martinand-Mari, C. Nyakatura, K. Updating the evolutionary history of Carnivora Mammalia : a new species-level supertree complete with divergence time estimates.

      BMC Biology Nyakatura J. Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology. Nyakatura JA. The convergent evolution of suspensory posture and locomotion in tree sloths. Invited review for J Mammal Evol. J Mamm Evol 19 3 : Acta Theriol Biol Streitberger, K. Animal Genetics 43 5 : Plos One 7: e Deban, S. Anterior tooth root morphology and size in Neanderthals: Taxonomic and functional implications. J Hum Evol. Long anterior mandibular tooth roots in Neanderthals are not the result of their large jaws.

      Enamel thickness in Bornean and Sumatran orangutan dentitions. Am J Phys Anthropol. The male reproductive system of Zorotypus caudelli Karny Zoraptera : sperm structure and spermiogenesis. Arthropod Structure and Development 40 6 : The evolution of "deformed" brains in ant-like stone beetles Scydmaeninae, Staphylinidae.

      Arthropod Structure and Development 41 1 Adult head structures of Deuterophlebiidae Insecta , a highly derived "ancestral" dipteran lineage. Arthropod Structure and Development 40 1 : Ge, S. Is Crowsoniella relicta really a cucujiform beetle? Systematic Entomology 36 1 : On the head morphology of Grylloblattodea Insecta and the systematic position of the order - with a new nomenclature for the head muscles of Neoptera.

      Zarinkamar, N. The Pax gene eyegone facilitates repression of eye development in Tribolium. Acta Zoologica, early view DOI: The male postabdomen of the "ancestral" archostematan beetle Tetraphalerus bruchi Heller, Ommatidae and its phylogenetic significance. Arthropod Structure and Development 40 23 : Revision of the chrysomeline genera Potaninia, Suinzona and Taipinus Coleoptera from eastern Asia, with a biogeographic scenario for the Hengduan mountain region in south-western China.

      Systematic Entomology 36 4 : Dressler, C. Is Meru a specialised noterid Coleoptera, Adephaga? Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research early view doi Beetles and flies collected on pig carrion in an experimental setting in Thuringia and their forensic implications. Annual Review of Entomology online early. Annals of the Entomological Society of America Insect Science Biotropica Biological Conservation Evidence for convergent evolution in the antimicrobial peptide system in anuran amphibians.

      Peptides 32 1 : Anatomy , Schmidt, A. Functional differentiation of the trailing and leading forelimbs during terrestrial and arboreal locomotion in the European Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris, Rodentia. Zoology , Stefen, C. Carrier, D. PNAS Myatt, J.

      K; Leuchtweis, J.

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      Arthritis Research and Therapy 13, R Advances in Science and Research 5, Multi-view active appearance models for the x-ray based analysis of avian bipedal locomotion. Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences Polilov, A. Developmental stages of the hooded beetle Sericoderus lateralis Coleoptera: Corylophidae with comments on the phylogenetic position and effects of miniaturization.

      The larval head of Nevrorthidae and the phylogeny of Neuroptera Insecta. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society The thoracic morphology of Nannochorista Nannochoristidae and its implications for the phylogeny of Mecoptera and Antliophora. The adult head structures of Tipulomorpha Diptera, Insecta and their phylogenetic implications. Acta Zoologica 92 4 : Beetles in Darwin's Life and Work. Annals of the History and Philosophy of Biology Good bye Halteria? The thoracic morphology of Endopterygota Insecta and its phylogenetic implications. Cladistics Head morphology of Osmylus fulvicephalus Osmylidae, Neuroptera and its phylogenetic implications.

      Organisms, Diversity and Evolution The morphology and evolution of the adult head of Adephaga Insecta, Coleoptera. Arthropod Systematics and Phylogeny Morphological and molecular evidence converging upon a robust phylogeny of the megadiverse Holometabola. Insect Systematics and Evolution 41 4 : Ribosomal protein genes of holometabolan insects reject the Halteria, instead revealing a close affinity of Strepsiptera with Coleoptera. Mol Phylogenet Evol. Pohl H. A scanning electron microscopy specimen holder for viewing different angles of a single specimen. admin