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She is hurled into the world of the super-rich Gopniks: Leonard and his much younger second wife, Agnes, and a never-ending array of household staff and hangers-on. What did she see? It's been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Gloria Reynolds, owner of a boutique in the town, and her daughter are the victims. It soon becomes apparent that the fire was no accident and had been set deliberately. But why and who were the women that used to come and go from Gloria's house emerging from a car driven by another woman?

It's all so strange and Katy is well aware of all these comings and goings as are the other residents of the street. As Katy attempts to put the fire to the back of her mind she travels to London with her best friend Jilly to attend an interview in the hopes of starting a new stage in her life. But on her return her plans, hopes and dreams are cruelly shattered as her father Albert has been arrested and is being investigated for the murder of Gloria and her daughter.

Surely he couldn't have been the one who set the fire? I will admit I had my suspicions as to who could have been responsible for the fire and when it was revealed I was disappointed in myself that I had felt this way about a character as I was very much proven wrong. What follows is Katy's search for the truth. So many questions that need answering, justice needs to be serviced before an innocent man has his good reputation destroyed. What infuriated me was that Hilda wasn't as gung ho like Katy in seeking the truth.

She came up with implausible reasons why her husband could have done it and it was just silly, surely you are meant to stand by the man you love? Katy showed the kind, caring and loving side to her. I loved how she never ever gave up in her quest no matter how difficult and dangerous the path she delved down became. Things took on a dark and sinister turn as she discovered the real reason Gloria had so many women coming to her house and I think it was brilliant to see this topic being dealt with in this book as at the time it was kept a very much dark secret and a taboo subject that many turned a blind eye to.

Many people believed that what was happening to women should be allowed to happen and that they should put up with it. Gloria, even though unfortunately we never get to know her, was a person who should have been respected and admired for all that she did no matter how dangerous it was. Sadly though this was to cost her her life.

The book racked up the suspense and tension the more Katy delves deeper into a world I think she would have preferred being better off out of as the more she discovers, the more horrified she becomes. Charles, the young barrister she met whilst getting to know her new place of work in London, seemed helpful and I enjoyed seeing a spark develop between himself and Katy. She was spreading her wings but at the same time her quest to clear her Dad's name was always at the forefront of her mind.

Heading back to London may provide her with some of the answers she needs. As Katy starts to uncover secrets someone very much wants hidden the book became quite dark and frankly quite terrifying. My only issue with this book was that I felt we found out far too early who the culprit was and once that was the case, although awful things occur and there was a sense of desperation to solve things before it was too late, I just felt the reveal came too early and there wasn't really any place to go with the story once this had happened and some of the later parts felt ever so slightly flat.

I would have loved a few more twists and turns and going down various paths to find the culprit only to reach dead ends and they had to start all over again. In one way I understand why the reveal was early as it set up different storylines and showcased an even different side to Katy's nature. At one point I did think would she really have talked and acted this way around a certain character that makes themselves known?

But on the other hand I do strongly think an even greater level of tension would have existed if the identity and reasons would have remained a mystery for even longer. Hilda really was a character who I could not warm to at all at any stage in this book, she wasn't in the least bit a motherly figure to Katy or Rob. Instead it was almost like the family, Albert included, lived in fear of doing something which would set Hilda off.

She had a sharp tongue and offered no positive words. She was cold and hard with a heart made of stone and no wonder Katy felt the desperate need to escape and forge her own path in life. I really couldn't understand how Albert put up with her and didn't turn tail and run even when things got extremely bad and the family were getting a bad name and reputation due to the ongoing events, Hilda just sat there and didn't say a word.

She should have come out and supported her family as when the going gets tough that's the time when family should stick together. There was definitely something very off about her and the way she was written and the manner in which she interacted with her family made me really dislike her.

The House Across the Street was an interesting and engrossing read which gave plenty of food for thought. There are innumerable talking points and I think it's themes will generate much discussion not to mention some of the characters who will definitely get your hackles up whilst others you have the greatest of sympathy for. The author deals with a difficult subject matter very well and doesn't spare any details or sugar coat the topic and this has always been the case with all of her previous books.

I did find the very end deeply satisfying as I felt the characters and the themes explored in the book had come full circle and it was almost like a legacy was being passed down and continued. I think Never Look Back will always remain my utmost favourite book by Lesley Pearse and I think many others will agree with me as it was recently voted the fans favourite but The House Across the Street is a very good read which will please old and new readers to Lesley's work. I'm sad I'm finished reading this book and will have to wait another year to read more from this wonderful author.

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Sep 10, Mairead Hearne swirlandthread. Katy Speed, a young woman, lives at home with her lovable and gentle father, Albert and Hilda, her mother, a very cold and unfeeling woman. For Katy, her life is passing her by. She watches from her window the lives of others but it is her neighbour, Gloria who intrigues Katy the most. Gloria is the owner of a fashion boutique that Katy frequents. Who are these women and what secret is Gloria hiding? Gloria has always encouraged Katy to spread her wings and leave Bexhill-on-Sea behind her.

Katy is extremely excited at the prospect but keeps her feelings to herself as her thoughts run to her mother and father. As the hours pass, it is clear that Gloria and her daughter did not survive the fire. With the local community in shock, Katy is unable to believe that Gloria is gone. Was it an accident or was there something more sinister at play? Katy decides to continue with her plans to head to London with renewed vigour and is delighted when her best friend Jilly agrees to join her.

It will be the start of a new adventure, a new life, and the girls set off with the optimism and joy of youth on their side. But Katy receives news that her father, Albert, has been arrested and accused of arson and the murder of Gloria and her daughter. Katy is distraught and in disbelief. Her wonderful, gentle father is no murderer.

Katy is a strong and determined individual and decides to carry out her own investigation to find out the truth. Why was her father being framed for a crime he did not commit? The House Across the Street tackles many issues of life in the 60s. The impact of World War 2 is still felt in many homes as folk try to rebuild their lives. Many carry memories that are locked away, swept under the carpet never to be spoken of again. One of the central issues that Lesley Pearse deals with is domestic violence, and the attitudes of many, in a s society.

Lesley Pearse has been writing novels for 25 years, having written her first novel at 49 years of age. Over her life Lesley Pearse will have seen the world change and will have experienced first-hand how certain aspects of society were dealt with in the s and beyond. This knowledge shines through in her writing as she brings this period alive for her readers.

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The House Across the Street is a novel that feels very genuine and sympathetic to the era. It contains a storyline that captivates the reader from the outset. The issues covered are all very relevant to that time and in some cases, unfortunately still relevant today. There is a mystery in the centre of this story, and it is slowly revealed to us as the pages turn. Lesley Pearse is a woman writing about women, all with very strong characters who have dealt with many a difficulty and hardship in their lives.

The House Across the Street is an engaging read, one with quite an emotional storyline wrapped around an abhorrent and vindictive crime, yet filled with the warmth that seems to be part of the characteristic style of a Lesley Pearse novel. Sep 14, Abby Slater- Fairbrother rated it really liked it. I am a huge fan of Lesley Pearse and her novel Remember Me, is one of my all-time favourites. I recently enjoyed The Woman In The Wood, but noticed the author had taken a much darker spin on her usual saga type novels.

The era really sets the tone, as this was an era of fundamental change for women and the beginnings of the female sexual revolu I am a huge fan of Lesley Pearse and her novel Remember Me, is one of my all-time favourites. The era really sets the tone, as this was an era of fundamental change for women and the beginnings of the female sexual revolution.

The prologue opens in Bexhill-On-Sea, Essex Katy 22yrs is busy spying on her neighbours, when she is interrupted by her brother Rob. He is currently home from university and appears to not feel too welcome in his own home. It becomes quite clear why upon the introduction of Hilda. She appears to enjoy belittling and making nasty remarks to others including her own daughter, son and husband. But no one is a bigger target for Hilda than the glamour neighbour Gloria. Mrs Gloria Reynolds is a local business owner. Something which sees to incense Hilda even further. With divorce still being considered a taboo subject.

Katy is desperate to know more information about her, but aware of the social restrictions to simply askā€¦..

The House Across the Street by Lesley Pearse (NT)

Which enrages Hilda as she feels the slip of her control over her daughter growing. Especially when Gloria recommends a life in London for Katy. Hilda is a battle-axe and all-round snob, but as her character develops, we uncover there is more going on inside her own head. As the saying goes, damaged people, damage people.

A fire that will take the lives of two souls, including Gloria. Whilst Hilda continues to make vicious snide comments and be opinionated beyond the realms of human decency. Katy must turn amateur sleuth to separate fact from fiction. Albert denies any such affair or knowledge of a motive for the fire. Whilst Hilda turns on her own husband. What she uncovers is a world of domestic abuse, hidden and hushed up amongst middle-class society.

The plot is very moving, and protagonist centred around Katy. Book reviews on www. Katy's neighbour across the road dies in a house fire and her lovely father is arrested for her murder, so Katy sets out to try and prove his innocence - but things don't quite go to plan. I really enjoyed reading about the post-war time period of the 's, with lots of references to society and popular culture at that time. Things were so different then, and Lesley Pearse Book reviews on www. Things were so different then, and Lesley Pearse does a great job of subtling highlighting this.

The different time period is also reflected in the way the characters deal with certain situations, and the fact that many of the characters feel a bit dampened down at times, where I expected them to react more strongly but they didn't. Katy, despite not being alive during WW2, certainly felt a little childish at times, but I think that was part of her innocent, eager personality. When things got really difficult, she certainly stepped up though!

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The story felt, to me, fairly gentle really, despite dealing with some very serious and important themes which I won't list here so as not to spoil any of the story. It's a nice, easy read and will definitely appeal to anyone who likes novels set in this time period, or historical fiction in general. I tend to read novels with a bit more 'bite' and grit to them, so this made a nice change for me. Sep 21, Kay Cardona rated it really liked it. It's been a while since I have read Lesley Pearce. I really enjoyed this book. It has the right amount of suspense, romance, and troubled family relationships are sorted.

It's what I would call a wholesome book. Aug 01, Sarah Davies rated it really liked it. Katy doesn't have a happy home life, her mum is constantly criticising her, her dad and brother.

Her mother is never happy. Why can't her mum be more like Gloria the lady who lives across the road, Gloria is friendly and popular and owns her own clothes shop. But Katy is intrigued by the visitors that come to Gloria's house at all times of the day and night. And then suddenly there is a fire and Gloria and her daughter are killed, and Katy's dad is arrested as the prime suspect. Kate must find out Katy doesn't have a happy home life, her mum is constantly criticising her, her dad and brother.

Kate must find out at any cost why her dad has been framed for the murders and also find out who the women are that come to the house. Well written fast paced storyline. Dec 19, Marsha Bennett rated it it was ok. How this book got over a 4 star rating is beyond me This is the first book of Ms Pearse's that I've read.

Her writing style is extremely simplistic. It took me back to the days of Enid Blyton, although Enid's books are of course written for children and set in the early part of last century, so her writing style makes sense.

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I understand that the book is set in the s but even so, the book is written in an overly straightforward sort of way. It was easy to read, so I continued skimming it un How this book got over a 4 star rating is beyond me It was easy to read, so I continued skimming it until the end. There was a large plot twist at the end which I didn't see coming, but the entire story seemed far-fetched and awkward to me. Oct 01, Amanda rated it it was amazing. Boy oh boy I was not to be disappointed. I really felt for the character of Katy and took to her from the start.

She lives at home with her father, who she adores and her mother, who to start with sounds like a total nightmare. Nothing Katy can say or do makes her mother happy and her mother snipes at her constantly. Katy then learns that her father has been arrested on suspicion of arson and murder. It falls to her to prove his innocence. What follows is a tense and thrilling tale.

Lesley Pearse brilliantly captures the era and Katy is a strong and determined character, her fight for justice landing her in trouble she could never have imagined. Pearse also tackles the theme of domestic violence, giving insights into how the police and wider community of the time viewed abused women. Gloria was ahead of her time in offering them refuge and support. Emotional and moving, The House Across The Street is storytelling at its best, filled with characters you will care passionately about. Beti Winter spends her days flipping burgers in an airport lounge, surrounded by people jetting off on holiday.

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