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Moreover, it was a controversial idea; powerful forces in the state wanted completion of the canal. Largely as an outgrowth of the controversy, the board of public works was reorganized by the legislature in with a requirement for annual legislative approval of the principal engineer.

Crozet resigned and spent the next six years in Louisiana. Crozet returned to his former position in Virginia at the beginning of , and although his position favoring railroads over canals ultimately proved correct, the controversy remained. Shortly afterwards, Crozet became principal of Richmond Academy in downtown Richmond, but in he responded to the pleas of his former opponents and returned to engineering to direct construction of a rail road through the mountains. The community of Crozet in Albemarle County is named for him. During calmer days as state engineer, Crozet also was responsible for building highways through the mountains, as well as in other regions.

Legislation incorporating the turnpike authorized subscriptions from the townspeople of Winchester, where the road was to begin, and of the other communities along the way. But its authors chose a route to serve the most populous towns without much regard for the difficult terrain. Little progress was made.

The course it followed is largely that used today by U. Route The Valley Turnpike was another important 19th century road developed during this period. Clarkson, Jr. The machine Clarkson patented was very different from our modern bicycles and even went by a different name: the velocipede. This early forerunner of the bicycle made its way to America via Europe, where it had been conceived two years earlier by the German inventor Karl von Drais.

While the velocipede ended up being a fad, it served as the prototype for the modern bicycle, which emerged — with pedals, chain drive and all — in the s. On the th birthday of its patenting in North America, we celebrate the velocipede for setting the wheels in motion in bringing us the bicycle.

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Consider new parents. When they bring their infant home, they also suddenly become aware of those many things they must do to keep their child safe. They seemed to be the answer to getting help fast or finding information when desperately needed. And they are that. But who thought walking while texting would be such a problem?

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Yet it is. Overconfidence is a problem with hazard recognition, according to AmericanIntegrated. People who have done their jobs for years without a safety incident, tend to think it will always be that way. Problem is, they get older and their fitness changes. Tools change. Procedures change. Safe work requires procedures, and procedures evolve. Young workers are in just as much danger or more as veterans, if they think nothing will happen to them because it never has. In one case, reviewed by safetyquarry. They properly cordoned off the building, but failed to assess the structural integrity of the building.

When the team passed over a walkway, a section collapsed and an employee fell 30 feet, breaking his leg.

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Luck, and a pile of dust, saved him from more severe injuries. The fact is every job is different. You can recognize hazards by: — Reviewing safety procedures. Avoid mental distractions of issues at home. That will at least help to prevent trips, falls, and visual obstructions. Here are four trends worth noting.

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Disc brakes Once exclusively found on mountain bikes, disc brakes are becoming an increasingly common feature on road bikes. A number of top-of-the-line bikes that came out in , such as the Trek Emonda, Giant Propel Advanced and Scott Foil, came with disc brakes as a standard feature. Disc brakes offer various advantages over cantilever brakes. Electric shifters allow for more rapid gear changes, require less maintenance and can be automatically recalibrated.

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E-bikes was a huge year for electric bikes, with models from brands like Giant, Bianchi and Focus selling big and electric bike-share programs starting up in numerous cities. E-bikes are an especially popular option for commuters. Indoor training technologies Smart trainers and indoor cycling apps are making at-home training much more stimulating.

The latest smart trainers stands that support your bike at the rear wheel and that are wirelessly connected to your devices are controlled remotely by apps on your phone, tablet or computer. One of the most popular apps right now is Zwift, which not only allows you to cycle through virtual worlds but also to join group rides and take part in races.

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