The Metamorphosis of an Authentic Spirit : The Awakening to One s True Self

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It is a story of personal metamorphosis, written over the course of several years in real time as life unfolded and lessons were learned.


It is a work of naked truth about Kerri Hummingbird's struggles with borderline personality disorder, recovering from divorce after a 20 year marriage, and seeking love from outside herself. The story documents how alternative healing methods shamanic energy medicine and reiki and mindfulness practices Yoga and Toltec wisdom led to an amazing transformation that arguably negates the former psychological diagnosis.

Kerri shares her story so that others may witness that with dedication, faith, and a willingness to shine a light into the shadows, challenges can be overcome and lasting inner peace and self-love can be cultivated. Let Kerri's story and her heartfelt recommendations for self-help inspire you to begin your own journey of healing.

Awakening to Me is a magnificent book that takes us behind the scenes of transformation, and shows how even the most difficult situations can be the fodder for finding oneself. Let Kerri's book guide you to find your independence and self-love. Her story is engaging, sometimes disturbing, yet with a clear underlying thread of compassion for herself and others also engaged in their own struggle with borderline personality disorder. In her words, she seeks to give voice to those who have no voice. Her life voyage takes her through light and darkness, to amazing heights and agonizing lows.

In her world travels she meets with some of the teachers who have helped shape the views of spiritual development for a generation. Each has something to share with her that may shed light upon your own path, as well. It has been my pleasure and honor to walk with Kerri through some of her journey.

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I heartily recommend this book to you as a tool for your own amazing self-exploration. Among these pages you will find a courageous and dedicated explorer of life and spirit. The author takes us on a tour of her internal emotional world: the depths of despair, the emptiness, and frantic efforts to find love. From her personal work she provides suggestions, exercises and quotes.

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This book will be of profound use to anyone with this diagnosis, their family members, therapists and allies. But, in truth, we can all benefit from reading this book. Awakening to Me is an invitation to self-honesty, persistence in seeking meaningful help, and the long work of sustained effort. Her emotions and thoughts, the related beliefs are clearly described. These are in turn related to events in Ms. Instead, we understand ourselves better, our friends and family members. We understand better what it means to be human. Read more Read less. Chance to win daily prizes.

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Get ready for Prime Day with the Amazon App. No purchase necessary. Get started. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Editorial Reviews About the Author Kerri Hummingbird is an award-winning author, soul guide, host of Soul Nectar Show, and intuitive subconscious explorer. Kerri has over 20 years of experience in leading by inspiration, and a special passion for empowering women to be the artists of their lives.

She mentors women to rewrite the story of their lives through inner transformation, connection to essence, remembrance of purpose, and realignment to authenticity and truth. Her award-winning memoir, Awakening To Me: One Woman's Journey To Self Love, tells her story of healing her mind from diagnoses of manic depressive, bipolar, and borderline personality using alternative and spiritual modalities.

She has founded the Skills Not Pills Movement to invite people to dive into the spiritual journey of awakening. Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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This book is truly inspirational. A very powerful story that will help anyone that's looking to find self love! One person found this helpful. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Kerri wrote a wonderful book describing her transformation from co dependent relationships to liberating herself and discovering the truth of who she really is.

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Format: Kindle Edition. This book is the brave and honest report of the journey to self. She deals with the difficult issues of deep emotional pain, shame and self-doubt. For those who suffer this world of an unstable sense of self, for those with PTSD symptoms, this is your book, your companion and guide to profound, deep change, to coming home to self.

A great book gives you no choice. Format: Paperback. A powerfully well written memoir of a young woman diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, gives the reader a profound experience inside her mind. Kerri shares with us the healing modalities such as fire walking, energy medicine, acupuncture, shamanic meditations, recapitulation and more, that proved to her benefit and triumph over her struggles and self-defeating perceptions. This raw and uncensored account of her transformation is pure inspiration at its finest. Offers the first book-length biography of Laurence Massillon Keitt, one of South Carolina's most notorious advocates of secession and apologists for African American slavery.

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Through this thoroughly researched volume, Holt The quotations found in the speeches delivered by Premier Wen Jiaobao had their origin more often than not in the classical poetry of Chinese literature, and the collection of these poems are the condensed manifestation of the Can one person really make a difference in our messed-up world? It might happen, we could reason, if that person had exceptional gifts and was exceptionally well prepared.

But we're talking about an ordinary person here, a woman, When faced with a tragedy such as child abuse, one tends to immediately wonder how it can happen for so many years and what could possibly be done for the victims. In her autobiography, Rita La Point addresses just these issues, From her marriage in until she stopped writing in , share the joys and sorrows of Vanessa Cattell Jenkins' life. A collection of short biographies, with resources, highlighting women and their contributions to our world today --Cover.

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This volume includes over 45 images. Font size: 14 points.

Erika was a happy wife and stay at home mother living 20 miles north of Boston, maintaining a happy family life, with a successful career behind her, but while also struggling with alcoholism for over a decade, which denial kept Why should anyone read this? Because the end effect is restorative and invigorating and because everyone who's ever had a father like this wants to believe there is a happy way out.

The author was born in the bottom of the In this humorous and rollicking memoir, Jennifer tells what it's like to grow up as a girl in Hialeah and Miami Springs. There doesn't seem to be much to do, but that's okay because Jennifer knows how to make her own fun. The context is Cape Town, South Africa of the s as seen through the pre-teen eyes of the author, Yousuf 'Joe' Rassool when 'life was one interminable summer'. This family history covers the era of Gandhi in South Africa In Dale Lund wrote a letter to his sister and her husband, long enough to become a book, and free-spoken enough for his sister to tuck it away in a drawer and not tell anyone about it.

Read about the thoughts and experiences This is the first paperback facsimile edition of a work which contributed strongly to the Black people's struggle for freedom and equality. Born in slavery in Maryland in , Douglass escaped from servitude 20 years later, I am not famous. I will never be rich. I will most likely never stand and speak before thousands of people. But, I have a story to tell. You could say this is an adventure.