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In , he and his family left Britain for Tasmania. There, Richards took up work as journalist and editor and he continued to write stories about his native Wales. Today, he is regarded as one of the founders of the Australian short story. Though his massive output is uneven, his best works - particularly "The Call of the Wild" and "White Fang" - have endured because of their rich subject matter and vigorous prose.

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Jack London. Though most of Jack London's novels and short stories fall firmly into the action-adventure category, the prolific author occasionally ventured into other genres, as well. Although "The Red One," like many of London's tales, is set among an indigenous tribe, the story -- which details the discovery of a strange object of worship which seems to have originated in another world -- contains some fascinating themes that will please fans of science fiction and supernatural writing, as well.

Like Argus of the Ancient Times. The Princess. One of the pioneers of 20th century American literature, Jack London specialized in tales of adventure inspired by his own experiences.

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London was born in San Francisco in At 14, he quit school and became an "oyster pirate," robbing oyster beds to sell his booty to the bars and restaurants in Oakland. Later, he turned on his pirate associates and joined the local Fish Patrol, resulting in some hair-raising waterfront battles. Other youthful activities included sailing on a seal-hunting ship, traveling the United States as a railroad tramp, a jail term for vagrancy and a hazardous winter in the Klondike during the gold rush.

Those experiences converted him to socialism, as he educated himself through prolific reading and began to write fiction.