Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself

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Trained in a variety of traditional and alternative modalities, Donna is an insightful facilitator, shamanic healer, conscious energy teacher, ceremonial leader, and Master Success Coach-voted Colorado's "Spiritual Health Guru" by Magazine. Award-winning inspirational artist, Susan Andra Lion, contributes the delightful illustrations to this motivational coloring adventure. Donna DeNomme.

Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself - Donna DeNomme

A Motivational Coloring Adventure leads to your beautiful, magnificent Self. Super Fun! The Turtle Wisdom Playbook: A Motivational Coloring Adventure, based on the beloved Turtle Wisdom: Coming Home to Yourself , is a wonderfully whimsical and engaging playbook that inspires readers to know and accept themselves so they may design their very best life--a personal masterpiece of expression. Dreams about green turtles refer to your good health and vitality. Turtle Shell Dream Interpretation Dreaming of turtle shells generally signify protection of your inner thoughts from the outer world.

Seeing an empty turtle shell signifies that you are vulnerable for having exposed your innermost feelings to others. A broken turtle shell is an indication of a rift between you and others. Apart from being held sacred for saving humans from the Great Flood, it is also linked with fertility for producing a large number of offspring.

Having a Turtle as Your Spirit Animal (Totem Animal)

In Egyptian Mythology The ancient Egyptians, believing that turtles possessed demonic powers, feared them and so to protect themselves, carried turtle shaped amulets. In African Culture A turtle is respected by the Africans for being prudent, clever and for having endurance. Inhabiting both land and water, it is also believed to have a close bonding with the Spirits of Water and the Rain God.

In Celtic Culture According to their ancient history, turtles are seen as great survivors for their ability to sense vibrations through water.

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In Mayan Culture The Mayans associate a turtle with water and earth. Their Atlas-like deity, Pauahtun, is believed to carry the world on his shoulder and is at times depicted as sporting a turtle shell on his head. In their Creation Myth, the Maize God is at times shown alighting from the shell of a giant cosmic turtle. In Japanese and Chinese Cultures The Asian countries generally regard a turtle as representing universal order and contend that the world has been formed from its body.

The general belief is that it symbolizes a haven for immortals. In Chinese mythology, a turtle is held sacred.

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Also, being one of the longest surviving animals, it stands for endurance, longevity, wealth and wisdom. The Chinese further contend that it contains the secret of earth and heaven in its body; its shell in being arch shaped resembles the sky, whereas its flat body is akin to the Earth. Often, certain animals are enjoined with it such as the dragon headed turtle to mainly empower its symbol.

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In Vietnam, turtles are highly revered given their association with a important victory against invaders in the 15th century. However, spotting turtles has different meanings to the Vietnamese.

Fasten Your Seat Belt, You're Coming Home to Yourself

Some people believe that a turtle crossing your path means your plans will be postponed, while others believe seeing a turtle at anytime is a strong indication of good luck and fortune. In Hindu lore, the soft shelled black turtle is meant to be the soul of a dead sinner who has been turned into a reptile. Introverts are often mislabeled or misunderstood. To many people the label of introvert conjures images of a person hiding out, afraid to encounter the world, a grumpy, antisocial being who just wants to be left alone. Introverts are simply people who get their energy from being alone.

They are wise men and women who find solitude refreshing, who find time alone invigorating and restorative. It isn't that they dislike going out; they simply don't find outings the place where they find their energy. Dreams of turtles can signify a longing for some time by ourselves, some time where we can curl up into our own shells and relax, read, or create a masterpiece in our own time.

If you tend toward the introverted side of life, that is, if you get your energy from being alone instead of from being out and about, turtles in dreams might suggest that you have been depriving yourself of that time that you need to recoup. Senex, the title bestowed on elderly men with fine families in Ancient Rome, was the name Carl Jung chose for the archetype of the Sage, or Wise Old Man, archetype.

What Does a Turtle Symbolize

The senex, in Jungian psychology is a figure that appears in dreams as symbolic of a high degree of self-individuation and is, in fact, indicative of the emergence of the Self archetype. As Marie-Louis von Franz aptly puts it in Man and His Symbols: 'If an individual has wrestled seriously enough and long enough with the anima or animus problem In dreams, the Wise Old Man may take the form of an Obi Wan Kenobi type of character or sometimes it may even appear in dreams as an animal symbolic of wisdom, such as the turtle. If you have been struggling with the contents of the unconscious and have been engaged in serious therapeutic work and turtles have found their way into your dreams, congratulations!

You are doing great work. Keep it up and cross the finish line tortoise in tow! Franz, Marie-Louise von In Jung, C. Man and his Symbols. London: Picador. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

What Do Dreams About Turtles Mean?

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The symbolism of turtles in dreams mirror that of their symbolism in waking life, including representations of: Wisdom and the intellect Spirituality Unexpected triumph Feelings of being overwhelmed Introversion and the need for solitude Some aspects of turtles in dreams that may not be quite so obvious are feelings of impatience or concerns about a lack of progress in some area of waking life. Turtles as Symbols of Wisdom Turtles often stand in as symbols of wisdom, perhaps because they are known for having lengthy lifespans and age is often synonymous with wisdom.

Symbols of Integrated Spirituality In Chinese mythology, turtles are seen as symbols of the unification between the earth and heaven. Turtle Mythology What does mythology have to do with dream symbolism?

Turtle Wisdom Coming Home to Yourself (Q)

After he defeated his enemies, a giant golden turtle swam up and took the sword from the emperor, returning it to the realm of the divine. The turtle in Nigeria is viewed primarily as a trickster archetype. Sometimes the tricks lead the turtle to triumph, other times, he simply finds trouble. Either way, what he is mainly known for is his ability to craftily sum up his enemies and circumstances with slow, deliberate patience, and find a way out of whatever he has crawled into.

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Sciron, an Isthmian bandit, employed a titanic turtle to eat the bodies of those who Sciron robbed and tossed off the cliffs and into the sea. He was killed by Theseus.

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The turtle is, in Chinese mythology, one of the "Four Fabulous Animals"--the animals charged with ruling over the four directions.

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