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We take the emotion out of the task. When we simplify and streamline our processes and productivity, we stop being all over the place with our projects, and become focused powerful writers going deep with our ideas, projects and people. Decide to reach out: your friends.

Every writer you look up to is first and foremost a person. To catapult your writing and faith in the next 30 days, start creating connections with your peers and heroes.

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Writing is solitary. When I signed up to write, I imagined myself in a hideaway room where I would write and then send my books off to be marketed by someone else, preferably a large publisher. The world has changed. Today every writer carries the responsibility of marketing: both in self-publishing and traditionally publishing. Just as we invest in our writing and protect our writing time, we must invest and protect our connections to others in our field, especially those who are serving the same audience as us.

When a writer shows up as authentic and real, it is a powerful gift. Bring your heart, hobbies, interests, and even the way you talk online. Although you may need to practice Facebook Lives to get comfortable, or dress up to show that you care, you are most powerful and connecting as YOU.

Most writers have simply spent too long hiding on and off-line and need to practice unleashing their voices and writing into the world. When a writer connects to other writers there is synergy and the power of the collective. We are stronger together.

When Great Writers Wrestle with Faith

Be intentional and spontaneous in building connections: hit reply to your heroes email and tell them how grateful you are for their insight, hand-write a card and mail it, listen for clues on ways to serve your online mentors, no strings attached. Your connections are your superpower: treat them with consistent kindness and they will flourish.

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Tell us in the comments. Which of these four steps resonated most with you? How are you increasing your faith, finding your flock, streamlining your flow, and reaching out to friends? Please complete the form below and you will receive the next episode directly to the email address you provide. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for reading PublishousNOW! We use ad revenue to support this site and would appreciate it if you would please turn AdBlock off. Our creativity connects us to God. If we write our books for everyone, we are writing for no one. Author Details. Deanne Welsh. Deanne is a writer, speaker and writing coach who loves words, stories, salsa dancing, techno music, deep conversations and laughing with my husband.

Don't miss a single word. Send It! For advanced spiritual writers in the middle of prose projects. For academics who wish to reach a broad audience. Independent, unstructured work in community.

4 steps to Catapult Your Writing Career & Faith in the next 30 days

Sign up for our email newsletter today, and keep up to date with what's going on at the Collegeville Institute. Check out our writing workshops and our residential programs. Phone: Email: staff collegevilleinstitute. Menu Residency Programs Scholars, clergy, church leaders, thinkers, artists, and writers who are seeking to discern and communicate the meaning of Christian identity and unity in a religiously and culturally diverse world are invited to apply for our residency programs. Resident Scholars Program for those looking to stay a semester or a full academic year.

Short term Residencies for those looking to stay for a shorter period of time.

Writing Faith: A Conversation with Marilynne Robinson

Each summer , the Collegeville Institute opens its doors to pastors, ministers, lay leaders, and other thinkers and writers for week-long, intensive writing workshops geared toward various levels of writing skill, genre and interest. Each fall , the Collegeville Institute partners with other institutes, seminaries, or churches to coordinate regional off-site workshops. At Collegeville:. The Communities of Calling Initiative invites congregations into a 5-year project on vocation.

The Collegeville Institute Seminars offer resources to explore calling in your community.

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Resources on Vocation:. Good writing is essential to powerful theological education within congregations. In this section we highlight book reviews, provide resources for good writing, feature the writing of our program participants, and more. Regional Writing for Mystic Activists May 14th-May 20th, Franklinton Center at Bricks For faith-rooted activists who want to engage writing as a contemplative practice.

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