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Now he must find a way to convince Devon what they share is worth fighting for and prove to his father that wolves aren't the monsters he believes them to be. Shouldn't be too hard, right?

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Aiden is the only thing Devon has to bargain with, but can he give up his mate to save his brother? After witnessing the death of his parents, he's in no rush to fall in love for fear he'll lose them, too. A night out drinking and dancing leads him to the one thing he's been trying to avoid, his mate. Shane being a rare white tiger shifter makes him a valuable commodity to hunters, and because of that he can't afford to form attachments or stay in one spot for too long, but all that changes when he moves to Silver Creek.

He's finally created a life he doesn't want to give up and finds the mate he can't live without. Thompsyn Lane is a grumpy, old, reclusive bear shifter who has no intention of changing anything about his life for anyone. Sutton Hilliard has been sneaking around at night watching his sexy neighbor run around his backyard naked for months. Lucas Vallois is always in control. The self-made millionaire has everything he wants within his tight grasp.

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The warning is clear - give up his new property venture or end up dead. Caving to the demands of his friends, Lucas accepts the help of bodyguard Andrei Hadeon. That is, until he dreams that his mate is in danger.

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Alpha War has all but given up on ever finding his true mate. When his den starts being attacked by the local coven, all thoughts of finding his mate leave his mind. He only wants to protect his den members like any alpha would. He thought werewolves, vampires, and faes belonged in fairy tales, not in the real world. I left my family and tiny Texas hometown 15 years ago to escape small-town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life.

But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away, leaving me custody of her newborn baby, I'm shocked out of the steady life I've built for myself running a tattoo shop in San Francisco.

J.C. Holly

The thing is: I don't do babies. And I don't do small towns. Or commitment. And I especially don't do family. Sam Remington, former leader of Team Beta, has a new dream: to lead a team whose sole purpose is to protect those most vulnerable - shifter pups.

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Crawford wants more than a pet - he wants a partner. Someone to pamper and spoil or punish. What is that supposed to mean? Those are the words Lucas Daniels hears before stumbling through the brass doors of the elegant Club Dyavol, a club that seems to appear out of nowhere.

And when he sees a young man venture into his club, bypassing all of his magical and physical protections, more than just his curiosity is aroused.

The Ugly Wolfling (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

Conor : It starts with a drunken text pic. The kind I would normally never send.

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Only, instead of it going to the flirty hotel bartender, it goes to some random stranger who actually responds. Wells : The first thing I notice about Conor Newell when he sits down in my high-rise conference room is how delightfully nervous he is. Then I see his tie. The one that belongs to my anonymous late-night texter. And it changes everything. After a string of disastrous relationships - and a narrow escape from an abusive partner - Braden Cross is finally putting his past to rest.

Combining both his passion for baking and his knack for business, Braden owns the Sugar n' Spice Cafe with his best friend, who concocts exotic coffees and teas that pair perfectly with his decadent confections. When a stalker sets his sights on Braden, the young pastry chef's world is turned upside down.

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His Sire wants Lucas dead. His closest advisers want Lucas enslaved. Because Lucas is no ordinary human.

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  6. Lucas finds himself eager to start work at Club Dyavol, even though his memories of his time there are hazy. Preston Tierney, the omega son of a prominent senator, has been taken by a secret group with an ax to grind.

    Party boy Preston was just out looking for a good time until he was grabbed - plucked right from a party in the middle of a crowd. When he wakes up, he finds himself caged like an animal in a remote cabin far from home. Two broken omegas and one hard-edged alpha…three men who are stronger than they think