George Clooney: An Actor Looking for a Role

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While his romance with Melanie Michelle Pfieffer is cute, the real sweetness is in the way he relates to his daughter, Maggie a pint-size Mae Whitman. Jack Foley, Out of Sight How do you make a bad guy occupation like bank robber sexy? Cast Clooney.

As Jack, a career criminal who's escaping prison, he charms a US marshal played by Jennifer Lopez with the greatest of ease. I mean, they get trapped in a car trunk together. She's toast. Clooney typically takes on the role of smooth-talking, sharply dressed charmers, so it was refreshing to see him as Everett, with his country twang and eventual rise to stardom as a Soggy Bottom Boy.

George Clooney: Looking Back on the ‘Extremely Normal’ Man’s Extraordinary Career – Variety

Danny Ocean, Ocean's Eleven Danny Ocean may be a thief, but he approaches his ambitious task of robbing a Vegas casino with such undeniable confidence and swagger that it's hard not to root for him. He has the brains necessary to organize the high-stakes heist while still operating by a moral code that prevents him from ever stealing from someone who doesn't deserve it. Miles, Intolerable Cruelty Miles, Clooney's character in this comedy from the Coen brothers, is a divorce attorney who's as good at winning cases as he is at dodging commitment. When he meets manipulative Marilyn, a woman who hates him after he represents her ex, they spar, then fall in love.

Oh to be the woman who could change Clooney's ways. Fred Friendly, Good Night, and Good Luck Clooney is an actor who feels like a classic movie star, and that timeless aura makes him so believable in the black and white Good Night and Good Luck, which he directed. As real-life news producer Fred Friendly, Clooney has to fight the good fight to bring the country its news, and he manages to be both serious and dreamy doing it. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Welcome to Collinwood.

These Are The 10 Roles That Made George Clooney's Career

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. Good Night, and Good Luck. Michael Clayton. Fantastic Mr. The Men Who Stare at Goats. Up in the Air. The American. The Ides of March. A Very Murray Christmas. Rumor Has It A Scanner Darkly. August: Osage County. Our Brand Is Crisis.

Crazy Like a Fox. The Facts of Life. The actor's last leading role was as Lee Gates in the crime thriller "Money Monster. Clooney made it to the top of the list thanks to the sale of his tequila business.

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But we're not going anywhere. We'll still be very much a part of Casamigos. Starting with a shot tonight. Maybe two. The actor and his business partner, nightlife entrepreneur and long-time friend Rande Gerber, say that building Casamigos was an accident.

George Clooney's Early Acting Roles

The pair were building side-by-side vacation homes in Cabo San Lucas when they decided they wanted to make their own tequila. One that's perfect for us to drink? Clooney and Gerber found a distiller in Jalisco, Mexico that tailored a tequila to their tastes, and the friends enjoyed it for years.