Heart of the Sun: An Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet

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Chandra can be reached at chandra sharanya. Holton's scholarly work explores a range of topics, such as American theatre, transformative learning and adult education, her creative work re-envisions African and women-centered folklore, myth and culture. A Black Earth Institute Distinguished Fellow, Holton is completing her speculative novel, The Amen Prophecy, which centers on a goddess, hunted by Pharaoh Akhenaten's forces, who must transform his people with her healing powers of love.

Galina Krasskova is the author of Hymn to Sekhmet, and is also a Heathen priest, shaman, and godatheow of Odin. She has written several books on the Northern Tradition for the popular press, most notably Exploring the Northern Tradition. Before coming to Heathenry, she was ordained within the Fellowship of Isis as a priest of Sekhmet and she continues to maintain an active shrine to this magnificent Goddess in her home. Genevieve Vaughan b. She has been working for many years on the idea of the gift economy based on mothering as the basis of an alternative world new and way of life.

She created an international all-women activist foundation , one of the continuing projects of which is the Temple of Sekhmet in Cactus Springs, Nevada. She also initiated a network: International feminists for a Gift Economy present. These, a film on her life, her songs, children's books and many articles can be downloaded free from her website: www. Gloria Taylor Brown is the author and reader of Walking with Sekhmet. She is a modern mystic and visionary, well grounded in New Thought, Alchemical Healing and traditional shamanic methods.

An acclaimed and much appreciated teacher, she has taught at University level as well as at conferences and internationally. Gloria is both a clairvoyant and clairaudient and had powerful psychic powers that she readily shares, especially in her healing and teaching work. Her principal spirit guide is Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom. Gloria's fascination with Egypt began when she was five years old, and she has continued extensive Egyptian studies all her life. A prolific article writer, her first publication in a national magazine occured when she was just She has several books nearing publication and is honored to co-author a ew book with her friend and teacher, Normandi Ellis.

Anthropologist PhD. Visit his site at www. She is a professor of Religious Studies at a liberal arts college, who has explored many mystical paths.

She encountered Sekhmet by accident. Jezibell Anat is the author and reader of Invocation of Sekhmet. She wishes to thank DJ Codec for assistance in recording. She is a Wiccan High Priestess, poet, actress, belly dancer, teacher, songwriter and drummer who moved to Augusta, Georgia from Manhatten at the end of For more information, email kyriapanagia yahoo.

She has been creating sacred art, dance and ritual for over 35 years. Her art is a manifestation of her beliefs and can be seen in places of worship around the world. Katlyn toured the world with a unique dance and magic act for which she was nominated Stage Magician of the Year by the Magic Castle in Hollywood. She is currently the owner and creator of Mermade Magickal Arts which makes fine hand blended incense and natural perfumes and is the author and illustrator of many books on spiritual arts and Folklore.

She is also the Co-founder of the "Road to Eleusis" an initiatory and transformational retreat based on the Mysteries of Ancient Greece at Eleusis since Katlyn served as an advisor to the Firedance gathering and holds degrees in several different traditions. She and her husband Michael, known as "Zingaia," create techno-tantra-trance music dedicated to sacred lovers and the Goddess in all Her many aspects. Special thanks to Michael for his sonic magic on Katlyn's pieces. She is the author of the historical novel, Lioness of the Sun.

She has traveled extensively throughout Egypt and is fluent in hieroglyphics. Examining the ancient texts has allowed her to penetrate the wisdom, and understand the mindset, of the Ancient Egyptians. Her studies of astrophysics, quantum mechanics, kabala, yoga and Goddess lore have given her a holistic appreciation of the Ancient Mysteries. Lorraine and her husband live in Boulder, Colorado where she leads a women's spiritual group.

She is the author of more than forty books of fiction, poetry, and critical essays. Other recent publications include Moral Disorder, a collection of interconnected short stories, The Door, a volume of poetry both , and Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth Margaret Atwood lives in Toronto with writer Graeme Gibson. Nicki Scully is the author and reader of Journey to Sekhmet at Karnak. She has been teaching healing, shamanic arts and the Egyptian Mysteries since In the late '80s, Nicki founded Shamanic Journeys, Ltd. Nicki lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she maintains a comprehensive healing and shamanic consulting practice.

Please visit her websites: www. She is a full time writer and editor, priestess of Isis, and author of five books, including the acclaimed Awakening Osiris, translations from Egyptian hieroglyph. She is available for workshops, conference keynotes and personal consultations at www. She has published four books of poetry, most recently Homefront, and more than a dozen books of nonfiction, including The Red-Haired Girl from the Bog: The Landscape of Irish Myth and Spirit, and the just-reissued Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines.

She lives in rural Wisconsin and teaches in Chicago.

Heart of the Sun: An Anthology in Exaltation of Sekhmet

Patricia established the calendar of rituals for the temple and guided the development of the Temple. A transplant to the West from New York and New Jersey, Patricia had degrees in social work and a career in counseling and therapy. At one point she hosted her own radio program. According to Genevieve Vaughan, founder of the temple, "Patricia had a way of bringing spirituality down to earth, making it a part of every day, as well as maintaining the sense of the sacred.

She gave hospitality to all who came in peace. She had a great sense of humor and a flair for drama as she strode the desert with her cane, her cloak, and often with her cigar. Patricia crossed over in Roynan Steres is the author of Daughter of the Sun. She is a year-old native of Monterey, California. She has worked for various non-profits in the human services field and is currently working on her Masters degree in Psychology.

Roynan credits Sekhmet for lending her the ability to heal what needs to be healed and destroy what needs to be destroyed. For that, Roynan will be eternally grateful. Samantha Sage wrote and read the Invocation to Sekhmet. Of her experiences, she says: "Having the opportunity to work and be around the Big Cats and the Magic of Siegfried and Roy helped me to understand the Divinity of the Feline, and the holiness and sacredness of Nature and Cats. I always felt connected to them, protected by them, and so fortunate to work in a venue that showed their beauty, magnificence, and educated the public about them.

I felt that I had a constant Feline Guide with me at all times.

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When I finally learned about Sekhmet and Her temple, I knew it was She who called me to the desert to teach me Her magic and allowed me to work with her Feline Children. Sekhmet has been my main Goddess for years now.

She has always shown me the fierce lessons of tough love and desert wisdom, and always kept me safe. She is a daughter of Sekhmet, Priestess of Desert Moon Circle, recording artist on Zingaia's "Earth Church" CD, a singer, song-writer, dancer, sacred drummer, sensual poet, and spiritual life counselor.

Sheila Z Stirling is the author and reader of Heart of the Lion. She is an International Inspirational Speaker and catalyst for wellness and success. Author of books and music on joyous living and soothing the soul, Sheila shares her message of unraveling the illusion front he past to go forth in fulfillment of your dreams and your greatest life.

A true visionary of our time, she was chased by Al Gore for the Climate Project. Sheila is an expert of "Intentional Wellness," awakening the healer within. She is a professional intuitive and works with people to understand the underlying causes of problems in their life, increasing energy, joy and effectiveness. She gives workshops, private sessions, sacred ceremony as a licensed minister in the state of Nevada. She travels internationally to share workshops on body-centered spiritual healing work.

She is an energy worker and Homeopath living in Del Mar, California. Special thanks to Gary Stadler for his sonic soundscape and recording help. Vajra Ma is the author of Sekhmet Power and Banquet. She teaches outside the codification of established traditions and doctrines. Vajra Ma has taught women's spirituality for decades, and developed demanding priestess training programs in her Woman Mysteries priestess lineage.

Aside from her own books, the workbook for The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, a nourishing mainstay for students and potential teachers of the dance and her newest book, From a Hidden Stream: The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman, Vajra Ma is featured in Daughters of the Goddess, an anthology of women's spiritual work in America, and her work has been the subject of scholarly papers presented at national conferences on religion. Vajra Ma holds ministerial credential through the Temple of Diana, Madison, WI and has an extensive background in dance studies and theater arts.

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Sekhmet the Powerful One. Many Names of Sekhmet. Invocation of Sekhmet feat. Journey to Sekhmet At Karnak feat. Nicki Scully. Sekhmet: The Lady of Mysteries feat. Sekhmet in the Deserts of Nevada. Sylivia Brallier. Desert Heart Fire feat. Katlyn Breene. In the Belly of the Desert Goddess. Heart of the Lion feat. Shelia Z. Sekhmet, Guardian of the Paths Between the Worlds. Channeling Sekhmet feat. Candace Peace Ross.

Sa Sekhem Sahu. Hymn to Sekhmet. Invocation to Sekhmet feat.

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