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Eyewitnesses said that Holmes carried four firearms and wore a gas mask as he opened fire on the crowded movie theater. He is charged with 24 counts of murder and counts of attempted murder — two counts for each person killed and two for each person injured. He has entered a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and a jury will now decide whether or not he was sane at the time of the shooting.

Whitey is accused of no less than 19 counts of homicide, masterminding numerous conspiracies, money laundering, and extortion to boot. In one of the alleged murders, a man was shot so many times his torso was nearly severed from his legs. The year-old Bulger has led a fascinating life of crime, including serving time on Alcatraz from for robbery and hijacking. His crime is the most notorious of — the shooting rampage that left six dead and 14 wounded, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head.

Loughner was found incompetent to stand trial in May of , and only recently restored to competency. The federal district court took his guilty plea in exchange for life in prison. The defense rested their case after a mere two and a half days of witnesses, as compared to the week of testimony from the prosecution. A jury of eight men and four women convicted Jodi Arias, 32, of first-degree murder on May 8, after a trial that lasted more than four months and became a media sensation capturing national headlines. However, the same jury was not able to reach a unanimous decision on whether the scorned lover turner killer should be put to death or receive life in prison.

Prosecutors have stated they will continue to seek the death penalty and a second sentencing hearing, in front of a new jury, is likely to take place in late or early The next hearing is scheduled for September While federal prosecutors insisted that using unreported campaign funds to cover up an illicit affair was illegal, the jury could not agree.

Tragically, her body was found in the woods an hour from her home. In his shocking story he said that he waited outside of her apartment in the morning, asked for a ride, then pulled a gun on her and made her drive to a secluded area where he raped her and then shot her four times. Holt was charged with seven counts, including aggravated murder with a firearm, kidnapping, robbery and sodomy. She initially told federal investigators that her new husband sent her a text saying he was going for a drive with a friend from out of town, and when she returned home, she saw him leave their house in a dark colored car.

Several days later she reportedly confessed that she lied about her story and that Johnson had grabbed her arm during a heated argument, after which, in her anger, she shoved him in the back and off the cliff. On Thursday, Sept. The malice murder charge indicates that prosecutors believe that Harris intentionally left his son Cooper in the hot car to die.

Manuel Ramos, 39, charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter and ex-Cpl.

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Jay Cicinelli, 41, charged with involuntary manslaughter and the use excessive force, will face trial together. A third Officer, Joseph Wolfe, 36, is also charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive force, but he will be tried separately since he was not charged until more than a year after the other officers. Orthodox Jew Levi Aron, known as a shy, withdrawn loner, confessed to killing the boy.

Leiby is believed to have gotten lost while walking home the seven blocks from day camp for the first time alone. What allegedly happened next is too disturbing to detail. On the same day in late May, , a bloodied human foot was delivered to a middle school in Vancouver. A similar parcel was discovered at the Canadian Parliament Building, and law enforcement found still more en route to other government buildings. He was extradited to Canada as the primary suspect in the body parts mailing case.

Her trial made national and global headlines. The case was noted as being very similar to that of Jodi Arias, with whom DeVault was in contact and whose murder trial occurred in the same courthouse one year earlier. Even though she faced the death penalty for her crime, DeVault was sentenced to life in prison. She is imprisoned within the Arizona Department of Corrections. MacNeill allegedly killed his wife via an overdose of prescription medications following a facelift.

Authorities say year-old Nehemiah Griego reloaded his assault rifles and stocked the family van with ammunition, planning to continue the shooting spree at a local Wal-Mart. Authorities were alerted, and he allegedly confessed. Now Pedro Hernandez, a year-old mentally ill man, says he lured the child into his convenience store with the promise of a soda before strangling the child and disposing of his body.

Bell is a tiny, poor city located within Los Angeles county. Rizzo and his fellows allegedly made a killing off of this community. Sarah Jones, 26, plead guilty in October to sex abuse as a result of her relationship with Cody York, who was 17 when the couple started having sex.

Disappearance of Etan Patz

On Thursday the couple posted photos on their Facebook pages announcing their engagement. Jones pleaded guilty last year for having sex with York when he was 17 years old. Photos on her Facebook page show the pair announcing their engagement. The boy died from his gunshot wounds, and now his grandmother is facing homicide charges. After several days of trial an Oakland County jury convicted Layne on March 19, , of second-degree murder in the killing of her grandson without premeditation. Witnesses said the Opening Day attack against the Giants fan was totally unprovoked. Stow suffered a fractured skull and was in a coma for months.

And I am going to assist him in cooperating to the fullest extent possible. Every day at a. Butler, an imposing 6-foot-2 chain smoker, never lost hope that he would crack the crime that changed the city forever. On April 2, , seven years after Etan vanished, the set-to-retire year-old from Flatbush, Brooklyn, put his. His body was found in the kitchen by his cop daughter, Jacqueline. His wife, Joan, had left him, and he remained haunted by the biggest case that got away.

His hope for solving the case never wavered, according to interviews he gave during the search. Anybody talking? Anybody say anything? Updated at p. ET: Dozens of items, including strands of hair, a piece of paper and other possible bits of forensic evidence have been found in a SoHo basement in the four days that investigators have been searching for clues in the disappearance of Etan Patz, NBC New York has learned.

The family was briefed Sunday on the investigation and what has been found at the site. Investigators discovered a "stain of interest" on a drywall Saturday while taking apart the basement in their search for the remains of Etan, according to law enforcement sources. But by Sunday, a law enforcement source told Reuters that "nothing conclusive had been found.

By Saturday, investigators had finished ripping up the basement's concrete floor with jackhammers and saws, and were digging through the dirt in hopes of finding the boy's remains, or any other evidence. It was while investigators were taking apart the basement floor and walls that they found a "stain of interest" on a drywall, according to law enforcement sources.

It's not clear how significant it is. Other debris was also being tested, a process that could last into next week , chief police spokesman Paul Browne said. At the time of Patz's disappearance, the by basement at B Prince Street was being used as a workshop by Othniel Miller, a handyman who was friendly with the Patz family.

Miller, now 75, has been interviewed by investigators several times over the years, but he recently made statements that raised their suspicions, according to law enforcement sources.

Disappearance of Etan Patz

Etan Patz, who vanished on May 25, , and has never been found, after leaving his family's SoHo home for a short walk to his school bus stop in New York. Sources also say they have evidence to suggest Patz had been in the basement before. Miller hasn't been named a suspect, and his lawyer says he has nothing to do with the case.

Investigators Saturday were mostly concentrating their search towards the rear of the basement, where a cadaver-sniffing dog recently picked up a scent. It's unclear what the renewed probe may turn up, if anything. He was a lieutenant working on organized crime cases when Etan Patz vanished. As for whether authorities were optimistic, he said, "I really can't say. Miller's grandson, Tony Miller, said Friday outside his home that his grandfather is a "good guy" who "wouldn't do this.

NBC New York has learned that on the morning Patz disappeared in , Snell was observed at the building where police are searching now, and also worked with Miller. Investigators would not elaborate on why they met with Snell. The investigation into the disappearance of Patz has stretched through decades and countries, from basements to rooftops and seemingly everywhere in between.

No one has ever been charged criminally — and Etan Patz, the little boy with sandy brown hair and a toothy grin, was declared dead in This week, after more than a decade of relative quiet, the case suddenly ran hot again, after the cadaver-sniffing dog picked up the scent. The investigation has reached similar highs before — only for the trail to go cold for years at a time.

Patz vanished on May 25, , while walking alone to his school bus stop for the first time, two blocks from his home in New York's SoHo neighborhood. There was an exhaustive search by the police and a crush of media attention. The boy's photo was one of the first of a missing child on a milk carton. Thousands of fliers were plastered around the city, buildings canvassed, hundreds of people interviewed. SoHo was not a neighborhood of swank boutiques and galleries as now, but of working-class New Yorkers rattled by the news.

In , a child resembling Etan was spotted in Israel, which prompted detectives to circulate his photo there. Nothing came of it. A name gradually emerged as a possible suspect: Jose Ramos, a drifter and onetime boyfriend of Etan's baby sitter.


In the early s, he was arrested on theft charges, and had photos of other young, blond boys in his backpack. But there was no hard evidence linking Ramos to the crime. Missing persons cases, like homicides, are generally considered cold after six months, but they're never closed. And with seemingly no new leads, the case would go quiet for years.

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In three decades, 10 detectives have been assigned to head up the case. The FBI and police are working jointly. He was said to have told a cellmate: "Etan is dead. There is no body, and there will never be a body. They dismantled the furnace and searched it for DNA. But they found only animal traces.

By the next year, father Stan Patz, who never moved or even changed their phone number in the hope their son would reach out, had Etan declared dead in order to sue Ramos in civil court. He was tired of waiting for justice, he said at the time. A civil judge in found him to be responsible for the disappearance and presumed death of the boy, after he disobeyed her orders to answer deposition questions under oath for a lawyer representing Etan's parents. Ramos says he didn't do it. But the criminal case continues, and prosecutors lacked enough evidence to charge Ramos criminally.

The case was quiet until when new district attorney Cyrus R. Vance said he was going to revisit it. Ramos is scheduled to be released from prison in Pennsylvania in November. His pending freedom is one of the factors that has given new urgency to the case. The basement space being searched sits beneath several clothing boutiques. Investigators began by removing drywall partitions so they could get to brick walls that were exposed in The work will continue through the weekend.

About 50 law enforcement agents including forensics experts and an anthropologist are on scene. While cadaver-sniffing dogs are capable of detecting scents much older than 33 years, it's also possible the dog picked up an animal scent or was plain wrong. The swank cobblestone street remained closed off and was a veritable media circus, with trucks and crews parked along the curb and gawking tourists stopping to snap photos.

The Patz family hasn't commented or turned up near the site, though it's visible from their home — they've seen the circus before. A cadaver-sniffing dog had recently indicated the scent of human remains in the basement located in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. The basement, just steps away from the boy's home, is the former workspace of retired handyman Othniel Miller, 75, who was seen with Patz the night before he disappeared.

10 child abduction cases ‘Stranger Things’ reminds us of – SheKnows

The exhaustive search of the space, however, yielded no obvious human remains or conclusive evidence in the case, authorities said Monday. A source close to the case said over the weekend that authorities are testing a stain found on one of the basement's walls. The source said when investigators sprayed Luminol on the wall, they detected "an organic substance" -- "possibly blood.

The source also confirmed reports that an unrelated molestation claim prompted police to reexamine Miller, who is now being described as a main "person of interest" in the Patz case. Miller's ex-wife told law enforcement last year that she divorced her husband in after learning he had sexually assaulted her year-old niece a few years after Etan disappeared, the source said. Miller's workshop was on the route the boy would have taken to his bus stop, authorities said. The boy's disappearance in prompted an extensive search by police and nationwide media attention.

Etan's photo was one of the first of a missing child to appear on a milk carton. Investigators have long focused their attention on Jose Ramos, a drifter and onetime boyfriend of Etan's baby sitter. Ramos, now 68, reportedly admitted trying to molest Etan on the day of his disappearance, but denied abducting him or killing him. Ramos has never been charged criminally in the Patz case and is currently serving a year prison term in Pennsylvania for abusing an 8-year-old boy there.

Ramos is scheduled to be released from prison in November. A civil judge in found Ramos to be responsible for the disappearance and presumed death of the boy, after he disobeyed the judge's orders to answer deposition questions under oath for a lawyer representing Etan's parents. Prosecutors, however, lacked enough evidence to charge Ramos criminally.

The focus of the investigation shifted to Miller after investigators received new leads in the case. Miller, originally from Jamaica, was interviewed after the boy disappeared and had what authorities deemed a solid alibi at the time. Authorities, however, noticed that Miller had a newly cemented concrete floor around the time of Etan's disappearance, but opted not to dig it up. A source close to the case said "there is truth to that" when asked about news reports that Miller blurted out, "What if the body was moved? Miller has so far not been named a suspect and has denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer.

The Patz family, who has remained in the same apartment for 33 years in the hopes their son would one day return home, has declined to comment on the recent developments. Man in custody in decades-old cold case of missing boy Etan Patz, police say Published May 24, A New Jersey man once looked at as a possible suspect in the disappearance and death of 6-year-old Etan Patz has "implicated" himself in the decades-old case, the New York City Police commissioner said.

Law enforcement sources told the New York Post that the man's name is Pedro Hernandez, though police have not yet released his identity. Sources said the man was previously questioned by investigators and is not a new figure in the year-old cold case. Patz disappeared on May 25, , while walking alone to a bus stop in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. The boy's photo was the first of a missing child to appear on a milk carton. New York City police commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement Thursday that "an individual now in custody has made statements to NYPD detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of Etan Patz 33 years ago.

The man in custody allegedly told investigators that he lured the boy with candy, stabbed him, cut up his remains and put him in plastic bags, according to the New York Post. The man was reportedly arrested in Camden, N. He worked and lived in the neighborhood where the boy disappeared. The April excavation of a Manhattan basement yielded no obvious human remains and little forensic evidence that would help solve the mystery of what happened to Patz. The boy was officially declared dead in Authorities began ripping up the basement's concrete floor with jackhammers last month after a cadaver-sniffing dog had recently indicated the scent of human remains in the basement located steps away from the boy's home.

The basement is the former workspace of retired handyman Othniel Miller, 75, of Brooklyn, N. Miller, whose workshop was on the route the boy would have taken to his bus stop, has denied any wrongdoing. The Patz family, who has remained in the same apartment for 33 years in the hopes their son would one day return home, has not commented on the recent developments.

Just saw something about this on CNN [You must be registered and logged in to see this link. How awful if true he was cut up, because then they would never be able to find a body to give the family some closure. I really hope something happens so that Ramos doesn't get out in Nov. He should be kept locked up for life. He has been identified by law enforcement officials as Pedro Hernandez of Camden, N. Hernandez was previously known to investigators, law enforcement sources said, and worked and lived in Patz's neighborhood when the boy disappeared. Officials said they recently received a tip about him from the suspect's brother-in-law.

He claimed he then attacked Patz. The man who gave police the tip said he remembered Hernandez speaking of having killed a child and disposing of the body at the SoHo bodega here he worked, a source told NBCNewyork. Both the tipster and his wife, as well as a religious mentor, say they remember Hernandez saying he harmed a child in Hernandez never mentioned a name when he spoke about the child he had caused harm to, they all said in interviews with police.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement that the suspect "has made statements to NYPD detectives implicating himself in the disappearance and death of Etan Patz 33 years ago. Police are working on verifying it and the investigation is continuing, they said. Hernandez so far has not provided details that would lead them to Patz's body, sources said. An intensive search for Patz was renewed several weeks ago when police dug up the basement of a handyman's workshop near Patz's SoHo home. A new layer of concrete had been laid over the foundation of the basement shortly after Patz disappeared.

That search yielded no new evidence of value, police said. Several sources have indicated some skepticism exists about the man's story, but police are being thorough in their investigation of any possible leads. One other man has remained a longtime possible suspect: Jose Ramos, a drifter and onetime boyfriend of Patz's babysitter. He is in prison in Pennsylvania on a separate case. Investigators collect hair, paper in search for Patz Patz's disappearance touched off a massive search that has ebbed and flowed over the years.

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It also ushered in an era of anxiety about leaving children unsupervised. His parents, Stan and Julie Patz, were reluctant to move or even change their phone number in case their son tried to reach out. They still live in the same apartment, down the street from the building that was examined in April. They have endured decades of false leads, and a lack of hard evidence. The family did not immediately return a message requesting comment. Stan Patz had his son declared legally dead in so he could sue Ramos, who has never been criminally charged with the boy's death and denies harming the boy.

A civil judge in found Ramos to be responsible for the child's death. Pedro Hernandez, 51, of Maple Shade, N. A New Jersey man who confessed to choking a 6-year-old New York City boy to death in was arrested on a murder charge on Thursday, police said, the first arrest in a case that helped give rise to the nation's missing-children movement. Hernandez, who had worked at a convenience store near Etan's home, confessed after hours of police questioning, Kelly said.

Kelly said Hernandez told police he lured the boy to the convenience store with the promise of a soda, then took him into the basement and choked him. CBS News senior correspondent John Miller earlier reported the individual, identified as Hernandez, then years old, once worked in a SoHo shop just blocks from Patz's home in lower Manhattan. Detectives say he confessed to killing Patz. Sources say that Hernandez admitted to luring the boy into the store, strangling him, and placing the body in a box.

He said he put the box out with the trash and when he came back later, it was gone. Investigators say while Hernandez's story may be difficult to corroborate, they believe he is credible. While a source who has been briefed on the investigation could not provide details, the source indicated that it is unlikely a body will be recovered. Nama Administration Join date : Doesn't sound like they will be able to recover any remains So sad. So many conflicting reports out there.

Pedro choked him or stabbed him. He put the body in a bag, a box, or a bag inside a box. Two days later the box was gone. I find it hard to believe Pedro would have killed this small boy when he was only 19 years old and then has never harmed or hurt anyone since. Something seems off here. Wondering if Pedro, Ramos and Miller were all in it together. Or if LE is just trying to quickly close this case before some election?

If Pedro truly confessed to so many people his family, etc back then, why did no one follow up on anything? If several people have falsely confessed to Etan's murder why then is this man the ONE they place under arrest. Just because he sounded creditable? Suspect in disappearance of Etan Patz reportedly placed on suicide watch The New Jersey man arrested for allegedly murdering 6-year-old Etan Patz was hospitalized and placed on suicide watch Friday -- the day he was supposed to appear in court on the year anniversary of the New York City's boy's disappearance. Pedro Hernandez, who authorities say confessed to choking Patz in , was taken to Bellvue Hospital in Manhattan and placed on suicide watch, sources close to the matter told the New York Post.

Etan Patz 'killer' tried to turn himself in years ago but cops dismissed him as 'crazy'

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly announced Thursday that Hernandez, 51, of New Jersey, confessed to luring the child into a store with the promise of a soda before strangling him and disposing his body. Kelly said Hernandez, who was then 18, was working as a stock clerk at a bodega in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood when he spotted Patz walking alone in the early morning of May 25, Hernandez then allegedly led Patz down into the basement of the bodega, where he choked him and disposed of him by putting Patz's body into a trash bag outside. Kelly said the motive of the murder is still under investigation.

Hernandez was due to appear in court Friday afternoon on a second-degree murder charge. It is not known whether the court appearance is being postponed. Before coming to the police to confess his role in Patz's death, Hernandez expressed remorse to a family member, saying sometime in the past few decades that he had "done a bad thing and killed a child in New York," police said. Hernandez, who moved to New Jersey shortly after the boy disappeared, was picked up there late Wednesday in Maple Shade and was questioned Thursday at the Manhattan district attorney's office.

On Wednesday evening, Hernandez brought investigators to the scene of the murder and told them what happened. Police recorded three and a half hours of videotaped statements made by Hernandez. When the NYPD determined that an arrest was appropriate, they called the family back this afternoon.

Stan, the boy's father, was described as surprised and taken aback by the news, the NYPD said. He was a little surprised, but I think after everything Mr. Patz has gone through, he handled it very well," said Lt. Christopher Zimmerman of the Missing Persons Squad. They expressed surprise Thursday night at the arrest. He was not a problem. His family was great people," said Dan Wollick, 71, who rents an apartment in Hernandez' home.

Last month, the FBI ripped up a Manhattan basement for any forensic evidence that would help solve the mystery of what happened to Patz. The search turned up nothing. Although Kelly said the dig provided no link to Hernandez, the search hurtled the case back into the news, and a tipster then pointed police to Hernandez. Kelly said the person wasn't a relative, but knew that Hernandez had said he had done a bad thing, he said.

Investigators had long focused their attention on Jose Ramos, a drifter and onetime boyfriend of Etan's baby sitter. Nite wrote: If several people have falsely confessed to Etan's murder why then is this man the ONE they place under arrest. OK, thanks Nite I didn't know that Ramos made a confession to the murder while in jail. I remember reading that he told police that he had tried to molest Etan that day but did not abduct or kill him. It makes me wonder if he and Hernandez were in on this together. You're right about how to be sure now who's telling the truth.

He had been set to be arraigned after police announced his arrest in the missing child case that has mystified New York City for decades. A hospital bedside arraignment was expected sometime Friday. Hernandez is in isolation and receiving a medical evaluation at the hospital. Another source told NBC 4 New York that this evaluation is precautionary and that such extra steps in a case like this are often routine. Relatives have said Hernandez has a history of some mental issues.

His court-appointed lawyer, Harvey Fishbein, declined to comment Friday, saying he hadn't met with his client yet. Patz vanished on his way to a school bus stop 33 years ago Friday.

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  • The case drew international attention and changed the way parents felt about letting their young children go off alone. Police said Hernandez had admitted to luring Patz into a bodega where he worked, near the boy's house, and choking him to death in the basement. Based on that information, police went to question Hernandez. Kelly said Hernandez, who worked at the bodega for about a month, confessed to police after he was picked up Wednesday night. Some of the interviews were conducted at the scene of the crime, Kelly said. Kelly said the suspect had not given a reason for attacking Patz and said there was "no reason at this time" to suspect the boy was sexually abused.

    He said it was "unlikely" Patz's remains would ever be found and that Hernandez told them he put the boy's body in the trash.

    Hernandez's lawyer on Friday asked reporters to be respectful of some of Hernandez's relatives assembled at the courthouse, including his wife, daughter and another man, who huddled together on a wooden bench, turning away interview requests for more than an hour. The family is upset. Please give them some space,'' Fishbein said. His sister, Maria, who did not want her last name used, told NBC 4 New York on Thursday that her heart ached over the news of her brother's arrest and said she couldn't believe it. She said Hernandez had three children of his own and came from a family of 12 that emigrated from Puerto Rico in Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that the disappearance of Patz "broke the hearts of millions" across the nation, especially parents, and expressed sympathy again for the boy's family.

    Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance had pledged to reopen the decades-old cold case when he took office in The exhaustive search for Patz was renewed several weeks ago when police dug up the basement of a handyman's workshop near where Patz disappeared. A new layer of concrete had been laid over the foundation of the basement shortly after the boy vanished.

    That search yielded no new evidence. A lawyer for the handyman, Othniel Miller, said his client is "relieved by these developments, as he was not involved in any way with Etan Patz's disappearance. The boy's parents, Stan and Julie Patz, were reluctant to move or even change their phone number in case their son tried to reach out.

    Police said the family had been notified of the arrest. Dan Abrams discusses Pedro Hernandez's murder confession. Pedro Hernandez, who authorities say confessed to choking Patz in , had been taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and placed on suicide watch, sources close to the matter confirmed to Fox News. Hernandez was Friday evening on a second-degree murder charge by video conference from the hospital.

    Court-appointed lawyer Harvey Fishbein told the judge Hernandez is bipolar and schizophrenic. He didn't enter a plea, and a judge ordered a psychological examination Evidently, Pedro confessed twice, but LE discounted it because they thought he was crazy. NYPD detectives believe these key clues, kept secret for 33 years, are proof that the former SoHo bodega stockboy charged in the infamous abduction knew too much to not be involved. Sources said investigators were stunned to learn that Hernandez had this inside information, which cops never disclosed to the public despite intense public scrutiny and three decades of frustration in trying to unravel what happened to the 6-year-old in The specifics have remained secret and are known by fewer than a dozen current law-enforcement officials, including Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, the sources said.

    Hernandez, who confessed to strangling the boy in the basement of the bodega where he worked at Prince Street and West Broadway in SoHo, was considered unreliable by some NYPD investigators because of his mental instability. And the circle of people who know is very narrow. Police typically compile details about murders and the victims that are not revealed to the public, and that was true in the Patz investigation, said former FBI agent Ken Ruffo, who worked on the case from to The heat is on. He was allowed visitors but no friends or relatives showed up to see him. How do you think we feel?

    Moorestown, New Jersey CNN -- Rosemary Hernandez was going through hard times, coping with financial woes after recently losing her job at an insurance company, all that coming years after an accident left her husband unable to work. Yet it was something else entirely on her mind when she and her daughter came weeping into their Moorestown, New Jersey, church Thursday, according to their pastor.

    Hernandez told Bowen that police came to her door the previous day, saying their visit had "something to do with the Etan Patz case. Her husband, Pedro Hernandez, ended up leaving the family home with police -- and, with his subsequent arrest, he hasn't returned. She had an expression on her face like, 'How could this ever happen? The Manhattan district attorney's office charged Pedro Hernandez with second-degree murder, finding his confession credible even given that authorities concede there is no physical evidence linking him and that Patz's body has never been found.

    Defense lawyer Harvey Fishbein claims his client -- who is on suicide watch at New York's Bellevue Hospital, according to a law enforcement source -- has a "long psychiatric history" including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and hallucinations. Hernandez has not entered a plea due to a pending psychiatric evaluation. Rosemary Hernandez is Pedro Hernandez's second wife. Bowen, the New Jersey pastor, said he got the impression Pedro Hernandez never mentioned anything about the Patz case or about killing anyone to his wife, while ceding he never posed the question directly to Rosemary Hernandez.

    What he did know for certain was that the Hernandez family attended the church regularly. Neighbors say suspect in Patz killing lived a quiet life with his family The couple faithfully sat in the second row during services, the pastor said. Rosemary Hernandez and her daughter were active in church ministries. But Pedro Hernandez, who Kelly has said had been collecting disability payments since a accident prevented him from working, was more in the background.

    Once, the couple came to him for counseling -- for an issue he say was not related to their marriage or a crime -- and Rosemary Hernandez "did all the talking," Bowen said. For this Sunday's services, Rosemary Hernandez and her daughter were not in their regular spot in the second row. But they were on Bowen's mind, as was Pedro Hernandez's alleged victim and the boy's family. How was I married to this guy for all these years?

    Pedro is a very quiet, private man, and it seems to me that that carried into every arena of his life. We believe in justice as well as mercy. The wife of accused Etan Patz killer Perdo Hernandez has told relatives she is done with their marriage. Meanwhile, details about the murder are leaking out. The family, she says, did nothing with the confession. Milagros also offered an apology to the family of Etan Patz.

    Ari Patz, younger brother of Etan, and their father, Stan in Etan's mother, Julie Patz. Pedro Hernandez, the former store clerk charged in the death of 6-year-old Etan Patz after he confessed to the alleged murder, reportedly kept the boy's body in a walk-in refrigerator in the store's basement before discarding it. Hernandez was arrested Thursday after telling authorities that he'd lured the child to his death with the promise of soda.

    He reportedly said that he'd strangled Etan and then stuffed the boy's body into a plastic garbage bag, carried it to another location and then dumped it in the trash. Citing his confession to police, the New York Post reported today that Hernandez said he'd kept the boy's body in the refrigerator until he could dispose of the corpse. Law enforcement sources said the police department is attempting to confirm the details provided by Hernandez and whether to search for remains, the Post said. Also, The New York Times reported this weekend that Hernandez had confessed during a prayer meeting in the early s to killing a boy.

    The former leader of the prayer group, which was held in a Roman Catholic church in Camden, N. Anthony of Padua and was present during the admission. Rivera told the Times he did not tell the police at the time "because he did not confess to me. The prayer-circle confession was confirmed to the Times by Hernandez's sister, Norma Hernandez, who said that although she'd never talked to Pedro Hernandez about the case, his comments to the prayer group were known to the family.

    She did not say whether her brother had revealed the identity of the boy. In a Facebook post on its page, St. Anthony of Padua responded to The Times story: "At the time the confession in the prayer group would have taken place, the friars had not yet even arrived in Camden. But some members of the prayer group back then are still active in the parish.

    Please keep the Patz family and the Hernandez family in your prayers," the message said.