The Alchemy of Fear: How to Break the Corporate Trance and Create Your Companys Successful Future

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Making the transition into our new reality, spiritually, psychologically, and in embodied, practical acts, frees us to engage this greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. The enormity of this task, for sanity, health, and well-being, has to be grounded in a careful, listening and mindful embodied presence while supported by daily practices that care for body, heart, and mind and our near relationships.

Alignment with the Sacred Use Sacred Ceremony As each piece of news about climate breakdown lands, it generates overwhelming shock, grief, and outrage. Yet, while unbearable, this shock is waking us up.

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We can honor our awakening process by creating an intentional sacred space and ceremonial process through which we cross the threshold from our old world, and old ways of operating, into conscious engagement with our new reality. Witnessing each other, we can make a firm commitment to align our personal lives, make sacrifices, and together, support each other as we gather the courage to engage.

Every one of us is needed, every offering is important. There are many ways we can contribute, each according to their situation. Aligned with spiritual and moral power, resourcing ourselves, with determination and focus, we commit to work for a sustainable world. We call on the spirit of Standing Rock. The spirit of all ancestors who strived for truth, equity, and freedom, and who embody compassion and wisdom. We call on all protector spirits of the earth, lands, oceans, rivers, forests, plants, and the elements. We call on all the forces of goodness throughout all time and all directions to be present with us now and to add their power, their guidance, and to bring their protection.

We recognize that all beings, even those who through greed, hatred, and delusion destroy and divide, share the same core consciousness. We hold all with compassion. We pray for all. We work for the children and grandchildren of all, regardless. We recognize that all beings have received the gift of life through the power of Mother Nature, Grandmother Earth and all have the right to be here.

We humbly step down from our ego fixation to align with the spirit of truth, wisdom, and compassion. We ask for guidance at this utmost dangerous time. May our collective awakening quicken exponentially. We join together with purpose focused on the reclamation of the sacred web of life. We make a solemn vow to work to save a sustainable world for the future. Essentially, our planetary emergency is a spiritual crisis. We are stuck in a narrative and self-perpetuating reality founded in survival of the ego and its separative consciousness.

However, our evolutionary cusp echoes into Indigenous knowledge that understands we live within a web of life and an ensouled world where self and other are in dynamic, consequential relationship. In essence, we are awakening into the profound intimacy of all things, where we directly know that all beings, nature, the earth, and the cosmos are a part of ourselves. Spiritual practice is the process of embodying the reality of our deep interconnectedness. This is a watershed moment for humanity, where everything depends on how we respond.

We feel profound grief, fear, and outrage; a daily kaleidoscope of reactions and emotions. But we are not alone. Let us turn this pain to strength, clarity and focus so we can face this immense challenge together. However, with climate breakdown, we determine to shake off the spell of individualism and fabricated division. Instead, we work together to create new ways of being on this Earth that are collaborative, mutually supportive, empathetic, and authentic.

Together, we can take courage and move through the fear of speaking out, of breaking rank, and of being disparaged. We speak up and out. We encourage ourselves and others to be mindful of our personal and communal carbon use. Together we commit to becoming more conscious. Together we are powerful. Find friends, family members, communities, who are allies. Take time together to speak about what we see, what we feel, what we know. Acknowledge the urgency and enormity of what we face.

Bear witness to the loss of species, eco-systems, peoples, whole countries. Create space to share our grief, our fears, our outrage, our hopes, our plans. Create space to celebrate life together, to sing and dance and share food, to inhabit the best of our human-being-ness in connection and community, to share successes and good news and resources which uplift and restore us. Orient Around a Statement of Purpose, e. The world has been thrown into climate chaos, caused by fossil fuel companies, the billionaires who profit from them and the politicians they have bought.

It is time to confront these oligarchs through massive mobilization, collective moral authority, acts of non-violent civil disobedience and a movement so big and politically dangerous that governments are forced to shut down the fossil fuel economy and restore the benign conditions in which humans and other species can thrive.

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We join forces to ensure that the sustainable, equitable, world we long for is secured. However, working together is very effective. Ground your action in mindfulness and group process, where everyone is heard, feelings and experiences are honored, and feedback is welcome. While respectful listening is appropriate to those with experience in certain fields, when wisdom and compassion is offered, to those organizing, taking risks, doing more work, avoid power hierarchies and rigidity.

Engagement on the ground requires fluidity, communication, openness and agility. Non-violence inwardly and outwardly is a vital spiritual practice. When an action finishes, take time to come back together, process, and support each other. Be sure to follow up with each other and on the outcome of your action. We have no time to lose and need governments, city and town councils, state legislatures, religious and educational institutions, business, civil society, leaders, families, and each one of us to respond assertively and swiftly to reverse rapid environmental breakdown. It is time to break the spell of procrastination, denial and bargaining, and to break silence and dispel all ambiguity, by immediately declaring a Climate Emergency followed by strategies, investment, and radical changes that produce real outcomes.

We must mount a decisive response to our planetary emergency. Only a united national and global demand has the power to focus intention and overcome distraction, overwhelm, helplessness, and denial. The moral authority of collective action has the potential to shape political policy and direct economic resources to avoid further collapse of ecosystems and human civilization. We can each be a part of that. But only if we act now. This alarming reality, and what it means for us, needs to be named and discussed on news outlets daily. In order to be motivated enough to increase political pressure, citizens need to be cognizant of our precipitous situation.

We are already witnessing major tipping points: massive global ice loss, extreme ocean warming, failure of reef systems and crops, floods, droughts, wildfires, the destruction of wild habitat, and the rapid erosion of wildlife, ocean, insect and plant life. If we continue burning fossil fuels and promoting animal industrial agribusiness, by a cascade of severe tipping points will begin to radically shift the world as we know it, meaning we could have an unrecognizable world as early as If we do not act to prevent this outcome, we will be condemning our children, our grandchildren, the generations to come, marginalized and under-resourced communities, low lying cities and lands, islands, most living species, and — sooner rather than later — all life on earth, to famine, chaos, catastrophic migrations, violence, and extinction.

Facing up to our possible extinction is an immense shock.

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Yet, while the pull of despair and resignation is understandable, allowing a slide into chaos and unimaginable suffering is unthinkable. Instead, together, we have the power not only to avert this tragedy, but to build the sustainable, equitable, and more beautiful world of our highest dreams. We start by reducing carbon use in our lives, reaching out to others, and making a commitment to join together to demand governments and institutions Declare Climate Emergency.

Telling the Truth is Essential for Change We need governments and media to tell the truth. They must state we are in a climate emergency, and that it is time to act. We must normalize a sense of urgency by sharing facts and by exploring radically new ways of living — through non-violent civil disobedience, by being on the streets, by speaking out, and by being part of a fast-growing international movement to drive government, industry, and business to act.

We need the solutions — which are already there — to be implemented immediately. This is the time for boldness, for not holding back. While we are in a struggle against our own inertia and self-interest — the time and energy-consuming challenges of sustaining a livelihood, of supporting a family, of meeting responsibilities and attending to duties — the greatest threat is from those with immense power who in their utter ruthlessness welcome climate devastation as a means to seize as many assets as they can, plundering whatever is left.

They know what is coming, and instead of reversing mass ecocide, they disseminate denial, distort facts, lie and obfuscate. This profound betrayal of life itself has to be defined as a crime against humanity. This is why we must be bold and transform outrage into a united fight for our collective lives.

In spite of the malevolent and malicious powers acting against the welfare of the whole, the power of the people, standing up together, has always been greater. Similarly, these demands, from Extinction Rebellion XR are an excellent focus. Governments must tell the truth about the climate and the wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside media to communicate with citizens. Governments must tell the truth about how deadly our situation is, they must reverse all policies that do not align with that position and must work alongside the media to communicate the urgency for change including what individuals, communities and businesses need to do 2.

Governments must enact legally binding policies to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by and take further action to remove the excess of atmospheric greenhouse gases. By necessity these demands require initiatives and mobilization of similar size and scope to those enacted in times of war. We do not however, trust our Government to make the bold, swift and long-term changes necessary to achieve this and we do not intend to hand further power to our politicians.

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  5. However, not reducing green-house gas emissions at warp speed will also result in massive casualties, and likely extinction. Whatever happens will be immensely challenging for us all. There is no easy way forward. This is not a document laying out detailed solutions, but rather an urgent call to action, with the understanding that as governments, civil society, business and each of us proactively participate, we will be part of the solution, and will activate an unstoppable momentum. The rate at which nations would need to reduce their emissions each year to reach those targets becomes steeper, and less attainable, every year emissions continue to rise.

    This suggests the Paris commitments need to be tripled to reach a 2 C target and increase five-fold to reach a 1. Some points below are informed by XR. Transform energy systems, invest in renewables and phase out fossil fuels. Switch to green construction materials. End factory farms. Invest in public transport, high speed rail, cut flights through a frequent flyer levy. Countries, particularly those whose wealth is founded in colonial extraction, invest in other countries to develop clean technology.

    Transfer government subsidies from the oil industry and animal factory farms to renewable green energy and plant based local agriculture. A draw down of militarization and ending of massive military pollution driving climate and systems collapse. Because our immediate challenge is transitioning from high carbon producing energy, there is an argument that nuclear is the pathway forward. However, we need to be conscious that nuclear power poses a menacing force that has a poisonous and many-generational impact. The splitting of the atom, a Prometheus moment, heralded a petrifying age of feasible mass destruction that has overshadowed the planet since.

    Chernobyl and Fukushima are warnings of our inability to control nuclear power, here. From Nuclear Energy Information Service. Our current climate crisis demands that we look at each aspect of life through the lens of how our choices, individually and collectively, contribute either to accelerating or decelerating climate breakdown. As Dharma practitioners, we are also challenged to look through the lens of how our choices align with the core values of non-harming and truth telling.

    This document is not proposing particular solutions, but, rather, honors and celebrates that each individual and community will have its own creative path and own particular needs in relationship to the many solutions, actions and choices available for moving forward. That said, our intention is that part of this individual and collective work includes an honest look at our relationship with consuming animals and their products, and asking the difficult questions around whether this practice is still sustainable given what we know about science, and still ethically feasible given what we know about the harm and death we cause to millions some estimates say billions of land and sea animals every single day.

    This crisis point offers us an opportunity to reassess our current practices to see whether they are consonant or dissonant with a world that must mobilize against climate breakdown and in which violence of all forms must be addressed and healed if we are to survive. The pursuit of imperialistic wars underwrites oil extraction from invaded countries and leaves a colossal and malignant legacy of intractable chemical pollution, like depleted uranium, pesticides, defoliants like Agent Orange, jet fuel and oil around the world. Military action alone resulted in 90 percent desertification in Iraq.

    The energy used by bloated militaries, which also perpetuate the arms industry to catastrophic effect, outstrips the oil used by many countries. It is also essential to trace the cause of such massive aggression to the human mind. We are the crisis but we are also the solution. Mni Wiconi : Water is Life.

    Be personal and authentic. Speak from the heart. Join together with others to make the case. Present the facts. If you have a particular affinity and skills set, religious, business, political, or have a connection by geography, nationality, identity , aim to contextualize your approach with your shared world view.

    We Know the Facts. We Have the Technology. We Need the Political Will 3. But it will be more powerful if we all do this. Announce a live webinar you and your community can join on Friday or Saturday of that weekend May 17 or Or at your local sangha venue, or any other venue that is easy to access. What to do? There will be a landing page on One Earth Sangha to build momentum, support and inspiration. Yong Oh — Sacred Mountain Sangha. Gayle Markow. Longing is the language of SOUL.

    Most of us behave as if we were homeless to our SOUL and orphaned to our Earth with great consequences. When we feel deep longings moving through our bodies and through our dreams we are blessed by SOUL. So what happens to these Longings? Why are we in such dire state if SOUL constantly speaks through our imagination, hearts and dreams? Are they like seeds falling on concrete? What does our SOUL need? These longings moving through us Grief of not being welcome, wanted, enough, or of not knowing enough, have enough support, money, skills etc Paralysis, shame and envy can become the new guests in our beings.

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    Excerpts from A. See pp. Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Article by Vanessa Waller, Taking shortcuts in Word. Icon , The Sydney Morning Herald , p. Piatkus Books, , pp. Australian Institute of Family Studies, Great stuff for worriers and paranoids both amateur and professional — Ed. Now return to the Lost Worlds Index Page. Loads of book titles are listed below on computing and related topics. Concerned with the Internet and "Information Revolution, this title already looks-n-feels quaintly old-hat, but is exceedingly well-intentioned. Stephen Segaller, Nerds 2. New York, TV Books, Alan Schwartz, Managing Mailing Lists.

    Sebastopol, California, O'Reilly, Icon, The Sydney Morning Herald, p. See Hartman? Andrew Bonime and Kent C. New York, Wiley, An excellent book. With chapters on Interactivity. Linear Writing vs Interactive Writing. How to Think Interactively. Planning for Interactivity in a Linear Title. Interactive Grammar. Here, chapter 14 recommends using Sidebars, how to integrate footnotes, bibliographies and supporting material. Web Journalism before it was called "blogging", or, web logging. Content Automation. And see p. But here, personally, more so for young students, I would recommend that Web writers also provide a clear indication to users of websites of just how complex the consideration of any topic can become.

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    Patrick J. Edn 2. Yale University Press, New Haven, An excellent book on basic approaches and design principles.

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    A preface states: "no communication device is more inexpensive or far reaching Then came a growing role for graphic designers, who tried to apply a range of tactics for webpage design, and also tried to tighten designs. This was due to the relative "looseness" of a webpage as compared to usual tactics used for print media design.

    Writers, however, barely got a look in. Then came a later phase, still with us, with website users wanting more breadth, depth and integrity. Sections of this book are illuminating on: website pre-planning, even with the use of "information architects". The pithy phrase is used, "scope creep", as applied to the dismal webpage design tactics employed by webmasters who originally failed to properly plan a website, and later try to cope with futile strategies as the website grows - or is forced to grow.

    One could well accuse www. I personally know one webmaster with severe "scope creep" problems by now, who did not know enough about website design when they began, and is now in deep design and presentational trouble. Also, this person uses MS FrontPage. One design problem this website has, more so as it tries to keep up with trends, is a need for archiving, restoring or deleting of old material from the website.

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