The Axe of the Dwarf Lords (Nameless Dwarf Book 2)

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The Evolution of the Nameless Dwarf

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I pretty much always played dwarves. I tried other races, but the minute those characters were killed and inevitably they were I got straight back into my comfort zone. When my brother decided to DM a particular nasty orc-fest at the club, a super-party was assembled, and I realized I was going to need a pretty special dwarf to get the job done.

The Axe of the Dwarf Lords (Chronicles of the Nameless Dwarf, book 2) by D P Prior

He was a tank, a hack-and-slash superhero. Eventually, I retired him. Years later, I reinvented him, but that was when I learned the hard truth that roleplaying games are for people less imaginatively and cognitively challenged than an old codger like me. I shoved my polyhedral dice in the attic and left Nameless to the Void.

Back then I was into being terribly, terribly literary and reducing all my characters to two-dimensional talking heads. I did the same with Nameless, although a lot of readers were impressed with his first appearance. When I was staying in Chicago a few years ago I found myself at a loose end while my son was out catching frogs.

I wrote the word The Ant-Man of Malfen in one sitting and liked where the character was going. The story was accepted by Pulp Empire, but then I went on to expand it into a novella. It starts after the Nameless, under the influence of a malevolent black axe, virtually commits genocide.

The Axe of the Dwarf Lords

The survivors of his massacre in the ravine city of Arx Gravis flee across the mountains into the nightmare lands of Qlippoth. He hires Nils Fargin, son of a criminal guildmaster, to lead him to some rather shady contacts who may be able to help.

The series spans five books that take him on a journey with modest Sword and Sorcery beginnings to a truly epic conclusion. The Nameless Dwarf books have benefited enormously from some great artwork. The first cover was produced by C. Subsequent covers in the first series were painted by Patrick Stacey. Russian artist Anton Kokarev came up with the iconic image of Nameless for the cover of the Complete Chronicles, which has consistently been my bestselling book, and has topped the fantasy charts on several occasions.

The Nameless Dwarf books began as a fun spinoff from the Shader series, which is much heavier epic fantasy.

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