Australias Coast from the Air 4: Photos to enjoy (a childrens picture book)

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The CBCA produces a range of promotional items, including stickers for publishers to place on winning and honour books, and support materials for teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians.

Recommended Indigenous Australian children's books ·

The range is always changing and developing. Throughout the year, we work in partnership with authors, illustrators, publishers and booksellers to bring literature into the hearts and minds of children. Your donation will help us continue this important work. She wants to find out why Monster Party is an explosion of fun and pure joy.

Children will love the hilarious, naughty desert monsters who come out of the ground to have a party on Dora Lake. Eating chips and monster cake, they go 'galumphing' all over The 20th anniversary edition of the award-winning, much loved story that tells how a little tree frog helps a boy find the courage to face his fears. Benny Bungarra comes to the rescue when Olive Python's head is stuck in a plastic bottle, Colin Crow's beak is entangled in a fishing line, and Kathy Kangaroo's paw has glass in it! A lively and endearing story about a child in an Indigenous community getting ready to play his favourite game - footy!

A new board book that will get toddlers and preschoolers up off their feet following the actions of the animals featured in the book! Clever Crow is an endearing and witty tale that follows the exploits of a hungry and very clever crow. Alfred's War is a powerful story that unmasks the lack of recognition given to Australian Indigenous servicemen who returned from the WWI battlelines. Free Diving is a poignant tribute to the Indigenous men and women who worked in the pearling industry as 'free divers' in the late nineteenth century in Western Australia. In a practice known as 'blackbirding' forced This delightful book for Early Childhood will mesmerise young children and older readers.

The black linework and colourful wash backgrounds work beautifully with the lyrical text.

Possum Magic (1983)

Together they introduce extraordinary creatures Through lots of hard work, Patty's skills have improved out of sight. And he's invited to step it up in a big basketball tournament. Even though he'll miss out on time in his beloved Torres Strait, playing in a major This story comes from the wise and ancient language of the First People of the Western Australian south coast. Noorn is a story of alliances between humans and other living creatures, in this case a snake.

It tells of how A boy goes looking for his uncle. He discovers family and home at the ocean's edge, and finds himself as well. A fantastic and fun basketball series by Australian Olympian and NBA star Patty Mills that will entertain young readers, inspire kids to achieve their goals through sport, and showcase Patty's pride in his Indigenous heritage.

I Open the Door Loongie is a greedy saltwater crocodile who lives among the mangroves at Walaman Creek in the remote Kimberley region of Western Australia. He has no friends and no-one will come near the creek while he is around. Loongie soon Erica wants a dog.

See a Problem?

So dad brings home a new pet Shallow the buffalo and her friend Bruno the dog have a lot of fun, get in a lot of trouble and create a lot of havoc. In this delightful Early Childhood board book, Tori-Jay Mordey's graphic illustrations bring the city to life in all its colourful glory. A celebration of individuality and joyous self-esteem, in bouncy, rhythmic prose and riotous colour.

Dad and all the old people say there's a Bunyip in the river but I've never seen her. I've been looking for ages. Mel Gordon loves running, and watching Seinfeld, but mostly she loves Cathy Freeman. It's and the Olympics are going to be held in Australia. In a year of surprises, Mel finds out that.. This delightful book for early childhood will enthrall young children and their older readers.

The vibrant illustrations are accompanied by a soft lyrical text and together they introduce some of the diverse native and exotic Gorges that plummet into serpentine shadows Cloaks of white that drape the rocky crags of snowy mountains In this magnificent celebration of country, Bronwyn Bancroft uses both images and words to explore the When Moon shines and earth breathes a breath of deepest night dream, little one, dream into the peace of a wonderful world.

From pizza shop to bora ground, here is a joyous celebration of food, dance and cultural understanding. When three young boys go to a pizza parlour and meet an Aboriginal chef who can speak Italian and make a deadly pizza, they're Spinifex Mouse is the heartwarming tale of Cheeky, a spinifex hopping mouse, who lives in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The illustrations are adapted from their paintings of the story. Mary Albert said, Would you like More than just an alphabet book, this title uses the letters A-Z as a framework to tell us about growing up on a mission in northern New South Wales.

It is a first alphabet book with an Aboriginal theme and describes daily Nginingawila Ngirramini - Tiwi language for 'Our Story' - is a celebration of pride and a window into the lives of nine talented, intelligent and funny teenage girls from the Tiwi Islands. Renowned artist Bronwyn Bancroft's Remembering Lionsville brings to vivid life her family's oral history and her own childhood memories. The Kadmakara children are helping Wongabel to reach her home tribe, the Woomera people, but they have to pass through the Land of the Kangaroo people - and they are cannibals.

Ages Mary, a young Aboriginal girl, lives on a red and dusty cattle station. Shunned by the other girls because of her fair skin, Old Ned, one of the community elders, finally speaks up. He teaches the girls that Aboriginal identity Susie is supposed to write about what she wants to be when she grows up.

But she doesn't have a clue! When she has a series of puzzling dreams, Gran encourages her to think about their deeper meaning and Susie soon finds she knows The kangaroo family includes more than 70 species, four of which are legally hunted in designated harvest areas. He does have a few options. One is the commercial harvest. Graziers can allow licensed shooters to cull groups of kangaroos, called mobs, on their land. But as demand for kangaroo products has waned—in part because of publicity efforts by animal welfare organizations—the industry has been taking only a fraction of the annual cull allowed.

Another option is cluster fencing. Graziers with adjacent properties can band together and erect a government-subsidized fence around their farms. But critics say the barriers cruelly snare kangaroos, illegally hinder their access to water, and disrupt the migratory routes of other native animals. The final option is simple execution.

A grazier can apply for a permit that authorizes killing a specific number of animals. At the time of my visit, Zanker had one to cull roos. But many graziers with permits hire amateur shooters with no training or accreditation, unlike the marksmen employed and monitored by the industry. That creates its own problems, including thousands of maimed roos each year. And the bank wants its money. What would you do in that situation? Go and give the keys to the bank manager?

Or go and buy a box of bullets? As the sun goes down in rural Queensland, Brad Cooper goes to work. The stout kangaroo shooter pulls his truck off the road and into a paddock about 20 miles east of Mitchell. And neither do they. Commercial shooters have to pass a marksmanship test and receive training on animal welfare and hygiene. Each month they have to report the details of their work to ensure that no harvest exceeds the quota.

Cooper is 41 years old. He shot his first kangaroo when he was five. Today he works three nights a week, for six to eight hours at a time. His goal this evening is to kill 30 roos.

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His single-night record is As ragged clouds scuttle overhead, the half-moon plays peekaboo in the night sky. A sharp smell of saltbush fills the air. Cooper sweeps the lights on his truck back and forth, back and forth. Cooper drives to the fallen roo. He yanks the carcass onto the truck bed and hangs it by a rear leg. Working with practiced efficiency, he bleeds the animal, then eviscerates it, inspecting the carcass for lesions or parasites that would compromise its market value.

Next comes paperwork: Every shooter must record the date and time of each kill, the name of the property, the species, and all the other information required by the food processor and the state authority. He gets paid 70 cents per kilogram for field-dressed carcasses. Some nights he can make a thousand dollars.

Two males appear.

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The process repeats. A little before midnight the wind kicks up in earnest, and Cooper calls it a night. His final tally: 10 kangaroos. The hours are strange, the work brutal. Urbanites look down on his profession. If a dog or a cat needs to be put down, a vet does it.

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But we are. Eastern grays blend into the brush at Grampians National Park. Kangaroos have an age-old knack for survival, as cave paintings from 20, years ago attest. Hopping—an efficient way to move at speed for long stretches—helped them flee their foes better than four-legged megafauna that are now extinct. Howard Ralph, a tall, trim doctor, sits in his drafty waiting room and describes another kind of responsibility for kangaroos.

Today, aided by a small army of volunteers, Southern Cross Wildlife Care treats more than 2, animals a year. Over half are kangaroos. That means treating pain and managing stress, which can be fatal issues. Kangaroos, especially eastern grays, get stressed easily and can develop kidney failure and heart disease. They also see a lot of cruelty: kangaroos that have been shot in the face, hit with an ax, deliberately run over by a truck.

We should be beyond the point where cruelty is acceptable. Under any circumstances.