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See how the project comes to a conclusion below. You can read the previous…. Thundering into battle come the mighty Succession armies with vast numbers of pikes and huge beast of war! Over to you, Wojtek… Welcome back to my walk through on sculpting a miniature…. Welcome back! If you missed it you can find it…. With a brand new German translation of the Hail Caesar rulebook just out, and the hugely detailed supplement Age of Caesar hitting the stores this weekend, we decided to revisit….

To Roman soldiers looking across the Rhine into the dark, forbidding Walds of Germania, they were staring at the dividing line between civilisation and wild barbarism. Gazing back at them…. These tribal Spanish warriors are divided into the caetratii, light infantry, and the scutarii, heavy infantry.

Spanish Caetrati command View in Store The caetra, describes the small round shield of…. View in Store The size of your armies is endless…. The new supplement for Hail Caesar is available to order now! View in Store Gaius Julius Caesar was surely the most famous Roman of all time — conqueror, statesman and….

A new set of figures arrives from Cutting Edge allowing you to field armies of the Later Minoans, Mycenaeans, and other Aegean city-states such as the famous Troy in western…. The Macedonians are on the March! One of the finest sights in wargaming are the serried ranks of pike that fill Macedonian armies and those of several other armies in…. In this, our first expansion for Hail Caesar, Rick Priestley presents no less than 63 army lists for the Biblical and Classical periods along with points costs and army composition….

View Soft cover book…. Hail Caesar — Written by none other than Rick Priestley. This rulebook needs little preamble, so read on to find out all the juicy details! View Hail Caesar in Store…. Viking raiders! The cry goes out across the land as the long ships are sighted! The Roman Testudo tortoise formation is probably the most recognisable battle formation in history. We wanted to do this legendary sight on the battlefield justice and so we have included…. With a rate of fire of up to…. Wow what a show — Well over 8, people packed into 1 huge arena, and the gaming extravaganza that is Salute began in earnest — with the Warlord stand swarming….

Pre Order in Store This kit contains…. Henry V led his already exhausted troops into battle against 20, French, and participated in the…. The fertile lands of Mesopotamia, the coastal Levant, and Egypt were surrounded and partly separated by arid semi-desert or dry steppe regions.

These included the Syrian Desert and the northern…. This range can be used for the Early Hebrew armies during the invasion of Canaan, firstly under Moses and then Joshua and Gideon against the Canaanite city-states and the Nomadic…. The Elamites fought wars with the Kassite Babylonians in this…. Canaan and Syria in the Late Bronze Age consisted of numerous small city-states such as Megiddo, Kadesh and Ugarit, who were vassals or allies of the surrounding greater powers such….

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A New Year often brings the need for us all to try something new, and what better than to start a new system! Hyksos is a term used to describe the people who overran Egypt and established a dynasty at the end of the Middle Bronze Age. They came from the east to…. Available now in the webstore, we have a selection of Wargames Factory plastic sprues. As we explained a few weeks ago in this update, the Design Studio is busy working…. These fabulous pictures, sent to us from Bennett Blalock-Doane, capture Sarmatian Cataphracts thundering in to battle on their armoured steeds.

These horsemen can provide excellent shock cavalry for your Dacian…. Bennett tells us he has more to send us…. The Old Kingdom…. The Code…. The Sea Peoples, so named by a French Egyptologist at the end of the 19th century, are just one of many armies catered for within the Hail Caesar Range. To further bolster the fantastic Cutting Edge Miniatures range, and field more forces upon the battlefields of the ancient times, this week the Shardana Guard are readied for battle! This metal boxed set will ably support your many pike phalanxes! View in Store Alexander…. Dan has a lot of fantastic Bolt Action models that we hope to….

Woods have often been a major part of so…. Our Hail Caesar miniatures range covers a huge swathe of the Ancient period — and with such an array of modes on offer, Cutting Edge Miniatures owner Peter Womack has…. Perry Miniatures have just released another great plastic kit for War of the Roses armies, in the form of Light Cavalry. The box contains 12 plastic horsemen that can be…. Under his successor, Shulgi, the lands…. The original city-state of Akkad was located somewhere in…. This week we have another batch of laser-cut wooden terrain sets for Dark Ages battles.

Along with the wooden palisade walls that we released a few weeks ago, you now…. The term Thorakites — plural Thorakitai — is used sparingly by Polybios to refer to Achaian and Seleucid troops of the mid-second century BC. That they were armoured is plain…. A great philosopher who studied relentlessly in his youth, Marcus would become one of the…. Originally formed by the Emperor Augustus, this elite cadre of soldiers would become the true power of Rome, ruling from behind the scenes. They were responsible for killing off Emperors…. Continuing our releases from the Cutting Edge Miniatures range, this week we have two command packs for the New Kingdom Egyptians!

The auxiliary of the Roman army came about in the earlier days of the Republic. Alongside the massed legions of Rome, these devastating war machines sought not to just provide covering fire for the legionaries but also to destroy the enemy from afar. These weapons…. Joining the three chariot deals from last week repeated below , we have another three deals, this time for Early period armies: View in Store View in Store View in Store….

View in Store The figures in this box represent the English…. This week we have more additions to the ancients range, with more chariots from the Cutting Edge range — three variants of 2-horse light chariots. During the Late Bronze Age,…. Warlord Games produce some of the finest wargames miniatures in the world — with vast ranges of meticulously recreated uniforms stretching across the battlefields of time.

Our models can be…. These figures can also be used for Egyptian armies of the First Intermediate period between the Old and Middle Kingdoms and the early part of the Second Intermediate period up…. However, as many…. Most people will know at least something of the ancient Egyptians: will have heard of the pyramids at least, and will probably recognise the name of Tutankhamun.

Thanks to the…. Reinforcements have arrived for Egyptian armies in the shape of four new Early Egyptian sets. A much asked-after Bronze Age war machine is now available — the Ugaritic Chariot! Bronze Age expert Nigel Stillman concludes his series of articles on King Hammurabi of Babylon, his wars against neighbouring city-states including the Elamites and his final defeat at the hands….

These are the Close Fighters of the 19th and 20th Dynasties Ramesside period that fought under….

Connecting History

Bronze Age expert Nigel Stillman continues his series of articles on King Hammurabi of Babylon, his wars against neighbouring city-states including the Elamites and his final defeat at the hands…. Just in — three new boxed sets from Victrix containing their highly detailed Roman Legionaries and Italian allies. Contains 60 Republican Roman legionaries wearing chainmail, and light infantry skirmishers. Bronze Age expert Nigel Stillman returns with a new series of articles on King Hammurabi of Babylon, his wars against neighbouring city-states including the Elamites and his final defeat at….

The latest plastic boxed set from Perry Miniatures is here — classic medieval armoured Foot Knights: The fully armoured Knight or Man at Arms formed the backbone of all European…. More wheeled reinforcements for Hittite players this week with three new chariots ready to take on the Egyptians. View in Store These chariots were slightly heavier in construction than other…. Includes 2 Commanders, a Standard…. Following on from thosewe released for the New Kingdom Egyptian and Hittite armies recently, you can use….

This week sees the further release of reinforcements for the mighty armies of the Egyptian Pharaohs. When wargamers picture the armies of ancient Egypt it is usually the forces of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom that we have in mind. The New Kingdom refers to…. This week sees the release of the New Kingdom Egyptians, we have three metal boxed sets comprising of chariots, spearmen and archers, the key elements you need to build an….

New this week are three further releases for the armies of the Hittites — Hittite command, Hittite spearmen and Hittite or Anatolian spearmen. This all-new command set includes two commanders,…. In this series of articles, Bronze Age expert Nigel Stillman discusses the Battle of Kadesh and the period of war and battle between the Hittites and Egyptians that led to…. New in from Agema we have these plastic Republican Roman Legionaries.

These models are suitable for the Punic wars — an earlier era than our own plastic Caesarian and Imperial…. Adding more leadership to your Caesarian Roman army are these two new character models! Pullo and Vorenus are two names that many of you will be familiar with from the…. As is so often the case with the enemies of the Akkadians what we know of the fierce hill tribes of the Zagros and Taurus mountains is what the Akkadians…. Released today are the two latest plastic buildings from the Tabletop Workshop range.

The Barn and the Stable are smaller buildings and are based around the existing Cottage design. Hittite armies receive reinforcements this week with these three light 2-man chariots, perfect to support the heavier 3-man chariots we launched last week. The early origins of the Hittites are not entirely certain, but it is likely the people we call Hittites arrived in Anatolia about BC and came from Europe as part….

In our final instalment of awesome Roman army deals, we have 4 more exciting collections to tempt budding commanders. Firstly the Imperial Roman…. This greedy individual had been busy levying excessive taxes in order to…. The first models for the Sea Peoples range are these great chariots, ready to ride down the forces of the old kingdoms. View in Store These warriors have reed or…. The Late Bronze Age is the age of chariot warfare and of the great warrior pharaohs. When film and TV conjure images of ancient Egypt they inevitably draw upon the…. Available now to pre-order is our latest Hail Caesar supplement — Germania.

Following the collapse of the Akkadian Empire about BC there was a period of disorder during which the country was ruled or at least dominated by the Gutians. No-one knows…. Ancients wargaming expert Nigel Stillman provides a detailed account of Early Bronze age warfare. HOW TO…. This delightful plastic kit from Renedra provides authentic detail for your battlefield.

The land of Elam, or Elamais to the Greeks, lay in the highlands to the immediate east of Sumeria and the adjoining region along the coast of the Persian Gulf….

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Part 3 examines the different troop types available to armies of the age. The earliest representations of chariots can be found on….

Hail, Caesar! (Film) - TV Tropes

Last week Ancients wargaming expert Nigel Stillman provided a detailed account of Early Bronze age warfare and focused on military development in the region. Here, in part 2, Nigel explains…. These models can be used…. Here Nigel provides…. These are the regular infantry or shock troops of the Amorite City-States, such as….

Three new chariots are released for the Cutting edge Miniatures Bronze Age range — these early two-horse chariots are ideal to use in Amorite Kingdom armies amongst others. The earliest…. These archers are suitable for use in both regular city-state as levy skirmishers , and irregular Nomadic…. Out today are more miniatures for use in the armies of the Akkadians, Amorite Kingdoms and Sumerians, amongst others. These latest Early and Middle Bronze Age releases are just a…. No one is exactly sure whether the Amorites were native to the whole region west of Mesopotamia, or more specifically the part that corresponds to northern Syria west of the….

Quick Shade…. Out today we have four new plastic building kits from Tabletop Workshop and at a great price! These great kits are fully detailed inside and out and they actually clip….

Age of Empires Definitive Edition CAMPAIGNS! AVE CAESAR CAMPAIGN: The Siege of Alesia!

View in Store These un-shielded Javelinmen can be used in both…. We at Warlord have put our heads together and sorted out the colours that we use to paint models, saving you the time looking through paint codes and giving you…. There were few ancient peoples who were able to challenge the might of Rome, but the fierce Dacians, hailing from what is largely modern Romania, were one of the exceptions…. These models can…. View in Store Later…. This week we have more new miniatures from the Cutting Edge Bronze Age range.

Following on from the miniatures we released for the Sumerian and Akkadian armies last week, the next…. The first two armies we are releasing back into…. Check out the amazing scenic base with an…. Use these characterful miniatures to add variety and realism to your units, or perhaps use them as markers to indicate ongoing casualties or Morale penalties during your games. A wounded…. This week the talented Luis Garcia has been turning his hand to Ancient Celts — check out the fantastic patterning on the cloth….

What ever next? Three wise men? No — some Auxiliary Camel cavalry to patrol the vast reaches of the Roman Empire. Dromedarii were camel riding auxiliary forces recruited in the eastern,…. Send your Thracians into battle to hack apart the enemy of Macedonia with their lethal romphaia blades. Too busy painting your army to spend time painting terrain? Well take a look at a few of our ready-painted scenery models. The Ravelins are now back in stock after…. With the fearsome Queen Boadicea leading your army, here are some of the awesome models you can use to battle against the Roman invasion of Britain: The Britannia supplement for….

Released today are these fantastic Parthian Horse Archers, skirmishing archers who can literally run rings around the enemy! One of the many enemies of the Roman empire, the Parthians were…. Here are….

Caesar's Footprints

During the second Punic War, the Roman army identified a need for more effective light infantry — infantry that could not only engage the enemy at range with javelins, but…. To celebrate the inaugural Warlord Games Day we asked Wojtek to sculpt us a special edition miniature. A gladiator was the unanimous feeling and so our diminutive putty pusher has….

With the imminent release of the next Hail Caesar supplement — Britannia — it gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our excellent Ancient Briton and Imperial Roman ranges. Our Caesarian Roman range receives new models this week in the form of these grisly casualty models! Ideal for use as casualty markers for games of Hail Caesar, they are…. Known as Suetonius Paullinus on our forums, Andreas Zeck posted there his recently completed plastic Caesarian Romans. We loved them so much, especially the conversions, we wanted to make sure….

Dom Hine of the Army Builder community volunteered to help us and through his hard work and diligence not only has he made the army lists from the main Bolt…. Available this week in our webstore are the first two support packs to accompany our new plastic Caesarian Romans… The first is this all metal command group ideal for providing…. Rick Priestley, author of our forthcoming Ancients rules: Hail Caesar, brings us another communique explaining the game further.

Read on… Rick: Today we have a relatively short piece on the…. As such some of our brave lads have starting down the road of getting armies together and…. Of course, these are but a tiny portion of our many…. With this special offer you can save cash when buying the Hail Caesar rulebook and both army list supplements! Hail Caesar is written by the hugely talented Rick Priestley who…. These three types are on the basis of their equipment:…. This was most likely made from leather or felt with embroidered pattern work….

To celebrate the anniversary of games designer and tea connoisseur, Rick Priestley, joining the Warlord Games team, we would like to offer a limited number of hand-signed Black Powder and…. Seems we made an error with the Han Chinese list, missing some of the entries. Fear not though — you can download the updated troop listing here! Download the Errata…. That nice Mr Priestley has asked us to make the Useful Rules summary available as a download and who are we to deny the author of Black Powder and Hail…. An email from Bennett always halts all activity at Warlord HQ.

Those of you who attended our Black Powder Open…. You can of course pick up our metal….

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  • Have a butchers at his handiwork on the Centurion Titus Aduxas miniature free with the Hail Caesar rulebook! The many tribes of the Britons are here in this revamped plastic and metal boxed set. Now containing a massive 40 of the woad-covered, limed-haired savages with limed hair you…. The latest plastic set in our Hail Caesar ancients range kicks off an entirely new army for us — Macedonian Phalangites!

    Download the quick reference sheets for free! This download not only has the quick reference sheets but also troop listings to allow you to get your armies on the tabletop as…. The first three to receive this treatment can…. Frank Peeters sent us pics of some fun conversions based on our plastic Celts which are now masquerading as the famous cartoon character and his friends… Frank has been collecting,….

    You loved our Unleash Hell! Leading his cavalry as they charge the enemy flank and with his trusty warhound bounding alongside…. Well, maybe not…. Our resident Canuckian, Kristen, takes a turn telling us about the model she admires from one of our ranges. Kristen: Despite the…. Our Unleash Hell! The Romans fielded all manner of specialist troops over their extensive empire,…. This new but increasingly popular series showcases our favourite models in the Warlord Games ranges. This week John Stallard waxes lyrical about a certain Roman General and has some exciting….

    This week John has his say and thus…. And what it might mean for wargamers by Dr. I do all my basing the same way, to create…. First of all, I…. Feast your eyes on these…. Even better Dave…. Arguably one of the best miniatures painter in the world, Sascha has been working his magic on our Roman and Celt ranges. The competition run by those splendid chaps over at Wargames and Miniatures Paradise WAMP has now finished and what a startling success it has been, with the largest number of….

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