Beautiful Mother Nature

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Sometimes I get carried away with emotion so I appreciate it! Oh and thanks for the reminder too that yes the powerful forces of nature are part of a healthy nature. Me, too.

Enjoying Mother Nature Is Wonderful, Healing Self Care

There will be lots of dramatic changes in the near future, I think. Keep speaking out about the concerns! Such a beautiful post. Have a lovely time in Europe — looking forward to reading about it and seeing brilliant photos. The second photo is amazing.

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I bet you took more of that scenery. I would just gaze and gaze and click. Have a marvelous time and thanks for the lovely post. Beautiful tribute to the amazing world that we live in Nicole. Stunning photos as usual. Hope you have a wonderful week. I just got home Sunday night and am still jet lag! But it is nice to be home. I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to catch up to blogging and I took over 1, photos that will need to be edited. At least I will have lots of great stories to share.

My Beautiful Mother Nature - Picture of Madkot Hot Water Springs, Munsiyari

Hope you are well Miriam. Loving your posts on gratitude! Thanks Nicole.

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Wow, photos! Still, try not to feel too overwhelmed.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature - HD

See it as a labor of love. And as for the blogging, again just take it at your own pace. No one can ever really catch up with all the blogs that are continuously been written every day. We just do what we can, for us. That is so true Miriam. But yes life is busy and it is good to just take my time. I wish I had more to read more blogs, write more of my own and so forth. We are coming on our summer break here so I am sure the gorgeous weather will keep me wanting to spend as much time as possible outside!

Yes and now our weather is amazing!!! All I want to do is play and be outside. I usually slow way down on blogging in the summer. Enjoy your trip, Nicole.

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I look forward to future pics and the accompanying stories. Today is your day! Enjoy the wilderness whenever you can! What a beautiful post, and an especially exquisite set of photographs. I think you did some kind of treatment to them in post-editing software — it works very well, making the photographs more painterly.

Wave a wonderful trip Nicole. May it be all you could hope for. Hugs, Alison. Unfortunately we haven't been able to go lately because it's been very rainy and cold, but once it warms up, we're going to go play at the beach. I am very grateful that I have the ability to enjoy being in nature and connecting and savoring it and I'm very grateful for its wonderful healing benefits. I highly recommend that you do this for yourself and enjoy its wonderful healing benefits too.

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News Politics Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. Part of Wellness. All rights reserved. If we don't do our best to take care of global warming, the tides will rise and beach side cities will be wiped. Perhaps our kids or our kids' kids won't ever see the glaciers of today. She's not gonna cover up for us, but she will love us on our journey and gives us clues and signs.

It's up to us to pay attention. Human beings made countries. Have faith — not in an imaginary monkey up there — but in the powers vested in you by Mother Nature. Ditch the car and ride a bike instead.

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Deana turned to look at Sam, and the two smiled. These orchards had been their playground as girls. Sam slowed even more and studied the orchards carefully. I ran, played hide-and-seek, caught fireflies, scaled trees, picked apples and peaches straight off the tree, launched pits from slingshots, and danced in the sprinkles here.

Sam thought. Moreover, I learned about plants and science: I understood the seasons, when to plant trees and seeds, how to nurture them and protect them from insects, what to feed the deer in winter and the hummingbirds in summer. Sam again thought of her grandpa. If we're good to Mother Nature, she will be good to us , he always used to tell her.

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