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A Shenker's paper initiated a debate about its link with the entropy of phenomenological thermodynamics. Referring to Gibbs's and von Neumann's founding texts, we replace von Neumann's contribution in its historical context, after Gibbs's treatise and before the creation of the information entropy concept, which places boundaries into the debate. Reexamining von Neumann's reasoning, we stress that the part of his reasoning implied in the debate mainly uses thermodynamics, not quantum mechanics, and identify two implicit postulates.

We thoroughly examine Shenker's and ensuing papers, insisting upon the presence of open thermodynamical subsystems, imposing us the use of the chemical potential concept. We briefly mention Landau's approach to the quantum entropy. On the whole, it is shown that von Neumann's viewpoint is right, and why Shenker's claim that von Neumann entropy "is not the quantum-mechanical correlate of thermodynamic entropy" can't be retained. Valence bond and von Neumann entanglement entropy in Heisenberg ladders. For one-dimensional chains we show that the valence bond entropy can be either less or greater than the von Neumann entropy; hence, it cannot provide a bound on the latter.

On ladder geometries, simulations with up to seven legs are sufficient to indicate that the von Neumann entropy in two dimensions obeys an area law, even though the valence bond entanglement entropy has a multiplicative logarithmic correction. Alexander von Humboldt and the concept of animal electricity. More than two hundred years ago, Alexander von Humboldt helped to establish Galvani's view that muscle and nerve tissue are electrically excitable. His publication was a landmark for establishing the concept of animal electricity. Almost half a century later, von Humboldt became the mentor of the young du Bois-Reymond.

With the help of von Humboldt's promotion, du Bois-Reymond demonstrated convincingly that animal tissue has the intrinsic capacity to generate electrical activity, and thus laid the ground for modern electrophysiology. Albert Reder von Schellmann was an important syphilidologist of the Vienna Medical School in the second half of the nineteenth century. He went in for the dualistic concept of the origin of syphilis and ulcer caused by soft chancre.

In - Reder became head of a third dermato-syphilidologic department in the "Josephinum" in Vienna, where military surgeons got their medical education. At the same time the two full professorships of dermatosyphilidology in the Vienna General Hospital were held by Ferdinand von Hebra and Carl Ludwig Sigmund von Ilanor Of von Willebrand factor and platelets. Hemostasis and pathological thrombus formation are dynamic processes that require multiple adhesive receptor-ligand interactions, with blood platelets at the heart of such events. This review will recapitulate our current knowledge on the subject from the rheological aspect to the spatio-temporal development of thrombus formation.

Additionally, we will review the growing body of evidence gathered from the recent development of pathological mouse models suggesting that VWF binding to GPIb-IX-V is a promising target in arterial and venous pathological thrombosis. Finally, the pathological aspects of VWF and its impact on platelets will be addressed.

Recombinant von Willebrand factor: preclinical development. Quantitative and qualitative defects of vWF result in von Willebrand disease vWD , manifested by modest to severe bleeding episodes. Efficacy of these preparations is often unsatisfactory because inadvertent proteolytic degradation during the manufacturing process causes them to lack the hemostatically most active high-molecular-weight multimers.

In contrast, recombinant vWF r-vWF , which is constitutively expressed at high yields in Chinese hamster ovary CHO cells and secreted into the conditioned medium under perfusion fermentation in "protein-free" medium, has high-molecular-weight multimers of extraordinary structural integrity. Functional analysis has shown that r-vWF promotes ristocetin cofactor-mediated platelet aggregation, collagen interaction and FVIII binding, and platelet-collagen adhesion under shear stress.

Compared with plasma-derived vWF preparations, r-vWF was found to have a prolonged half-life, further enhancing the potential value of r-vWF as a therapeutic agent for treating patients suffering from vWD. Alexander von Humboldt and the Origins of Landscape Archaeology.

Reviews the life, theories, and influence of Alexander von Humboldt, the early nineteenth century founder of modern geography. Maintains that Humboldt's novel approaches to the study of landscape antiquities have value for contemporary students in cultural and historical geography. Genetics Home Reference: von Hippel-Lindau syndrome. Mutations in this gene prevent production of the VHL In den letzten sechs Jahren wurden verschiedene innovative systemische Therapien zur Behandlung des metastasierten malignen Melanoms MM entwickelt. Wernher von Braun with German Officers and Others.

Pictured front center is General Erich Fellgiebel. Gerhard Reisig. Von Neumann's impossibility proof: Mathematics in the service of rhetorics. According to what has become a standard history of quantum mechanics, in von Neumann persuaded the physics community that hidden variables are impossible as a matter of principle, after which leading proponents of the Copenhagen interpretation put the situation to good use by arguing that the completeness of quantum mechanics was undeniable.

This state of affairs lasted, so the story continues, until Bell in exposed von Neumann's proof as obviously wrong. The realization that von Neumann's proof was fallacious then rehabilitated hidden variables and made serious foundational research possible again. It is often added in recent accounts that von Neumann's error had been spotted almost immediately by Grete Hermann, but that her discovery was of no effect due to the dominant Copenhagen Zeitgeist. We shall attempt to tell a story that is more historically accurate and less ideologically charged.

Most importantly, von Neumann never claimed to have shown the impossibility of hidden variables tout court, but argued that hidden-variable theories must possess a structure that deviates fundamentally from that of quantum mechanics. Both Hermann and Bell appear to have missed this point; moreover, both raised unjustified technical objections to the proof. Von Neumann's argument was basically that hidden-variables schemes must violate the ;quantum principle; that physical quantities are to be represented by operators in a Hilbert space.

As a consequence, hidden-variables schemes, though possible in principle, necessarily exhibit a certain kind of contextuality. As we shall illustrate, early reactions to Bohm's theory are in agreement with this account. Leading physicists pointed out that Bohm's theory has the strange feature that pre-existing particle properties do not generally reveal themselves in measurements, in accordance with von Neumann's result.

They did not conclude that the ;impossible was done; and that von Neumann had been shown wrong. Physik gestern und heute Von der Metallstange zum Hochenergielaser. Diese aus heutiger Sicht scheinbar triviale Vorrichtung wurde aber keineswegs unmittelbar akzeptiert. Genetics of von Willebrand disease type 1. With prevalence estimates as high as 1. Unfortunately, VWD type 1 is also the most difficult type to diagnose. Despite the continuing progress in defining the genetic lesions responsible for VWD types 2 and 3, identification of the genetic determinants of VWD type 1 remains elusive. Herein the phenomenon known as VWD is summarized, the challenges associated with the diagnosis of type 1 VWD are described, and the role of genetic research in meeting these challenges is explored.

The authors identify key gaps in the current genetics literature and suggest new avenues for future research. Lastly, they explore the role of nurses in this research and clinical endeavor. To the authors'knowledge, this review is the first to address these complex issues in nursing research. Richard von Volkmann: surgeon and Renaissance man.

Richard von Volkmann , one of the most important surgeons of the 19 th century, is regarded as one of the fathers of orthopaedic surgery.

This led him to introduce the "antiseptic technique" to Germany that was developed by Lister. His powers of observation and creativity led him to findings and achievements that to this day bear his name: Volkmann's contracture and the Hueter-Volkmann law. Additionally, he was a gifted writer; he published not only scientific literature but also books of children's fairy tales and poems under the pen name of Richard Leander, assuring him a permanent place in the world of literature as well as orthopaedics.

Locally Compact Quantum Groups. A von Neumann Algebra Approach. In this paper, we give an alternative approach to the theory of locally compact quantum groups, as developed by Kustermans and Vaes. We start with a von Neumann algebra and a comultiplication on this von Neumann algebra. We assume that there exist faithful left and right Haar weights. Then we develop the theory within this von Neumann algebra setting.

In [Math. In this paper, we give a completely self-contained approach. Moreover, at various points, we do things differently. We have a different treatment of the antipode.

Items where Subject is "100 Philosophy > 150 Psychology"

It is similar to the original treatment in [Ann. But together with the fact that we work in the von Neumann algebra framework, it allows us to use an idea from [Rev. Roumaine Math. Pures Appl. We take advantage of this fact when deriving the other main results in the theory. We also give a slightly different approach to duality. Finally, we collect, in a systematic way, several important formulas. For the other direction, we use a new method.

Of course, we get the von Neumann algebra by cutting down the double dual with this unique. Color constancy: enhancing von Kries adaption via sensor transformations. Von Kries adaptation has long been considered a reasonable vehicle for color constancy. We show that if surface reflectances are well-modeled by 3 basis functions and illuminants by 2 basis functions then there exists a set of new sensors for which von Kries adaptation can yield perfect color constancy. These new sensors can like the cones be described as long-, medium-, and short-wave sensitive; however, both the new long- and medium-wave sensors have sharpened sensitivities -- their support is more concentrated.

The new short-wave sensor remains relatively unchanged. A similar sharpening of cone sensitivities has previously been observed in test and field spectral sensitivities measured for the human eye. We present simulation results demonstrating improved von Kries performance using the new sensors even when the restrictions on the illumination and reflectance are relaxed.

Many textbooks on Quantum Mechanics are not very precise as to the meaning of making a measurement: as a consequence, they frequently make assertions which are not based on a dynamical description of the measurement process. A model proposed by von Neumann allows a dynamical description of measurement in Quantum Mechanics, including the measuring instrument in the formalism. In this article we apply von Neumann's model to illustrate the measurement of an observable by means of a measuring instrument and show how various results, which are sometimens postulated without a dynamical basis, actually emerge.

We also investigate the more complex, intriguing and fundamental problem of two successive measurements in Quantum Mechanics, extending von Neumann's model to two measuring instruments. We present a description which allows obtaining, in a unified way, various results that have been given in the literature. The smooth entropy formalism for von Neumann algebras.

We discuss information-theoretic concepts on infinite-dimensional quantum systems. In particular, we lift the smooth entropy formalism as introduced by Renner and collaborators for finite-dimensional systems to von Neumann algebras. For the smooth conditional min- and max-entropy, we recover similar characterizing properties and information-theoretic operational interpretations as in the finite-dimensional case. We generalize the entropic uncertainty relation with quantum side information of Tomamichel and Renner and discuss applications to quantum cryptography.

In particular, we prove the possibility to perform privacy amplification and classical data compression with quantum side information modeled by a von Neumann algebra. Berta, Mario, E-mail: berta caltech. Self-comparative and space filling properties of Koch fractal structure are utilized in the antenna design which leads to the desired miniaturization and wideband characteristics. The antenna achieves a maximum of dB and dB at 7. A new plasma and platelet antigen deficient in severe von Willebrand's disease.

This study reports a second von Willebrand's disease antigen vWagII , distinct from VIIIag, that is also deficient in the platelets and plasma of patients with severe von Willebrand's disease. VIIIag and vWagII are separable by molecular exclusion chromatography, sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation, and crossed immunoelectrophoresis. They show reactions of immunologic nonidentity with each other, and thus, do not share a precursor-product relationship.

Images PMID Analyse der pharmazeutischen Versorgungssituation von Patienten mit Psoriasis-Arthritis auf Basis von Routinedaten der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung. Trotz zahlreicher versorgungswissenschaftlicher Studien in Deutschland liegen zur pharmazeutischen Versorgungssituation von PsA-Patienten bisher kaum aktuelle Ergebnisse vor.

Das Durchschnittsalter betrug 58,9 Jahre. Update zum klinischen Einsatz von Inhibitoren mutierter Phosphokinasen beim Melanom. Wilhelm von Humboldt's Idea of "Bildung" and Education. The importance of Wilhelm von Humboldt's work in educational philosophy is little known outside of Germany and even there he is more often criticized than praised.

This is unfortunate because his contributions to education and other areas had an important impact on other philosophers of his period and are well worth considering today. In his main…. In , Dr. Wernher von Braun and approximately of his team members came to Huntsville, Alabama, to begin work with the Army on what would later become America's historic space program.

He would later serve as the first director of the Marshall Space Flight Center and led the development of the Saturn V launch vehicle that launched seven crewed American mission to the moon, as well as America s first space station, Skylab.

"KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst": In der Qualitätsfalle

Von Braun is best known for his team s technical achievements. He realized his dream of exploring outer space by helping place humans on the moon. His engineering and managerial talent during the Apollo era had contributed to a technological revolution. He was by all accounts a good engineer, but he was only one among many. What set Von Braun apart were his charisma, his vision, and his leadership skills. He inspired loyalty and dedication in the people around him. He understood the importance of communicating his vision to his team, to political and business leaders and the public.

Today, the Marshall Center continues his vision by pursuing engineering and scientific projects that will continue to open space to exploration. This presentation will discuss Von Braun's impact on Huntsville, the Marshall Center, the nation and the world and look at his contributions in context of where world space exploration is today. Wernher Von Braun near the mobile launcher. Wernher Von Braun right , director of the Marshall Space Flight Center, are seen near the mobile launcher carrying a foot tall Saturn V space launch vehicle as the rocket is rolled from the vehicle assembly building at KSC for its three mile trip to the launch pad.

In this essay Clarence Joldersma explores radical constructivism through the work of its most well-known advocate, Ernst von Glasersfeld, who combines a sophisticated philosophical discussion of knowledge and truth with educational practices. Joldersma uses Joseph Rouse's work in philosophy of science to criticize the antirealism inherent in….

Professor Oberth and Dr. Thereafter, his first contacts to the California Institute of Technology are covered. The English translation of the titles of the Aachen papers is given in Appendix I. The education of Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, mathematician, inventor, and correspondent of Spinoza, is often thought to have studied medicine at Leiden, though documentation of this fact has been lacking. Tschirnhaus' medical education is here documented, along with the nature of his medical practice. Eine selbstkonsistente Carleman Linearisierung zur Analyse von Oszillatoren.

Von Willebrand's disease with spontaneous platelet aggregation induced by an abnormal plasma von Willebrand factor. We have investigated and characterized the abnormalities in four unrelated patients with von Willebrand's disease vWd who have a enhanced ristocetin-induced platelet aggregation RIPA at low ristocetin concentrations, b absence of the largest plasma von Willebrand factor vWf multimers, and c thrombocytopenia.

The platelet-rich plasma of these patients aggregates spontaneously without the addition of any agonists. When isolated normal platelets are resuspended in patient plasma spontaneous aggregation occurs; however, the patients' plasmas did not induce platelet aggregation of normal washed formalinized platelets. When the patients' platelets are suspended in normal plasma, spontaneous aggregation is not observed. The spontaneous platelet aggregation SPA is associated with dense granule secretion as measured by ATP release and alpha granule release as measured by beta-thromboglobulin and platelet factor 4 release.

The vWf was isolated from the plasma of one of these patients. The purified vWf induced platelet aggregation of normal platelets resuspended in either normal or severe vWd plasma, but the vWf did not induce platelet aggregation of normal platelets resuspended in afibrinognemic plasma. These studies indicate that a form of vWd exists, which is characterized by SPA that is induced by the abnormal plasma vWf. In this variant form of vWd the abnormal vWf causes. A distinction between these two diseases, one congenital and the other acquired, is primarily based on family and personal history of bleeding.

However, if this information is scanty, the diagnosis might be challenging due to the lack of an effective diagnostic biomarker. Von eingebetteten Systemen zu Cyber-Physical Systems. Einige Anwendungsfelder werden angesprochen. Es zeigt sich, dass dies effizienter und wesentlich kurzfristiger in unserem verteilten Vorgehen geschehen kann als in traditionellen Verfahren. The von Auwers reaction - history and synthetic applications. Dienones obtained from the facile dearomatization of phenols, can be further transformed to semi-benzenes prone to rearomatize in clean, but sometimes unexpected, fashion.

Over a hundred years ago, K. This reaction was ignored for 50 years before Melvin Newman re-investigated these findings, studied the mechanism, and developed variations on the same theme. Since then, despite the tremendous potential of the reactions, those studies were only rarely mentioned, before finally falling into oblivion.

This review aims to provide the reader with a detailed history and comprehensive bibliography of the von Auwers rearrangement, some of its synthetic applications, and new unpublished material in the hope to open new perspectives on this forgotten reaction.

The relationship between the astronomer von Zach on the one side and the entrepreneur Joseph von Utzschneider and his partner Georg von Reichenbach on the other dates presumably from the year when Zach spent two months in Munich. Already in the same year Zach had ordered an instrument for himself and began to solicit business for the institute of Reichenbach, Utzschneider, and Liebherr, which was founded in One of the clients canvassed by Zach was the director of the observatory in Naples Zuccari. Zuccari had ordered the whole equipment for the new observatory from this institute in The instruments for Naples, which were completed in , were sent accompanied by Reichenbach by land and sea to their destination where Reichenbach supervised their setup.

At that time Reichenbach had separated from Utzschneider who kept the optical institute in Benediktbeuern with his new partner Joseph von Fraunhofer whereas Reichenbach became owner of the mathematical-mechanical institute in Munich. For personal and economical reasons Utzschneider began soon after to produce not only optical glass but also optical devices similar to those offered by Reichenbach. As soon as two institutes in Munich competed against each other on the market for sophisticated geodetical and astronomical instruments Zach sided with Utzschneider.

Zach's main professional argument for this decision was that both competitors got the optical glass for their instruments from Utzschneider's optical institute in Benediktbeuern. Zach's role as an agent in Italy and France for the sale of products coming from Utzschneider's manufactories is highlighted by three of Zach's letters to Utzschneider from and , two of which are reproduced here for the first time.

Local operations with classical communication LOCC and separable operations are two classes of quantum operations that play key roles in the study of quantum entanglement. Separable operations are strictly more powerful than LOCC, but no simple explanation of this phenomenon is known. We show that, in the case of von Neumann measurements, the ability to interpolate measurements is an operational principle that sets apart LOCC and separable operations.

As one reads the stimulating comments between Cleaver and von Braun, the need to share their thoughts prevails. Following is an excerpt from one letter that whets ones appetite for more. As regards the one particular point on which you found yourself unable to hold your fire, I should say there are really two distinct issues at stake:. Von Willebrand's disease: case report and review of literature.

Von Willebrand Disease VWD is the most common human inherited bleeding disorder due to a defect of Von Willebrand Factor VWF , which a glycoprotein crucial for platelet adhesion to the subendothelium after vascular injury. VWD include quantitative defects of VWF, either partial type 1 with VWF levels Von willebrand factor is a complex multimeric protein with two functions: it forms a bridge between the platelets and areas of vascular damage and it binds to and stabilizes factor VIII, which is necessary for the clotting cascade.

By taking a clinical history of bleeding mucocutaneous bleeding symptoms suggestive of a primary haemostatic disorder, a quantitative or qualitative abnormality of VWF is possible it is important to think about VWD and to make the appropriate diagnosis. Additional testing of ristocetin induced plattlet adhesion RIPA the multimeric structure and collagen binding test and genanalysis allow diagnosing the different types of von.

Willebrand Disease. The treatment of choice in mild forms is the synthetic agent desmopressin. In patients with severe type 1, type 2B, 2N and type 3 or in people who do not response to desmopressin, the appropriate treatment is a factor VIII concentrate that is rich of VWF. We report a case of infant in month-old boy who had been referred due to haemorrhagic shock. His birth histories, his familie's social history and developmental milestones were unremarkable.

He was born at full term with no antenatal or perinatal complications. Prior to. An Alternative Perspective on von Winterfeldt et al. Chung, R. Luce, and Y. Cho see record provided several tests for consequence monotonicity of choice or judgment, using certainty equivalents of gambles. The authors reaxiomatized consequence monotonicity in a probabilistic framework and reanalyzed von Winterfeldt et al. Spin torque oscillator neuroanalog of von Neumann's microwave computer.

Frequency and phase of neural activity play important roles in the behaving brain. The emerging understanding of these roles has been informed by the design of analog devices that have been important to neuroscience, among them the neuroanalog computer developed by O. Schmitt and A. Hodgkin in the s.

Later J. Described here is an embodiment of his machine using nano-magnetics. Electrical currents through point contacts on a ferromagnetic thin film can create oscillations in the magnetization of the film. Radiating solutions of this system are referred to as spin waves, and communication within the film may be by spin waves or by directed graphs of electrical connections. It is shown here how to formulate a STO logic machine, and by computer simulation how this machine can perform several computations simultaneously using multiplexing of inputs, that this system can evaluate iterated logic functions, and that spin waves may communicate frequency, phase and binary information.

Neural tissue and the Schmitt-Hodgkin, von Neumann and STO devices share a common bifurcation structure, although these systems operate on vastly different space and time scales; namely, all may exhibit Andronov-Hopf bifurcations. This suggests that neural circuits may be capable of the computational functionality as described by von Neumann.

Von Willebrand factor regulation of blood vessel formation. Several important physiological processes, from permeability to inflammation to haemostasis, take place at the vessel wall and are regulated by endothelial cells EC. Thus, proteins that have been identified as regulators of one process are increasingly found to be involved in other vascular functions. Such is the case for Von Willebrand Factor VWF , a large glycoprotein best known for its critical role in haemostasis.

In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that lack of VWF causes enhanced vascularisation, both constitutively and following ischemia. Recent studies suggest that the roles of VWF may be tissue-specific. The ability of VWF to regulate angiogenesis has clinical implications for a subset of VWD patients with severe, intractable gastrointestinal bleeding due to vascular malformations. In this article, we review the evidence showing that VWF is involved in blood vessel formation, discuss the role of VWF high molecular weight multimers in regulating angiogenesis, and the value of studies on BOEC in developing a precision medicine approach to validate novel treatments for angiodysplasia in congenital VWD and acquired von Willebrand syndrome.

Otto von Guericke and 17th century cosmology. Otto von Guericke's scientific method was based on reason and experimental science. His cosmology was embedded in theology and can be interpreted as a refutation of Descartes' worldview. He used Nicolaus Cusanus' theory of quantities in order to characterize space. The notion of space has to be distinguished from that of world or heaven. Forces play a crucial role in this respect described by Athanasius Kircher in his "Celestial Journey".

Guericke read this work very diligently. In spite of some obvious similarities between Guericke's and Newton's scientific aims and methods there are crucial differences between the scientific convictions and results of these scholars. Digitale Transformation, aber wie? We introduce the notions of the contiguity and entirely separability for two sequences of states on von Neumann algebras. The ultraproducts technique allows us to reduce the study of the contiguity to investigation of the equivalence for two states.

Operator Theory, 11, 2, , Raynaud J. Operator Theory, 48, 1, , , Ando and Haagerup J. Monte Carlo turbulence simulation using rational approximations to von Karman spectra. Rational approximations to von Karman spectra that satisfy these three criteria are presented, along with spectra from simulated turbulence.

Agreement between the spectra of the simulated turbulence and von Karman spectra is excellent. The flow is produced between two counter-rotating or co-rotating disks. The large size of the experiment allows exploration of ultra high Reynolds numbers based on Taylor microscale and rms velocity [S. This article presents the design and first performance of this apparatus.

Measurements carried out in the first runs of the facility address the global flow behavior: calorimetric measurement of the dissipation, torque and velocity measurements on the two turbines. Moreover first local measurements micro-Pitot, hot wire,… have been installed and are presented. Rousset, B. A visit paid to Jung by Alwine von Keller. In the winter of , Jung had suffered a coronary thrombosis which almost cost him his life.

During his illness, Jung experienced a series of visions, described in his Memories, Dreams, Reflections, which were also to influence significantly the development of his theoretical thinking. On 27 th September , Alwine von Keller paid a visit to Jung, while he was still convalescing, in Zurich and documented her meeting with him in a series of notes, recently discovered, which testify to the fact that, at the time of their meeting, Jung was engaged in writing the 'Salt' chapter of Mysterium coniunctionis and investigating the alchemistic symbolism of the 'sea'.

This theme seems to testify to a continuity of interests on Jung's part with the seminar he held at Eranos the previous year on the cartographic art of Opicinus de Canistris c. With its addition of many unpublished details, Alwine von Keller's notes supplement the report which Jung made of his visions experienced during his sickness in MDR. In particular, these attest to the fact that Jung had attributed the terrible experience which he had endured to the problem of the conjunctio, which was confronting him from the theoretical point of view in his writing of Mysterium coniunctionis.

When blood vessels are cut, the forces in the bloodstream increase and change character. The dark side of these forces causes hemorrhage and death. However, von Willebrand factor VWF , with help from our circulatory system and platelets, harnesses the same forces to form a hemostatic plug. The long length of VWF enables responsiveness to flow. The shape of VWF is predicted to alter from irregularly coiled to extended thread-like in the transition from shear to elongational flow at sites of hemostasis and thrombosis. Elongational force propagated through the length of VWF in its thread-like shape exposes its monomers for multimeric binding to platelets and subendothelium and likely also increases affinity of the A1 domain for platelets.

Specialized domains concatenate and compact VWF during biosynthesis. A2 domain unfolding by hydrodynamic force enables postsecretion regulation of VWF length. I attempt to integrate classic studies on the physiology of hemostatic plug formation into modern molecular understanding, and point out what remains to be learned. Wernher von Braun led some of his Peenemuende Colleagues, who developed the V-2 rocket for the German military during the War, to the United Sttes under a contract to the U.

Army Corps as part of Operation Paperclip. During the following five years the team worked on high altitude firings of the captured V-2 rockets at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and a guided missile development unit at Fort Bliss, Texas. Platelet von Willebrand factor in Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome. The Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome HPS is an autosomal recessive inherited disorder characterized by oculocutaneous albinism, tissue accumulation of ceroid pigment, and a mild to moderate bleeding diathesis attributed to storage-pool deficient SPD platlets. Patients have platelet aggregation and release abnormalities.

In addition, low levels of plasma von Willebrand factor vWF antigen in some HPS patients have been associated with a greater bleeding tendency than would be predicted from either condition alone. Other HPS patients have severe bleeding despite normal levels of plasma vWF, suggesting that at least one additional factor is responsible for their bleeding diathesis. Because platelet vWF levels have been well correlated with clinical bleeding times in patients with von Willebrand's disease, we have measured the platelet vWF activity and antigen levels in 30 HPS patients and have attempted to correlate their clinical bleeding with these values.

The platelet vWF activity levels in patients was significantly lower than that of normal subjects P Phenotypic correction of von Willebrand disease type 3 blood-derived endothelial cells with lentiviral vectors expressing von Willebrand factor. De Meyer, Simon F. Von Willebrand disease VWD is an inherited bleeding disorder, caused by quantitative type 1 and 3 or qualitative type 2 defects in von Willebrand factor VWF.

Gene therapy is an appealing strategy for treatment of VWD because it is caused by a single gene defect and because VWF is secreted into the circulation, obviating the need for targeting specific organs or tissues. These results indicate for the first time that gene therapy of type 3 VWD is feasible and that BOECs are attractive target cells for this purpose.

Platelet-independent adhesion of calcium-loaded erythrocytes to von Willebrand factor. Adhesion of erythrocytes to endothelial cells lining the vascular wall can cause vaso-occlusive events that impair blood flow which in turn may result in ischemia and tissue damage. Adhesion of erythrocytes to vascular endothelial cells has been described in multiple hemolytic disorders, especially in sickle cell disease, but the adhesion of normal erythrocytes to endothelial cells has hardly been described.

It was shown that calcium-loaded erythrocytes can adhere to endothelial cells. Because sickle erythrocyte adhesion to ECs can be enhanced by ultra-large von Willebrand factor multimers, we investigated whether calcium loading of erythrocytes could promote binding to endothelial cells via ultra-large von Willebrand factor multimers.

The hemodynamic goal in the perioperative period is to avoid an increase in pulmonary vascular resistance PVR and to reduce a possibly. Lembcke, A. Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of passive cardiomyoplasty with the determination of biventricular volumes, global systolic function as well as left-ventricular muscle mass. Materials and Methods: In 19 patients with congestive heart failure of idiopathic or ischemic origin, a polyester mesh-graft was implanted around both ventricles for stabilization and functional support.

Before and three months after surgery, 15 patients underwent EBCT and 4 patients with impaired renal function underwent MRI, for the evaluation of the volume and ejection fraction of both ventricles. Self-image and perception of mother and father in psychotic and borderline patients. Psychotic and borderline patients rated their self-image and their perception of their mother and father using the Structural Analysis of Social Behavior model SASB.

The borderline patients had more negative images of themselves and their parents, especially their fathers, than did the psychotic patients and the normal subjects, while the psychotic patients' ratings did not differ much from those of the normal subjects. The self-image was related to the images of both parents for borderline patients and normal subjects, while for the psychotic patients only the image of the mother was important for the self-image. In addition, the psychotic patients did not differentiate between the poles of control and autonomy in the introjected self-image.

It was concluded that borderline patients are characterized by negative attachment, while psychotic patients are characterized by poor separation from the mother and poor differentiation between autonomy and control. The paper also discusses how this may influence the patients' relations to others. Die Borderline Patienten hattten negativere Selbstbilder und Elternbilder speziell Vaterbilder als die psychotischen Patienten und gesunde Personen.

Die Beurteilungen der psychotischen Patienten unterschieden sich dagegen nicht besonders von jenen Gesunder. Aus den Ergebnissen wird gefolgert, dass Borderline Patienten durch eine negative Bindung charackterisiert sind, psychotische Patienten dagegen durch. Malignant and benign diseases of the breast in 41 male patients: mammography, sonography and pathological correlations; Maligne und benigne Erkrankungen der Brust bei 41 maennlichen Patienten : Mammographie und Sonographie mit histopathologischer Korrelation.

Partik, B. Klinik fuer Radiodiagnostik; Rudas, M. Aim: The goal of our study was to evaluate findings in mammography and sonography in male patients with pathohistologically proven diseases of the breast. Material and Methods: Mammographies and sonographies, which were obtained in 41 male patients in a 6-year period, were retrospectively evaluated in accordance with the BI-RADS trademark classification. Results: Histologically 13 carcinomas, 21 gynecomastias, 3 pseudogynecomastias, 2 epithelial inclusion cysts and 2 other benign lesions were diagnosed.

Additional sonography did not change these results. However, sonography increased diagnostic confidence in Conclusion: In our study the invasive ductal carcinoma of male patients was a predominantly lobulated, ill-defined lesion in mammography and sonography. The differentiation of carcinoma to pseudogynecomastia and diffuse or dendritic gynecomastia was securely feasible. However, we could not reliably distinguish between carcinoma and some benign mass lesions.

In cases of mammographically diagnosed masses or unclear mammography, additional sonography should be performed to increase the diagnostic confidence. Resultate: Es wurden 13 Karzinome, 21 Gynaekomastien, 3 Pseudogynaekomastien, 2 Atherome und 2 weitere benigne Laesionen histologisch diagnostiziert. Die Mammographie zeigte in der Differenzierung maligne versus benigne Laesion. Chronisch-dekompensierter Tinnitus: ein heterogenes Krankheitsbild mit Auswirkungen auf den Behandlungserfolg.

Die Tinnitus-Belastung wurde mit Tinnitus-Fragebogen Screeninguntersuchungen werden in vielen Leitlinien empfohlen, sind im klinischen Alltag jedoch eher die Ausnahme. In den Videofilmen, die alle auf einem identischen Skript basieren, wurden systematisch die Patientenmerkmale Alter 55 vs. Lehrer variiert.

Der wichtigste Risikofaktor war die Gesamtzahl der verabreichten Medikamente. Die Arzneimittelgruppen, die bei der Mehrzahl der Wechselwirkungen beteiligt waren, waren Analgetika, Herz-Kreislauf-Medikamente und gerinnungshemmende Medikamente sowie Antidepressiva. Radiotherapy, the experience of the patients; Strahlentherapie im Erleben der Patienten. Verres, R. Medizinische Universitaetsklinik.

For the patient, a radiotherapy means heavy physical and mental strain. This emphatic relationship may in turn and at times mean a heavy burden for the medical staff. The authors have evaluated for this book a great number of records, protocols and questionnaires accumulated in the course of their work with patients of the radiotherapy department.

The book is intended as a source of reference and guidance and a help for all persons and staff involved, who have to cope with the situations encountered in daily work in the clinical departments. The book presents experience and information on a wide range of aspects and problems involved, as e. The material also includes information on a variety of accompanying therapies, both for the actual treatment periods as well as for post-treatment periods where they may be late effects to be mastered.

Da die Mitwirkung des Patienten hier wie bei jeder Behandlung von grosser Bedeutung ist, muss sich der Arzt mit dessen psychischer Befindlichkeit ebenso gruendlich auseinandersetzen, wie mit seinem Gesundheitszustand. Hinzu kommt, dass das Mitfuehlen seelischer Konflikte des Patienten auf das Klinikpersonal zurueckwirken und einen erheblichen Druck erzeugen kann. Die Autoren haben zahlreiche Aufzeichnungen.

Fractures of the cervical spine. Diagnostic procedures in patients with severe cranio-cervical trauma; HWS-Frakturen. Diagnostik bei polytraumatisierten Patienten. Link, T. Muenster Germany ; Schuierer, G. Muenster Germany ; Hufendiek, A. Muenster Germany ; Peters, P. Muenster Germany. The purpose of our study was to analyze diagnostic procedures of the cervical spine in severely traumatized patients. Findings in plain radiographs and computer radiography of patients were evaluated.

The image quality of the plain radiographs was examined. Casualty reports were evaluated retrospectively. Twenty of the fractures diagnosed in CT were not diagnosed in plain radiography and 7 fractures were uncertain findings; 5 fractures were not detected at the casualty site. A new screening procedure in patients with severe head injury is introduced.

Retrospektiv wurden Roentgenaufnahmen und Computertomogramme der HWS von polytraumatisierten Patienten analysiert. Konventionelle HWS-Aufnahmen wurden in bezug auf ihre Qualitaet untersucht und der Befund der konventionellen Aufnahmen mit dem der Computertomographie verglichen. Die Befunde vom Unfalltag wurden den retrospektiv validierten Befunden gegenuebergestellt. Ein neues Untersuchungsprotokoll mit routinemaessiger computertomographischer Untersuchung von HWK 1 und 2 bei Schaedel-Hirn-Traumata wird vorgestellt.

Neural correlates of working memory deficits in schizophrenic patients. Ways to establish neurocognitive endophenotypes of psychiatric disorders; Neuronale Korrelate gestoerter Arbeitsgedaechtnisfunktionen bei schizophrenen Patienten. Ansaetze zur Etablierung neurokognitiver Endophaenotypen psychiatrischer Erkrankungen. Gruber, O. This article briefly reviews some methodological limitations of functional neuroimaging studies in psychiatric patients.

We argue that the investigation of the neural substrates of cognitive deficits in psychiatric disorders requires a combination of functional neuroimaging studies in healthy subjects with corresponding behavioral experiments in patients. In order to exemplify this methodological approach we review recent findings regarding the functional neuroanatomy of distinct components of human working memory and provide evidence for selective dysfunctions of cortical networks that underlie specific working memory deficits in schizophrenia. This identification of subgroups of schizophrenic patients according to neurocognitive parameters may facilitate the establishment of behavioral and neurophysiological endophenotypes and the development of a neurobiological classification of psychiatric disorders.

Dieser methodische Ansatz wird am Beispiel von Arbeitsgedaechtnisfunktionen erlaeutert, wobei zunaechst neuere Erkenntnisse zur funktionellen Neuroanatomie verschiedener Komponenten des menschlichen Arbeitsgedaechtnisses referiert werden. Anschliessend werden bei schizophrenen Patienten erhobene Befunde vorgestellt, die auf spezifische Stoerungen der funktionellen Integritaet neuronaler Netzwerke mit Arbeitsgedaechtnisfunktionen hinweisen.

Die damit verbundene Identifikation von Subgruppen schizophrener Patienten koennte zur Etablierung verhaltensneurophysiologisch definierter Endophaenotypen psychiatrischer Stoerungsbilder fuehren und die Entwicklung einer neurowissenschaftlich. Role of radiotherapy in age-related macular degeneration. A prospective study; Photonentherapie der subfovealen choroidalen Neovaskularisation bei altersabhaengiger Makuladegeneration.

Ergebnisse einer prospektiven Studie an 40 Patienten. Prettenhofer, U. Graz Austria. Acht Patienten hatten die klassische Form, 32 die okkulte Form der Makuladegeneration. Vor der Behandlung sowie ein, drei, sechs und zwoelf Monate nach der Bestrahlung wurden ein kompletter ophthalmologischer Status mit Visus- und Gesichtsfeldbestimmung sowie eine Fluoreszein- und Indozyaningruen-Angiographie durchgefuehrt. Ergebnisse: Bestrahlungsspezifische Nebenwirkungen wurden weder waehrend der Bestrahlung noch in der Nachsorgephase beobachtet.

Die mittlere Empfindlichkeit des zentralen Gesichtsfeldes verringerte sich von 16,5 auf 12,4 Dezibel dB. Schlussfolgerung: Mit einer Gesamtdosis von 14,4 Gy konnte nach zwoelf Monaten kein befriedigender Einfluss auf den Spontanverlauf der Erkankung beobachtet werden. Ehe definitive Rueckschluesse gezogen werden koennen, sollten die Ergebnisse bereits laufender bzw. Bis heute wurden allerdings keine Parameter identifiziert, welche reproduzierbar ein gutes klinisches Ansprechen dieser Therapie vorhersagen.

Die Mehrheit der Patienten empfand die Therapie mit Rituximab als die beste Therapie im Vergleich zu anderen Therapien wie beispielsweise chirurgische Exzision oder Radiotherapie. Die Zeit zwischen jedem Implantat betrug jeweils 14 Tage. Nach der Brachytherapie folgte die externe Radiotherapie bis 39,6 Gy oder 45,0 Gy. Ergebnisse: Die mediane Nachbeobachtungszeit war 2,6 Jahre range: 2,0—4,1 Jahre.

Mit kokkeri. Die applanatio Prevalence of iodine- and thyroglobulin-negative findings in differentiated thyroid cancer. A retrospective analysis of patients treated from to in a university hospital; Haeufigkeit lod- und hTG-negativer Befunde beim differenzierten Schilddruesenkarzinom. Eine retrospektive Analyse der von bis in einer Universitaetsklinik behandelten Patienten.

Klutmann, S. Aim: The prevalence of iodine- and thyroglobulin-negative findings was evaluated in all patients with differentiated thyroid cancer DTC treated from until at the Department of Nuclear Medicine, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. Methods: A total of patients with papillary thyroid cancer PCA and patients with follicular thyroid cancer FCA were analyzed retrospectively.

Results of iodine scan, serum-TG, and additional imaging modalities as well as histology were compared in all patients. Thus, the commonly used follow-up scheme of DTC is confirmed. However, iodine scan should be regularly performed in patients with high risk of recurrence. Methoden: Es wurden Patienten mit einem papillaeren. MR imaging of the lateral collateral ligaments after ankle sprain; Aussenbandrupturen des Sprunggelenkes - Darstellung mit der MRT vor und nach funktioneller Therapie.

Grebe, P. Josefshospital, Wiesbaden Germany ; Runkel, M. MRI reports were correct in 12 of 13 operated cases. After conservative therapy we did not find any disrupted ankle ligament. MRI showed intact ligaments thickened by scar. Nach dreimonatiger konzervativer Therapie waren alle 22 Sprunggelenke stabil. Die rupturierten Baender stellten sich verdickt und durchgaengig dar.

Borderline - Symptome + Alternative zur Heilung

We have divided the patients with Renal Failure i n 3 groups according to t heir serum c reatin i ne. Hb-Al in a ll groups "as not correlated wi th serum creat i ne. CT coronary angiography in patients with atrial fibrillation; CT-Koronarangiographie bei Patienten mit Vorhofflimmern. Kovacs, A. A recently developed new algorithm automatically compensates dynamic changes in the heart rate during the scan, thus reducing misregistration and motion artifacts.

The purpose of this study was to find out the optimal reconstruction window in MSCTA in patients with AF for each of the three major coronary arteries during the cardiac cycle. Materials and methods: 20 patients with permanent AF were imaged on a slice scanner slice collimation: 16 x 0. The patients had not received any previous drugs for heart frequency regulation.

Acquisition was started after bolus tracking of a biphasic bolus of ml Ultravist injected intravenously. For image analysis we used coronary segments as defined by the American Heart Association. A correlation analysis revealed statistically significant correlations above 0. The correlation between theta Our results suggest that the theta-beta ratio seems to be a good indicator for attention in healthy subjects and brain-injured patients with attention deficits.

It is proposed to use the theta-beta ratio for neurofeedback training Cross-disciplinary management of polytrauma patients: radiological screening and comparison; Interdisziplinaeres Management von polytraumatisierten Patienten : Beitrag der Radiologie. Messmer, P. Chirurgie, Allgemeinchirurgische Klinik, Abt. Traumatologie Switzerland ; Loew, R. Medizinische Radiologie, Abt. Diagnostische Radiologie Switzerland. The comprehensive survey addresses the various modalities available today for trauma screening and presents a comparative assessment of their value in respect of type of trauma and evidence provided.

Neben einer schnellen und schonenden Durchfuehrung der notwendigen Diagnostik darf keine potenziell lebensbedrohende Verletzung uebersehen werden. Es gilt, die sog. Die Primaere und Sekundaere Radiologische Diagnostik ist abhaengig von der Ausstattung der Klinik und besteht aus einer abdominellen Sonographie, Thorax ap, Beckenuebersicht ap, Halswirbelsaeule seitlich sowie falls vorhanden aus CT und Angiographie.

Ein definitiver Schritt zur Verkuerzung der Zeit bis zur Behandlung waeren sterile OP-Einheiten mit integrierter Roentgendiagnostik moeglichst nativ und CT , die ein staendiges Umlagern und Transportieren des Patienten verhindern koennten. Modified double contrast-enhanced examination of the stomach of adipose patients after vertical gastroplasty; Modifizierte Doppelkontrast-Untersuchung des Magens bei adipoesen Patienten nach vertikaler Gastroplastie.

Raissaki, M. The study reported covers 28 patients who were examined once by radiology before surgery, and twice after surgery. The first post-surgery examination was done on days , the second during the 4th until 6th month after surgery. For the first examination, water-soluble contrast agent was initially applied, then barium containing contrast agent. The second examination was done by modified double contrast technique.

The most frequent, pre-surgery findings revealed gastro-esophageal reflux in 13 patients. The first post-surgery control detected a somastenosis in 2 patients, while the second control examination detected complications of various nature in 11 patients and gastro-esophageal reflux in 5 patients. In 6 patients, discrepancy between clinical and radiological findings was stated.

The pouch size did not correlate with the frequency of complications, or with the body-to-mass index decrease. The examination method proposed in this article yields pre-surgery information on the anatomy of the stomach, more accurate dewscription of post-surgery complications, and better evaluation of the antireflux effect of the vertical gastroplasty. Die erste postoperative Kontrolle fand am 5. Tag und die zweite im 4. Monat nach dem Eingriff statt. Bei der ersten Kontrolle wurde zuerst wasserloesliches und anschliessend bariumhaltiges Kontrastmittel benutzt, waehrend bei der zweiten Kontrolle eine modifizierte Doppelkontrast-Untersuchung durchgefuehrt wurde.

Der haeufigste praeoperative Befund war der gastrooesophageale Reflux bei 13 Patienten. Bei der ersten praeoperativen Kontrolle fand sich bei 2 Patienten eine Stomastenose, waehrend bei der zweiten verschiedene Komplikationen bei 11 sowie gastrooesophagealer Reflux bei 5 Patienten vorlagen. Eine Diskrepanz zwischen radiologischen und klinischen Befunden fanden wir bei 6 Patienten. Initial diagnosis of therapeutically relevant thoracic lesions in polytraumatised patients; Zur Akutdiagnostik therapierelevanter Thoraxverletzungen bei schwer- und polytraumatisierten Patienten.

Danz, B. To determine the value of supine chest radiography in comparison to orientating chest CT in the initial diagnostic evaluation of severely polytraumatised patients. After performing the cranial CT all patients underwent a chest CT with an average of 6 CT slices without changing the position of the patient and with a median scan time of 4 minutes. The results of the chest CT were correlated with the findings of the supine chest radiography in regard to therapeutically relevant pathological changes. Supine chest radiography of polytraumatised patients is clearly inferior to orientating chest CT in demonstrating posttraumatic lesions; obtaining therapeutically relevant information justifies the additionally needed small amount of time.

Thoraxaufnahme im Liegen im Vergleich zur orientierenden Computertomographie der Thoraxorgane im Rahmen der Akutdiagnostik bei schwer- und polytraumatisierten Patienten zu analysieren. Thoraxliegendaufnahmen im Hinblick auf die Erfassung therapierelevanter pathologischer Veraenderungen verglichen. Die Sensitivitaet fuer die Erkennung eines Pneumothorax in. Versorgungsregister dienen der Erfassung des Einsatzes und der Wirksamkeit von Therapien unter realen Versorgungsbedingungen und sind als Basis einer evidenzbasierten Gesundheitsversorgung unverzichtbar. Die vorliegende Analyse beschreibt die Charakteristika, Therapiewahl und Wirksamkeit der eingesetzten antiinflammatorischen Systemtherapien der bis Oktober eingeschlossenen Patienten.

Die vorliegende Registerauswertung gibt wichtige Hinweise zur derzeitigen Versorgung von Erwachsenen mit schwerer Neurodermitis in Deutschland, dokumentiert die hohe Erkrankungslast, den Nutzen vorhandener Therapien und den Bedarf an weiteren, effektiven und in der Langzeitanwendung sicheren Therapieoptionen. Sehlen, S. Purpose: In the course of radiotherapy oncological patients often experience considerable psychosocial distress. For its measurement however, no specific questionnaire is available. The stress index radiooncology SIRO , which is based upon the results of extensive preliminary studies, will be made available as a screening-instrument to facilitate measurement of psychosocial distress of cancer patients, including radiotherapy-induced distress.

The aim of this study is, to psychometrically evaluate the preliminary version of the questionnaire, to transfer it to the final version SIRO and to gain information about the psychosocial distress of radiooncological patients at the beginning of radiotherapy. Patients and Methods: cancer patients 18 to 85 years with different diagnoses have been included in the study Table 1.

With 25 patients semistructured clinical interviews have been conducted. Mit dem stress index radioonkologie SIRO , der auf den Analyseergebnissen umfangreicher Voruntersuchungen beruht, soll erstmals ein Screening-Instrument zur Verfuegung gestellt werden, mit dem die psychosozialen Belastungen von Tumorpatienten, einschliesslich der durch Strahlentherapie induzierten, erfasst werden koennen.

Darueber hinaus sollen Informationen ueber das psychosoziale Belastungsprofil radioonkologischer Patienten zu Beginn einer Strahlentherapie gewonnen werden. Patienten und Methoden: Tumorpatienten Jahre mit unterschiedlichen Diagnosen wurden in die Studie aufgenommen.

Des weiteren sollten im Rahmen dieser Arbeit geschlechtsspezifische Unterschiede, Unter Pneumonia in immunosuppressed patients; Pneumonien bei immunsupprimierten Patienten. Solyanik, O. Pulmonary infections are a common complication in immunosuppressed patients with a frequently fatal prognosis despite modern prophylactic therapy. An early and correct diagnosis is important for initiation of the appropriate therapy. Chest radiography is the preferred initial imaging examination but is not accurate enough for the detection of pulmonary infections in immunosuppressed patients.

Pneumonia is caused by a broad spectrum of pathogens in immunocompromised patients. In addition to imaging, the clinical history and epidemiology also play an important role in the diagnostics. Using epidemiological and anamnestic information, computed tomography CT shows a significantly better sensitivity and specificity particularly for the diagnosis of atypical forms of pneumonia. Due to the exact imaging of the different infiltration patterns CT provides an increased sensitivity with respect to the etiological classification of pulmonary infections.

This article reviews in particular the radiological findings of commonly occurring pulmonary infections in immunosuppressed patients. Eine korrekte Diagnose ist daher von entscheidender Bedeutung, um die richtige Therapie einleiten zu koennen. Die Roentgenthoraxaufnahme ist selten spezifisch genug fuer die genaue Einordnung atypischer Pneumonien in Folge einer Immunsuppression. Pneumonien unter Immunsuppression werden durch ein sehr breites Erregerspektrum verursacht.

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Eine wichtige Rolle bei der Diagnosefindung spielen neben der Bildgebung auch die klinische Anamnese und Epidemiologie. Mithilfe der klinischen Anamnese und Epidemiologie bietet die Computertomographie CT bei immunsupprimierten Patienten zum einen eine erhoehte Sensitivitaet bei der Detektion insbesondere atypischer Pneumonien.

Zum anderen weist die CT durch die exakte Abbildung unterschiedlicher Infiltratmuster. Dennoch ist der Endpunkt der meisten klinischen Analysen rein anatomischer und funktioneller Natur. Radiation therapy in old patients. Side effects and results of radiation therapy in old patients; Strahlentherapie des alten Patienten. Vertraeglichkeit und Ergebnisse der Strahlentherapie aelterer Personen.

Geinitz, H. Muenchen Germany. Old patients should be monitored closely during therapy, since the loss of electrolytes or fluid is often not very well tolerated. Conclusion: The indication to radiation therapy of elderly cancer patients should take into account their performance status as well as the extent and the severity of comorbidity. Age per se is seldom a contraindication for radiation therapy. Regarding the available data in literature there is no indication for a dose reduction in radiation therapy only because of age, especially in the curative setting.

Dennoch werden die damit verbundenen Fragen zur Vertraeglichkeit und Effektivitaet einer Strahlenbehandlung alter Menschen selten diskutiert. Material und Methode: Die Ergebnise einer Literaturrecherche zu epidemiologischen Daten, strahlenbiologischen Aspekten und Ergebnissen der Strahlentherapie alter Patienten werden dargestellt. Ergebnisse: Mit zunehmendem Alter nimmt die Krebsinzidenz zu.

Sie liegt bei Maennern aelter als 85 Jahre bei ca. Bei einer durchschnittlichen Lebenserwartung von mehr als vier Jahren ist auch in dieser Altersgruppe der Einsatz einer kurativen Strahlentherapie sinnvoll. Ausserdem deuten verschiedene retrospektive Studien darauf hin, dass die Raten an lokaler Tumorkontrolle und krankheitsspezifischem Ueberleben nach Strahlentherapie mit denen juengerer Patienten vergleichbar sind. Dieses ist eventuell auf eine weniger aggressive Kombinationstherapie Tumorresektion zurueckzufuehren.

Obwohl strahlen- und molekularbiologische Daten auf einen Anstieg der Strahlenempfindlichkeit mit zunehmendem Alter hinweisen, wie zum Beispiel das Nachlassen der Kapazitaet. Ziel dieser Arbeit ist es, die durch Fragebogen aufgezeigten Ergebnisse zu analysieren. Cytoprotection with amifostine in the simultaneous radio-chemotherapy of recurrent head and neck cancer; Zytoprotection mit Amifostin im Rahmen der Radiochemotherapie bei vorbestrahlten Kopf-Hals-Karzinomen.

Buentzel, J. Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie; Schuth, J. Bei vier der 14 Patienten erfolgte die Radiochemotherapie nach chirurgischem Tumor-Debulking. Einzige schwerwiegende Spaetnebenwirkung war bisher die Ausbildung einer submentalen Fistel im Pharynxtrichter eines laryngektomierten Patienten vier Monate nach Abschluss einer Brachytherapie. Schlussfolgerung: Diese ersten Ergebnisse deuten auf eine moegliche Erweiterung der Behandlungsmoeglichkeiten von Rezidivkarzinomen im Kopf-Hals-Gebiet hin, wenn das selektive Zytoprotektivum Amifostin in eine nochmalige Radiochemotherapie integriert wird.

Marketing mit Youtube. Die Video-Plattform Youtube ist eine der meistbesuchten Webseiten weltweit. MITS machine operations. Kommunikation mit Mitarbeitern. Cohnen, M. Blood cultures were drawn prospectively in 41 patients from a central line and from the portal venous blood before stent placement as well as from the central line 20 min after intervention. Methodik Bei 41 Patienten wurden Blutproben prospektiv vor intrahepatischer Stentanlage zentralvenoes und portalvenoes sowie 20 min postinterventionell erneut zentralvenoes entnommen und mikrobiologisch analysiert.

Patienten mit kompliziertem Verlauf spontane bakterielle Peritonitis,Pneumonie, Sepsis; Gruppe 1 wurden von Patienten ohne klinische Komplikationen Gruppe 2 unterschieden. Virtuelle Patienten : Wie werden sie aus Sicht von Medizinstudierenden am besten eingesetzt? This is especially valuable as medical schools are normally linked to maximum medical care hospitals with increasing difficulties to present patients with less serious medical conditions to their students. Five different approaches were taken to find out which is the best way to use VPs in medical education.

Borderline Personality Disorder. Practical radiation protection of the patient in radiological diagnostics; Praktischer Strahlenschutz am Patienten in der radiologischen Diagnostik. Fiebich, M. The use of radiation protection equipment can reduce the radiation exposure of patients. The aim was to show which patient shields should be used for the different types of examination. The results of multiple studies were compiled and analyzed and recommendations made for the use of patient shields. The absolute dose values and the protective effect were considered.

Radiological protection should be used in many investigations; particularly in the case of CT investigations, a reasonable dose reduction potential exists due to the higher radiation dose. Based on these recommendations, workflow changes in some types of investigation are expected due to the use of additional patient shields. Es soll dargestellt werden, welche Strahlenschutzmittel bei welchen Untersuchungen eingesetzt werden sollen. Die Ergebnisse von Studien wurden zusammengestellt, analysiert und daraus Empfehlungen fuer die Anwendung von Strahlenschutzmitteln erstellt. Dabei wurden die absoluten Dosiswerte und die Schutzwirkung beruecksichtigt.

Bei vielen Untersuchungen sind Strahlenschutzmittel anzuwenden, insbesondere bei CT-Untersuchungen besteht aufgrund der hoeheren Strahlendosis ein gutes Dosisreduktionspotenzial. Aufgrund der Empfehlungen ist bei einigen Untersuchungsarten mit veraenderten Arbeitsablaeufen aufgrund der Anwendung weiterer Strahlenschutzmittel zu rechnen. Extrakte auf Basis von Viscum album L. Follow-up radiographs of the cervical spine after anterior fusion with titanium intervertebral disc; Roentgen-Verlaufsuntersuchung der Halswirbelsaeule nach anteriorer Fusion mit Titaninterponaten.

Klinik fuer Neurochirurgie. Purpose: We examined the postoperative changes of the cervical spine after treatment of cervical nerve root compression with anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with a new titanium intervertebral disc. - Unser Genom

Patients and Methods: 37 patients were examined prior to, as well as 4 days, 6 weeks, and 7 months after surgery. Lateral view X-rays and functional imaging were used to evaluate posture and mobility of the cervical spine, the position of the implants, and the reactions of adjacent bone structures.

Results: Implantation of the titanium disc led to post-operative distraction of the intervertebral space and slight lordosis. Within the first 6 months a slight loss of distraction and re-kyphosis due to impression of the implants into the vertebral end-plates were found in all patients. Both groups of patients showed reactive spondylosis and local symptoms due to loosening of the implants. The pain subsided after onset of bone bridging and stable fixation of the loosened discs. Conclusions: The titanium intervertebral disc provides initial distraction of the fusioned segments with partial recurrence of kyphosis during the subsequent course.

Loosening of the implants with local symptoms can be evaluated with follow-up X-rays and functional imaging. Erfasst wurden Lageveraenderungen des Titaninterponates und die Reaktion der angrenzenden Wirbelkoerperabschlussplatten. Ergebnisse: Das Titaninterponat bewirkte postoperativ eine. Schroeder, M. Radioonkologie; Sesterhenn, K. Anna-Krankenhaus, Duisburg Germany.

Die Bestrahlungsdosis betrug praeoperativ 40 und postoperativ 30 Gy. Alle 30 bisher so behandelten Patienten erreichten eine komplette Remission histologisch operativ gesichert nach Abschluss des gesamten Behandlungskonzepts. Die Gesamttoxizitaet war moderat Haematotoxizitaet, Neurotoxizitaet und gut managebar mit supportiven Massnahmen z. Mit anderen Augen.

Starting from the immediate assumption that a protestant church and a socialist, Marxist-Leninist state were irreconcilable in the construction of a new society Peritoneal borderline cystoadenocarcinoma. Full Text Available Carcinomas of peritoneal origin represent a seldom diagnosed entity of unknown etiology, with important implications in terms of prophylactic oophorectomy. Initially described in patients belonging to families at high risk for ovarian cancer, it possibly has a pathogeny similar to that of endosalpingiosis and of some cases of endometriosis. We report a case of peritoneal borderline mucinous carcinoma with an anatomopathological diagnosis of normal ovaries.

Euthyroid goitre with and without functional autonomy: A comparison; Jodmangelstruma mit und ohne funktionelle Autonomie in der euthyreoten Phase: Ein Vergleich. Analysis of functional autonomy in euthyroid goitre. Methods: In an area of moderate iodine deficiency goitrous patients without and with functional autonomy all clinically euthyroid were compared by sex, age, signs and symptoms, sonographic results, qualitative and quantitative scintigraphy without and with suppression, TRH test, hormone concentrations and iodine excretion in the urine.

Results: Age, signs and symptoms, thyroid volume and structure did not contribute sufficiently to diagnosis. To detect functional autonomy quantitative scintigraphy under suppression was superior to the TRH test. Conclusion: to diagnose and treat adequately functional autonomy in euthyroid goitre quantitative scintigraphy, determination of TSH and hormone concentrations are inevitable. Methoden: Es wurden klinisch euthyreote Patienten mit Jodmangelstruma ohne und mit funktioneller Autonomie anhand von Geschlechtsverhaeltnis, Lebensalter, Beschwerden, Symptomen, sonographischem Befund, qualitativer und quantitativer Szintigraphie ohne und mit Suppression, TRH-Test, Hormonkonzentrationen und Jodausscheidung im Urin verglichen.

Ergebnisse: Lebensalter, Beschwerden und Symptome, Schilddruesenvolumen und Echomuster lieferten keinen ausreichend sicheren Beitrag zur Diagnose. MRI of the fingers in patients with systemic scleroderma. Bonel, H. Muenchen Germany ; Messer, G. To estimate disease activity in patients with systemic sclerosis using contrast-enhanced MRI of the skin.

Material and Methods. In a pre-study, sequences of a low-field 0. Material und Methoden. Basierend auf dieser Sequenzoptimierung wurden 17 Patienten mit systemischer Sklerodermie 7 Patienten mit sklerosierender, Fractures of the atlantoaxial complex in the elderly: assessment of radiological spectrum of fractures and factors influencing imaging diagnosis; Frakturen des Atlas und Axis bei aelteren Patienten : Untersuchung des Radiologischen Spektrums der Frakturen und bedeutsamer Faktoren fuer die Bildgebende Diagnostik.

Lomoschitz, F. Material und Methode: Retrospektive Auswertung von Frakturen des atlanto-axialen Komplexes bei 95 konsekutiven aelteren Patienten Jahre, mittleres Alter 79 Jahre. Die atlanto-axialen Frakturen wurden anhand der initial durchgefuehrten bildgebenden Untersuchungen der Halswirbelsaeule klassifiziert. Klinische Angaben einschliesslich neurologischer Status bei Aufnahme und Unfallmechanismus wurden fuer jeden Patienten herangezogen.

Die Daten wurden hinsichtlich Frakturtypus sowie Assoziation mit klinischen Veraenderungen und Unfallmechanismus ausgewertet. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with congenital heart disease; Kardiale MRT bei Patienten mit angeborenen Herzfehlern. Kreitner, Karl-Friedrich [Mainz Univ. Universitaetsmedizin Mainz Germany. Germany ; Sorantin, Erich [Univ. Klinische Abt. The prevalence of congenital heart disease CHD is around 10 per live births in Germany.

The classification of CHD may be based according to the anatomic structures involved, to the presence of an intracardiac shunt, the presence of a cyanosis and the intensity of therapy and complexity of the disease. Nearly half of all patients with CHD suffer from an intracardiac shunt, whereas complex cases such as patients with a tetralogy of Fallot or transposition of the great arteries are much more rare. Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging plays an important role in the work-up and follow-up of patients with CHD, especially after infancy and childhood.

Depending on the abnormality in question, a multiparametric examination protocol is mandatory. Are you sure? Where Were You When…? Plastic Surgeons Remember John F. Kennedy Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Chinese Journal of Pediatrics. Heart and Circulatory Physiology. B, Biointerfaces. Part B, Applied Biomaterials. Zellulose Von Enterobacter SP. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Medical Sciences. Materials in Medicine.

Part A. Cardiovascular Interventions.