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His approach to psychopathology was sceptical and philosophical; and he never created his own school of psychiatric, let alone psychopathological, teaching. These findings are robust but the developmental processes underlying the connections between peer victimization and psychopathology remain unclear. However, these variables did not influence importantly the associations between psychopathology and being overweight.

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A theoretical perspective that is well suited to guiding the empirical investigation of such pathways may be found in the field of developmental psychopathology. The practical implications for investigation of mental illness of the differences and commonalities between psychopathology and psychology, for example, could be tremendous.

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Understanding such multifinality is critical to identifying processes underlying different forms of psychopathology and developing appropriate treatment and prevention approaches. We do not see this approach as conflicting with biological theories of psychopathology but rather as an effort at directing attention to possible integration.


Putting the attribution model together with the data on psychopathology among relatives yields the following predictions. The relationship between expressed emotion attitudes and individual psychopathology among relatives of bipolar patients. Psychopathology in these women is complex, and depression tends not to be a singular problem.

Dictionary of Psychopathology

Cases and controls were similar on all demographic variables, school performance, number of attacks witnessed and psychopathology before the onset of the epidemic. This branch of neuroscience is concerned with the relation between the brain and the mind, specifically with reference to brain architecture and function.

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Monitored by a distinguished editorial board, the Dictionary of Psychopathology mostly adheres to the latest DSM nomenclature while also retaining useful residual diagnoses of previous DSM formulations, as well as diagnostic formulations outside of traditional nosologies. The aim of the Dictionary is to broadly contribute to the synthesis of psychopathology.

Follow Dr. That might have been foreseen by any one at all familiar with the psychopathology of reform.

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Nearby words psychoneurotic , psychopath , psychopathic , psychopathic disorder , psychopathic personality , psychopathology , psychopathy , psychopharmaceutical , psychopharmacology , psychopharmacotherapy , psychophysical. Examples from the Web for psychopathology It is hard to make much sense of him, too, without the language of psychopathology.

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