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November 17, [15]. March 6, [16]. Erza finds Jellal and discovers he cannot remember anything but her name and Nirvana's location. After Erza reminds him of his past actions, Jellal tries to atone by sacrificing himself with a self-destruction spell to destroy Nirvana.

Fairy Tail, Volume 30

However, Brain appears and deactivates Jellal's spell, activating Nirvana's true form as a giant walking city, which he steers towards the Cait Shelter guildhall. Natsu and Lucy are attacked by Sherry, but she returns to her senses after Lyon reappears alive. Hoteye assists Fairy Tail by battling his own guildmate Midnight, but is defeated. Jura defeats Brain, but it does nothing to stop Nirvana from moving towards his intended destination. January 15, [17].

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May 29, [18]. With the last of his strength, Brain leads the heroes into a trap that gravely injures Jura. This, however, awakens Brain's destructive alternate personality, Zero, whom Brain had sealed away with a spell that could only be lifted with the six's defeat. Zero pilots Nirvana to destroy Cait Shelter. Hibiki relays the information to stop Nirvana by simultaneously destroying the lacrima crystals powering its legs. Natsu chooses to destroy the crystal guarded by Zero, but is too injured to fight properly. Jellal regains his memories of Natsu and decides to help him while sending Wendy to destroy one of the crystals in his place.

Natsu is initially hostile towards him, but Jellal gains his trust by defending him from one of Zero's attacks.

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March 17, [19]. July 10, [20]. Natsu defeats Zero and destroys one of the lacrima crystals powering Nirvana at the same time as his friends do, destroying Nirvana. Natsu and his friends protest Jellal's arrest, but Erza respects Jellal's decision to turn himself in. The next day, the grateful members of Cait Shelter reveal themselves to be an illusion created by the guild's master, Robaul, to care for Wendy. Robaul explains he is a spirit from the ancient tribe that created Nirvana, which he wished to destroy to atone for creating it.

With the alliance's mission complete, the Cait Shelter guild fades away, leaving Wendy to join Fairy Tail. While adjusting to life at her new guild, Wendy meets Mystogan, whom she realizes is the Jellal from her childhood. Mystogan warns Wendy of Magnolia's imminent destruction by a portal in the sky called anima, which later causes the city and most its inhabitants except Natsu, Wendy, Happy, and Carla to disappear. Carla explains that the portal leads to Edolas, where she and Happy were sent from as eggs for a mission only she knows.

Determined to restore the city, the four enter Edolas through the portal and encounter doppelgangers of their guildmates who behave in opposite manners from their missing friends. May 17, [21]. September 25, [22]. They also hear that the king of Edolas, Faust, is using the anima portals to absorb magic and wizards from Earth-land and transform it into lacrima with which to replenish Edolas's dwindling magic resources.

En route to the capital of Edolas, the four discover they cannot use their magic. The four gain the support of Lucy and Natsu's counterparts to reach the capital where they reunite with Earth-land's Lucy, who had avoided being absorbed through the anima thanks to her spirit Horologium, and is still able to use her magic. Carla guides her friends to the castle to interrogate Faust, but inadvertently leads them into a trap set by Nightwalker.

Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy are detained while Happy and Carla are escorted to Extalia, a city on a floating island and the home of their race, the Exceed, who are revered in Edolas for their magical abilities, with their queen Chagot considered to be a god. Realizing that their mission to Earth-land entails hunting and killing dragon slayers, Happy flees the city with Carla. The two are sheltered by a kindly Exceed couple; Happy is unaware that they are his parents.

With Lucy's death sentence imminent, Happy and Carla's resolve to save their friends causes them to regain their powers and save Lucy. August 17, [23]. November 27, [24]. Aiming to bestow eternal magic to Edolas by colliding Extalia with the giant lacrima containing the residents of Earth-land, Faust transforms the Exceed army chasing Happy and Carla into a giant lacrima crystal. Before Nightwalker can capture Lucy, Happy, and Carla, the three are rescued by Earth-land's Gray and Erza Scarlet, who have been restored by Gajeel through the use of his dragon slayer magic.

Scarlet and Nightwalker engage in a duel while Gray rescues Natsu and Wendy, who have been drained of their magic by Faust to power a magic cannon with which to carry out his plan. Gray gives them medicine that allows them to use their magic again.

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Wendy and Carla arrive in Extalia and fail to convince the Exceed of Faust's plan. Meanwhile, Gajeel goes to the giant lacrima crystal and is confronted by Panther Lily , an Exceed and a captain of the Edolas army, whom Gajeel decides to make his partner. After defeating Faust's minions, Natsu, Gray, and Scarlet attempt to use the cannon's ability to fire concentrated dragon slayer magic to return their friends to normal, but are distracted by Nightwalker and watch as the weapon fires a chain latching onto the floating island the giant lacrima is on.

October 15, [25]. January 29, [26]. Chagot appears before Wendy, Carla, and her people, and confesses that the Exceed's assumed divinity is a ruse to hide their true, weak nature. Carla's resolve to save Extalia inspires the Exceed to rally around her. The Exceed push the giant lacrima away from Extalia when Mystogan—revealed to be Edolas's prince and Faust's son—sends the lacrima through an anima portal, returning everyone trapped in it to Earth-land.

The military arrives and boxes the Exceed in, transforming them into lacrima. To prevent another conflict over Edolas's dwindling magic power, Mystogan reverses the anima portals to return all of their world's magic taken from Earth-land, planning to take responsibility for the ensuing panic in the capital.

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However, Natsu poses as a villainous demon king so Mystogan can "defeat" him and take his rightful place as the ruler of Edolas. December 17, [27]. March 26, [28]. With Edolas saved, the Earth-land wizards and the Exceed return to Earth-land, where they find that Magnolia has been restored. Chagot explains that the Exceed's "mission" to kill dragon slayers is actually a cover story for the evacuation of Exceed eggs, including Happy and Carla's, witnessed by Carla through her precognitive powers.

Chagot and the other Exceed go their separate ways to search for their missing children and decides not to tell her daughter about her family ties. Panther Lily is accepted into Fairy Tail; the members also discover that Mirajane and Elfman's younger sister, Lisanna Strauss , has followed them back from Edolas after having been trapped in the parallel world and believed dead.

After Lisanna rejoins Fairy Tail, the guild prepares for an examination held on Sirius Island, the guild's sacred ground, that will allow the one who passes to become an S-Class wizard. Cana Alberona is chosen as one of the exam's eight participants, and contemplates leaving the guild if she fails.

Fairy Tail Tome 30

Lucy decides to act as Cana's partner in the exam after hearing her reasons. With Lucy's help, Cana beats fellow examinee Fried Justine and his partner Bickslow in the exam's preliminary trial. February 17, [29]. April 23, [30]. Natsu battles Gildarts Clive , Fairy Tail's strongest S-Class wizard, for his preliminary trial, which he passes after Gildarts causes him to surrender the match to teach him the benefits that fear has in helping him grow stronger.

Natsu, Cana, and the other examinees who passed the preliminary trial are then instructed to search for the grave of Mavis Vermillion , the founder of Fairy Tail. However, Grimoire Heart , the strongest dark guild in Fiore, arrives at Sirius Island in search of the still-living dark wizard Zeref , whom Natsu briefly encounters. Gajeel is injured after fighting two of Grimoire Heart's forces, while Wendy and Doranbalt , an agent of the Magic Council posing as an exam participant named Mest Gryder, are attacked by Azuma, one of the dark guild's strongest group of wizards called the Seven Kin of Purgatory.

April 15, [31]. May 28, [32]. Makarov tries to fend off Grimoire Heart by fighting against the dark guild's master Hades, whom he recognizes as Precht Gaebolg , his predecessor as Fairy Tail's master. However, Makarov is utterly defeated, leaving the rest of Fairy Tail to deal with Grimoire Heart's forces, including the Seven Kin, who reveal their guild's plan to awaken Zeref's power to create a new world where only wizards can survive while the rest of the human population would be annihilated.

June 17, [33]. June 25, [34].

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Loke defeats Capricorn, a celestial spirit possessed by Zoldio of the Seven Kin, releasing the spirit and allowing him to join Lucy. Not in Austria? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Grimoire Heart is in disarray, but it1s already too late! Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, is on its way to unleash death magic that will consume the world. To this massive beast, the 3dragon slayers2 are little more than insolent insects. There are some enemies not even Fairy Tail can defeat, and after this confrontation the guild will never be the same!

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